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    I want a really big shopping mall, that would be soo fun to explore. If we can customise our characters, the shopping mall would have shops selling clothes, accessories, etc. They could also sell items for our hidden base (if GameFreak implements hidden bases into X and Y).
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      I wish they they could sell Fire, Water and Thunderstones like in RBY and of course, the 3 elemental punches as well.

      Lotto would be good as well, its easy, if you use the GTS or trade very often.
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        A mall that sells rare candy's would be nice,we had a shop we could by eithers and thing like that in B&W 2 (Join Avenue, need to make a mart a shop(Rank 5)).

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        Originally Posted by The_CGC View Post
        A mall that sells rare candy's would be nice,we had a shop we could by eithers and thing like that in B&W 2 (Join Avenue, need to make a mart a shop(Rank 5)).
        Hm... aren't Rare Candies supposed to be something that you find rather than being able to buy it? It would make the game way too easy if you were able to buy Rare Candies at the Department Store, then you'd be at Level 100 in no time at all. xD

        But what I do think... is maybe there could be some sort of lotto where if you win it... you'd get a Rare Candy or Master Ball. ;)
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        I wouldn't want Rare Candies to be something so common.. I just want them to transform the department stores into a mall :)

        A mall would be so awesome on the 3DS <3
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        A full-blown mall with different stores and such would be a very nice idea and could give a unique visual outdoors shopping market would be pretty cool, too. Combine all those "stray" shops such as the incense stand and the bitter herbs seller into one big marketplace, so you know the stores will have something unique that you can't pick up at any PokéMart.
        In terms of items, I really want to be able to buy evolutionary stones again (without having to wait for a certain day or switch between Black City and White Forest). Any other items available are fine by me.

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          I really like the idea of player owned stores, the only issue is that there is no economy in pokemon that pretty much why they have the BP system for battle items. but it would be a cool idea if they can find a good way to implement it.
          Also I like the idea of changing stores, and the idea of a customizable character. maybe you could buy different cloths based on the season and stuff like that.
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            I hope it looks good, and has many essential items, but hopefully won't give away everything, I'd like to actually feel good when I find a rare item, and maybe some kind of Trading Post, where you can trade some of your stuff for rare items?
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