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space adventure

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What could be your fursona?

If you already have one, could you describe or show it to us?

(Funny replies are fine if you don't want to take it seriously, but post nothing offensive or degrading towards the actual furries we have here on PC, of course.)


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Posted August 29th, 2019
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The Deep South
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I have a fursona!!!!!

Their name is Willow and they’re hard of hearing. I’ve made them based off me. They’re a cat and pink! :3 I’ll post a pic here. I made that in a picrew maker I believe.
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I don't know if you count unicorns, but mine is a unicorn. I relate to them mostly because they are unique. <3


This is what mine looks like~
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Laverre City
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I haven't developed a proper fursona for myself, but if I did it would probably be some type of Sylveon. If not that, then some kind of cosmic deer creature like the one I drew here.


Black Swordsman

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My fursona is a horned viper named Lycoris. I'm working to redesign them because the old one is from my "cis" days and I don't wanna to associate my fursona with things from the old days.


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Your title makes me think of sparkledogs which I honestly like

But also I dont really have a "fursona" but I've made several characters. I've never felt comfortable using a fursona, or having 1 character represent me wholly. I change too much.
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well, i'm a huge furry. my fursona is a gray wolf named razayka! here is his reference sheet

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