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Pokémon OPEN The Pokemon Trainer Academy [OOC] [T]

Started by Synthet November 27th, 2017 7:31 AM
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Posted May 14th, 2019
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This is the OOC page to The Pokémon Trainer Academy RP. On the first post of this thread you will find information about the RP such as what spots are available for roleplayers to join, a list of the accepted characters, and a good deal of other info you might want to at least give a passing glance. This is the thread you want to post your Sign-Ups in. You can also use this thread to discuss the roleplay, including characters, plots, questions, and other miscellaneous stuff.

For example, if you have a writers block and want to develop a plot for your next post, you could post about it here. You could also discuss what pokemon you'd catch next and what could happen in the near future.

PkMnTrainer Yellow (aka Marin) is the co-GM of this RP so contact either one of us if you have any questions.

We have a discord channel!

We have a rough map of the island!

Plot & How the RP works:

You are a young trainer that has just been accepted into the Pokémon Trainer Academy, an elite pokemon trainer's school located on a island with an uncannily diverse selection of climates and pokemon from every region. It was built, and is currently run by, Professor Gary Oak to aid new trainers in reaching their full potential.

One day you wake up to your initiation package from the school containing various information and an attached letter;

"Hello and congratulations on being accepted into The Pokemon Trainer Academy!

My name is Professor Gary Oak, Principal of this academy. I started this school to help beginning trainers understand the unique qualities and specialties of all Pokémon. From Abra to Zubat our goal is for you to learn and master everything there is to learn in the ways of a being a great Pokémon trainer. Throughout your time here you will be groomed into an elite, learning the ways of battle, utility, the art of maintaining a healthy relationship with your Pokemon and the skills you'll need to keep both you and yourself physically healthy on the field. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here and feel like you've accomplished something worthwhile by the time you leave.
Yours Truly
Professor Gary Oak."

Although many see the Academy as a straight-up wonderful idea and a way of encouraging growth in upcoming trainers, Prof. Oak originally saw it as a way to help prepare a new generation of trainers for what he felt was an inevitable battle with Team Rocket. Their goal? World domination. The Academy did once come under attack from Team Rocket forces, a sort of self fulfilling prophecy. Whether or not the threat of Team Rocket is still real is a matter of some debate among students and faculty, but the school became successful enough to stand as an educational institution under its own merits. As a student your 'job' is to use your time well during your stay on the island as this supposed battle draws nearer and nearer. Making friends, making enemies, and exploring the depths your power... as well as the depths of the island's incredibly diverse climate. ...Or not! Go skip class and head to town, you party animal. This is your life, make use of it how you please.

How the RP works
The RP is split up into an indeterminate amount of "IC days", which tend to last at least one month or more in real time. At the end of a day, a GM will send out multiple warnings that the day is coming to an end to give RPers a chance to wrap things up. At the beginning of each day a GM will then post a list of which students are assigned to which classes, at which point all RPers are allowed to make one more post taking place in the past IC day before it becomes mandatory to stop and move on. The next few posts are generally spent dealing with waking up, breakfast, and heading to class. (There is nothing stopping a student from skipping class aside from the threat of an IC detention or something and classes are entirely optional. Each day you can opt in or out of having your character take part in an IC class. If you opt out your character will still be assigned a class that they attended, you just don't have to RP it out and can get straight to your own wacky adventures!)

That being said, this is a very freeform, sandbox RP. By nature it is not overly structured, and RPers are encouraged to make something great out of it for themselves. Invent one's own miniplots, interact with other students or characters and create a story for one's characters. There will be certain areas of the island with built in GM run encounters - but you'll have to discover them for yourself! For the most part you get out of PTA what you put in. Whether you see this as a way to tell a particular personal story or a chance to see what happens when your character meets another, it's all part of the fun!

If you are joining in the middle of an IC day, you may feel free to have your character just arriving. Ships transport trainers back and fourth regularly, as well as small planes and flying pokemon strong enough to make the trip. You may also write your post to suggest that your character has been there for a while, and just have your character's previous actions at the academy as part of their history.


The school is located on a rather large artifical island. This island is where the roleplay takes place. The island has been constructed to have a variety of environments to help support a wide range of Pokemon and simulate the conditions Pokemon Trainers might encounter on their journey. There are countless places to see and explore including but not limited to the following;

The Academy Area
The school would best be described as a large area based relatively near the water. It's composed of a good handful of buildings not including the dorms that generally serve as places for students to take classes. In some cases a building may house extra curricular things like free-to-use battlefields, sports fields, swimming pools, gym facilities or otherwise unused rooms. The main building also contains its own Pokemon Center/Nurses Office where both Pokemon and Trainers alike can receive treatment.

There are also battlefields that are located outdoors and within the campus.

The dorm rooms are where students are expected to sleep, and each dorm has a separate dorm room. There are currently four dorm rooms, though one, the Lugia Dorm, has been abandoned and is closed off from the rest of the school grounds - not that this has ever stopped students from exploring it in the past. There is actually no record of Lugia Dorm ever housing students or being operational!

Oak Town
Oak Town is a town that is a good half hour walk from the academy. It's a small but bustling town that has continued to grow over the years. Oak Town is most notable for having restaurants students can stop to eat at and a Pokemon Supplies & TM shop that has become incredibly successful due to the context of having the academy so nearby. One can find TMs for almost every move in supply as well as everything a Trainer might need, from Potions to Pokepuffs. There are a few trainers who attend the Academy that live in Oak Town and commute from there on a daily basis as opposed to living in a dorm room. Most of the staff have homes in Oak Town as well although some do live on campus. In addition, Oak Town is one of the best places on the island to look if you are looking for trainers that don't happen to be students at the Academy or wild Pokemon who prefer urban environments.

Abandoned Lugia White Dorm
Lugia dorm was the fourth and highest tier of the body of students, reserved for those who had shown exceptional promise. However, after the dorm room was infested by ghosts seemingly out of the blue and the students previously housed within it had to be relocated. Attempts to purge the dorm of it's ghostly occupants met with... failure. The dorm was disbanded and the students merged into the other three - at least supposedly. Any students who could have been part of Lugia Dorm would have graduated years ago, leading some people to speculate whether it was ever active at all. Many a student has snuck inside to explore or catch one of the many Ghost type Pokemon infesting the old building. Although many of them have been successful in catching a Pokemon they are always driven back by the sheer number and strength of the haunted dorms ghoulish inhabitants before making it very far inside the building.

The Forests
A fair portion of the island is covered in forest full of a wide variety of Pokemon and places to explore. Although the forest contains much more dangerous locations like the Dead Forest and the swamps most of it is a great spot for Trainers of all skill levels to meet new Pokemon or do some training. Unless you head into the more dangerous areas it is unlikely (but not impossible!) that you will face too much trouble in the forests.

Dead Forest
The Dead Forest is a bit of a mystery. It's a small section rather deep in a specific part of the forests where all of the trees are barren and lifeless. Those that travel within it consistently report feeling as if they were being watched and seeing black silhouettes moving at the edges of their vision. Pokemon seem to see these things as well. Some people even report seeing strange, almost formless apparitions in the air. In addition, people that travel through the dead forest have described it as having a very disturbing aura, causing feelings of dread without apparent reason and giving people minor headaches. How brave a person is doesn't seem to have a whole lot of effect on whether they feel these feelings.

Ghost pokemon seem to flock to the Dead Forest, though perhaps ironically they are even /less/ hostile than they are in most places, though only slightly. It may seem that for whatever reason they enjoy being there, almost as if it gave them some sense of satisfaction. Despite this, for a long time there were quite a few instances of people going missing and never being found in the dead forest. For this reason, both staff and police were obligated to advise students against going there if they find any reason to believe said students might be thinking about it.

If one were to research it via newspaper, internet, or whatever they'd find that police apprehended a murderer hiding out in that forest. Although they were taken into custody the disturbing aura they left behind infects the area to this day and it is still strongly suggested by both Academy staff and local police not to venture into this area. Academy students still tell horror stories of the murderer who lurked there and suggest that they may escape custody and return there.

Who knows? Maybe they're right...

The Swamplands
The Swamplands are an area that at first looks like a forest directly bordering the ocean but is actually, well, a saltwater swamp. The Swamplands are constantly flooded with shallow, murky water and in a few cases pools of much deeper water. The Swamplands are considered a very dangerous area for students to visit because of their knack for breeding disease and the fact that it's extremely difficult to see in the water, which is home to quite a handful of poisonous Pokemon that may view traveling trainers as potential snacks. Their element of surprise could be deadly.

The Sea and Beaches
The island is of course surrounded by ocean and the majority of it is lined with beaches. The beaches closest to the Academy and Oak Town are the safest but the further one travels from these havens the more likely they are to encounter wild and dangerous Pokemon.

The Abandoned Power Plant
The abandoned power plant, not to be confused with the power plant in active use, is located a fair distance away from the Academy. Due to failing to take precautions it was overrun with Electric Pokemon looking to make a feast of the electricity the plant produced, after which a new power plant was built in Oak Town where it could be more strictly monitored. The old plant is fenced off but much like the old Lugia Dorm not impossible to access for the determined young Trainer. It is still infested with various Pokemon, primarily Electric types, and although an excellent spot for catching Pokemon it can also be quite dangerous if you go too far or stay too long.

The Mountains
There are mountains around the volcano on the island which is located geographically near the middle of the island. Some of the largest cave systems on the island are within said mountains, seemingly dug out by Pokemon and easy to get lost in. The mountains are a relatively easy climb with very few sheer cliff faces or dangerous drops but the higher one goes the more dangerous the wild Pokemon there become, quickly turning from an ideal spot to catch a Rock or Ground type for the beginning trainer to becoming a serious challenge for the inexperienced. Students regularly challenge each other to make it to the peak of the tallest mountain to prove their skill and although many claim to have succeeded no one actually has any proof.

The Volcano
The volcano is nestled within the islands mountain range and is actually shorter than some of the surrounding peaks. Because the island was artificially constructed the volcano was instrumental in its formation and has never erupted while the island has been in active use. It is marked as off limits without an accompanying member of the the school staff but, of course, this has never stopped students from venturing there in the past. The Pokemon who make their home there are very strong and aggressive however and usually chase anyone away before they get too close. Fighting through them to the volcano itself would require a Trainer of exceptional skill or the combined efforts of several Trainers working together.

The Icy Plains
The icy plains are a relatively large stretch of land on the island that seem to get significantly colder weather than the rest of the island consistently throughout the year. As a result plant life has been mostly snuffed out by a constant layer of frost even in the height of summer. During the summer it's a fairly safe place to be so long as one remembers to dress appropriately, but in the winter it becomes quite dangerous due to the extremely low temperatures and the snow storms that tend to hit it.

The Icy Cave
At the center of the icy plains is a small cave that leads to a network of frozen tunnels. These tunnels are the home of Pokemon both stronger and more dangerous than the ones to be found on the plains themselves. Unlike the mountainous tunnels these ones seem to be self lit somehow, light bouncing and refracting off of the frozen walls. Although this seems initially helpful the reflective nature of the walls makes it easy to become lost and disoriented. To date no student has fully explored these tunnels or been able to determine if they go anywhere at all.

In addition, below are some images intended to help give you an idea of the island and some of its locations;

Images of the Island

Images of the Battlefields
Battlefield 1
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 3
Battlefield 4
Battlefield 5
Battlefield 6
Battlefield 7
Battlefield 8
Battlefield 9
Battlefield 10
Battlefield 11

Wild Pokemon
Under each area will be listed the types of pokemon that can be found there. Only unevolved pokemon, with the exception of pokemon whose prevolution is a baby pokemon, can be caught in the wild.
There are some pokemon that simply cannot be found in the wild, without GM approval, such as:
Legendary Pokemon, Starter Pokemon, Fossil Pokemon, Ultra Beasts, Dratini, Porygon, Farfetch'd, Eevee, Togepi, Unown, Larvitar, Beldum, Snorlax, Shellos, Spiritomb, Lucario, Rotom, Sigilyph and Type:Null/Silvally.

Oak Town

Sea & Beaches

Submerged Caves & Sea Floor

The Abandoned Power Plant

The Abandoned Lugia White Dorm

Open Fields

Rocky Mountains & Caves

The Volcano

Outer Forests

Inner Forests

The Swamplands

The Dead Forest

The Icy Plain

The Ice Cave

NPC Classes and their teachers

Below is a partial list of some of the classes on offer and their teachers, but this is not exhaustive.

Community and Vigilante Service

Pokemon Biology

World History

Pokemon Mythology (Advanced History, Theory, Lore)

Steel-Type Specialist

Electric-Type Specialist

Eggs and Breeding

Mega Evolutions (Specialist Class. Only given to students who show an affinity for Mega Evolution.)

Pokemon Trainer Fitness and Basic Knowledge
Lt. Surge

Fire-Type Specialist
Mr. Blaine

Life Skills

Cooking & Culinary Skills

Pokemon Trivia
Mr. Blaine

Normal-Type Specialist

Dragon-Type Specialist

Mining & Fossils 101

Ghost-Type Specialist

Fighting-Type Specialist/Self Defense

Ice-Type Specialist

Psychic-Type Specialist/Human Psychic Training

Flying-Type Specialist

Ground-Type Specialist

Water-Type Specialist

Rock-Type Specialist

Grass-Type Specialist

Bug-Type Specialist

Poison-Type Specialist

Dark-Type Specialist

Fairy-Type Specialist

Pokemon Co-ordination

General Expertise

All students are organised into one of three school dorms. Each dorm has its own common room and every student has a private bedroom and bathroom. Students are given a stylish jacket in the colour of their dorm. Although the Academy has no uniform and the jacket is entirely optional - outside of official events - many students wear theirs as a point of pride. Rivalry and friendship between students of different dorms are both common. It is unusual but not unheard of for a student to change dorms but this requires an official request from the student and sufficient evidence that they are better suited to a different dorm, either by growth in their abilities or a mistake being made on the original decision. Most students however prefer to stay with their original dorm even as their skills outgrow the reason they were originally placed there, both out of comfort and a desire to prove that their dorm can produce the best students.

Suicune Dorm - Once considered the "top dorm" where the best students are placed. In actuality is where trainers whose performance on the entrance exam displayed an affinity for both theory and practical aspects of Pokemon training. Some still hold to the old idea that it is the 'best' dorm while others (usually those not in Suicune Dorm) claim it is where the all-rounders with no special skills are placed.

Entei Dorm - Affectionately nicknamed The Battle-Dorm this is where trainers who displayed a strong promise when it comes to battle potential are placed but who perhaps weren't as strong on the written portion of the exam. Many Entei Dorm students would have you believe these means they are the best battlers on the island but this may not always be the case.

Raikou Dorm - Raikou Dorm was originally reserved for those who either did not perform well on the entrance exam or got into the school under special circumstances but the faculty found that this often led to the Raikou students feeling inferior or ostracized. The purpose of the dorm was reworked to be for those who showed a particular strength in Pokemon theory, breeding or other skill that doesn't directly translate to strength when it comes to battles. The change has been well received but some of the old attitudes that Raikou is the 'loser' dorm still persist.

Sign Up Template
First, decide whether you'd rather write a fleshed out history and personality section or an excellent opening post from the perspective of your character that shows us you are an able RPer. You can re-use your opening post as your first post in the IC thread if you like. Writing an Opening Post will make us more lax on the length of the rest of your sign-up, allowing you to potentially leave details out of your initial sign-up. Warning: We will not approve apps with opening posts if the opening post is deemed to be not of high quality in the context of this RP. Choose the sign-up below that best fits your decisions. Please note that your character may NOT start with a Mega Ring, Mega Stone, Z-Ring etc. These items may be earned through the RP at GM discretion but should be considered a rare reward for excellent writing and dedication to the RP.

Student Sign-Up (No Opening Post)
Name (First, Middle-optional and Last):

Nickname (Optional):

Age (10-15):

Sex (Male or Female):

Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm):

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish - but both is good too!):

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): 150 word minimum

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?): 350 word minimum

Pokémon (Maximum of 2. No legendaries, 'shiny' or stage 3 pokémon. Oddly colored but not specifically 'shiny' pokemon are allowed, however.):
Personality (Can be as short or long as you want, but cannot be excessively vague):
Lvl(Max Lvl 10):
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed):

Student Sign-Up (With Opening Post)
Name (First, Middle-optional and Last):

Nickname (Optional):

Age (10-15):

Sex (Male or Female):

Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm):

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish - but both is good too!):

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): 50 word minimum

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?): 100 word minimum

Pokémon (Maximum of 2. No legendaries, 'shiny' or stage 3 pokémon. Oddly colored but not specifically 'shiny' pokemon are allowed, however.):
Personality (Can be as short or long as you want, but cannot be excessively vague):
Lvl(Max Lvl 10):
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed):

Opening Post (Must be from the perspective of your character.): Recommended 250 words minimum - no maximum!

Available Spots
Only your first character takes up a spot here. This is to help avoid any one dorm dominating the school numbers wise.
Suicine Dorm
1. Sydney Florencia Ramirez (Synthet)
2. Rylie Laris (Embyr)
3. Ivrant Lehort (MegaMan765)
4. Dallas Yukira (IcyIce)
5. Lucas McMillan (Pikamander7)
6. Javier Corazon (RayeBeam)

Entei Dorm
1. Arwyn Wilton (L'Belle)
2. Desmond Allen (FireSnow)
3. Rosa Summers (LinearAxel)
4. Eric Damon (Kung Fu Ferret)
5. Kylie Kahale (Junier)
6. Cyan Silver (Sul_Silver)

Raikou Dorm
1. Silvana Walcha Arle (PkMnTrainer Yellow)
2. Corrina Mondragon (OrbitalPudding)
3. Kayrana Ral (Darkmaster006)
4. Naomi Junn (Magnificent Magilou)
5. Aoife Breen (Star Arcana)
6. Shelby Hampton (ShaymieTheShaymin)
7. Aldith Lorn (yasuhoris)
8. Harry H. Hamblen (HTS123.0)

Accepted Characters & Their SUs

Aldith Lorn by yasuhoris.
Aoife Breen by Star Arcana.
Arwyn Wilton by L'Belle.
Corrina Mondragon by OrbitalPudding.
Cyan Silver by Sul_Silver
Dallas Yukira by IcyIce.
Desmond Allen by FireSnow.
Eric Damon by Kung Fu Ferret.
Harry H. Hamblen by HTS123.0
Ivrant Lehort by Megaman765.
Javier Corazon by RayeBeam.
Kayrana Ral by Darkmaster006.
Kylie Kahale by Junier.
Lucas McMillan by Pikamander7.
Naomi Junn by Magnificent Magilou.
Rosa Summers by LinearAxel.
Rylie Laris by Embyr.
Shelby Hampton by ShaymieTheShaymin.
Silvana Walcha Arale by PkMnTrainer Yellow.
Sydney Florencia Ramirez by Synthet.

• Unless given permission by either of the GMs, you may not control any of the Champions while they are battling.

• Unless given permission by either of the GMs, you may not control Gary Oak under any condition.

• Please be mindful of other roleplayers' ability to believe a situation when playing NPCs like teachers, other students, and even wild pokemon. Should things get too unbelievable you may be asked to chill out a bit. This does not apply to your OCs, though it does apply to NPCs reaction to your OCs.

• If you want to find/interact with/battle a character from either the games or the anime you must ask one of the GM's. A GM may decide to play the character themselves or give you permission to control them yourself.

• Because of conflicting canonities we will probably not be accepting requests to find/battle people from the manga.

• If you have an issue with something or someone in the roleplay, please bring it up with the GMs. If it is about another roleplayer specifically, please bring it up /in private/. We are reasonable GMs and you should be able to expect to be able to work out any problems with us to the best of our ability. The only reason you will ever be removed from the roleplay for rule violations is if you refuse to work with us to fix the problem.

• When observing battles to determine how fair they may be, we the GMs may use base stats as vague references for a pokemon's potential. We will then look at how plausible or improbable a situation is based on this.

• Inactivity may result in removal from the roleplay after a week or two of no posting at the GM's discretion. You can be given some leeway if you can notify us before that time is up.

• No guns. They generally kind of undermine the point of using pokemon and thus do not exist here. Explosives on the other hand are fair game...

• Dodging attacks is now allowed in the style of the anime, however please be mindful of the player you're battling against and don't abuse it - the more fun you make sure they have battling with you the more they'll want to work with you in the future! Having your Pokemon know a move that boosts Evasion or dodge in unique ways is always good too! The GMs will be monitoring this going forward to make sure it stays fair. If you feel like your opponent is being unfair please feel free to get in touch with a GM, we're happy to help settle any disputes.

• Rated T; That means things that go on here should be "suitable for more mature childen". This means that you should take care to avoid squick or smut, lest you get an upset VM from me asking you to chill out a bit. This also means that serious, serious injuries (as opposed to serious in comparison to Pokemon) should be handled with a lot of delicacy if they are even played at all. In regards to romance... An effort should be made to keep it reasonably clean on a descriptive level. It should not take you several posts to detail a kiss, nor should it take you several post's worth to describe one.

• Please refrain from having your Pokemon speak English. Also, only Pokemon that learn telepathy in the games should be using it here. These powers have proved problematic in the past and any new instances of them will likely be frowned upon or outright denied. If you wish to play a character with unusual abilities please contact a GM before submitting your SU - we might be able to help make it work in the setting!

Mechanics of leveling/evolution/learning moves
Don't worry, they hardly even qualify as maths!
• Wild pokemon that are caught will be at lvl 20 or below but may not be at a higher level than your strongest Pokemon.

• While pokemon's stronger evolved forms can be found in the wild, you aren't allowed to catch them unless they evolve at or before level 20.

• When a pokemon participates in a trainer battle it gains 2 levels per pokemon it fights.

• When a pokemon participates in a battle against a catchable wild pokemon it gains 1 level, but only up to level 45. After level 45, they gain nothing.

• On the other hand, when a pokemon participates in a battle against a wild pokemon that is higher level and thus can't be caught, it can gain one level without any further restrictions.

• When a pokemon participates in a battle against one of the champions teaching at the school, it gains 3 levels per pokemon it fights.

• When a pokemon participates in a battle against Gary Oak, it gains 4 levels per pokemon it fights.

• If a pokemon faints during a battle, that merits one extra level on top of whatever else it earned.

• Any post about training your pokemon merits 1 level to the pokemon that were training.

• Trade evolution no longer require trading. Trade evolutions evolve at level 40. (Porygon's first trade evolution is at 20) If you're unsure about how your Pokemons evolution will work feel free to ask us.

• Happiness related evolution can be done as you will. Assuming your Pokemon is actually happy of course ^_^

• All moves that are able to be learned via TM are available as TMs.

• If your character faces a large group of wild pokemon, we the GMs will decide how many levels they gain, ranging between 1 and 5. This is dependent on the content of the post and how hard the pokemon had to fight against the large group. (For a large group of trainer pokemon the scale is 2-10)

• If your character takes on a challenge that is significantly, abnormally high in difficulty you may be given the option of accepting extra levels at the discretion of the GM

• If you want to have your pokemon learn a move that is not normally learnable in the games, you must ask permission of a GM.

• You may decide not to have your pokemon level, evolve or learn a move when they normally would at your own leisure.

Okay, so I know the RP is new and no one has actually asked any questions yet but hopefully this will answer a few questions that people might already have.

Didn't this roleplay already exist?
It did, but sadly died off from inactivity after about being active for around five years. But it was too good to not bring back, so here we are again!

Wasn't the original GM someone else?
It was. Pokemon Trainer Academy was originally started by jackblaze, then taken over by PkmnTrainer Yellow and now I'm here to take up the mantle. I don't have any way to contact jackblaze, but all of this was done with the permission and input of Yellow. If we're lucky they might even sign up!

What am I supposed to do in this roleplay?
Really, whatever you like! How much or little happens to your character is up to you, you're largely expected to generate your own content within the setting provided either by yourself or with other players. If you want some GM interaction though all you have to do is ask and I'll be there. There are also some GM run events hidden throughout the island, but only I know where they are or how they're triggered!

So the dorm jackets. I get that they're coloured by dorm, but what do they look like? What does 'stylish' mean?
I left that one deliberately vague so people can create their own image in their heads of how they look. Students also customise the heck out of them so feel free to say that your character has modified theirs!

What's the 'endgame' for this RP?
There really isn't one, it runs for as long as people want to keep having fun with it. You can of course end your characters journey anytime you feel like you've done enough with it. But then you can make another one and start over again! Endless content if you want it.

Can I play a teacher?
Great question! In the original PTA you could, but we found that these characters usually didn't go very far so I've removed that option for now. If it's something people really want to bring back then I can take another look at it, but the people who found the experience the most rewarding all played students.

When is this all set in relation to the original thread? I had a character already!
This takes place roughly five years after the old PTA did, so all of the students from then will have graduated and moved on by now. But if you had an old character and want them to make a cameo appearance let us know and we might be able to work something out!

Are there Alola Forme Pokemon on the island?
Because the island was artifically created as a sort of perfect starting point for young trainers Alola Pokemon can be found in the wild on the island, but they are generally more rare and harder to find than their regular variant.

Does my character have to be original?
Yes. We will not accept SU's for characters who already exist in the Pokemon setting, or characters who come from other settings. You may of course recycle a character you've used from a different roleplay but the events there would not have happened to them in this 'universe'.

In the old thread you could start with three Pokemon, and they could be a much higher level than 10.
What gives?

You're absolutely right, in the original PTA you could start off with more Pokemon and they could be a higher level. I've reduced these values so that we all start off as rookie trainers and grow together! As the roleplay progresses I may raise these values so that people joining later aren't immediately left miles behind. If you want to play a super experienced trainer who has already participated in all sorts of tournaments then maybe a Pokemon school isn't the right place for you? (Sorry Ash!)

How do battles work?
In all honesty battles work whatever way is best for you. If you're writing about a battle against wild Pokemon, or a random NPC you came up with, feel free to play it out however you like. Just try to keep it believable and in line with your Pokemon and their abilities. When it comes to battles involving other players the most common method is to take turns posting or writing. You make a move in your post and then in their post they react to it and make their move. Try to be kind to each other - battling is competitive but roleplaying isn't. Let their moves hit your Pokemon. Sometimes let the extra affects take hold. Is your Pokemon confused? Every once in a while have it fall flat on its face! The more generous you are to your opponent then the more generous they are with you and that makes everybody happy. As for who wins you can either leave that open and see what way the writing takes you or determine it OOC before the battle starts. Remember - if they're using a level 50 Blastoise and you have a level Chimchar then you shouldn't expect a miracle!

If the two (or more) of you prefer a more structured system though then go for it! Dice rolls, coin flipping, whatever makes you and the other player happy.

It says Pokemon we start with can be up to Lvl 10, does that mean I can have a Pokemon that wouldn't normally have evolved by that point, like a Charmeleon?
If your Pokemon would be able to access its evolution by whatever level you start it at then it can. So you could start with a level 10 Butterfree. But you can't have a Pokemon evolve before it otherwise would, so no level 9 Butterfree. The only exceptions made for Pokemon evolution are for those who evolve through trade.

I'm kind of nervous about posting my SU...
That's absolutely fine. You can either PM it to me or chat to me on discord (you can find the link to our channel at the top of this post) and we'll work on it together until you're happy to share it with everyone else. Alternatively if there's another player who you particularly admire you could ask them for help, everyone here is super friendly and we all want everyone to enjoy themselves.

I have more questions! Where are my answers?
Either post your question here or get in touch with me and I'll answer as soon as I can. This FAQ will be updated as I think of more questions or people ask them!

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Glad to be back~! Here's my SU for Silvana, and thanks for helping me iron out a few details while we were waiting for approval! Looking forward to writing with a bunch of faces--new and old.

Name: Silvana Walcha Arle

Nickname: Nadja

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Dorm: Raikou


Personality: Silvana is obsessed with the idea of magic in particular, dedicating a lot of her time to the pursuit and study of it, however difficult it may be. This obsession tends to eclipse many of her other interests, even to the point of impacting her social life. She tends to come off as weird to others, if not because of the strange way she dresses than because she is hard pressed not to bring up her area of interest to anyone who asks. Beyond that though she's a rather sassy, somewhat down-to-earth, if not slightly buffoonish girl--innocently ignorant of some social norms and seemingly incapable of avoiding trouble for long. She has a somewhat spicy temper and tends to get along poorly with people who disparage magic, demonstrate a large ego and--perhaps ironically--buffoons. Although her study of magic in all its forms and the occult comes first, she is rather fight-prone and proud of her power. To her, her pokemon are her assistants--there to protect and stand up for her. Yet, they also hold secrets to the mysticism of the world just out of reach.

History: Silvana was born in Solaceon Town, however, she spent a lot of her life living with her grandmother in Celestic Town under rather unfortunate circumstances. At the age of 4, her father failed to return home from work one day and she was sent to her grandmother's while her mother went off in search of him. This turned into an extended stay when Silvana's mom failed to find him but was reluctant to give up the search. She would be moved back and forth from time to time as her mother chased new leads and again had to give up and return home. Silvana's grandmother helped her mother raise her until the age of 11, where her mother also seemingly vanished. Unable to go and search for her mother herself, Silvana was left alone in her house in Solaceon Town for days until she gathered the courage (and hunger) to go out and ask for help from her neighbors.

Taking a step back to the age of 4, though, Silvana became obsessed with the idea of magic while living with her grandmother for the first time. She was inspired by the whimsical yet powerful nature of her grandmother's jigglypuff and wanted to be able to experiment with such powers herself. However, this was easier said than done. Unable to read for herself, she had to ask her grandmother for help. Her grandmother was initially hesitant to feed these fantasies, as she didn't believe humans could use magic to any meaningful extent unless they were born with a special talent and didn't know how to help Silvana. However, she relented and began reading her stories of witches, magicians and fantastic worlds that Silvana came to love. It became her obsession to search for these worlds and explore the ideas they imprinted on her. Although they mostly led to dead ends, she was able to make some very modest progress.

Her first breakthrough was learning how to make simple potions, drinks that could do things that 'seemed' like magic. However, this was not the sort of power from within she had been looking for. When it came to finding power within herself without the use of external ingredients or power sources, she found herself struggling a lot more. To this end, she was soon given a talk about learning how to take care of herself and becoming a better, well-rounded young lady. Understandably, her grandmother wouldn't be around forever and wanted to make sure that Silvana was ready for that inevitable reality. Silvana was given her grandmother's jigglypuff to keep her company and protect her before being sent off to the Pokemon Trainer's Academy to learn more about what it meant to be on her own--to take care of a pokemon, and herself under the watchful eyes of the academy's staff.

Species: Jigglypuff
Nickname: Carbuncle
Personality: Energetic, fun loving, and independent--enjoys wandering off on her own in search of adventures and eating almost obsessively. Strongly prefers watching battles to being in them.
Lvl: 10
Moves: Stockpile, Swallow, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Psywave, Charge Beam

Opening Post: Silvana laid in a strange bed in a strange place, with only what she'd been able to fit into a small backpack to remind her of home laying nearby. It ... hurt. This wasn't where she imagined being at this point in her life. Alone, with no family to watch over her, in a room that wasn't really hers. It was enough to make her want to sleep in a bit, but today she also had something to inspire her. An entire world laid out before her, waiting to be explored. There were libraries to visit, leads to chase, ingredients to find and maybe... friends to make? Her grandmother had told her to try and make friends, but she wasn't certain how that would go. It felt like everyone else was living in another world. What made TV so great anyway?? She hadn't a clue, personally. Celestic Town was a strange place, but it was where most of her experience came from. They didn't have televisions there.

Getting up, she slipped away to begin grooming herself for her first day at the academy. A bath would help her feel a bit better. A change out of her pajamas... Then she had to dry and brush her hair. She'd need to slip on her armor, just in case she decided to venture outside in search of potion ingredients later. She had a feeling she wouldn't be able to spend all day in the library, so it would be good to start thinking about what she might like to challenge herself to find. As she fixed her still-damp hair, Silvana found herself wishing it would dry just a bit faster. A towel only did so much! ...But alas, she did not have a hair dryer. Strapping on her breastplate and setting a matching tiara upon her head, she gave herself a good lookover in the mirror before heading out and beginning to make her way toward the library. She didn't actually know where the library was, but she just kind of hoped she'd find her way given enough time. Surely she'd be able to find someone she could ask for directions on the way.

While I'm waiting, and since Synth is asleep right now, I'd like to go ahead and post the RP's very own Discord server! While it's not mandatory, I'd consider it a strong tool in keeping up to date and communicating with eachother.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~


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Name: Arwyn Wilton

Nickname: Wil

Age: 13

Sex: Male

Dorm: Entei

Appearance: He tends to wear a lot of black. He always has a hood covering the upper half of his face, so that he can be left alone. He has short black hair and blue eyes. He is slim and not very tall.

Personality: Personality: Arwyn can be described as lonely, stand-offish, cold, and blunt. He isn’t afraid of telling people exactly what he thinks of them. He doesn’t like engaging in long conversations though, especially not fights. He keeps his Pokémon close at all times. He usually goes to places where he is pretty much guaranteed to be alone, and doesn’t have to deal with people. In his younger years, he was like a totally different boy. He was cheerful, good at making friends and a all-around nice person. He made new friends easily, and loved to play with all kinds of Pokémon. His favorite games included tag and hide-and-seek.

He likes Undella Town the best in winter, and that is the only time he is comfortable with going outside, since there aren’t any people in Undella Town, except for the people who live there. He enjoys walking alone on the beach, thinking about his life.

History: Arwyn was born and raised in Undella Town, in the Unova region. He was quite a playful kid. He loved playing with all the Pokémon on the beach. In Summer, the quiet place became very lively, and tons of people were everywhere you looked. Being the energetic kid he is, he made friends with a lot of them. One of these kids was a kid called Bryan. He was a year older than Arwyn and quickly, they became best friends. Bryan and his Salandit came back every year to Undella Town to play, and it would always be the time of the year Arwyn looked forward to most. One day, Bryan decided to catch Arwyn a Pokémon, so that they could have a real Pokémon battle. Bryan caught Arwyn his very own Scraggy. Arwyn was overjoyed.

One day, Bryan told Arwyn the rumor of the Abyssal Ruins. Apparently, there were ruins underwater in Undella Bay. Being the confidant kids they were, they decided to sneak out one night to see if these rumors were true. They probably didn’t realize how dangerous this was. They had everything ready. They weren’t ready to actually explore the ruins yet, they just wanted to find out if they actually existed. They came prepared with their swimsuits on, and were ready to go. They jumped in the water and began swimming. It was hard to see, since it was so dark this late at night, but they could make out important things, such as rocks or coral. A minute after they dived in, they saw them, the Abyssal Ruins. Bryan gave a hand gesture, and they swam back. However, that is when a giant Jellicent appeared. It didn’t seem very happy. Arwyn and Bryan tried swimming away to the shores, but Bryan wasn’t fast enough. The Jellicent used shadow ball, and full-on hit Bryan in the stomach, knocking him out. After this, the Jellicent got bored and left. Arwyn, took Bryan to the shore, but he was unconscious, and wouldn’t move. Arwyn took Bryan’s body to his home, where his and Bryan’s parents awaited them. Immediately, Bryan’s parents rushed over to Bryan, and took him to a hospital. However, it was too late. Bryan… was dead. From that point on, Arwyn became a shut-in. He never went outside much and didn’t talk a lot. He began treasuring his Scraggy, the only thing he had left of his best friend.

His parents signed him up for the pokémon school. They are worried for Arwyn, and want him to do something with his life. Arwyn reluctantly agreed, after his mother begged.

Species: Scraggy
Nickname: None.
Personality: Scraggy loves fighting, pokémon battles give him strength. He didn't have a lot of battles when he lived in Undella Town though, so he kind of needs to re-learn battling.
Lvl: 6
- Headbutt
- Sand Attack
- Leer
- Work up
- Brick Break
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We're back!

I can't wait to read all of your Sign Ups and see what sort of students and Pokemon we'll have. As Yellow rightly pointed out (and kindly put together) we have a discord channel all of our very own, which I'll put a link for in the main post, so that's a great place to check out. You can ask for help with an SU, meet other players and generally get hyped. The IC thread will follow shortly once we have a few people signed up.

PkMnTrainer Yellow your SU is of course accepted. As the former GM I think you could have just posted "Trust me" and I'd have been hard pressed not to accept it. I think Silvana is going to be great fun.

For anyone curious about the magical aspect of Yellows character she and I did a fair amount of research into whether or not "magic" exists in the Pokemon setting. Your characters will have to come to their own conclusions of course!

L'Belle your SU is accepted although I would suggest you flesh out Arwyns appearance a little more if you can, either by description or image. What sort of build does he have, what kind of hats does he wear? This is more for you than anyone else so you have a nice clear picture in your mind. Other than that it's all good! Much love for Scraggy.

Below is the SU for my character, which I guess I automatically accept! Keep them coming guys, gals & non-binary pals.


Name: Sydney Florencia Ramirez

Nickname: Syd, Flo

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Dorm: Suicine

Appearance: Sydney has a smooth complexion and expressive blue eyes with thin, arched eyebrows. Her hair is naturally a rich black but styled with blue highlights that start darker at the roots and become lighter towards the tips, ranging from midnight to cyan in shade. Her hair reaches her shoulder blades and is usually left loose but almost always carefully styled. She usually wears light make up but favours a dark eyeliner and mascara to highlight her blue eyes. She has a small button nose and soft jawline. Her ears are slightly too large in proportion to the rest of her head but not excessively so.
She is of average height and has a slim build which she is careful to maintain and is overall very proud and conscientious of her appearance, but tries not to let that show.

Personality: Sydney is generally an easy going sort who does her best to get along with people. She tries to be open and friendly with people she meets and becomes quickly embarrassed and apologetic if she accidentally offends someone. She doesn’t have much of a temper; it would take a lot to really rile her up, and she is more likely to become upset than angry with someone who tried to get a rise out of her. She has a respect for authority figures and what they have to say as well as a fear of disappointing people so tends to take her responsibilities very seriously.

She shows a healthy caution for dangerous situations and prefers not to rush headlong into them. If the need arose she wouldn’t hesitate to rush into harm’s way to protect another person or a Pokemon but would rather be properly prepared before approaching a hazardous situation if she can. She’s unlikely to lose her composure in the moment but would be prone to freaking out after the fact.
She’s drawn to Pokemon that are often overlooked when it comes to battle potential, particularly the ones that many people would label ‘girly’. Her loyalty to her Pokemon is very strong and she doesn’t like to hear people disparaging them for any reason. She takes a firm stance and is likely to challenge the offender to a battle in order to prove the worth of her Pokemon.

She takes battling very seriously despite never having had much chance to engage in it before attending the Academy. Her ultimate goal is to become a Pokemon Champion someday and has the belief that she can do it with whatever Pokemon she chooses, not just the ones typically believed to be the strongest. Asking her if she has any interest in Pokemon pursuits more typically associated with women like Competitions or Showcases is likely to offend her. Although she considers herself something of a ‘girly’ girl she doesn’t think that this means anyone else should define her or her interests.

History: Sydney is from Castelia City in the Unova region and has always been around Pokemon in one way or another. Her father is a Pokémon researcher and her mother is a choreographer for Pokémon Musicals. They lived a fairly unexceptional life, all things told, aside from the pressure Sydney felt from both her parents. Her mother constantly did her best to get Sydney involved in Pokémon Musicals with limited success. She attended a number of the shows her mother was involved with and enjoyed them up to a point but only ever took part in one, quickly deciding that it wasn’t for her.

Her father on the other hand always felt that if Sydney wasn’t attracted to the arts then academic pursuits were a clear choice for his daughter. Sydney seemed to take a keen interest in Pokemon theory and research, although it was for her own reasons. She had always been fascinated by Pokémon Battling, often staying up late to watch televised events with the sound turned low so her parents wouldn’t catch on or sneaking off to the Castelia City Gym after school to spy on the battles there. She dreamed of becoming a Trainer one day who could compete at the top level in any League but never expressed this to her parents, certain that they would disapprove.

When she was ten years old her parents gifted her with a young Pachirisu as her first Pokémon. They felt that sending ten year olds off on a Pokémon journey by themselves was a reckless and impractical custom but didn’t want Sydney to miss out on the experience of owning a Pokémon of her own. She was thrilled and bonded with her Pachirisu instantly, the two becoming inseparable. They would often sneak in secret battle practice when they could but without guidance or real opponents their progress was always limited.

Eventually she worked up the courage to suggest to her parents that she attend The Pokémon Trainer Academy, knowing that her father would approve of such an academically prestigious institution. Although they struggled with the decision to let their daughter move away from home they eventually agreed that it would be good for her – after all, a school was much safer than sending her out into the wild! Thanks to her father’s tutelage she aced the written portion of the entrance exam. Despite her and Pachirisu’s relative inexperience when it came to battling their practice sessions and Sydneys constant study of professional Trainers and their battles meant that she did well enough on the practical aspect of the exam to be placed in Suicine Dorm.

Pokémon: Pachirisu (F)
Nickname: Miko
Personality: Miko is an unusually sly example of her species, prone to theft or playing underhanded pranks on others. Sydney is usually unaware of these actions – Pachirisu are very small and quick after all – and considers her Pokemon to be a harmless cutie.
Lvl: 7
Moves: Iron Tail, Fake Tears, Quick Attack, Attract, Bide, Growl
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There we go, I'll admit, This was already partially done for another RP elsewhere, Thats why the formatting in the beginning is different from the template.
Edit: For everyone's sake, SU wrapped in Spoiler Tags.


Rylie Laris

--=-- 13 =--= Suicune Dorm =--= Female --=--

Physical Appearance: Click for larger version of the above picture.

In a single word, Rylie can be best described as tomboyish. She stands at a rather lofty 5'7", towering over many people her age, boys included. Her black hair hangs rather lazily down just past her ears and is clearly groomed only just enough to keep it from going everywhere. She has very bright, unusually colored Amber eyes and is rather pale in skin tone. She appears to be very fit, clearly no stranger to physical activity despite her rather lazy looking posture.

Whether casual, lazy, work or whatever Rylie seems to favor loose fitting or heavier clothing. Typically in mens styles she can most often be seen baggy jeans or shorts with a belt and a looser fitting shirt with jacket if weather permits it. She seems to favor colder colors, Opting for more Blues and green in her clothing than anything else.

Personality: Rylie is about as Tomboyish in attitude as her appearance implies, shunning anything that she perceives as too "Girly". She has a very hot headed attitude as well as a strong competitive nature, these two traits in conjunction often times leading her into picking rather unfavorable fights. She's not the most elegant when it comes to speaking either, often times opting to take a very blunt approach to delicate situations.

Despite everything about her screaming otherwise one of Rylie's strongest strengths is she's incredibly book smart, especially in more technical fields such as math and physics. However, for whatever reason she keeps this a very well guarded secret, often times playing dumb in order to portray herself in a more preferred light.

History: Rylie Larus grew up just walking distance outside of Snowpoint City. Her parents being Geologists studying the harsh mountain ranges of northern Sinnoh as well as the pokemon that made them their home. As she grew up, Rylie was very heavily pressured into focusing on her academics which for the longest time she did without much protest whatsoever.

As she grew up though it was quickly discovered that she was nearsighted, requiring her to start wearing glasses at a very young age. This along with her academic talent caused her to receive much ridicule from other students her age. Earning her names like "Dweeby Larus" she was often times sent home in tears on especially bad days.

As she grew older she tried rather desperately to shed the nicknames and ridicule, she stopped answering questions in class before completely silent at school in general. Eventually after a particularly harsh streak of teasing she got fed up with it, removing her glasses she slammed them as hard as she possibly could on the desk of the offending student, the shrapnel of the broken lenses embedding itself into her hand.

Neither her parents or the school faculty were happy with this. She ended up suspended from school for several weeks as it was talked about what would be done with her. Eventually it was agreed between the faculty and her parents that the best course of action would be to send her to another school, eventually settling on nothing other than the Pokemon Trainer Academy.

Dreading the day her suspension was lifted, Rylie was nothing less but thrilled when the news was broken to her. Finally, with a new start she may be able to finally shed the reputation she earned at home and create a new persona for herself at a new school. Finally she could shed the nickname "Dweeby Larus"


Species: Swinub
Nickname: Hakon
Personality: Despite Rylie's efforts in giving him a "Tougher" sounding name Hakon is somewhat timid, often having to be prodded into taking action by Rylie.
Lvl: 10
- Avalanche
- Mud Slap
- Tackle
- Freeze Dry

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Embyr I like your SU, and I have no problem with people tweaking the template a bit. Could you just include some of the information that the template has though? Age, which dorm they're in etc. Otherwise the SU looks good! My character in the previous PTA was the resident tomboy so it's nice to see someone new take up that mantle.

Also don't forget that in PTA your Pokemon can know up to six moves if you so choose. This just gives us a little more room for variety in our writing and strategies but you can by all means stick with the traditional four.

Once you make those small tweaks I think you'll be good to go. Don't forget to join our discord!

EDIT: I just realised that stuff is already at the top. You are beyond approved, because of my mistake you are MEGA APPROVED!


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Hey! (: It's been ages since I've roleplayed. This will be a good place to start to regain the writing skills I've been beginning to lose haha.

That and to relax. Hoping I can make some friends and make somebody's day. ^-^

Name: Dorothy Roseland

Nickname: Dotti

Age: 12

Sex: Female

Dorm: Raikou


Height: I must add that she is quite short. That is, unless one happens to be of her height. She is 4'10."

Minus the cutesy little hat and fake mustache, that would be Dorothy. Her hair is rarely kept in any other form other than loose and two small braids cascading down the side of her round face.

The wardrobe can also be described as lacking in diversity. It only consists of similar short dresses, long sleeves, and stockings of different colors and patterns. Pants and shorts are clothes she's never used and it will remain as such.

Credit for the picture goes to its respective owner (s).

One can describe her as a sweet pink gumdrop. Kind, gentle, and with a small voice that causes others to ask her to repeat it twice. It's not that she speaks in tongues or incoherently, but her shyness takes a hold instinctively at the first sign of communication.

Dorothy tackles the world with both a joyful and curious outlook. She seeks to know what she questions, allowing her to enjoy learning while most despise it. This led to her straying away from the fictional section of the library and into the astronomy, as an example. But school is both a blessing and a curse for Dotti. Knowledge pours out in gallons, yet houses the very thing she fears: interactions.

Ironically she seeks attention and company despite her fearful and sensitive nature. Never does she take initiative in social settings, much less in starting a conversation. Her cowardice trumps her want for love, causing her to seem reserved and distant unintentionally. In reality she is very open and willing to do plenty to keep a friend, as they are rare for her to come by. Unfortunately she wears her heart on her sleeve, never doubting another despite of the obvious tell-tale signs of deceit. Gullibility and fear of conflict only worsen this.

Being as young as she is, it is no surprise that she can be a little selfish and jealous. It isn't apparent at first glance, due to how well she can put on a facade, yet her lying gives it away. Yes, Dotti is a terrible liar. To top this off, emotions are hard for her to control. Anger may be difficult for her to achieve, but fear, excitement, happiness, and sadness are only a few of what she cannot hide.

Cowardice is a trait she displays aplenty. Dorothy cannot stand up for herself, much less for another. She hesitates in the word "no," unable to defy authority in fear of consequences, avoids conflict, and her sensitivity leads to her being known as a crybaby.

Dorothy is easily amused and can be easily won over. Convincing herself life can be better, she is content with what she gets. Drawing and reading are where her interests lie, enamored by the simplicity of life.

Dotti came out of a love between a scholar and farmer in Fallarbor Town, Hoenn. As the first born, Dotti was the experimental child of the young couple who were learning the ropes of raising a family. But It didn't take long for a sister to emerge, followed by another. Fortunately her father, Mr. Roseland, studied the meteorites in Meteor Falls to keep the family afloat, where Dotti spent most of her free time with dolls and a creative imagination.

Dorothy was booksmart. Perfect scores, certificates, and her thirst for knowledge impressed her parents. It gave a sense of recognition and pride. However, she wasn't as successful with making friends. This worried the couple, who attempted to open her up with school clubs and trips to see relatives. Failure after failure convinced them that Dorothy may benefit from a companion.

The children were growing and soon the family found it difficult to make ends meet, causing Mrs. Roseland to acquire a job as a maid. The responsibility of raising the children was then burdened on to Dotti. At first she struggled with juggling school, chores, and her sisters. Regardless, she continued to excel in her studies. Her efforts were greatly appreciated, so much so that Mr. Roseland had given her a Pokémon egg one Christmas evening.

It should have been no surprise that out the egg hatched a Poliwag, seeing as how it came from the father's Poliwrath. Not only did this new family member find a good friend in Dotti, but the couple saw it as an opportunity for their innocent daughter to fend for herself and learn to communicate. She was bright, but quite the fragile child.

Dorothy had overheard her parents talking one night during her frightful trip to the restroom. Their voices spoke of their lack of trust in Dotti's future. "-maybe we need to expose her to a better setting. A better environment where she feels comfortable-" "-give her time. She'll break out of her shell. It is too soon to tell-" Curiosity got the best of her as she stuck to the wooden door that smelled of fresh pinecones. It was then that she heard them suggest the Pokémon Trainer Academy.

Frightened by the prospect of disappointment that may arise from it, Dorothy took the time to apply to the school. She was hesitant and terrified. Knowing her parents will not be there to shelter her and protect her was enough to make her sob into her pillows. But she knew that her parents knew what was best for her, and if they believe this to be of aid to her flaws, then she will suffer through it.

The wait was long, but at last an opportunity arose one morning. Mr. Roseland came across a letter assigned to Dotti on his way to work. It was a chance that he wouldn't let Dotti scrap, hoping it could aid her in defending herself and growing as a humble human being. Not only that, but it could possibly clear an easy path for her two younger sisters.


Species: Poliwag (Male)
Nickname: Pupui
Personality: An upbeat tadpole with boundless amounts of energy. He's the cuddling partner Dotti needs; a comrade she could cry to. A weak, yet brave, bodyguard at best, but it's the thought that counts to Dorothy.
Lvl: 7
-Water Sport
-Water Gun
-Ice Beam
-Bubble Beam


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Glad this is back. Ready to go!


Desmond Allen

Off to the Races

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Home Town: The Under, Orre

Dorm: Entei

Appearance: Standing at a scrawny-looking 5'9, Desmond doesn't look like anything special. He heavily prefers to wear darker clothing, going for a punk/rock hybrid look. This was heavily influenced by his childhood friend Daro, someone he always looked up to, even though Desmond was older by a few months. Around his neck, he wears a necklace with blue and red gems in the middle. This was a symbol of his friendship with Daro, the first item they ever stole together. Daro has the other necklace in the pair with the blue and red in opposite positions. Lastly, Desmond carries a light bag for various personal belongings, spare clothes, etc...

Brief History: Growing up in The Under wasn't the most ideal environment for a child, even after Cipher was taken down and the Kids Network rose up. There was still plenty of shady business going on and various petty crimes. This is where Desmond comes in. He had very loving parents but each day he would sneak out of the house to get away from them and have some time on his own. It was during one of these adventures he met Daro, another kid about his age, 8 or so, who was always getting into trouble of some kind. Surprisingly the two of the them hit it off and began spending much more time together, robbing local shops of food and other items or vandalizing one of the buildings in the city.

During one of their "adventures" they were approached by a man who claimed to be starting and finishing what Cipher couldn't do. The kids were perplexed but intrigued. They had heard of Cipher and their plan with Shadow Pokemon and Team Snagem. The man went on to explain they were looking for new recruits to the organization. As a sign of faith, the man gave each of the kids a Pokemon, an Eevee for Desmond and a Rhyhorn for Daro. The kids graciously accepted the gifts and agreed to help the man.

For the next 3 years, Desmond and Daro worked as a team, doing various missions such as stealing Pokemon, gathering resources from labs and battling anyone who stood up to them. Quickly, the two of them rose through the ranks until they were both mission execs in the organization, deciding what missions were to be prioritized and such. Disaster struck though after an "anonymous" tip alerted the police to the organization's location, leading to the capture of most of the members, including Desmond and Daro.

Fast forward 2 years, Desmond was sent to a reform school in Phenac City, where he learned about the true power of Pokemon and how that is unlocked. This came in the form of friendship and battling together for Desmond. With this knowledge, he again rose quickly through the school ranks and was recognized as the school's best battler. The teachers took notice and pushed for Desmond to apply to the Pokemon Trainer Academy. Desmond obliged and eagerly applied, wanting to experience new challenges.

Fast forward a few of months to present day and Desmond has been accepted to the Academy and is excited to begin. Little does he know, an old friend of his is also starting his first day.

Personality: Desmond tends to fall somewhere in between being a man of action and one of patience. He prefers to think things through fully before diving in. He sees no reason to just put himself in a chaotic situation without at least thinking of ways to get out of it first. Yet, he also understands not overthinking things and losing out on even getting a chance to dive in or worse make it so he has doubt in himself. Desmond understands the middle ground of the two and has been practicing it for years.

Desmond is also a very capable leader due to his years as a mission exec, though that was for nefarious means and as the reform school's top battler. Though he has these good qualities, Desmond also has some achilles heels. Namely, his soft spot for his friends, especially Daro and Hecate, his Umbreon. When either of them are in trouble or the like, it causes Desmond to forget what he's learned and began to master, leading to hasty decisions and a breakdown in his mental composure.

In terms of goals, Desmond has two. First, he wants to become the top trainer at PTA. After learning and believing in the true power of Pokemon, Desmond strives to unlock his Pokemon's full potential. The second is much more personal, he is on a mission to find his best friend Daro. It has been 2 years since they last saw each other and Desmond hasn't heard a peep from him. He is worried about his best friend and must find him. Not only that, he wants to teach Daro all about what he has learned and help him experience the joy that comes with battling as one with a pokemon.

Other: Desmond's Eevee evolved into an Umbreon shortly before transferring from the reform school.

Starter Pokemon: (Hecate)
Personality: Hecate is the Pokemon equivalent of Desmond after years of time together. Takes time to trust new Pokemon and people. Fierce battler.
Lvl: 10
Moveset: Payback/Tackle/Sand Attack/Baby-Doll Eyes/Snarl
Gender: Female

Pokémon’s appearance: The ring on its right ear is a light blue instead of the typical yellow

2nd Pokemon: (Leo)
Personality: Pretty much pure opposite of Hecate and Desmond. Always dashing off and getting itself in trouble. Fierce battler when focused. Wants to become friends with anything and everything that moves. Eats like a Snorlax.
Moveset: Feint/Horn Attack/Endure/Night Slash/Rock Slide/Swords Dance
Gender: Male

Other: Caught on journey over to PTA. Wanted to be friends with Hecate.


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Rosa 'Rose' Summers

Name: Rosa Summers


Age: 14

Sex: Female

Dorm: Entei and proud.

Appearance: At the short height of 5’3, Rose is often mistaken for being younger than she is. Traveling makes for a fairly lean body with toned legs due to so much walking. Her natural hair color is a mild blue that reaches slightly past her shoulder blades, along with several bleached-white streaks around her face. Her eyes are upturned and brown, while her skin is lightly tanned from years of outdoor exploration with her partner, Espeon. Rose wears a Pokegear around her neck, as well as two small, rosebud shaped earrings in each ear.

Rose has a one track mind, and that one track is Pokémon. She is eager to experience everything the Pokémon world has to offer, and interact with as many Pokémon as possible. She favors Pokémon that sacrifice bulk for speed, and using that speed to set up a quick sweep. She tries to teach her Pokémon a variety of moves in hopes of always having one super effective move against her opponents. Rose enjoys adventure and will step into unknown situations without hesitation in hopes of encountering one, that is, until something goes wrong. Her confidence can be shattered with extreme ease. From gung-ho to devastated so quickly can make her a bit difficult to understand, as there is rarely middle ground. Rose is generally friendly (more so to people with Pokémon), and though not the most talkative, she truly enjoys to be in the company of others...even if she thinks admitting it is a weakness.

The girl absolutely, positively LIVES for Pokemon battles. A battle in the middle of lunch? Okay! A battle at three AM? Bring it on! Before being accepted into the academy, her desire to battle was called extreme, perhaps even obsessive, though now that she’s found her home in the Entei Dorm, she’s just a part of the gang.


Rosa was born in the Johto Region, more specifically, Goldenrod City. The only child of a power plant worker and a teacher, her life was incredibly ordinary…

For the first nine years.

Rosa was spending the evening with her aunt and uncle when she heard the news: A simple drive to a business dinner had caused the death of both her parents. One minute she and her cousin were contently playing with My Little Ponyta toys, the next, she was an orphan. The mixture of extreme shock, and even more extreme sadness caused something to awaken within the child. As she let out a desperate sob, the window she was standing next to shattered, several books flung from a bookshelf, and the door slammed shut on the poor man who was forced to deliver the news.

Distraught, lonely, and frightened of this new power that welled up inside of her, Rosa, in her own words, “turned off.” She refused to speak, or lost the ability to, she honestly can’t remember, and she seemingly lost the ability to present emotion; never smiling, frowning, nor showing signs of anger or pain, the young girl merely stared blankly ahead. Her aunt and uncle, now her official guardians, took her to a child psychologist, who claimed this was not all that strange for young children who experience such a tragedy, and that she would eventually snap out of it, as long as they did not allow her to lock herself away completely.

Despite this supposed ‘normal’ reaction, Rosa recalls some of the local children thinking of her as frightening, while others thought her inability to seem angry, no matter what insults were thrown her way, was far too fun to pass up. Rosa’s memories of this time in her life are somewhat limited, and she refers to it simply as the time she “got weird.”

After several months of this behavior, Rosa’s cousin, Raegan, was growing desperate to have her cousin act like herself again. One morning she dragged Rosa towards the local Pokemon Daycare, knowing they occasionally had eggs, and hoping that seeing a newly hatched baby Pokemon would make Rosa smile. On the way there, the two had to pause their journey, as two trainers were engaged in a heated battle. The two girls sat down to watch, and as the battle went on, Raegan noticed something: Rosa was no longer staring blankly ahead, she was following the Pokemon’s movements with her eyes. The battle continued, Rosa cracked a tiny smile. New Pokemon were called out, Rosa began whispering her predicted outcome for the match. The battle ended, and Raegan quickly dragged her cousin home to announce her cured.

While it was not an immediate, 100% cure, it was obvious that being in the presence of Pokemon, and watching Pokemon battles, was helping the young girl more than anything else had. By this time, Rosa was ten, and while her aunt and uncle worried she was still not mentally stable enough to go on a Pokemon journey, they were more than willing to find a ‘starter’ Pokemon to call her own.

On a daycation to Ecruteak to see the Kimono Girls dance, Rosa was first introduced to Autumn, a stray Eevee that had been wandering around the theatre, drawn in by the scent of other Eevees. Autumn was, indeed, the biggest help anyone could ask for. Rosa began speaking out loud again, if only to talk to her Eevee, and when Autumn stole one of her Uncle’s socks, Rosa would laugh. As their bond grew, as did Rosa’s health, and when Autumn used that bond of friendship to evolve into an Espeon, Rosa knew it was their time to make a name for themselves.

More than anything, Rosa wanted to become a trainer, though setting off on her own was a frightening thought, thus, she applied to become part of the academy, where she could hone her skills as a trainer (and perhaps a Psychic).

Species: Espeon

Nickname(Optional): Autumn
Personality: Autumn has a calm nature, which works well to cancel out Rosa’s rather extreme emotions. She always appears calm and peaceful, even in stressful situations, and while she does not crave Pokemon battles to the extent that her trainer does, she is always happy to take part in them to see Rosa smile. Around new Pokemon, and people, Autumn is shy, often peering out from behind Rosa’s leg, or finding a table/chair/sofa to hide under until the strangers have vanished. She can be friendly towards Pokemon she is familiar with, but is hesitant to get close to humans, even those she is familiar with. While Rosa craves adventures and battle, Autumn craves contentment, which she feels when seeing her trainer happy.
Lvl: 10
Moves Confusion, Helping Hand, Sand Attack, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball


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Sorry. I guess my brain forgot. Anyway, here's the full character:
Name: Lucas McMillan
Gender: Male
Age: 14 (March 21, 2003)
Appearance: Lucas has bright orange hair which can never be tamed. It's always bushy, unless he is wearing his dark blue hoodie. Lucas is 5'7", and is commonly seen wearing shorts and a hoodie, and sometimes a pair of wireless blue headphones.
Personality: Lucas is pretty quiet, but he is smart and pays attention to detail. He spends most of his time on his laptop or gaming consoles. He also likes to battle with his Pokemon, not just to win, but to learn more about his Pokemon and others. His favorite Pokemon type is Steel. He normally keeps to himself and doesn't talk to others much. When Lucas is around someone he feels he can talk to, he will share a lot of things, including his true feelings. Because he hasn't had many friends and that his adoptive parents didn't like him as led Lucas to have slight trust issues and not be able to connect with people well. He does talk if someone talks to him first, he generally doesn't say much. He only talks to seem normal. It takes someone with a lot of compassion and strength to reach him, but when they do, they will be greeted by warmth and joy of someone trying to help him.
History: Lucas grew up in the Hoenn region, where he got his Aron, Aaron. One day, when he was out walking with Ace, he heard some sniffling from a nearby tree. Upon further inspection, he saw a small shape in a hollow at the base of the tree. Ace started yipping and running in circles. Lucas bent down and picked up the shape. It was an Aron! Lucas took it and ran back home. It was all alone and not in good shape. His parents helped him heal up the Aron. Once the Aron was back in good health, Lucas took it back out to try to find its family. After multiple days of searching, they could not find any Aggrons or Lairons nearby. They returned home, and then Lucas asked the Aron if it wanted them to be its family. The Aron happily agreed, and Lucas decided to name him Aaron. His Growlithe, Ace, was the last of his dad's Arcanine's litter. He got Ace at the age of 2 and Aaron at the age of 7. He lived in Lilycove City with his adoptive parents. His real mom and dad are dead, one having killed the other in a fit of drunken rage, then committing suicide out of grief. Lucas was only 10 when he watched his mom kill his dad, then commit suicide a few hours later. Lucas was soon put up for adoption. He was adopted by a couple at the age of 12. He never liked them, and they never liked him back. That's when he developed his love for the internet and computers. It was his escape from the real world. Because he would always be shut off, he didn't make any friends. One time, when his adoptive mom forced him to go outside and confiscated his computer, Lucas ran off into the nearby woods. He soon got lost.
After hours of aimless wandering, Lucas began to feel hungry. He began to seek out someone who could help him get out. He found a man leaning up against a tree tossing a Poke Ball up and catching it with one hand. As Lucas approached, the man promptly challenged Lucas to a Pokemon battle. Lucas had no choice. He accepted. Lucas was incredibly nervous and had never been in a Pokemon battle before. He sent out Ace, level 5 at the time, unsure of what else to do. The man sent out a level 13 Beautifly. This is gonna be easy, Lucas thought. Lucas managed to take down the Beautifly, but Ace was soon taken down by the man's level 15 Lombre. Lucas sent out Aaron, who was defeated soon after. The man put his Lombre away and helped Lucas get out of the woods. Lucas said nothing as they departed. It was at that moment that Lucas decided to train and become the best Pokemon trainer he could be.
Aron (LV: 7) Nickname: Aaron (Male); Moves: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Headbutt, Protect, Harden, Bulldoze; Personality: Arron is a very energetic Aron and is always excited to do anything.
Growlithe (LV: 8) Nickname: Ace (Male); Moves: Crunch, Howl, Ember, Double Team, Rest, Will O' Wisp; Personality: Ace loves to sleep, but will protect Lucas with his life.
Dorm: Suicune Dorm
Frodo: I can't do this, Sam.
Sam: I know. It's all wrong. By rights we shouldn't even be here. But we are. It's like in the great stories Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy. How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something. Even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn’t. Because they were holding on to something.
Frodo: What are we holding on to, Sam?
Sam: That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.
-The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
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LinearAxel based on 'My Little Ponyta' alone you are gosh dang accepted!

For real though, I really enjoyed your SU. You approached a childhood trauma and recovery from it in a reasonable way without going over the top. I can't wait to see how our two blue haired girls get along - or don't! Be sure to join our discord where we chat about the RP, share useful information and have some handy features to help you in your journey.


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Name: Ivrant Lehort

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Dorm: Suicune

Appearance: The only difference is that he's slightly taller then average compared to this image. Other then that, the features are roughly the same.

He keeps basically the general appearance as he does in the image.

Personality: An extremely Calm and collected boy who tries his best to focus on his studies as well as whichever task he's persuading. The being said, being driven off of his current focus can easily get him annoyed or flat out grumpy. When things go his way, he's a pleasant fellow to chat with. He can be very forward about what he's feeling in a conversation and never shys away from any exact detail.

Ivrant is still fairly new to the Battling scene, yet still managed to show enough potential in the written portion and pulled his weight in the practical exam enough to be admitted into the Suicune Dorm. He thinks very highly of this and has started to take battling far more seriously then he used to. His Pokemon, Dynamo often pulls Ivrant away to train whenever he strays away from practice in which case, Ivrant is completely fine with. Despite his Hobby, he understands keeping his Pokemon in top shape is a huge priority as far as surviving in the academy goes. While he hasn't been able to create a Pokeball of his own yet, he has played with Seals to make his Pokemon's entry especially flashy whenever they emerge from their ball, which his Pokemon enjoys greatly.

History: Before attending the Academy, Ivrant lived in Lumiouse City in the Kalos Region with his folks. His father worked in the Pokeball Factory in Laverre City and assisted in creating several special Pokeballs used to this day. As a result, Ivrant ended up taking it up as a hobby, learning about Pokeball design in his off time and even attempting to create standard Pokeballs of his own to capture other Pokemon. While his own creations hadn't quite been successful, he did use working Pokeballs in order to learn their inner workings. This ended Ivrant up with his first Pokemon, a Rosellia that he nicknamed Dynamo for his flashy fighting style.

While Ivrant didn't quite take on battles very often, he did take a bit of time to learn the basics of battle at the very least to make sure he could protect himself in case the city experienced another blackout. His mother thankfully was once a trainer as well and helped him learn how to properly battle as well as other basic information such as type advantage. Ivrant began to take training his Pokemon alot more seriously, especially after Dynamo himself began to insistently pull Ivrant away from whatever he was doing to train. His mother suggested the Trainer Academy to Ivrant to hopefully learn more about Pokemon in general. On top of that Ivrant felt like it would be a good environment to pursue his own ambitions

Together, Ivrant and Dynamo made their way to the Pokemon Trainer Academy and passed the Exams with flying colors, making their way to the Suicune Dorm. Whatever followed Next, Ivrant would just have to find out when he woke up the next day!

Pokemon: Rosellia (M)
Nickname: Dynamo
Personality: Dynamo has an extremely flashy personality. That of a masked hero of sorts (Think Zoro) He's always willing to assist his trainer in any tasks needed and seems to take battle very seriously.
Lv: 10
Moves: Spikes, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Stun Spore, Growth

(I might add more as I go. I have a tendency to get a better grasp as I play the character XP)

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power

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Pikamander7 Yo! How's it going? Always nice to see a new app, but unfortunately it seems like you missed the sign-up template! It had a bunch of mandatory information that needed filling out that's just kinda missing, y'know? Do you think you could go back and give Lucas the luxury treatment and flesh him out a bunch more? There aren't limited spots, so don't worry too much about taking your time.

(Synth and I discussed some neat new methods for handling scenes with lots of players. Hopefully it will make for a better experience overall than our old way of handling them!)

Megaman765 Heyheyhey! Now all we need is Jackblaze and SerenaStar eh? References aside though, you are accepted!

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There she goes! I hope she gets accepted :D.

Name: Kayrana Ral

Nickname: Kay, Kayra

Age: 15.

Sex: Female.

Dorm (Raikou, Entei or Suicune): Raikou


(For some reason the pics won't show (would be could if someone could fix that), so I left links too).
Kayrana is 5'7', so she's quite tall. She has a slender build and likes wearing comfortable clothes in all kinds of colors like green, yellow, blue. Usually light colours. She has mossy green eyes and short-ish orange hair, she uses those clips in her hair to prevent it from going into her eyes. She does not care much about dress codes and will rarely wear clothes she deems unpractical, annoying or uncomfortable like dresses or tight-fitting clothes; so she wears more baggy or loose-y clothes, anything that she thinks is comfortable really. She would like to smile more but it's kind of difficult for her for some reason.

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?):
Kayrana is a very passionate person, who always aims for perfection, but is plagued with indecision. Because of that, she is never content with what she does and she usually needs a big amount of energy to actually start anything she sets her mind off. Her peers would sometimes call her a ‘lazy overachiever’. With that said, she’s not one to show herself very often, and will usually go unnoticed, be reserved, or would be seen as ‘shy’; but truly, she only meddles in stuff she’s interested in or knows about. She isn’t one to be boasting around either. People may see her as cold because she doesn’t like small talk or useless gossip much, but, even if she doesn’t show it often, deep down, affection and friendship is what she craves the most. Even so, she has a hard time working in groups and often finds difficult to understand what people are talking about or how to just have a conversation. To people, then, she may seem cold, reserved, and unresponsive, but in fact she is really sensitive to signals of rejection from those they care for or those they wish to befriend. Of course, if she gets interested, all her ‘shyness’ goes away and she puts all her heart into whatever it is sparked her interest. She finds beauty and joy in complex and stuff worthy of analysis, of which the peak she deems to be nature, so Pokemon, her companions, are very important for her and she loves them. In accord with this, she considers battle to be a fruitless pursuit, but still think it’s best to be prepared and so still engages in it, but she tries to not harm her Pokemon much. Kayrana abhors many social prescriptions, manners, or unwritten codes of conduct, as well as with many laws, and tries to disengage from those she deems useless or wrong.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have they been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?):
Kayrana grew up in her parent’s hometown in Hoenn, Oldale Town; they lived there until Kayrana was 10, when they moved to Verdanturf town. She has a good relationship with her parents (or so she thinks) but sometimes they claim they don't understand her or don't understand why she's so shy and why she doesn't talk more. In Oldale Town, life was very quiet and she hadn’t made many friends, since most kids her age classed her as an outcast. But still, she loved Oldale town because of its location in the forest; for that reason, she also ended up loving Vendanturf, which are called “The highlands where the grass-scented wind blows.” There, her parents ended up finding jobs at a herbal medicine shop, and Kayrana became even more interested in topics relating to nature and its properties. She passed her days admiring the highlands, the forest, the trees and the leaves, and all the fresh air the town had to offer. She also used to go to the Pokemon Contest Hall, although she despised how and why they rated Pokemon, but she still enjoyed the show. When it closed and became a Battle Tent, she became really sad for a while. She had one or two friends here, but they all moved to other bigger cities a while after she met them, and she really missed them. In Vendanturf, though, at age 14, she met her first and only Pokemon: a Ralts. This happened when she was taking a stroll through a nearby forest and had gotten lost. It was getting dark and she wasn’t really great with directions, so she ended up laying on a patch of dried leaves, waiting for the night to pass. At that moment something started moving in some bushes to her right; she then only remembers appearing on the entrance of town with a Ralts smiling to her. From that day on, they were never separated. It is said Ralts can feel the emotions of humans, so she always wonders what Ralts was thinking of her when she appeared from out the bushes. After that, she moved to Slateport for a little while, and then she was sent to the Pokemon Academy by her parents; she wasn’t really sure what to do, so she accepted. At least, she wants to make friends and practice more in different aspects of the Pokemon world, battling too.

Species: Ralts (Female)

Nickname: Aurai
Personality: Aurai is very sweet and always comforts Kayrana when she senses she is feeling low. Fighting is not something she enjoys, but will do so if necessary; sometimes, though, if she feels it due, she will refuse to fight and give a long look at Kayrana until things are settled. Until now, though, they have never really fought any battle. She has sworn to herself to protect and help her friend, Kayrana; she always tries to keep the mood up and helps Kay to go on trips to the forest, either for fun or in order to collect herbs (or even just to learn more and observe nature). She always stays outside (in fact, she hasn't officially been caught by Kayrana).
Lvl (Max Lvl 10): 9
Moves (Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed):
Double Team
Shadow Ball

Ability: Synchronize

Opening Post (Must be from the perspective of your character): I will probably do this, but in a few days, when I get some more time.

By the way, if you do have any suggestion of what I could add (or if smth's missing ofc), please tell me! I had fun writing the sheet and I feel like adding more details too haha.

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"Would you kindly go jump off a cliff?"

Naomi Junn / Female / 15 Years Old / Raikou Dorm


Naomi stands at a height of 5'6" and sports a somewhat slender body build. She keeps her chocolate-brown hair short, as it barely manages to reach her shoulder blades at best. Naomi has a rather pale skin complexion, mostly on account of her being extremely active during the night. This is offset by her rather dark, emerald-green eyes. Naomi tends to dress in a more rebellious manner. Instead of dresses and heels, she prefers to wear shorts, t-shirts, and boots. Regardless of what she wears, Naomi is seldom seen without her trademark bracelet and choker around her neck.


Snarky, cynical, and headstrong. All of these are good terms to describe Naomi. She has quite the hot temper and is very prone to acting first and asking questions later. Naomi tends to act in quite the aggressive manner, pushing people away if she feels that they might be getting too close when she's not comfortable with such a thought. She prefers to keep to herself most of the time anyways, and if her acts of aggression manage to push people away then that is just fine with her. That is not to say that Naomi is all brute force and anger, however. The girl actually does have her soft side,
one that she prefers to keep hidden away from most of those around her. In particular, she is very dedicated and devoted to her younger sister, Izumi, and will go above and beyond expectations to do whatever is needed to keep her safe and well taken care of. As much as it pains her to admit, if Naomi finds the plight of someone around her moving or interesting enough, she will do her part to try and offer assistance... at least under the guise that it benefits her as well in some form. Despite her rather tough and roguish appearance, Naomi has a weakness for all things cute... and is absolutely terrified of ghosts.


Naomi was born and raised in Celadon City of the Kanto region. There, she lived in a rather small, cramped apartment along side of her single mother and her younger sister. Money was always extremely tight for the family, with her mother often working multiple jobs just to scrounge up enough money to keep a roof over her daughters' heads and some food on their plate. Because of this, she was often out of the home and it fell upon Naomi to try and take care of her younger sister to the best of her ability. Times were definitely tough, but at the very least they seemed happy. At least, that was what Naomi assumed.

Truth be told, the constant worry and dread of whether or not her children were going to have enough food on their plates or a warm bed to sleep in had long since began to take its toll upon Naomi's mother. Things were changing with the economy and with the prices of food and the like constantly rising, it became more and more difficult for the woman to handle all the stress. It was one fateful day, shortly after Naomi turned nine years old that it happened. Her mother finally snapped and took her own life, leaving Naomi and her younger sister alone in life. For a time, their future seemed uncertain. Naomi clearly was not old enough to work jobs and take care of her younger sister. It also did little to help with the fact that her father had been long since out of the picture shortly after her younger sister was born. Thankfully, Naomi's only surviving relative, her grandfather, was able to be tracked down in the bustling city of Goldenrod in the Johto region. Though reluctant at first, the old man eventually agreed to take in his granddaughters.

While most would think that this would have been a turning point in Naomi's life for the better, it turned out to be anything but. The girl had a hard time adjusting to her new life in Goldenrod City and living with her grandfather. As time progressed, Naomi began to act up in school quite frequently. She was prone to getting into fights at the drop of a hat. She began to ditch whenever she simply didn't feel like going and even had a run in or two with the law. While her grandfather was sure that this simply was a side effect towards the girl losing her mother, teachers, officers of the law, and such were not so sold on the theory. Eventually, Naomi was on the verge of finding herself on the way to either attending a juvenile reform school or some quality time in a juvenile detention center.

Despite such threats, Naomi simply didn't seem to care.

Little did the girl know however, that the tides of fate were going to come rolling in. One day while trying to make her escape from a shopkeeper she may or may not have stolen from, Naomi happened to encounter a wandering, stray Totodile located in one of Goldenrod City's many alleyways. The water Pokémon wasn't sure just what was going on, but for some reason he took it upon himself to come to Naomi's aid when the shopkeeper managed to not only catch up to the girl, but grab a hold of her by the wrist as well. Without a moment's delay, the stray Totodile let loose a quick, yet powerful Water Gun. This gave Naomi the chance she needed to slip away from the man's grasp, with the Totodile following quickly behind.

While Naomi had never really expressed any interest in the prospect of being a Pokémon trainer, the girl figured that she at least owed the Totodile for helping her out of a rather nasty situation. Feeling that she had nothing left to lose, she invite the water Pokémon to follow her to her home to her grandfather's apartment. At first, the old man wasn't too keen on welcoming another mouth to feed under his roof. However he also knew that Naomi would simply sneak the little guy in when he wasn't looking. Eventually, he relented and allowed the Totodile to join their little family. It was a choice he came to appreciate.

Through some means, Totodile managed to cause a slight shift in Naomi's behavior. She began to attend school on a more regular basis, and spent more of her free time in the company of her new friend, whom she decided to name Franky, as opposed to wandering around alleyways and getting into trouble. Things became quite a bit more difficult with money, especially since they were living on the old man's retirement, but Naomi appeared to be truly for the first time since her mother's death. Sadly, these times would not always last.

One year later, Naomi's grandfather's health began to take a rather nasty turn. He began to become ill on a regular basis. Naomi knew that the old man wouldn't have the money to seek proper medical care and take care of both herself, Franky, and her younger sister. At the same time however, Naomi also knew that the reputation she had managed to build for herself in Goldenrod was not going to allow her to find some job to help scrounge up some money to take the pressure off of her grandfather. It was at this point that she learned of a particular Pokémon academy. While Naomi's knowledge of Pokémon was laughable and she had no clue how to properly become a trainer, she figured that enrolling into the academy was going to be her best bet at trying to find some form of career to assist her grandfather and younger sister with. It was the least she could do for the man who gave her so much, despite all the grief and headache she gave him in return...


Franky the Totodile (Male, Level 10, Impish, Likes To Fight, Sheer Force)

Pokémon Moveset

Scratch | Leer | Water Gun | Dragon Claw | Ice Punch | Crunch

Pokémon Personality

Franky is a bit of a clown at times. He is known to cause trouble at the drop of a hat, especially if it gives him the chance to sink his jaws into an exciting battle. Nothing gives this little Totodile quite the thrill as fighting and winning against a strong opponent, and he always anxiously awaits his next battle. Franky wants to become the strongest he can possibly be for Naomi, seeing it as a sort of tribute to the girl who gave him a new home after his previous trainer abandoned him.

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Darkmaster006 It's been said to me and now I'm saying it to you. A lot of the time, being a bit relaxed with the details and allowing your character some space to grow into instead of clearly defining them right off the bat is actually a really good idea! It gives you some flexibility to work with, and when you don't necessarily know what you'll be up against flexibility is definitely a virtue. You're approved!

Magnificent Magilou That's a nice fleshed out app you've got there! ...That totodile's name amuses me in particular. Glad to have you on board. You're approved!

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Aoife (ee-fa) Breen


None really, though because of the difference in the spelling and pronunciation of her name, it is often said incorrectly. When introducing herself vocally, some assume "ee-fa" is really the more popular "ee-va", leading to that being an official nickname of sorts.








This image a pretty fair representation of Aoife’s looks. However, the redhead isn’t as slender as the picture shows, she’s put on a bit of bulk because of her “accident”; being unable to be active for a long period of time has its consequences. Barring your stereotypical mean girls, most wouldn’t really call her fat, but chubby may come to mind. She also wears a set of black, thin-rimmed glasses, and rarely removes them. Behind these spectacles are a pair of deep brown eyes, with one being ever so slightly more angled then the other.

In terms of style, Aoife clearly favours the simple and casual. She enjoys pairing t-shirts with dark denim pants and slip-on boots. Shades of green, brown, and grey are abundant in her wardrobe, though she’ll sometimes sport blue and yellow as well. On warmer days, expect to find Aoife in shorts, long socks, and runners. As her legs do bare some scars, she’ll rarely opt to show them off, hence the long socks in the summer.


It’s common to associate redheads with a fieriness, and one can see Aoife’s flames when the chips are down. This can come as a surprise to those around her, as she appears to have a mild demeanor. That isn’t to say she acts like a true Blue Oni (the calm, cool one) during most of her interactions, but Aoife could certainly be described as “down to earth”. She’s not one to get in on gossip, and will often question suspicious rumours. In that vein, Aoife takes a practical-minded approach when making choices; don’t expect her to drop 50$ for a fashionable hat or get caught up in the latest superficial hype. That doesn’t mean Aoife doesn’t have her weaknesses, she really didn’t need that third Eevee plush after all, but those are exceptions rather then the rule. Another trait she exhibits is humblenss, don’t expect this redhead to go on self-gratifying tangents.

As previously stated though, Aoife has an inner fire that erupts when the right circumstances are met. Though she isn’t quick to anger, push her hard enough and watch the fireworks explode. This can sometimes, in extreme situations, result in violent acts. The opposite can also be said, get her excited enough, and Aoife will get energetic and passionate.

In terms of faults, the redhead doesn’t like to show too much vulnerability and will actively avoid crying in front of others, especially strangers. Although she will admit to some fear, don’t expect her to express more then a simple “I find that creepy” when confronted with a horror movie or Mr. Mime. Additionally, Aoife is rather lacking in confidence and although friendly, doesn’t often start conversations with strange people.


Shalour City, home of the Tower of Mastery and Korrina’s gym, is the place Aoife calls home. She had what would be considered a good start to life; her parents both held decent jobs and were able to spend quality time with their child. When they were at work, the young girl would stay with a neighbour. The older lady had recently retired, and taking care of a spirited toddler was the perfect way to keep the blues away. Despite her strict ways, Ms. Caraway was a kind soul, and the redhead has many positive memories involving poffin-making and hosting tea-parties with the woman. Aoife’s humble nature could be seen as a result of her influence.

Growing up, the redhead always wanted to be a great trainer. She’d heard countless legends about the Tower of Mastery and the epic trainers gifted enough to harness Mega Evolution. Her dream was the wield that power, and use it to help those in need. “Strength was never meant to be horded, you should never seek it to meet a selfish end, like glory; that is how villains are made,” Ms. Caraway would warn, and that lesson has always stuck with the girl. Sadly though, her stint at a Jr. Trainer’s Camp revealed that Aoife was a poor battler overall. Although she isn’t aware of it, this is what sparked her loss in confidence.

The most notable event in her life, however, was the “accident”. Aoife doesn’t talk much about that, but it involved falling from a tree and smashing her left leg. She knew her parents didn’t want her climbing that particular tree; it was tall and smooth, making it potentially dangerous. However, she’d been goaded into giving it a shot by a couple of friends; expressing discomfort got her labeled a “weenie”, followed by assurances that it would be fine. All fired up, wanting to prove herself, Aoife began her assent. She struggled, but was determined to reach her goal, despite the slippery bark. This would prove to be her literal downfall, poor grip lead to a slip and the redhead had an unpleasant reunion with the ground.

It turned out breaking three of four limbs, with a smashed knee to boot, was an adequate punishment for her disobedience. Recovery was very long and painful, which prevented her from setting out on a journey come her tweenhood. Not that she really wanted to at that point, Aoife was crushed (both emotionally and physically) . Luckily though, most of her entourage was supportive, though there were a few friends that proved they were anything but.

As she was old enough to own a Pokémon, her parents gifted their daughter an Espurr for her 13th birthday. It was an odd choice, but the stoic cat and unsure teen made a good team.Their friendship didn’t take off immediately though, Mona had been abandoned by her previous trainer, and wasn’t terribly trusting at first. To help Espurr feel more comfortable, Aoife ended up turning to a lost love, --Poffin-making. Despite being rusty and failing a few times, practice and an elderly Ms. Caraway’s help, the girl met success. This reignited her passion for baking Poffin and sparked an interest in Poké-gastronomy.

In the present, things are better for Aoife. Despite her near-complete recovery, she still needs to be careful, and avoids exerting her body too much. Her left knee is especially valuable, and it will buckle if Aiofe tries to exercise it too much. She’s also much more mild natured then she was preceding her fall, and isn’t going to be coaxed into climbing a tree anytime soon…


Species: Espurr

Nickname(Optional): Mona

Personality: Mona is happiest when she’s at her trainer’s side, and doesn’t enjoy being away from her. It’s quite clear she has attachment issues, and the grey cat secretly fears a second abandonment. From afar, she comes off as a reserved, quiet Espurr that doesn’t look to interact with other people. She’s also a bit hesitant when meeting new Pokémon, but not as much as with humans.

Lvl: 9


  • Confusion,
  • Reflect,
  • Yawn,
  • Double Team,
  • Charge Beam,
  • Light Screen

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Name: Shelby Hampton

Nickname(s): Shub, Hamster

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Dorm: Raikou

Appearance: smol freckled ginger, pls protect

Personality: Shelby is a pretty easygoing girl, perfectly fine with blending in with everyone else. She doesn’t go out of her way to make friends, instead choosing to wait for people to come to her. She spends most of her free time either eating snacks, sleeping, or bothering her sister. She doesn’t have many friends, but will gladly open up to anyone who takes the time to talk to her. She’s hopelessly selfless to the point of self-destruction, willing to do whatever it takes to make the people she cares about happy, and has a bit of an inferiority complex due to spending all of her life living in the shadow of her siblings. She tends to not apply herself to anything, thinking that nothing she does will ever compare to her siblings. Shelby is rarely ever seen without a snack in hand and tends to spend most of her money on food, which leads her to ask her sister for loans. She harbors a bit of resentment towards Audrey for convincing her to come to PTA, but does her best to hide it, deciding there wasn’t much use in complaining about it now.

History: Shelby was born in Anville town as the youngest daughter of a prominent train engineer (though she doesn’t consider her twin sister Audrey to really be “older” than her) and a stay at home wife. She found herself constantly being overshadowed by her older siblings and spent most of her time alone in her room, reading the books her father had about trains. Her mother was the only person who really paid any attention to her and constantly tried to get her to leave the house and make some friends, but it wasn’t like there was anyone around her age in the town. Anville Town was a town of engineers, after all. She and her siblings were the only children around. She told her mother that she was happy living in the town, pushing down the emptiness she felt at the pit of her stomach. She didn’t want to be the reason her entire family moved. They had to stay for her father’s work, didn’t they?

Unfortunately, her siblings weren’t as selfless as she was and openly complained, and on her ninth birthday her mother made the decision to move to Nacrene City with the children while her father stayed in town for work. Shelby wasn’t enthusiastic about moving all the way across the region, but she didn’t have much of a say in it. It was on that day that she received her first Pokemon, a Vanillite that had recently hatched from an Egg that her father had found abandoned in a train he’d been fixing up. She promised to take care of it before leaving with her mother and siblings, on a special train that had been prepared for them.

Shelby’s life was relatively normal after that… Until Audrey suddenly announced that she wanted to go off to school. The older Hampton siblings had been shipped off to school already (some better than others), which only left the twins, who had been going to school locally. Audrey was smarter than her sister and quickly grew bored of the curriculum at school and was craving something more. Mrs. Hampton would only agree to let her go to school if her twin came along with her. Shelby didn’t want to go. She really didn’t want to go. She was content staying in the city. But her sister gave her the infamous puppy dog eyes, and she couldn’t say no. And so she and her sister found themselves making preparations for school. Audrey found herself in the Suicune dorm (which only made sense considering the amount of studying she’d done), while Shelby barely made the cut into Raikou.


Species: Vanillite

Nickname: Cream

Personality: Cream is a bit more outgoing than her trainer, and tends to wander off in search of new friends. She hates being confined in her Pokeball and will often leave it if something interests her. She doesn’t like battling and does whatever she can to avoid it, even if it embarrasses her trainer or causes trouble. She enjoys pulling pranks and teams up with Audrey's Pokemon to wreak havoc around the school.

Lvl: 10

Moves: Icicle Spear, Astonish, Toxic, Protect, Double Team
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Name: Dallas Yukira
Nickname: N/A
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Dorm: Suicune

Appearance: Dallas is 5'08" and still growing as he gets older. He had dark brown hair and has an average build for his age. His skin isn't too dark, but also isn't too light.

Personality: He loves cooking for both people and pokemon. So much so that when meeting new pokemon, he will sometimes observe the pokemon to see what they like to eat and form recipes for his own pokemon. When he meets new people from other regions, he tends to ask a lot of questions about the food in their region.

Dallas is always striving to become the best. He is extremely confident, sometimes over confident in everything he does, but especially cooking. And even though he considers what people says, he will usually push it aside, causing him to miss important things. He tends to ignore most of what they tell him as he would prefer to find new and creative ways to do cook and combined certain things.

He enjoys making friends and talking to others. Even when people are rude or negative toward him, he still keeps smiling. He continues to try to get along with people, including those who clearly don't want to be friends, but that is how he grew up.

He enjoys a good challenge as he has always been challenge by his father. Even though he wants to be like his father and follow in his foot steps, his dream is to surpass his father.

History: Dallas was born and raised near Snowbelle City in the Kalos Region. Because of that, he has always been fond of forests and Ice Type Pokemon. He lived with his mother who owned a small bakery in the city that got a good amount of business. He grew up helping her whenever he could, especially around the holidays when baking would be at a much higher demand.

Dallas looked up to his mother, but also his father who was a world traveler who would go to different regions and cook and study different foods, as well as challenge gyms and other events. Like his father, Dallas can be very competitive. Every now and then, him and dad would have a small food war to see who's food was best. Dallas himself had never won against his father even with the judges being a close friend and his mother. Never being ever to win against his dad has made Dallas strive to become the best and surpass his father.

One night, a few nights before Christmas, he snuck out of the house in the cold snowy night to find ingredients for a cookie recipe that he have created himself to surprised his parents. Until that night, he didn't really want a pokemon. He just wanted to become a world class chef. When he was searching, he found a pokemon buried in the snow. He quickly dug the pokemon out and it surprised him that it was a Vulpix with white fur. He picked up and ran back to his house. He woke up his parents who quickly realized he found a pokemon that had been injured. His father quickly used a form of medical pokemon cuisine to tend to the pokemon. This made Dallas want to learn to become a pokemon breeder and learn how to take care of them as well as cooking for humans and pokemon.

The day after, he found out that the pokemon had been abandoned by a trained from the Alola Region who no longer wanted to take care of the pokemon. Knowing that an Alolan Vulpix couldn't survive in Kalos, due to the lack of wild Vulpix and Ninetails, Dallas was allowed to keep the Vulpix. On that same Christmas, Dallas also received a normal Vulpix from his father to aid with cooking. With the two Vulpix together, this gave birth to Dallas dream of becoming a Fire and Ice cuisine master.

When he was 12, Dallas' father was getting ready to travel once again. Before he left, he suggested that Dallas go to the Pokemon Trainer Academy to learn about new people, pokemon and places. Knowing that it would greatly help his dream of surpassing his father and becoming a Fire and Ice cuisine master, he agreed. It was the best way to learn about other regions without actually traveling which would only aid him when he finally started to travel like his father.


Species: Vulpix (Male)
Nickname: Blazey
Personality: Blazey is very friendly toward pokemon and humans. It loves being petted and also loves to battle as well as aiding in cooking.
Level: Lv 10
Moves:Ember, Energy Ball, and Heat Wave

Species: Alolan Vulpix (Female)
Nickname: Freezey
Personality: Freezy likes other pokemon, but tends to ignore other humans besides Dallas and his family. It does not like to be petted other than by Dallas. Much like Blazey, it also enjoys battling and aiding in cooking when needed.
Level: Lv 10
Moves: Powder Snow, Dark Pulse, and Moonblast

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Star Arcana Nicely fleshed out profile! You are accepted! I would recommend joining the PTA Discord so you can more easily keep track of progression and more easily get updates and all that good stuff.

ShaymieTheShaymin But Shelby--just think. The food is free here! You are accepted!

Icyice Things are starting to look delicious at the trainer's academy. You're accepted!

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Yay, pretty excited for this!

I may change Aoife's appearance a bit later, but it won't be too major.

Also, if we continue to have few guys, I'd consider reworking Aoife into a dude.
You really don't have to! It's quite fun actually! I don't think I have seen you on the discord before. Might I suggest joining?
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