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Tales of Sinnoh: Dimensions


Do you believe in destiny? As long as we draw our breath, our Wheels of Fate turns, spinning our small and big experiences together. The wheel is said to represent life. Although it may appears to be infinite, and our choices limitless, like our destinies, the wheels of fate can come to but one end. When that wheel of fate stops.. the illusion is revealed and the implacability of fate is laid bare. Death.

Mr. Cyrus was a business man, who worked alongside the good professor of the Sinnoh region, Professor Rowan, in order to create one thing: the bonds between the trainer and pokemon. How can bonds help life? What can bonds accomplish in general? What exactly is bonds? One thing was for certain though, these bonds can become strong. And that strength can only be brought out by each new individual trainer. Today is the day where teenagers & young adults of age are able to obtain their newly starter pokemon, and travel through the Sinnoh region, for their hopes, dreams, and creating these new bonds.

What will be the fate of these trainers? Only time will tell.


★ Please be sure to follow the regular PC and RP Corner rules!
★ Bunnying is only allowed when agreed upon beforehand between players!
★ Do not godmod. It's no fun if a player is completely unbeatable or evolves all their pokémon early on.
★ You can capture pokémon without the need for the GM's approval!
★ When you want to enter a new area, wait for the GM to describe it first!
★ Whenever you finish an event, levels will be handed for your pokemon!
★ If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Accepted Players

MysticalNinetales as Violetta Marseille

Ozymandias as Laura Markos

Pudding as Estelle Beatriz Santiago

Magnificent Magilou as Zack Winchester

Evily as Meiko Nanatsu

Noraxia as Emmy Markab

Sephear as Ryan Hebel

Jay as Soren Garreth

IcyIce as Sora Tadokoro

Cyaloom as Brendan Caulfield

Current Location

Sandgem Town マサゴタウン
"Town of Sand!"


3 months ago...

Somewhere in Sinnoh, there was a certain lake, that was said to have held a mystical aura surrounding it. Lake Verity. Legends told that the lake, along with Lake Valor and Lake Acuity, is tied to the myth of the creation of the Pokémon world, specifically the creation of spirit. Other than that, it was symbolic of the water-rich Sinnoh region, for it's peace, tranquility, and a quiet place for a variety of Pokemon. Or at least, it was until that fateful day.

The sounds of explosions and blasts seemingly from advanced machinery erupted the area, scaring off the pokemon that were around it at that time. The ones responsible, were people dressed in peculiar fashion, being led by an individual who wore a strange mask on his face. Their arrival was sudden, but they were here for one thing. A certain Pokemon.

The masked man surveyed the area's blast zone. His main plan was to flush out their target out, by any means necessary. Nothing was in sigh, except for a few Magikarp, flopping around on a small part of the dried up lake's surface of the blast.

Nothing in sight coming, he signaled for another blast to start, but. this time he was interrupted by a brilliant flash of light. The light eventually materialized, forming a small, twin-tailed pokemon. It's most striking feature was it was partially magenta face with four long, drooping appendages and another red gem encrusted in its forehead.

"Found you. At last," said the masked stranger. "You are ours, now. Come."

The Pokemon let loose a fierce, determined cry.

What remained of it's fate? The following battle was not put in any records.


The Present Day - Chapter 1 - Sandgem Town

The world of Pokemon was supposed to be a world filled with trust, hope, and love for living beings as they all work together to achieve their dreams. However, in reality, this world is twisted. Dark. Lonely. At least, in the eyes of few. But for Pokemon Trainers, this world is filled with endless possibilities, and dreams that can one day become reality.

Welcome to Sandgem Town! This small town notably has sandy terrain to the south, the beginnings of a small place called Sandgem Beach, home to a few Pokemon. Most importantly, this town has Professor Rowen's Lab, where Professor Rowen works, helping out newcomer trainers. Today was a very special day however, so while he's not in his lab, he still helps in a collaborative effort to help newcomer trainers together.

The newcomer trainers arrived here, most likely at different times, to have already received their Pokedex, and Pokeballs from the lab. Most importantly, their partner pokemon from home, or awaiting to be picked up from the lab as well. It was the perfect place to start their journey! What adventures await them? Only time will tell...

Available Pokemon (they can learn moves up to level 15):

IC Note: For now, take this opportunity to get comfy with your character, your pokemon, and the beginning of their tale! Rowen isn't in his lab, so you won't find him in this part. This part will be simple, so the substance can be filled in by you! There are opportunities for more stuff later on, so stay tuned for that!

Next time... Route 202
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Current Team - Soren:

A New Blue Sky
Current Location : Sandgem Town

"Hmm..." Soren mumbled to himself, his hood up to cover his head from the rising sun and to make him look a little, well, sneakier, as he knelt carefully behind a thicker patch of shrubbery, book and pen in hand. A few meters before him, thankfully still blissfully unaware of his presence, was a bright blue pokémon... it's large ears flopping as it playfully ran across the grass, attempting to roll itself into a ball. It was a young phanpy, perhaps not long from its egg, eagerly practicing techniques it had seen its mother preform, most likely that is. Donphan were proud and maternal parents that taught their young what was necessary to survive, unlike many other harsher examples from pokémon in the wild.

"Fascinating... is this process how pokémon learn new moves in the wild? Through sheer practice and force of will...?" With excitement Soren flicked through the pages of the purple, leather bound tome in his hands and began to jot down a few notes, so engrossed was he that he didn't even feel the tiny touch of small talons finding purchase on his hooded head.

"Swaa...?" A hushed sing song tweet echoes from above him, alerting Soren to Ciel's presence. "Yes, yes I know... I'll be but a few more moments..." He responded, to the small pokémons clear distaste.

"Blu! Swablu..."

"I know, I know I have a pokédex, but it doesn't tell me everything I want to know."


"Well, yes, of course I still want it, it provides a wonderful start into the understanding of pokémon physiology and how I can better-"


"Yes... Yes I know I said we'd do the gym challenge."

"Blu, blu?"

"Yes, I'm aware that was the condition set before we left for this journey."

"Swa... blu."

"W-wait, you wouldn't-!"

As their conversation finished, Ciel opened her beak and released a shrill and shocking note, the sudden cry was infused with the power of disarming voice, and the piercing sound caused the young Phanpy Soren had been examining to leap near a foot off the ground in fright. Waving it's trunk frantically and trumpeting its surprise, it stumbled slightly as it rapidly turned away from the sound and bolted, charging into the nearby foliage until it was far beyond Soren's sight.

"Gah! Why would you do that!" Soren yelled, standing up and waving Ciel off of his head in exasperation. "I was studying and you just-... ugh..." As he turned, he saw the small pokémon had already perched itself on a nearby branch, a smug expression on its tiny face. "Insufferable... but fair, I suppose... I did promise adventure and exploration did I not?" He smiled, defeated, though Ciel seemed pleased, fluttering up to his shoulder and chirping her approval melodically.

Stepping out of the shrubbery, Soren looked down from his position, a small hillock overlooking Sandgem town. Stepping back out into the morning sun, the light stung his eyes for a brief moment as he left the somewhat gloomy glade he had been gathering information in. The light illuminated the town before him, droplets of rain from the night before reflecting off the rooftops with prisms of light, giving the village a picturesque feel.

His gaze turned to the pokémon laboratory he had camped outside this morning... yes, camped. The lab assistants found it strange that a new trainer would be so eager so as to be at the building many hours before opening, but they had no trouble giving him his pokédex and pokéballs regardless.

As he watched, he saw many other youths and pokémon scramble outside, more hopefuls set to tackle the gyms, contests and other challenges that Sinnoh had to offer. His potential allies, contacts and, perhaps, opponents in the days to come.

A new chapter had started on that day, with the new morning sun shining down from atop a bright blue sky. Soren couldn't help but smile as he pat Ciel's wing and began meandering his way towards the town below.

The journey had at last begun.


No badges obtained yet!


1 x Pokédex
5 x Poké Ball

500 x Poké

  • No TMs at Present!

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Estelle Beatriz Santiago


Day Uno
Not a Pichu stirred within the Santiago household. Darkness and silence engulfed the insides of the one-floor brick house, background white noise emanating from the central air unit lulling the family to sleep.

That is, until an alarm clock broke the spell. It echoed throughout the house, waking up both the father and Beldum. Estelle shifted in her burgundy bed, murmuring her dream happenings.

Beldum hummed itself to life, scarlet eye adjusting to the sudden appearance of light leaking from under the bedroom door amidst the pitch black.

They nudged Estelle, having been asked to wake her when her father arose. Bel. Bel.

"Nnnnngh. Already?" Estelle's groggy voice was muffled by the pillow, barely audible.

Beldum gave her a minute before pulling off the covers, prompting her to grunt in response to the cold. "It's so-" her words were cut short upon her partner throwing a pair of warm clothes on her face. "Ah. Thanks."

The morning was calm and serene. Estelle was careful not to disturb the others still in slumber, who unlike her, had stayed awake past midnight. After all, her family wanted to celebrate her last day home before she departed on her journey the following morning.

The young adult set the toaster's timer at one minute, maple syrup on hand. "Did you sleep good?" Estelle curiously asked her Beldum, who hummed in glee. "Good! Me too!"

"Aaah, me too!" a third voice chimed in, mocking Estelle's high pitched tone. Her father emerged from around the corner, entering the kitchen already dressed for work.


"Ay, my big girl is leaving." He pulled his daughter into a tight embrace, hands messing up her still-wet marble hair. "Take care of yourself. Call your mom when you can. You know how she worries." Beldum grinned at the man upon its turn for affection, receiving a short rub underneath the head. "Take care of her for us, si?"

"I'll really miss you all," Estelle began, only to jump at the sound of her waffles suddenly pushed out the toaster. "Haha... ah, thank you dad. For everything."

"No no, that's why we're here. We'll always be here no matter what you do." He snatched up his hot coffee in a thermal cup before heading out, heavy backpack forcing him into a plod. Estelle sullenly watched him leave, blurting out a farewell.

With a smirk and wink he closed the door, car headlights flooding the porch in white light.

Then silence.

"I'm hungry."

- - - - -

An hour later and the young woman couldn't get herself to sleep. Excitement had long replaced the exhaustion she had awoken with.

"Bel you need a name. Dad never gave you one." She rolled over on her bed, now laying on her stomach to better face her new partner. "Is it okay if I give you a name?"


"Is that a yes? I think that's a yes."


"Oooo you smiled... I think." There was a hint of confusion in her voice, unable to decipher the emotions of the steel creature like her father could. "Okay! So... so... like... um. Hm."

Sunlight poured in through the curtains, brightening the interior of the once dark house. Estelle continued to ponder, quietly making her way back out to the kitchen for another unhealthy snack.

"I want a name that sticks even after you evolve. Like, into Metagross. Colors? Do I name you Blue? Azul?"


"Azul means blue. If you didn't know that," she immediately responded to the curious Beldum, hands opening the cupboards. But just as she was about to reach in for the chocolate granola bars a loud thump was heard. Beldum grew alert as Estelle approached the windows revealing the backyard.

There, by the small storage shed, a creature had knocked over one of the three trash cans.

She recognized that figure. And those long, annoyingly dull-colored appendages did nothing to calm her. Instead they ignited a vengeful anger accumulated over the years of seeing it get away with leaving litter all over the backyard. Who would clean it up? She did. She always did. Until now. Now she owns her very own Pokémon, one gifted to her by her father the prior day as a farewell present.

"Oooooh oh oh it's him." Beldum followed Estelle out the back screen door, "or is it a her? I never really bothered to check," and behind a tree, where together they observed the Trubbish tear open a garbage bag. Its contents spilled on top of the small thing, much to its delight.

"Ready? Since you float you can sneak up on that Trubbish." The new trainer let her pride get ahead of herself, confident she could win her very first Pokémon brawl.


"He's still under that pile of stuff so I need you to use Iron Head on it. Go!" Without hesitation the floating steel Pokemon dashed towards the living trash. "...or her. Maybe it's a her."

Beldum engulfed itself in a white glow, its body visible through a black outline. BeeeeEEEELDUM! they hollered, startling the Trubbish from within the pile of trash goodness. However the thief was too slow and received full impact, forced against the storage door that gave out the last second, sending both Pokémon inside.

"Ayee! Sh*t." Estelle awkwardly leaped into a sprint, hand swiping hair out from view. Inside she found the Trubbish cornered by Beldum, who was awaiting further instructions. "You're really strong, you know that?" she commented, wincing upon the sight of a damaged storage door. She held her tongue, afraid of damaging the shed further.

Trubbish saw the opportunity. It hopped and bounced off Beldum towards the exit Estelle blocked. In panic she grabbed the nearest bucket and trapped the unsuspecting critter.

She sat on it, trying not to fall off the moving prison. "I need you to use Iron Head again when I lift this bucket, okay? I'm uh... going to do it now. Uh." Once the movement faded Estelle jolted out from her position, hands lifting the bucket off the concrete below. Beldum followed suit, but instead of landing a hit on a soft body they impacted the hard pavement.

"Where- N-no!" As soon as reality hit her the trash bag Pokemon descended from the lifted container, having held on tight at the inner top. They pounded Beldum further into the concrete before dragging them out the shed to further continue the brawl.

"Beldum!" She watched as Trubbish slapped her partner silly before pausing at the sight of Estelle. "Stop! No! Go- Oof!" she began, only to trip over the fallen garbage can. This caught Beldum's attention, who let out a startled Bel!. With their back turned the enemy took advantage, spitting out a glob of purple acid on to the distracted steel-type.

They ran away.

Estelle shot up, wet grass blades sticking to her body and unruly hair. "Hey hey heyheyhey are you okay?" she worried, kneeling to Beldum's eye level. Despite wincing it nodded in response. The acid spray slid right off of them; they're immune to poison. But having hit the concrete as hard as they did really pained them. "You look like sh*t, uh. Okay. Pokémon Center is open all day. I think I remember where it is."


"You did good you did good." Nobody would wake up for another hour or so. A quick trip to and from wouldn't be noticeable.

Estelle placed Beldum on to a bike's basket and began her trek to her destination. "You're strong and you would have won, but I fell so it's my fault. Don't feel bad."


"Or maybe you don't feel bad... do you? Dad was so much better at reading you and stuff. You sound the same everytime."


"You know, now that I think about it, I could have returned you to your Pokéball in that fight. It just never crossed my mind. Wow."


"I'm so sorry. Our first wild Pokémon fight and we got an F for failure. We need to up our game here."


"I need to up my game. You did fine. Pretend you didn't hear that."

She pedaled past houses and fences, a soothing image against the morning sunrise to the steel type. As Estelle swallowed her guilt and began to fabricate a possible white lie to her mother in case her absence is noticed, Beldum replayed the events in their head.

At last they neared the Pokémon Center. They weren't the only early birds, obviously hunted by the many youth already up and about. Their joy flooded the vicinity, somewhat easing her stress.

She parked the bike by the Center's automatic doors and roughly swooped Beldum from the basket.

For it being her first day to an exciting journey... well, it didn't begin how she expected it to. It could have been worse though, right?

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Zack Winchester
Sandgem Town
Chapter 1-1 | Slow Starts

Current Party:

Zack set on a bench located close to the beach of Sandgem Town. To say that he was a little... underwhelmed was an understatement. He had always figured that taking those first steps as an official Pokémon trainer would have been a bit more... exciting. That feeling as you received your Pokédex, along with your first Pokémon was something that the boy had to admit he was looking forward to. Of course, there was a bit of an issue in the fact that he already had his Pokémon with him when he went to collect that most important of handheld devices, as well as some poké balls, but he knew that there was no need to really argue over the minor details like that. It didn't seem to help the fact that Professor Rowan himself wasn't even there to give himself as well as those he could only consider to be fellow budding trainers their tools of the trade as well.

"And to think, I skipped breakfast so we could get there early even..." Zack mumbled. As if to add emphasis to the situation, the faint growling of the teenager's stomach could be heard, causing him to sigh in frustration. "Let's go, Charlie. I'm sure we can go grab some grub down at the Pokémon Center."

With a yawn, Zack hopped off the bench he was sitting on and stretched. He turned his attention towards Charlie, which just so happened to be his prized Charmander, who had been busy watching a scuttling Krabby moving up and down the beach for sometime now. Zack watched silently as the fire lizard's tail swished back and forth, all the while Charlie slowly, cautiously brought a single claw to just short of the crab Pokémon's face. Without a moment of hesitation, the wild Krabby quickly brought his mighty pincher forward and snapped it fiercely around the Charmander's claw. Charlie let out a yelp of surprise as he quickly pulled away, only to be showered with a quick shot of bubbles from the wild Krabby before it scurried away. Zack rolled his eyes at the sight, kneeling down to the Charmander's level.

"We haven't even been out and about but for an hour or two, and you're already getting us into trouble," Zack mused. Charlie glanced up at his trainer with a rather derpy-looking grin on his face, seemingly not angered at the wild Pokémon for its actions in the slightest bit. Without a moment's delay, Charlie began to hurry after his trainer as he led the way back into town proper. "Not that I'm surprised, mind you. It's just I figured that you could at least wait until after we get some grub, yeah?"
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    Brendan Caulfield
    Sandgem Town
    Chapter 1 - 1
    When Brendan receives instruction from none other than Professor Rowan, he’ll make sure to follow them closely. That’s why the boy showed up in front of the lab when it had just opened – and was surprised to find at least five other trainers already waiting in line. They came from all over the region, and their goals were very different, too. All that Brendan had to do was avoid waking up late, have breakfast, ensure to look decent and make his way to the lab on his bike – whereas some people had to travel extensively the previous day and book an accommodation in Sandgem Town.
    Brendan didn’t have to wait long for its turn. Rowan’s assistant happily handed over a new Pokédex and some Pokéballs, then had a look at some documents and grabbed another Pokéball – the one that held inside Brendan’s starter Pokémon. “Come on, press the button on the Pokéball! Aren’t you curious to see which starter you’ve received?"
    The assistant was right. When Brendan applied, he didn’t pick a particular starter: he only stated that he would have liked a Water type. It was going to be a Piplup anyways – or a Psyduck, a Tentacool, a Goldeen.

    It was a surprise after another for Brendan to find that his starter was Horsea, a Pokémon usually seen in the colder waters around northern Sinnoh but almost impossible to find near Sandgem. A Pokémon that, eventually, would become a Dragon type. One of those Pokémon he’d seen not more than two times in his lifetime.
    “Will you give a nickname to this Horsea?” the assistant brought Brendan back to reality.
    “Good idea” mumbled Brendan while struggling to think about a clever name. “Maybe… Kelpsy?”
    It was the first thing that came to his mind: the Kelpsy Berry extract, a strong-flavored and quite rare seasoning, only to be used in the restaurant’s finest specialties.

    Whereas Brendan’s father was staying in Twinleaf that week, harvesting some more berries, his mother was running the family restaurant in Sandgem. That was Brendan’s next destination – after all, he’d promised to show her his new Pokémon before stepping out of the town and beginning his journey. Brendan’s parents had already reassured him that they supported his choice to travel around the region and that not having one more person contributing to the family business was not that big of a deal.
    “For once” Brendan thought as he peddled, “they seemed to care more about me and my goals, and less about the restaurant, the reputation, the family as a whole”. The memory went back to three months before, when an explosion was heard near Twinleaf. Brendan noticed it too, but was told that no one was hurt and that it was nothing to worry about. What if there was something more to it?

    Only a few people could be seen hanging around Sandgem beach, slightly further ahead, as Brendan entered triumphantly from the front door of the almost empty restaurant. High season had still to begin and it was still early for most people to have lunch.
    His mother greeted him and his little seahorse Pokémon with shiny eyes – happy that his son had just received his own Pokémon, but at the same time a bit sad that he had to leave Sandgem. As she was preparing a berry smoothie when Brendan arrived, she offered some to both him and Kelpsy. “Consider this my way of saying goodbye!” she said.
    And so the journey of Brendan and Kelpsy began with the boy enjoying a great smoothie, and the poor Horsea spitting it all back out. The Pokémon couldn’t help it, there definitely was a certain berry in there that it hated. Brendan apologized and started cleaning the place, but his partner was not upset – if anything, he was amused by what happened. In Kelpsy’s mind that was not a big deal, it was just something that can happen between friends.

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      Meiko Nanatsu
      Status: Sandgem Town

      Meiko looked outside the window as she sat in one of the L-shaped seats in the Pokemon Center, watching as the sun started to rise and the rain drops sliding down the window. She came all the way here from Twinleaf Town only to find the Professor out on a small trip. She had lived on her own for most of her life, so she was used to being alone, but a couple days ago, she wasn’t so lonely anymore.

      Meiko scrubbed the dirt off the dish, currently washing any unfinished dishes, and right after, she had to check on the laundry she left outside to dry.
      *Knock* *Knock*
      “Hmm?” Meiko looked up from the dishes, closing the tap water and putting her current dish on the sink, wiping her wet hand on a towel beside her, used for drying. As she walked to the door, she saw her father’s pokemon, a Feraligatr, laying down on the carpet in front of the couch. It had one eye open and, doing as her father had told him, watching over her. She grabbed the handle and looked through the peephole, only to see nobody.
      “There’s nobody….” She moved back and was about to turn around when she heard another knock, but it sounded like it was coming from the bottom of the door instead of the middle or top. Meiko looked back and hesitantly turned the handle, opening the door and looked outside, she saw nobody, but felt something hit her foot. She looked down to see a small wrapped box, or it was wrapped and closed, but now it's opened just enough for the pokeball around her foot to fall through.
      “A package? Could it be….” ‘The one from the Professor?’ She grabbed the package and pokeball in one arm and the other, she closed the door, locking it. She walked over to the couch, minding her feet with Feraligatr, and sat, putting the package on her lap and pokeball in hand.
      ‘How did this pokeball get out? Did someone try to steal it, but accidentally drop it?’ She blinked as the pokeball in her hand moved, twirled, and hopped, causing her to try and hold it with both hands.
      “Woah!” She accidentally threw it up, causing the pokeball to open and shoot out a glowing light, materializing on the couch to her left. Her father’s Feraligatr, hearing the opening of a pokeball, sat up and looked on. The light dispersed, revealing…..

      ~Flashback Ends~

      “Huh?”Meiko looked at her lap, seeing her partner, a Mudkip. “Sorry, was lost in the past.”She pet his head, earning a happy cry. She named him Chip, she didn’t know why, it just sounded right. She grabbed her bag that was beside her and opened it, seeing her sky blue pokedex, 5 pokeballs, Chip’s pokeball, 4 potions, 3 revives, 4 full heals, and 2 pairs of escape rope. She also had a box of pokepuffs that she made the night before right after arriving at the Pokemon Center.
      “Everyone’s coming in…” Meiko looked out the window to see a tent(?) near the Professor’s Lab and other new trainers arriving, an orange haired boy her age walked towards the beach with a Charmander following him and a brown haired boy leaving the lab, also heading for the beach. “I wonder if….no, impossible.” She looked at the boy and then the people entering the town and then looked at her hands, shaking at the mere thought. “I can’t trust them, I have to do this on my own….”
      Mud Ki! Chip jumped on his trainer’s shoulders and cuddled up to her, intending to cheer her up.
      “Thanks boy, but the impossible is still impossible…” She muttered as she looked down, clutching her brown pendant, rubbing her thumb on the rainbow stone in the middle of the pendant. ‘Father...where did you go?’

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        Name: Sora Tadokoro
        Location: Sandgem Town

        Pokemon: Fletchling

        Sora looked at the beach as he took a bite of an apple that he got at the Pokemon Center earlier than morning before the sun had even risen and rain was still falling. He wanted to get to the beach and position himself enough to where he could snap a picture of the sunrise. However, he had forgotten than the mountains split the region, making the sun rise later on the western side. He realized this soon after, but decided to stay out in nature.

        He climbed a tree and positioned his body where it was comfortable. On his head, slept a pokemon from Kalos known as Fletchling. The pokemon was a Normal/Flying type, but would eventually become a Fire/Flying. Sora's uncle had given his daughter and Sora a flying type pokemon at the same time after receiving word from Prof. Rowan that he wanted Sora to journey in Sinnoh while his cousin went to a different region Sora hadn't heard of. His uncle was a pilot so he knew the professors well from making deliveries. Sora never thought Prof. Rowan would actually send a Pokedex to him when he was in Kalos, thousands of miles away from Sinnoh. Sora was thankful, but also terrified. He would eventually have to cross the mountains. He knew it would be very challenging for him.

        When Sora was younger, he lost his family to avalanche in Kalos. His uncle took him in and he grew up with his cousin. At first, they never got along. One light, snowy morning, his cousin made him go outside with her after winning a bet. Sora refused because he was terrified of anything related to snow. It didn't help that he was in a depressed state at the time, but he made good on the bet and went outside, ground covered in snow.

        She took him to the Couriway Falls in Couriway Town. As they arrived, the fog that covered his eyes lifted and glittered at the site of the mix between snow, water and moonlight. The waterfalls crashed against the surface and the snow fell, the moonlight causing all of it to sparkle as if the moon, water, and snow were all dancing together. However, that wasn't all that was going on. There was a Sky Battle Royal going on as well. The flying type pokemon danced through the snow and falls, battling each other. He and his cousin watched the entire battled in amazement. After that morning, Sora and his cousin became far closed than they ever had been. After seeing such beauty, Sora was no longer afraid of a little snow, but he still feared Ice Types and blizzards. They decided to become Sky Trainers and one day fight each other. This was one reason he and his cousin had decided on different regions to go to, but also because his cousin had suggest Sinnoh so that he could face his fears head on.

        'Fletch.' Sora's Fletchling woke.

        "Ah your finally awake sleepy head."

        'Fletch fletch fletchling.'

        "It isn't my fault you stayed up all night watching the 50 Shades of Murkrow outside the window. Dirty bird."

        'Fletch! Fletch! Fletchling!'

        "Yeah ok. Sure you were watching them to make sure they didn't steal my shiny stuff. A likely excuse."


        "Ok ok fine."

        'Fletchling.' The bird chirped, crossing its wings.

        Sora took out his orange and grey pokedex, mainly to reach his Holocaster to make sure his cousin hadn't sent him a message or anything, which she hadn't. He looked at the time, "I guess we should get to town to get some real breakfast." Sora suggested.

        'Fletch fletch fletch!' Fletchling chirped in agreement.

        Sora climbed down the tree, his Fletchling landing on his head, "Remind me to give you a nickname today." Sora said, starting back to the Pokemon Center.

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        Laura Markos - A Rough Start?


        "That one's definitely a... uh... um..."

        Laura wracked her brain as her she searched for the name of the tiny blue pokemon rolling around in the mud before her.

        "A ground type that's a native of the Johto region, just like you Andy. Now if I could only remember its name!" The young trainer's brow continued to furrow while the Swinub she had received only a few hours prior nudged the bag containing her poke-dex.

        "I know, I know, but what type of pokemon researcher can't even remember the name of a simple species like this! Professor Rowan would be so disappointed in me." As the names of various Johto species flew through her mind, its name finally came to her.

        "Donphan! That's what it was!" With the gleeful expression of a child on their way to the candystore, Laura whipped out her poke-dex to confirm her sudden realization.

        "Phanpy, the Long Nose Pokemon. It is strong despite its compact size. It can easily pick up and carry an adult human on its back."

        "Oh... well we were close?" Struggling to find a bright side to her mistake, she sighed, taking a seat on the tree behind her. She continued to watch the Phanpy play in the mud as Andy nudged her in encouragement.

        "I read all those books, I worked so hard, and for what? I can't even identify a simple species like Phanpy." The Swinub beside her gave what resembled a look of pity up at his trainer. "I could never be an assistant to Professor Oak like this, let alone conduct my own research."

        Laura paused to look down at Andy beside her, who was almost taken aback as he realized her expression was one of joy rather than the sadness he had perceived from her words.

        "I might not be there yet, but that's why we're going on this adventure!" Brimming with a vigor that the Swinub wouldn't have thought possible from such a tiny girl, Laura scrambled to her feet, facing him as she did.

        "We're gonna learn so much and experience so much and meet so many new friends! I may not know much right now, but by the end of this thing, we're gonna be ready to help out Professor Oak with his research! Maybe one day we'll even be able to do our own research and have our own lab, and help out kids that are where we're at right now!" The young woman took a deep breath, exhausted from her sudden outburst. "So what do you say Andy? Are you with me?"

        "Swin." The Swinub wasn't so convinced that this eccentric girl would ever be a pokemon professor one day, but she was so invigorated that he couldn't help but admire her spirit.
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        Violetta Marseille
        Current Location: Sandgem Town
        Sabrina the Misdreavus

        Violetta studied herself in the mirror, smiling approvingly at her reflection. She had to ensure that her winged eyeliner was sharp enough to cut an Aggron and that the rest of her face was ultimately beat for Arceus. Violetta had straightened her long, silky, mauve hair and she fluffed it up a bit. Just then, Sabrina, her trusted companion, floated through the mirror with a ghoulish glare that made Violetta jump slightly.

        "Oh, Sabrina. Up to your usual tricks I see. What am I to do with you?"

        "Misdreeeevus." The ghost-type pokemon cackled, evidently amused with her trainer's reaction.

        "Do you think we're forgetting anything? I mean, I guess you aren't the best to ask. You're a ghost for Arceus sakes and you aren't exactly known for your sharp memory."

        The Misdreavus stuck out her tongue at Violetta, causing her to chuckle lightheartedly.

        "Alright, we better say our goodbyes to Lilac and mama. Jett will be here soon." Violetta told before grabbing a black backpack and slinging it across her shoulder. She then proceeded to exit her room, Sabrina in toe.

        She walked down the winding hall and toward the expansive, well furnished living room. Her mother was perched on the couch and she was knitting what appeared to be a pair of mittens. Knitting was a hobby that Vianne had taken up while her husband, Violetta's father, was away. She did it to pass the time. Lilac sat on the floor, near her mother. She appeared to be playing with a porcelin doll.

        As Violetta entered the room, she felt the mood shift almost instantaneously. Her mother set down her her knitting and her sister clutched her doll tightly as they turned their attention to her.

        "Oh, Violetta, you look lovely. Is it already that time?" Her mother asked, a smile upon her face. Despite her sunny exterior, Violetta knew that a storm brewed inside her mother. She was aware that her mother would be lonesome in a gargantuan house, constantly blanketed by the eternally falling snow, just her and Lilac. Violetta had stayed as long as she could, helping to raise her younger sibling and staying to accompany her mother. However, Vianne had adamantly encouraged her daughter to pursue her dreams and refused to hold her child back from success. Of course, after years of persistence from her mother, Violetta finally took it upon herself to pursue her lifelong dream of following in her mother's footsteps and becoming a top Pokemon Coordinator. Violetta knew that her mother would be alright. Jett, Raven, and Indigo all visited often, although she knew that it wouldn't be long until they had families of their own, as they were all in their twenties. It was difficult because her father had been absent for three whole months. A severe shortage of workers at the mine meant that her father had to consistently work long, grueling hours. Due to this, he resided in Oreburgh City and only visited every few months or so. However, he sent most of his paychecks to Vianne and kept just enough for himself to survive. It resulted in emotional suffering on both sides, as they loved each other intensely but were unable to be with one another. You would assume that a woman with a husband of 23 years and 5 children would never feel lonely, well Vianne was an exception.

        "It is, mama."

        Vianne got up from where she sat and approached her daughter, enveloping her with her thin arms, holding her tight as if she was afraid that if she let go Violetta would disappear. She stroked her daughter's soft hair gingerly, basking in the sweet aroma of it. She would deeply miss her child.

        "Please take care of yourself dear. If you need anything at all, give me a call." Violetta studied her mom momentarily, taking one last good look at the woman who raised her single-handedly. She was beautiful, with fair skin and dark, blackish-purple hair that was piled utop her head in a bun. Vianne looked quite youthful, considering she was in her early forties.

        "Of course mom, take it easy, now. Will you?"

        Lilac appeared at her elder sister's side.

        "Vi, I'm going to miss you! Please bring back a powerful pokemon to show to me, alright?"

        "Sounds good. I'll miss you, too, Lilac." Violetta said hugging her much shorter sister.

        "Oh! Sabrina, protect my sister. She likes to think she's tough and invincible, even if she isn't." Lilac instructed the ghost-type pokemon, casting her sister a playful look.

        "Oh, really? I'm not tough, am I?! I'll show you tough." Violetta said, with mock exasperation, affectionately flicking her younger sister in the forehead.

        Suddenly, a car's horn was heard from outside. "That must be your brother."

        "Oh, what a lovely surprise. Jett is on time for once. It must be opposite day." Violetta mumbled, much to her younger sibling's enjoyment. The trio headed into the foyer, where Violetta said the last of her goodbyes before summoning Sabrina into her pokeball, and heading out the door. Violetta opened the door to her brother's jet black Jeep, that he'd managed to crash a multitude of times despite how new the automobile was. Typical Jett, he was always in a hurry, jetting off somewhere. No pun intended.

        "Please don't kill me." Violetta mumbled upon entering the car. Her brother chuckled. He was tall, well-built, with black hair and metallic grey-azure eyes. He smirked at her.

        "Well hello to you too, Vi. What a ray of sunshine you are, as always."

        "Just shut up and drive, Jett."

        "Openly hostile and bitter as usual. Is that anyway to talk to someone who's driving you across the Sinnoh region?"

        "Why yes, yes it is. Come on, Jett. Do you expect any less of me?"

        "Fair point."

        "Arceus, Jett. Are we going to sit in your banged up jalopy all day? I have places to go and people to see. So, I suggest you put your pedal to the metal and let's get going sometime this century."

        Jett just laughed before turning the radio on full blast and speeding out of the driveway and onto the man road, headed south.

        Don't kill me. Don't kill me. Arceus save us all. Violetta thought as she cast a disapproving glare at her brother who was lip-syncing to some rock song.

        "Sandgem here we come."

        After countless hours of continuous driving, the duo finally arrived in Sandgem town.

        "We're here." Jett announced, unenthusiastically.

        "Thank Arceus! Now I can finally got out of this stinky car. Park somewhere by the Pokemon centre."

        "Why? I can take you to the Professor's lab."

        "No. I don't want people to associate me with the likes of you. Look! There's the centre. Now, let me out, mukhead."

        Jett shook his head. He knew his sister loved him. They were close, which is why he tolerated her constant jabs.

        Hopping out of the car, Violetta felt as if she were on another planet. The beach loomed nearby, the waves crashing against the rocks. It was so unlike the winter wonderland that was Snowpoint. It was uncharacteristically humid as well. It would take some getting used to.

        "Alright, now do me a favor and jet off, Jett!"

        She waved at her brother as he sped away, almost hitting a pedestrian while doing so. Violetta shook her head.


        Vi's journey had now officially begun.

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          Emmy Markab

          Spoiler: Inventory

          A thin slit of sunlight, falling in through the crack between the curtains, slowly travelled across the room. It shifted only as minutes passed, but the orange-feathered Pokémon kept waking up from the sudden cold whenever it moved off its skin. It would groggily sit up, realise its shiny blanket had slipped off again, and swiftly roll back over into the warmth, before happily going back to sleep. This pattern continued all morning, with its trainer none the wiser.

          Emmy was still sound asleep. She had always been a fast sleeper; her bed to her was the safest haven, and the world of dreams her private refuge. No Torchic rummaging at the foot of her bed could rouse her that easily - but she was a bit more alert to the voice of her mother shouting up the stairs.

          “Emmy! What time did you have to be at Rowan’s lab again?! It’s almost 11 you know!”

          Groggily rolling onto her back, Emmy rubbed her eyes. Thanks to her parents insisting, she already received her Pokémon from Professor Rowan the day before, so going in today was really just a formality. All she needed was the Pokédex and whatever else they would see fit to provide her with. Still, it was probably rude to keep them waiting… so she eventually got out of bed, nudging her Torchic to wake as well.

          When they came downstairs, the pair was greeted by a sweet smell drifting out from the kitchen. Leanne Markab had prepared pancakes, and excitedly motioned for Emmy to join her at the table.

          ''There you are. Last chance you'll have to sleep late in a while, hm?'' Leanne smiled as she pushed the syrup towards her daughter. Emmy quietly sat down and began eating her breakfast. As much as she tried to resist, Bluk berry pancakes were her favourite, so she couldn't help but crack a slight smile in turn.
          Leanne was visibly pleased. ''Your dad and Lia are off already, so I thought we'd have a little pancake party with the two of us. A final, private celebration before you set off. How do you feel?''

          Emmy hurried to chew and swallow the pancake in her mouth. ''I'm fine, really. If Will's done it, how hard can it really be?'' she said, though internally she wasn't that secure at all. She knew better than to let her mother know she was nervous about something, however… Leanne would probably stress out even more.

          After breakfast, mother and daughter shared a final goodbye at the door. Leanne kissed Emmy’s forehead, and held her chin for a moment, as if trying to remember her daughter’s face in this exact moment. She then ran her thumb over her cheek, and let her go.

          ‘’You’ll do great. I’m proud of you, Emmy.’’

          ‘’Geez, mom…’’

          ‘’Don’t forget. If anything happens, you can come home. We’ll be rooting for you always!’’

          ‘’I know already…’’

          Emmy sighed, but quickly hugged her mother one last time. She then waved, motioned for Torchic to join her, and together they stepped outside. Holding back once more at the gate to throw a final look at her home, and grinning embarrassedly upon noticing her mother was still waving from the doorway. Emmy, too, raised her hand, before hurrying off to Rowan’s lab.

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          Current Team - Soren:

          A Phan-tastic Idea!
          Current Location : Sandgem Town

          Soren meandered his way through a few bushes on the edge of town. He had taken to observing a few of the new trainers from a bench outside the lab, just to see what kind of pokémon they had received, or perhaps had with them from an earlier time in their lives. A young man with a horsea here, a tired looking girl with a small torchic following close behind... it was wonderful to see such a variety of starter pokémon, from regions far beyond the Sinnoh he had always known. Still, it wasn't like non-native pokémon were too strange a thing to see these days.

          Even still, while they seemed intriguing, Soren had no reason to approach any of his fellow trainers just yet. He... didn't exactly know many people too personally in Sandgem, apart from Professor Rowan. While he had seen a handful of these people around town over his five years as a loosely tacked on part of the community, he found the idea of approaching any of these individuals for a casual conversation made him feel awkward and uneasy. It wasn't good to force these things, he thought.

          Thus, here he was, once again moving to the outskirts where wild pokémon hid. His objective? To find the Phanpy he had been tracking earlier. As he pushed through the branches, he heard a mumbled tweet of annoyance from his shoulder. "Yes, I know I said we'd get going alright? But you can't read remember? So when you looked over my shoulder at the town map in the lab you probably neglected to notice the gym listing nearest to hear as 'Oreburgh City', right?"

          Ciel heard Soren's answer but simply ruffled her cotton and let out a whistle of a sigh through her beak, failing to see the relevance of what Soren was saying, to her trainer's chagrin. "C'mon Ciel Oreburgh? It's right there in the name, Ore, the gym leader there is a man who uses rock type pokémon. Upon your evolution, your dragon typing will make you much more durable, but as of right now you are a flying type first and foremost. The rock type pokémon in that gym will be too much for you alone." Soren nodded sagely at his approximation, but Ciel tweeted angrily, puffing out her chest to appear large and intimidating!... But as she considered the prospect of a large rock knocking her out of the sky, her trainers words seemed to make a little more sense.

          "So how do we solve this problem? You wonder, well the easy answer is to find ourselves a teammate who can deal easily with rock type pokémon! While a water type is the more obvious choice, my studies earlier lead me to an altogether different, but still plausible option!" With her trainer's long winded explanation, Ciel began to understand... with a happy twitter, she shifted her cotton wings in front of her beak and began to wave them up and down, imitating the motions of a trunk. Soren smiled brightly at the little birds performance, it seemed like she was getting the idea. "Exactly... so a Phanpy we must find!"

          - A short time later.-

          The ambience of the small wooded glen that the pair had worked their way into was quiet and peaceful, Ciel sat in a wool padded bundle on Soren's shoulder as he pulled a branch down gently to once again peek over the shrubbery they sat hidden behind. Before them, plodding around gently in the moss and dirt, was a small blue and red pokémon. The phanpy from before was found and Soren rather excitedly removed his notebook from his jacket. Grabbing a pencil from his pocket he quickly sketched and began to jot down a few discerning features about the phanpy...

          Originally Posted by Soren's Notes
          • Slightly longer tail than common phanpy. (Father pokémon of a different species with said characteristic?)
          • No sign of small forming tusks or indentations on the skin to suggest same for its forthcoming evolution. Most likely a female.
          • Regular coloration, no shiny variation. (Hardly surprising.)
          • Ears slightly longer than average.
          • Same small scrape on right foreleg as the phanpy from earlier this morning, can safely assume it's one and the same.
          • Judging by previous behavior, the Phanpy incurred this injury while attempting rollout.
          Satisfied, Soren placed the book back in the special pocket sewn for it on the inside of his jacket... and swiftly replaced the pencil in his pocket afterwards. He turned to look at Ciel and nodded to her gently, whispering and keeping his voice low. "This is... well, it's our first time attempting a capture in the wild. Are you ready to fight?" Ciel puffed her chest out proudly and nodded as Soren thought she would, causing her trainer to smile gently. "Then remember formation... it's time to move out!"


          "On my mark!"

          The small phanpy jumped in surprise as suddenly forward rolling out of the bushes was a human dressed in a purple tracksuit with a pokéball held in his hand. Landing on his knees, he looked over the small blue pokémon's head to something in the distance, flying high above the clearing was an even smaller creature of a similar hue.

          "Ciel! Formation Elwind!" The human called out some nonsense that Phanpy didn't understand, she had heard humans directing their pokémon to use moves in the passed, but this seemed different somehow.

          Charging down from the open sky above, Ciel dived and began to loop swiftly around the phanpy, flapping her wings quickly and swiftly using "Mist" over and over, within moments the thick white fog of the move formed a swirling vortex, cutting off the Phanpy's vision of its surrounding and hiding the human from view entirely.

          Stunned, but not willing to give in to this sudden onslaught, the Phanpy executed its newly learned move in a bit of a panic, curling up and bowling itself forward in a ball, it did its best to execute rollout, exactly what Soren had been waiting for. While he and Phanpy could not see through the thick wall of fog, Ciel was not finished with her initial command. Watching the phanpy closely, she used her wings and motions to twist and move the fog to influence and confuse the other pokémon, nudging it bbit by bit to face the direction that Ciel desired until...

          As the phanpy barreled easily out of the swirling miss, it hadn't the time to stop its momentum. Bursting forth from the milky white fog it immediately collided with a large oak tree, sending itself sprawling outwards in a daze, landing on its back with a stunned yelp. Racing through the newly formed hole in the vortex, Ciel followed her opponent while Soren looped around the back, regaining visuals on the two pokémon by following the sound of the thud.

          "Now's our chance! Ciel, Dragon Rush now!" Soren directed his pokémon clearly and concisely and Ciel followed suit, swirling around swiftly in the air, the mist began to surround her before setting alight, forming dark blue draconic flames that swathed over the Swablu's body with a royal azure light. With a piercing cry Ciel charged forward, colliding her flaming body like a battering ram into the phanpy and launching it roughly through the air with a direct impact, leaving the now weakened pokémon to tumble across the moss covered ground. Yet still, despite the sudden and swift onslaught, the small ground pokémon tried to stand it's ground... truly living up to its types reputation for resilience.

          "Impressive... but we've been three steps ahead from the start. Ciel, sing!" Soren swiftly covered his own ears as Ciel rushed and landed a few feet in front of the phanpy, opening her beak she sang a beautiful, sonorous melody, the notes hanging on the air with a gentle power laced between them... and as they reached the defiant Phanpy's ears, it began to sway, shifting its weight gently from one side to the other... before falling onto its side, asleep and unable to continue combat.

          Soren sighed gently and smiled at Ciel. "A little flashy on the execution... but it looks like our first field test was a major success eh?" To which, the small flying type fluttered back to Soren's shoulder and chirped with pride and glee.

          Soren approached and gently pat the sleeping Phanpy's head, kneeling down to its level. "Sorry to interrupt your personal training, but I think long term our strength can soar together. I hope you'll see that soon." Gently tapping the empty ball in his hand to his opponent's trunk, Soren watched as it was digitized and drawn into the capsule, three barely noticeable shakes and a single, satisfying "thoom".

          "Welcome to the team, Gaia."


          Gotcha! Phanpy was Caught!
          Nickname: Gaia
          • Odor Sleuth
          • Tackle
          • Defense Curl
          • Growl
          • Flail
          • Rollout
          Ability: Pickup

          Phanpy's data was added to the pokédex!

          BADGE CASE:

          No badges obtained yet!


          1 x Pokédex
          4 x Poké Ball

          500 x Poké

          TM CASE:
          • No TMs at Present!

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          Starting down the path

          A peek out the front door, nobody immediately in sight. Mom and Dad still sleeping in after celebrating too much over their son finally going out in the world? Good. A nice, quiet start, that's the ticket. A finger lifted the edge of his hood just enough to look up into the sky and admire the clouds for a moment, then he made his way out onto a pristine patch of grass at the edge of town.

          Ryan dug around in his jacket's pocket and pulled out a pokéball, daydreaming about what was inside. Mom and Dad had told him he couldn't open it until he left. Could it be an Eevee? They know how much I like fluffy things...A Ponyta? I've said a bajillion times how much I love Rapidash. Ooooohhh...a Ponyta! "Ok, no more waiting, Go!" He tossed the pokéball and cheered. "I choose you! Pon - " The ball burst open, releasing a beam of sparkling light that coalesced and began to take shape into... a frumpy brown equine thing? "I choose you... Mudbray? Not exactly what I was hoping for..." The donkey pokémon looked around drowsily, then let out a big yawn. "Oh, were you still asleep?" Ryan queried to the air moreso than the Mudbray. "Sorry about that, let's see if I have some good breakfast to help wake you up."

          Ryan reached around to grope inside the side pocket of his backpack, fairly sure that he'd brought one of those resealable plastic containers of pokémon food all the marts kept around the convenience areas. A hard thump against Ryan's leg threw his balance and he stumbled, ripping the food out of his backpack and just as quickly dropping it to the dirt. "Aww... Oh!" a long brown ear stuck through from his peripheral vision and he looked away from the container to see the Mudbray still pushing its forehead against his leg. "Was I not paying enough attention to you?" Ryan asked. "Sorry about that, I'm new to this."

          A hand went to his first pokémon's head and it responded warmly, finally leaving his leg alone and now pushing its head against the palm of his hand. Such a strange sensation. A Mudbray's fur is short and rough, its skin feels like dry mud that's baked in the sun. A tiny bit warm but not the same kind of warmth you'd get from petting something soft and fluffy. Very... unique. "Cool." Ryan stopped petting and knelt down to pick up the food container, popping the lid and holding it under his Mudbray's nose. "It's just the basic stuff for now, I'll make some good stuff custom for you later. Nobody told me it would be you I was bringing with me." Mudbray sniffed the contents and didn't look particularly impressed but at least it wasn't put off by the food.

          "Oh, wait!" He swiveled his head for a few seconds and his eyes widened in excitement. "Yes!" Ryan spied a spot where a patch of grass had been torn up, leaving some freshly churned earth in the midst of all the serene greenery. He pulled a handful of pokéfood out of the container and dropped it into the dirt, moving it around, patting it and coating it like he was washing his hands and finally held his hand out to Mudbray, the food now thoroughly coated in dirt. Mudbray sniffed the food again nickered happily and began chowing down. Breakfast was finished in no time and Mudbray seemed ecstatic, prancing around in a circle.

          Ha! Mudbray and Mudsdale really do like eating dirt and mud! Thank you, Equine Encyclopedia: Alola edition! My books never let me down~ Ryan smiled and began to slap the dirt off on his pants. "Now with that done why don't we - " He laid eyes on a donut of hoof tracks in the grass and saw a trail break off from it towards a cloud of dust getting further away. "Wha?! Hey, Mudbray! No, don't get too excited! You're gonna cause trouble or make a mess! or - or - or - Come back!" He chased after it, thankful that Mudbray weren't especially fast pokémon as his lungs and his legs quickly began to burn. He was still too slow, however to catch up before he heard a loud crash from the dense group of trees on the north side of town.

          Mudbray was rearing on its hind legs, squealing in fear. On the floor next to it was a bruised little bundle of white and green crying softly. Ryan had been with his first pokémon for all of a few minutes and it had already injured some poor, innocent Ralts. " much for a quiet day."

          "Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."
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            Name: Sora Tadokoro
            Location: Sandgem Town

            Pokemon: Fletchling

            Sora could hear a lot of commotion coming from different directions as he walked toward the Pokemon Center. From the sounds at what he heard, it sounded like trainers were catching pokemon.

            "Already... I guess I'm not the only one who likes a early start." Sora said.

            For the most part, Sora kept his eyes to the ground or immediate surroundings as he tried to think of a nickname for Fletchling.

            "Arrow.... Robin... Feather..... Wing.... Beak.... Ugh none of them sound right. Come on help me out Fletchling!" Sora cried, but before he had even finished the sentence, Fletchling was flying away, landing next to a Starly. Fletchling started to chirp and dance trying to get the Starly's attention. Even though Sora had no idea what the pokemon was saying, Sora knew what Fletchling was doing.

            "Come on Fletchling... do you have to flirt with every bird you see?" Sora asked.

            Fletchling's dance and chirping picked up speed. Sora could see that the Starly was tenseing up as if getting angry with Fletchling. The Starly turned, seething. The white on Starly's forehead was much larger, which only meant one thing. Starly was a male and didn't appreciate the random Fletchling doing what it was doing. Starly let out deep growl and Fletchling stopped, freezing in place. Sora could only imagine the look on Fletchling's face.

            There wasn't time to imagine it, as the Starly quickly moved and tackled Fletchling, sending the tiny robin pokemon to the ground. Sora had no intention on catching or battling pokemon right now, but now there was no choice in the matter. He got ready to give commands, watching the Starly, "Let's go Fletchling! You got yourself into this mess, but I will help get you out!" Sora called.

            Fletchling got back to his feet in anger, 'FLETCH FLECHLING!'

            "Use agility, follow up with growl!" Sora called.

            Fletchling quickly started to fly rapidly, his speed rising, unleashing a growl next. Starly's power lowered, but it didn't stop it from using a wing attack. Fletchling's speed allowed it to dodge the attack and then Sora called for Fletchling to use peck. Fletchling did as it was told, and made contact with the Starly. Starly crashed to the ground, but returned with a tackle. Sora called agility and Fletchling gained more speed, but it was still struck by the tackle, causing the pokemon to fall. Fletching was up within moments, with Fletchling being slightly more powerful than the Starly, it wouldn't be long now until it was weak enough to catch.

            Sora was about to call for Fletchling to use Overheat, but held back. It would be too much for the weakened Starly. Fletchling was already had more than enough speed to strike quickly. So there was only one thing left to do. As the Starly, got ready to attack again, Sora called for Fletchling to use tackle. The two pokemon flapped toward one another, Fletchling far faster, and the two bird pokemon crashed.

            "Finish it will Quick Attack!" Sora commanded.

            With a bit more effort than normal, Fletchling used a final attack, colliding with the Starly, causing it to crash into a tree. Sora quick took out an empty ball and flung it at the Starly. A red light absorbed the Starly and shook.


            Sora smiled and ran over to the pokeball. He picked it up, "I hope you and Fletchling can get along in the future." Sora said, turning toward Fletchling.

            Fletchling had its wings crossed, head turned to the side, "Don't get all grumpy. It was your fault that we got into that battle anyway."

            'Flecth.' Fletching turned away.

            "Oh come on.... on the bright side, I know a name for you... From now on you will be known as Flambe, because I have a feeling that you are going to get burned more in the future with your personality."

            Flambe turned to Sora and then flew as fast as it could toward him. Sora caught Flambe and the tiny robin pokemon started rubbing its feather on his stomach.

            "I figured that would make you a bit more happy. It will match your typing in the future as well. For now, let's put you back in the pokeball so you don't get tempted anymore." Sora said, withdrawing Flambe back to his pokeball.


            Sora continued to walk toward the Pokemon Center and eventually got there, passing trainers in the street. He entered the Pokemon Center, looking around. He noticed a girl with a Mudkip on her shoulder, rubbing up against her. She was holding a pendant with a rainbow stone. He walked toward the counter, but the stone had caught his attention. He made it to the counter and let Nurse Joy take is pokemon before he went to eat. That's when it hit him, "Great..... now I got to come up with another name for Starly."

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