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Started by Ashketchum60201 September 17th, 2021 8:59 PM
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Hi Ash, welcome! Participating in the BDSP giveaway isn't too hard, you'll just need to have at least 50 posts to be considered. You can just post in the giveaway thread (it's right here) saying you'd like to participate and then you have until right before the giveaway ends to make the required amount of posts. It's not hard to hit the requirement at all if you post in the Pokémon Trivia or Forum Games threads for example! hope to see you :3c


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Hey there I'm new here. There are many things I can't understand in this website and there are tons of doubts too.... Like how to post stuff to participate in the Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl copy. I'm looking forward to clear my doubts with you guys.
Hi there, welcome to PC! Sorry to hear that things are confusing, let's try to help clear your questions up :3 Have you taken a look at this PokéCommunity guide?
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Welcome Ashketchum60201 =)
Are you a fan of the Anime?

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hello there! welcome aboard! i'm a new member too so there were quite a few things to learn but nothing necessarily out of the ordinary! either way, please feel free to ask any questions you might have about our message boards.