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I haven't seen this discussed much - but it just popped into my head as I was casually thinking about the games.

When new Pokémon are added to your dex, you're given a page of information about that Pokémon, which includes its dex entry. Do you read this for each new capture (or at all)?


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Yes. Always. I sometimes accidentally skip through it and then I'll look it up in the PokeDex manually.

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I usually kinda skip it, but I do like the splashes of lore they give.

I guess it's because I usually don't really catch a lot of Pokemon and I'm used to playing on turbo, I guess.


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Reads the full entry for Pokemon added in a new region. Includes regional variants. Skips it for everyone else.

Might stop reading entries upon reaching postgame, though. Enters completionist grinding mode.
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I actually surprised myself recently after realizing I skipped through them, when I tend to read through pretty much anything else (and even do things like trying to talk to every NPC I find). I guess it’s because I’m too used to clicking through the dex and continuing on with gameplay..? My mind tends to autopilot right after captures. :x Going to try to be more conscious of it when playing the next set of games!


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I do read them if they are interesting if not then I mostly skip them.
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