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Do you sit and watch the credits roll, and read information like who directed the movie, which actor played a certain role, what company is behind the special effects etc?

Perhaps you stay put while the credits are rolling, but don't pay close attention to them. Instead use this moment as time to unwind, finish your soda or talk to your friend about how they liked the film.

Maybe you're the kind of person who finds that tedious, and doesn't stay for the credits. You leave the theater or change the channel/turn off your DVD player once the movie is over.

What kind of movie-watcher are you when it comes to credits?

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Depends. I know my Mom would always want to sit and watch the credits.
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I only stay if the credits song is a bop or I am expecting a post credits scene. More often than not I don't stay for movie credits. If I am curious about creators behind a movie it's always a google away.
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I only watch the credits roll if it's an Avengers movie (since they made it standard to have 1-2 post credits scenes that could actually be important to watch...) or if I really dig the credits animations or soundtrack. But aside from the director and actors, I seldom pay any attention at all to the other names.


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I never used to pay too much attention to credits but recently I've got in a habit of letting them run through before I switch a movie off. Plus obviously after/mid-credits scenes are fairly standard now, so I'll always stay for those. I do feel bad for the workers in the cinema (omg who remembers those?) who have to wait for everyone to leave to start cleaning tho
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I might stay, but I feel awkward hanging around in the theater if most people have cleared out.