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I'm not quite to Journeys yet in my watching but I've seen a few clips and I'm also not sure if the current art style is just for the Journeys series or if it started early, but it's so....ugh. In my opinion. Like I want my cute lovely characters to look cute and lovely, and they don't. The art style kind of makes me sad. ^^ I'm still going to watch it, I'm glad the vibe feels the same, but...why'd you make everyone look like that?
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I mean we're all here on an Internet forum so I think all of us have a special place in our hearts for the Y2K. The arts styles of SM and Journeys are my least favorite, but in a sense I still like them, they merely exist alongside the other generations and it's good to have some difference


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I like it! SM's art style took a lot of adjusting for me at first but I fell in love with it and the series overall. Journeys has a slightly better art style to me and I like it. Gary looks especially good!
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I actually quite like that they ditched the blockier aspects of the old style.

I prefer more rounded shapes.


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Journeys isn't too bad, but I still much prefer XY over Journeys. I will say Journeys is still vastly different from Pokemon SM which I still don't like the art style of and never will. It was a big reason I did not watch much of it or wasn't excited to watch SM. If something does not look pleasing to my eyes, it is hard for me to sit down and watch it and I lose interest.

Journeys is more of a middle ground between XY and SM. I will say that the Arceus Chronicles is almost on par with movie standards and is really amazing. The art style of the Journeys also just matches the aspect of pokemon and all of the characters look pretty good with the art style.

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I like the art style in Journeys, but definitely hated the art style in Sun and Moon. I am glad they did away with that.