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EDIT: The BDSP forum giveaway is now over! Look forward to our upcoming Legends: Arceus giveaway!


Hi everyone! As with Sword and Shield in 2018, PokéCommunity will be giving away one copy of either Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl to a lucky winner.* The giveaway will last from now until the morning of 18 November 2021, EDT (so codes can be sent in time for the games' midnight release). The deadline is 9AM Eastern time on November 18.

Interested in participating? Please read the short giveaway rules below!

  • Participants must have at least 50 posts to enter the giveaway. Users with 100+ posts will automatically get two entries, doubling their chances of winning, as a thank-you for their dedication.

Please note that we may disqualify members who disappear from the forum until the giveaway is about to conclude.

*As the Nintendo Switch does not allow gifting of games, the winner will receive their prize in the form of a Nintendo eShop Gift Card. If you are in a region which does not allow easy access to digital eShop Gift Card purchases at the time of giveaway, you will need to have a PayPal account where we can send funds equivalent to the cost of one copy of Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl.

If you'd like to enter, all you need to do is post in this thread. We will reach out to the chosen winner via Private Message - make sure you're paying attention to those inboxes!

We hope you're as excited to revisit the Sinnoh region as we are

EDIT: Just to clarify: You're free to enter the giveaway if you have under 50 posts but plan to reach it over time - I'll be going over post counts when the giveaway ends, and from that point anyone who hasn't yet hit the 50 post threshold will be removed from the list. For any questions about this giveaway, please PM me (Sheep) instead of posting here!

EDIT 2: Our social media giveaways for BDSP are now live! You are allowed to enter those giveaways as well as this one. Click here for details!


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Hi hi, this is super cool! I'm glad the community can do giveaways like this! In any case, I'm excited for BDSP! Good luck everyone!
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Trying my luck with this.
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Doubt I'll win given my luck, but I guess I'll enter anyway ^.^

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Doesn't hurt to participate, I guess.

Best of luck for everybody!

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Less chances of winning fore but who knows???
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Hello hello :)

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Sure, why not?
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This would be most lovely~

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I'd love to try my luck at this, after all Sinnoh is best region and I can't wait to play through it again! I'm one of the few that actually like the art style, it was a huge nostalgia trip seeing the old top down style. I can't wait to see what they do with the Distortion World and some of the gym puzzles it's gonna be great!
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I'll give it a go!


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I like to try my luck as well.
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Time to roll the dice. count me in!
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This gonna be very interesting!! Anyways, gonna try my luck.
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I will give it a chance and try my luck (Pretty sure I'm not winning but anyways)
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