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Do you ever discover a song that you love, but can't absolutely love it due to a small detail?

I discovered this song a few days ago:

And I love the instrumentation! The choir is beautiful and their use of an orchestra is amazing. Mix it with this kind of rock and it sounds veeeery beautiful.

BUT... the vocals! >.< I HATE this kind of vocals. I wish they were "stronger", maybe leaning towards the tenor-ish side. I don't like it when boys sing with such high pitched vocals.

Even then I have been listening to this non stop hahahaha.

Another thing I hate is when songs have generic guitar solos. Makes me feel like they insert them to show they can play fast and complex riffs. Power metal songs are usually guilty of this.

Credit to the original artist of this picture ^-^ (if you know who it is please let me know!)
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lil uzi's verse in bad and boujee
The calendar loses a precious component.
The remaining months gather to mourn.
The mourners play a melody,
While the eleventh moon quietly rises.
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What does it mean to love a song but not absolutely love it?
For some people, small, beautiful events are what life is all about.
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Yea, I get you. There are plenty of songs where I really find the vocals to be the problem haha. I'm kind of thinking that many times, the music is best without it ^^

Can't think of a specific example at the moment though.

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One I've just thought of cause I got lost in a Wikipedia hole for an hour (which I hate, because everything's so interesting and then my brain has no space for uni knowledge) and ended up on the Beverly Hills Cop page, but do you guys remember Crazy Frog? How it ended up with a hit single?

Can't get YouTube embed to work so link Here. (Anyone who understands them feel free to message me on how to do it because I remember putting that video on my profile also took about an hour to figure out).

Anyway, the Crazy Frog is incredibly irritating - that's why kids (including me at the time) all loved it, but now all I can think is how much better it would be to be able to have just the modernised Axel Foley theme available. So that's definitely something where the lyrics are the problem.
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There are soo many songs that have amazing background tracks, and then horrible lyrics. I cringe when I hear certain words that I don't like, and unfourtunatly those words tend to be super common in music (or at least the stuff my mom listens to xD)
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Anyone remember Toxic? It's actually a really well made song... but Britney Spears sings it therefor it is muk regardless.

No more recent examples come to mind right now lol.
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I love Lost in Time by Celldweller but the lyrics are stupid

And Into Your Heart by Trevor Something but i'm slowly starting to love this part

"I know that love has let you jaded
And that's why you're here getting wasted
Let's go to your place and get naked
Now spread your legs and let me taste it"
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