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Has this ever happened to anyone where their phone battery...bloated? Bulged? Swollen? etc?

It's happened to me twice and...let me just say. It's terrible this is something that can happen. I now fear it'll happen again when I get a new phone.


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Not to a phone, but to my 2DS many years ago. Luckily, the replacement battery my mom got for it worked fine and still does to this day.
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my old Huawei phone from 2018, just before this Xiaomi i have now. that one hurt bcs it was a Christmas gift from my aunt. the battery started bloating and it got really laggy after 2 years of charging it overnight every night. i believed those techies saying modern batteries are smarter than older ones and they'll know when to stop charging. i guess it is true, but perhaps not for my mid range phone.

when i eventually need to upgrade (hopefully not in the near future), i'll want a phone with super fast charging, at least 80W or so, so i don't have to wait too long. that used to be the reason why i charged my phone overnight: because i forgot to charge throughout the day and was under 10% before i went to bed. i already had experience with my phone dying throughout the night and my alarm not sounding, so i could not risk foregoing juicing up.
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My PSP had this happen. The cover for the compartment came off and the plastic shell around the battery had split, so I removed it immediately and got it recycled. I've recently got a replacement though that's working nicely.
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