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Started by Christos December 27th, 2014 3:09 PM
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Posted March 5th, 2017
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Hi guys, My name is Gian, i plan on making a really great firered hack with my free time. I have been practicing how to use everything. A little shaking with the scripting because i haven't really used it yet. Right now im working on my sprites and im wondering what the easiest way to make pictures i've found into smaller versions and the colour schemes to match the picture. Right now im using "Advanced Pokémon Sprite Editor" but it doesnt keep the pictures the right colour. Also if i find a picture i want to use, is there a way to change the view so when the player is using the pokemon its backwards.

Anyway thank you for anyone who helps out!
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Name of the hack : Pokemon Magicae
Hack base : Firered
Story : What would you do if you wake up in a world that you do not know?
Being teleported from your world to another world where they need your help.
Losing your memory and not knowing where you actually came from..
..... is asking you to help restore the balance in the region of Rengoku.
Find out whats causing the strange behaviour of trainers and pokemon.
What are they trying to find and what are they going to do with it?
Put the puzzle pieces of your flashbacks together and you will find the truth!
An adventure with a lot of quests, sidequests and much more!
Stay tuned for more information regarding the hackrom
What do i currently need? : I am in big need of someone who is willing to help me with creating fakemon (front and back) and new trainers. This is needed for the story, I got some really great idea's so its definitely worth pming me.
Pokemon 'The Tree of Time'
Banner in progress!


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Hack name: Rocket Red
Hack of: Fire Red
Information about the hack: You are a rocket Grunt in a squad of grunts.
Finished percentage: 5% (Mine goes up to the 1st gym right now)
Your hacking skills:Scripting and minor OW editor
What help or skill you're looking for: Artists who can insert (and create sprites) my sprites into the intros (Oak intro and Fire Red titlescreen) and someone who knows how to make new tiles.
Additional contact information: or Twitter @shakiahjohnson1
Additional information: Be someone who will apply things fast, as of right now I need someone who can INSERT the sprites (I already made the sprites). After this you can take your time on the art I really understand
PC broke don't know when will be able to get a new one. :/

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Hack name: Undecided

Hack of: Made in RPG Maker XP

Information about the hack:
+Story- The Game takes place 30 years prior to the events in Pokemon Fire Red. You play as the owner of the Pewter City Museum in his youth. While on a trip with your scientist colleagues in the wilderness, A magical fairy Pokemon sends you back in time to the Age of the Dinosaurs. While there you will have the chance to study and obtain prehistoric Pokemon while at the same time learning why you were sent back.....

+Features- Fakemon, New Mapping (Prehistoric Kanto), Maybe More...

Finished percentage: Approximate 2 or 3% Game Wise, Story Summary Complete

My hacking skills: Story-Good, Mapping-Good, Tile/Spriting-I Can't, Eventing-Learning

What help or skill I'm looking for: Someone to help with events as well as making fakemon and making tiles.

Additional contact information: Send me a Private Message if you are interested, and I can give you my Skype/Any other form of contact.

Additional information: I'm thinking this can just be a side-project for me and those of you who decide to help. Alternate Story Ideas Will be taken into consideration as well as other ideas or Opinions.

Name/Team Members: Shawnking2255-Story/Mapping, SpartaLazor-Story Help
Progress/Screenshots: Story Basis Finished, Screenshots below
Method of Contact: PM me if interested, I can give you other contact information.
Additional Information: Read Above.

Old Pewter City-Starting Town

Route 1
This thread is for ROM hacks. Projects using RPG Maker belong in the Game Development forum.
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Hack name: PokeWorld
Hack of: FireRed
Information about the hack:

It contains anime only places
1-6 gen including all forms
Overworld map was change to

Finished percentage: Somewhere between 2%
Your hacking skills: use of various other tools and programs such as APE, A-Map, Gen3 suit.
What help or skill you're looking for:
Insert all the sprites forms (currently i get errors, i do not wish this way. :()
In using advance map, how can I add new folder. I tried creating one but it is appears in pallet town folder.


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Posting again because my "recruitment scheme" has changed. (Will delete old post shortly afterwards. I believe it's page 7? Anyway...)

Hack name: Pokémon: Stygian Version.
Hack of: Pokémon Crystal. (Note: made in pokecrystal disassembly. My fork can be found here.)
Information about the hack:
Finished percentage: Probably somewhere around... 0.1%? I honestly don't know, but 100% is going to be big.
Your hacking skills: Generally everything I need.
What help or skill you're looking for: Storyline/game objective ideas, map ideas and generally all that sort of no-skills-required stuff.
Additional contact information: IRC channel #pkmnstygian (invite required. PM me or go to this Skype group for access request: [])
Additional information: What is the hack about? Well... it's set in a fantasy universe in the medieval stages called "Eulaworld," made from many different dimensions and worlds. The particular three worlds that it is set in are: Earth (includes the main setting, the Stygian Abyss, and the Armageddon-ravaged surface which is accessed later on in the game,) Rollennia (end-game destination) and the satanic alternate dimension Doom (the terrifying setting for the final boss.)

So basically, a cataclysmic event called the "Armageddon" occurs on the surface of Maac. The player, who has no memory of who they are, is brought down into the only safe haven from the Armageddon's rage; the Stygian Abyss. There the game starts. They wake up next to a note that explains what the Armageddon was, and that they were brought down into the Abyss with a benign wish to save them. The note instructs them to find a certain shrine on that level of the Abyss (B1, the first one,) where the story will be explained to them. So far I've got some vague ideas for an objective. I know that to save Maac's people, they will have to leave Maac altogether, and travel to Rollennia. I think that maybe on the eighth level of the Abyss, 16 talismans, previously scattered about the Abyss, or some such (maybe 8 fragments of 2 orbs, one for a destination (Rollennia) and one for a source (Maac?)) would have to be thrown into a pit of lava or something. Then maybe they would be sent to Doom for reasons undecided (see? This is why I need help, people!) to slay Satan or something. Satan would have been the perpetrator of the Armageddon. Once it is slain, Doom disintegrates and the whole Abyss (as well as the player) is sent to Rollennia. Happy times there, with end-game activities like farming and mining. The end. Sound intriguing? Then why not help me turn this bare-bones linear main plot prototype into a great non-linear game!

TL;DR: Medieval fantasy aspiring-to-be-non-linear game with only a linear story for now.

Don't have any skills? No matter! I only want ideas. Y'see, I'm sort of stuck as to what I should do for my hack. I know it's going to be heavily inspired by—but not based off—Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss. However, I don't want it to be too similar. So I need someone who is good at creating things at the gameplay level (rather than the programming level) to give me ideas I can use. Credit will be given in the end-game credits and the to-be-added main menu acknowledgements screen.
Please consider helping me with my hack []

$ git gud --super wolfboyft
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I'm not sure if this is the correct section to post this. If this isn't please move it or tell me where I should remake it.

Hello Pokecommunity,

I'm looking for people who want to make a dutch translation of their ROM Hacks or just the regular games. I'm sad that there are (to my knowledge) no dutch ROM Hacks around that I can find. I'm willing to help them translate everything so I can finally enjoy playing a Pokemon game with my girlfriend (who only speaks dutch, not english).
I'll also start looking into how to develope and translate ROMs myself to maybe in the future make one myself.

If anyone needs my help, or if anyone knows a Dutch translated ROM, please let me know. :)
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Hack name: Pokemon Colosseum - A GBA remake

Hack of: Fire Red (U)

Information about the hack: It's a remake of Pokemon Colosseum, most information in this thread :

Finished percentage: 1% ? haha

Your hacking skills: I'm a beginner, but i learn fast. :) I want to do the script and maybe a little bit of Advance Map and Sappy. :)

What help or skill you're looking for: For now... ALL ! :)

Additional contact information: my skype is miniihardy


Hello ROM Hacking Hub! Lately, I've gained interest in Pokemon ROM hacking and decided to invest further, as of right now, my hacking skill is... poor. So I decided to come here and recruit people who are interested in this hack, for the most part, it's still a blank canvas to be honest, nothing thoroughly planned, but with the help of you guys, we'll get this train going! Cheers!

Hack name: Pokemon Tales of Dusk and Dawn

Hack of: FireRed

Information about the hack: Pokemon Tales of Dusk & Dawn will be two separate versions, each one have two different backstories for the characters but the two versions will cross paths in the middle of the story.

In Pokemon Tales of Dawn, you will be playing as a child of two ordinary villagers, your mom and dad are poor but they strive to work at the market to provide for the family, at a young age, you have vowed to study to become a member of the Knights of the Realm, a royal order of knights that are granted provision of Pokemon by the King in order to maintain the peace of the land and too protect the needy and the oppressed.

In Pokemon Tales of Dusk, you will be playing as the prince/princess of the Land of Guilos, you live a privileged life, being in service of butlers. You have two loving sisters, Princess Ashley and Princess Mikaela, unfortunately, your mother died while you where young, the king shook the idea of remarrying, so he ruled the land by himself with royal advisers by his side.

Finished percentage: 0%

Your hacking skills: I can do a bit, take note, A BIT of Advance Map, spriting and I have a knack at writing

What help or skill you're looking for:
I'm looking for every amount of help! So please, if you have the skills below, please dont hesitate to contact me!

  • scripting
  • concept writing
  • idea brainstorming
  • inserting (tiles, sprites, music)
  • map designing

Additional contact information: If you are interested in joining, please PM me here on PC!

Additional information:

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Looking for a scripter to help us with our Firered Hack. Plan is to have it play in Kanto, the player being a new recruit of Team Rocket. We'd need someone who's savvy enough to make selling Pokémon for money possible.

Hack Name: Project Rocket(Work title)
Hack of: FireRed
Information about the hack: Still in planning, but many desired mechanics are already known
Finished percentage: 0
Your hacking skills: None, but willing to learn
What help or skill you're looking for: Scripter and music producer
Skype: minercrafter94(Showing up as Jan/Cloud Striker)
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Hi !

( I'm really sorry, i'm new on this forum, and I don't know where I have to post this.. I let administrators move my thread in the right place :) )

So, i'm french, and i'm here to offer my services.
I have never work on Poke-hacks, but I would like to help some people.. :)
I can translate your english game: dialogues etc...
... in french :)

Why me ?

Because I am motivated and I am serious !

Why a french version ?

Because if your game is translated in french, you will attract french people to play YOUR game, so you get more players and fans :)

Thanks for reading, and contact me if you are interested ;)

Bye !

Salintra League Master Jason

Salintra League Champion

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Hello! I'm just starting out on a hack I've been dying to work on for over a year, so it has little progress, but lots of promise!

Hack name: Pokemon Neon Opal Version
Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red v1.0
Information about the hack: New region (Salintra Region), four extra types (Atomic, Light, Space, Time), 162 new Pokemon, all 721 current Pokemon, new moves, Mega Evolution, new Mega evolutions.
Finished percentage: 1%
Your hacking skills: Very little. All I can really do is use some simple hacking tools, and even they sometimes confuse me.
What help or skill you're looking for: Music composition, cry creation, coding for help with repointing, sprite creation, move design, ability coding, item coding, evolution coding, and possibly more.
Additional contact information: Skype: dolphy.blue_drake
Additional information: Examples of new Pokémon include: More Eeveelutions, Evolutions for Jynx, Farfetch'd and others. Features will include a new item that allows the holding Pokemon to hold two items (PokéPack), more fossils, and more.

Travel the Salintra region to complete a PokéDex of 883 Pokémon, become the league champion, and defeat an evil misanthropic team bent on removing all traces of human influence from the world.

May include triple battles if it can be coded in.

Two rivals: Next door neighbor and the main character's younger sibling.
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So even though I had to edit my post to put in the template, the thing below the template is what I had before, so info will be repeated, and if I don't specify something, check there.

Hack name: I don't really have a name for any of the three, but the one with Red will just be some form of Red version in the title.
Hack of: FireRed
Information about the hack: For now I'm just wanting to make one, but the whole plan is to make three games with stories through Red, Blue, and Leaf's eyes. That means that the one that I want to make first will be a slight edit of FireRed.
Finished percentage: Like 1% probably
Your hacking skills: I can change and make maps, add in overworld sprites, and do very, very, VERY minor scripting.
What help or skill you're looking for: Anything at all. Not looking for the game to be made for me, I just want a team to discuss and make the game with. I am open to ideas for the story and such too!
Additional contact information: kik for group chatting?: NG55, Skype: nick.girdy, email:


I have been trying to make a hack on an off for years now and I've never been able to do much. There are three games that I want to make, and they will all have to be hacks of FireRed since I've been told that LeafGreen is very hard to hack. If it suddenly is, please do not act like I'm a gigantic idiot because I've been told on multiple occasions that it is hard to hack.

The first of the hacks will be a small change of FireRed to add story elements and dialogues and such, as well as putting the CHARACTER Leaf in AS A RIVAL! The main character will be RED! If you do not understand that, then you are dumb.

The other two will follow the same concept but have BLUE OAK and LEAF as main characters. I HAVE NOT gotten very far in creating the first hack (which I assume will be the easiest) because I DO NOT have very much knowledge on the subject. And DO NOT send me to some tutorial, because they DO NOT help! Only somewhat!

I am looking for people to help me make it and THAT DOES NOT MEAN I want people to do it for me! I DO NOT have a list of what I need because I DO NOT know anything about this. I basically just need friends to discuss this stuff with. Again, I AM NOT looking for people to do it for me! I am happy to learn!

I can do overworld sprites if I have them, so if I need custom sprites and someone makes them, I can easily put them into the game myself. It's really the backsprites and title screen stuff that I would need doing for me.

With code, I will really just need assistance if I get stuck, or maybe if I'm doing one thing, someone else can make a script.

We'll have to do one game at a time so don't worry about Blue and Leaf at all until we've got Red done.

Now, if you have questions, JUST ASK and DO NOT TREAT ME LIKE I'M GARBAGE! If I need to provide more information TELL ME AND I WILL! People on this websites and the sisterish one that's really the same one seem to think that they can treat people like crap because they're admins.



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Hack name: Pokemon Lienda

Hack of: Fire Red

Information about the hack: This hack is in the place of lienda, where a boy will start his adventure as we know as in the real stories but in sudden it will change, the kami-trio is making problems here, and the main problem will be shown version of lienda.

Finished percentage: 10-20% Completed the maps. I will make the maps more better myself.

Your hacking skills: I can script in PKSV-UI but for my exam I have got crazy in thi sso I will practice it, I can make tilesets but not experienced as well as on Overworlds, and I can edit maps and side things like the intro edit or make new pokemons (sprite, data, logo) but for few pokemons having problem. I am can design new fakemons.

What help or skill you're looking for: I need a XSE scripter, ASM editor as I dont know of asm and in XSE i am not that good, and anybody who can help me in new music and in misc. And if we found any additional thing needed then we will discuss about it latter.

Additional contact information: In skype group chat of course as I dont know any other site for chats XD.

Additional information: What does this <heading mean?

And yes I have described this things in a thread before my exam but during these exam everything gone messed up as there Indian Mew(Arazi) said he can help here, so now in real if anyone can help.
Credit Goes to Ben
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Hey, it's been awhile, but I've got a new inspiration to finish a hack I wanted to start in the first place!!

Hack Name: Pokemon Gold EX (May change name later on)

Hack Of:
Pokemon Gold (GBC)

Information of Hack:
Basically a reskin of Gold so it is a small project really mainly because I'm a beginner, but with newly added features. A better level curve/difficulty (more notably, unhacked Dragonites), Better trainers (including Rival) by means of pokemon, moveset, and updated trainer sprites. Silver exclusive pokemon included, added legendaries, Celebi, Mew, Mewtwo, the 3 birds. Also, The Final Boss (Red) will be replaced with a much more intense and challenging team and moveset.

Finished Percentage: 15-20%

My Hacking Skills: I can create Trainer Sprites (battle and overworld), and edit Trainer's pokemon they use, items they use, what levels they are. I can also edit Wild Pokemons. I can edit text if need be for spelling errors or to decapitalize words through out the game. (but that's optional honestly for this hack)

What skills I need: I need someone to make new script events for free roam pokemon. (The 3 birds + Mew in Kanto, and a free roam Celebi in Johto) I need someone to edit and add in Cereulean Cave for Mewtwo. (As in a map and the events to trigger the battle between the player and Mewtwo, I can add the other wild pokemon to the cave once it's made. I need someone to insert Sprites in the hack (I've got the program AGIXP, but I have difficulty using it, I can provide the program via dropbox if need be.) I need to add Trainers on Victory Road and Ice Cave. I need someone that can edit the titlescreen. (which I'll include details of what I need via PM). Every person involved in this hack will be greatly credited, I promise that by putting your names in my signature a reminder ;)

Additional Contact Information: Email is ""

Additional Information: I have a FB page for this project that you can visit as well to speak with me.
I go by a MLP username and profile pic, but you can ignore that since it's just a facade of my fandom. :3



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Hack name: Pokemon Silver Rainbow

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Information about the hack:

" When the three bird are summoned with Gold the bird of hell will be summoned". You are a trainer from the region of Uranium who is ready to explore the region of Uranium. Prof Kasper has given you a Pokemon. But Team Crystal an organisation that wants to rule the world so in order they want to capture the strongest Pokemon. Resarchers of Team Crystal have succesfully decoded this legend now they are getting their plan in action. What will happen you two will meet? Find out in Pokemon Silver Rainbow.

My hacking skills:
Scripting[Still learning], Spriting[ Only inserting via NSE or Advance series], Mapping.[Creating only]

Skill needed :
ASM, Overworld creator, Some more sprites creator[Trainer only], Hex editing or New evolution items inserting. Tilesets inserter. Scripting help. Unlz gba guy.

Contact me :

PM or VM me
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TileLayerPro users needed for sprite insertion. Will pay for your time

Hack name: Pokemon Crystal Plus
Hack of: Pokemon Crystal
Information about the hack: One of my favourite games is Pokemon Crystal. However, I am very aware of various faults. In particular the Johto Leaders are uninspired and the difficulty curve of the whole game is all over the place. This project completely overhauls all leaders, trainers and wild pokemon to make the game more interesting, and to smooth out the difficulty curve. It also resolves various other issues, such as the TR storyline, trade evolutions, missing pokemon, etc. In addition to these 'improvements' (at least in my eyes), various other things have been remixed and added to make things a little more different.
Finished percentage: c. 99% (aside from a couple of final things as outlined in the Q&A section, everything else has been done. Only need a TLP user to finish the project.
Your hacking skills: Everything else has been done.
What help or skill you're looking for: I need someone who knows how to use TLP to insert between 2 - 4 sprites into the rom. The necessary ones are replacement battle (not overworld) sprites for the Rocket Execs. The other is for the Cerulean grunt (if it is possibly to change his sprite without altering the other grunts. The final is replacing the Mewtwo sprite for one of Mewtwo Y. Again, if possible. The latter two are ideal but not necessary.
Additional contact information: email is: Can also contact using pokecommunity message system or alternate means.

Thanks. If you have any questions, just send me a message.


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Hack name: Pokemon Creation
Hack of: Pokemon FireRed
Information about the hack: A hack that brings a whole new level to Pokemon.
Finished percentage: 7%
Your hacking skills: Scripting and Mapping.
What help or skill you're looking for: Tile inserters.
Additional contact information: PM me for my email address.
Additional information: I am willing to pay a negotiable price for someone to insert a WHOLE tileset (houses, grass, trees, roads, etc... basically everything I'll need to make a decent Pokemon region.)
Looking for tile inserters to help with my Pokemon ROM hack, I'm willing to pay, PM me.
FC - 3282-5935-8044
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Hack name: Pokemon Divine Adventures( May Rename It)
Hack of: Fire Red (Emerald If I Get Good Tile set)
Information about the hack:
Your Were Told UR Parents
Were Dead After Your Birth In A Flood
But After You Were Given A Pokemon.You Were Told The Truth
That Your Parents And The (so Told)Victims Of Flood Were Actually
Captives To The Forces Of Nature (Which Turned To Pokemon Forms).You Are Gonna Travel The Thanatos Region
To Get Back Your Parents And Befriend New Pokemons And(To Be Continued)..............
Finished percentage: 0-1%
Your hacking skills: I Can Do Spriting,Mapping
What help or skill you're looking for:
Anything From Mapping To Scripting(All Areas Of Help Are Welcome)
Additional contact information: PM Here And I Was Thinking Of Using Bindle


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I really need help with this rom hack :)

Hack name: Pokemon Conjure
Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red 1.0
Information about the hack: Check out the link on my signature :)
Finished percentage: I can't give an estimate right now, but probably 8%
Your hacking skills: Average, depends on what to be honest.
What help or skill you're looking for: A scripter, mapper, and sprite editor.
Check out my Rom Hack! ;)
Pokemon Conjure :
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Posted July 31st, 2016
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This is a repost, I had given up the idea for a while due to starting college, but I'm willing to give it another shot. Apologies in advance if reposting is frowned upon!

Let me start off by saying I'm new to this, I just recently had an idea and thought it'd be cool to try and see how it goes. Anyways,

Hack name: Not sure, something along the lines of Team Rocket/Evil organization themed

Hack of: Preferably FireRed

Information about the hack: You wake up inside Team Rocket's base, and it's orientation day! You finally get to meet Giovanni, the renowned Team Rocket Leader and also the Viridian Gym Leader. You are so excited, because this is the day that you finally get to graduate from being a Cadet, and be promoted into a Grunt! You will be offered 5 different basic Grunt Pokemon, each with a special Rocket inspired move. After the graduation ceremony, you will be trained in how to steal Pokemon and rob stores, just like a true Grunt!

Finished percentage: 1% if you consider thinking about ideas being worth 1%

Your hacking skills: I've messed around with Advanced Maps and the other tools, but when i got to scripting, well, it wasnt fun.

What help or skill you're looking for: All? :')

Additional contact information: email would be best as of right now,

Additional information: Well, it'll be about Team Rocket or something, I would rather Team Rocket, since they're the most popular and I know the most about them. If nobody offers help its not a big deal, I'll go solo haha, and also if anyone wants help making their own, you could email me at your dispense. Thanks


Happy and at peace. :)

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I'm offering scripting help for anyone who has a project that will not be abandoned.

The way I do things is kind of like this:
1. You tell me what idea you need in a map. For instance, if you need professor oak to walk out of a gym after getting a pokemon, fine.
2. I will need a copy of your ips file. I will of course send you plain text of the script, but I don't want questions that can be answered by a tutorial like "How do I put dis here level script inside of de game???" Just let me do it if you can't, it will save a lot of time, and the patch can be applied to your existing game.
3. It is recommended you use the variable/flag extension hack found here:
It makes life so much easier for you and for me. I also have a patch in my guide found in my sig. Read the readme before applying the patch..
4. If you don't do step 3, I will need a list of flags and variables I can use. I can't start using a flag you have used and then mess up the game can I?
5. Give me a list of what I need anyway for the reason above.

In short: Tell me what you need. I need a patch of your project. Use the var/flag ext patch, and/or give me a list of flags I can use.
In return, I give you a patch to add to your already existing game and a plain text version of the script.

Send me a PM to begin. Credits for the script are appreciated.

My level of script would probably be advanced. In short, I'm very good at manipulation, and know pretty much every command.

Thanks. I look forward to working with whomever.

Just dance with me!!!!!!!

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Hack Name: Pokémon Gold EX

Hack Of: Pokémon Gold

Information of Hack: Basically a reskin of Gold so it is a small project really mainly because I'm a beginner, but with newly added features. A better level curve/difficulty (more notably, unhacked Dragonites), Better trainers (including Rival) by means of pokemon, moveset, and updated trainer sprites. Silver/Crystal exclusive pokemon included, added legendaries, including Celebi, Mew, Mewtwo, the 3 birds. New places to explore and also new evenets added, such as the Celebi GS Ball Event in the first patch. Other Easter eggs hidden here or there. You can rematch the Indigo League after obtaining 16 badges to fight a stronger Elite 4 and Champion. Kanto is revised to be stronger. And a few more things.

Finished Percentage: 25-35%, there's also a first patch already made, in this link:

My Hacking Skills: My hacking skills are pretty decent, I can edit current maps, create Trainer Sprites, some which were created and posted by me here, I can also edit Wild Pokemon, Trainers and their Pokémon. What they use as far as Pokémon and Items and so on. What movesets and so on. I can also edit text, but in this hack its not really necessary.

What Skills I Need: I need someone who is excellent at making new scripts and events. I need someone who can insert my Trainer Sprites plus others. I need someone who can teach me to make my own maps and insert them into the game. Such as Cerulean Cave, and a few other areas and then let me add Pokemon to them such as either Wild Pokemon unable to get in other ways like starters or setting up legendary Pokemon battles such as with Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave, and etc.

Contact Information: I'm available here and on a FB page. The link to the FB page is here.

Additional Information: Whether getting a hold of me here or FB. Be patient with me, I can be slow as I'm Autistic and I also have ADHD. I may also not be around every time you need me because I have a irl life too that I try to work around. However any help with this project will be greatly received and given credit to the fullest extent. My only screenshot atm I have of my hack is the title screen on thread in Sideshow Showcase, which I gave the link to above, but feel free to play the hack and see for yourself what all has changed, then decide if you wish to help or not. I somewhat believe first-hand experience in everything should come first before making a judgment call, because sometimes you can either agree on something real too quick before knowing what you are getting into, but can also decline too soon when you don't know what is in store for this hack. I'm lucky enough to get this far. :')
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