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Old February 5th, 2018 (3:11 PM).
ShinyTogedemaru ShinyTogedemaru is offline
Pokemon Spirit Head Dev
    Join Date: Nov 2017
    Nature: Timid
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    Team Member Recruitment
    Position(s) being recruited for: Just about anything (I know, it should be specific, but really, it's just me and one other person right now. The only thing I don't want is someone to make the story. I have that covered. Someone who can create 4/5th get sprites is my main thing to find rn :D).
    Team name: Team Soul
    Team members: Me and one other person
    Game title: Pokemon Spirit
    Current progress made: Only basic planning of things to add, and a considerable amount on the story
    Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game: Well, no development has been done on the actual coding, and all there is would be this:
    There's another ting that isn't there, however, the information is to be kept secret for now, as to surprise all that see it.
    Preferred method of contact: Discord. I'm GoldenVolcarona#2867
    Additional information: (optional) The story and the rest of the documents featured above aren't complete. Work is still to be done and many surprises await those who end their journey.
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    Old 4 Weeks Ago (6:33 AM).
    buttjuice's Avatar
    buttjuice buttjuice is offline
      Join Date: Jul 2016
      Gender: Male
      Nature: Lax
      Posts: 97
      Position(s) being recruited for: 4th gen Overworld Spriters, Trainer Battle Spriters, 5th Gen Style Fakemon Spriters, Programmers, Fakemon Concepts, and Composers
      Team name: Team Reliquia
      Team members: Me (Team Leader, mapper, eventer, and writer), TrainerCord (Lead fakemon spriter, concept artist, and sketcher), Antsa (Helps with writing, and coming up with text for random NPCs), Fable (OW spriter, and fakemon spriter), Valmemed (Trainer spriter and back spriter)
      Game title: Pokemon Umbra
      Current progress made: 10 maps including 4 towns, 3 routes, and 2 caves. The intro where you meet the professor, some trainer battles, fun events in the first two towns, the starters sprites, and the female protagonist's different outfits.
      Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game: Currently no thread since we've only been working for a few weeks, but here's links to some of the maps and some of the gifs
      Map album:
      Gif album:
      Preferred method of contact: Discord, or PM me on here. Discord is "buttjuice#4790"
      Info about the game: This game will be following the usual Pokemon formula, you're a trainer that has always lived in your cousins shadow and are getting fed up with it and wanting to finally show that you are something, and possibly better than them. One being a gym leader, the other being the regions champion, you decide to finally take on the gym challenges and will prove to not only yourself, but your family that you are a lot more than just your cousins shadows. It'll be a very interactive Fakemon fan game, you will have features like playing with Fakemon in the overworlds (similar to how you could play with Rockruff in USUM), doing things for people to get extra unnecessary items that could help you, following pokemon, two rivals, and a reputation/freindship mechanic that will change things and give optional events with whichever rival you decide to build the friendship with. Remember, this game is early in development and we still have a lot of stuff to do, and more things to plan out.
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      TheNegroShoddy TheNegroShoddy is offline
        Join Date: Feb 2018
        Posts: 6
        Team Name: TBD
        Team Member: (ME)
        Game Title: FALSEBOUND (Working Title)
        Current Progress Made:
        - Inventory System complete
        - Working Battle System with wild encounter a.i.
        - Random Battles
        - Tamer Battles
        - Storage Box System
        - Overworld System
        - Monster Progression
        - Naming System Complete
        Video of prototype:
        ^ Keep in mind that the graphics you see in the video/screenshots are placeholders. The video shows off tons of features including, but not limited to: capturing monsters, naming monsters, storage box management, inventory system, and leveling up monsters. Only thing I forgot to show off was tamer (trainer) battles.
        I have quite a lot already coded, but there is still so much more work to be done and things to be fixed.
        Method of contact: Youtube (Google Hangouts), via e-mail at [email protected] , or you could just PM me which I’d perfer
        Game Information:
        FALSEBOUND is an idea that I have for an original intellectual property (IP) that is the fusion of the addictive monster capturing gameplay of Pokemon and Digimon with some concepts borrowed from an old manga I read back in high school back called LegendZ. The game will be made in Game Maker Studio version 1.4 as opposed to RPG Maker XP. The game will be primarily single-player focused as I want to focus on making a game with tons of replay value and player choice.
        The region in the game will be inspired by Egypt and the player will be able to follow their own path as a tamer. These paths will include:
        - Following the standard structure of badge collecting + beat league route like Pokemon
        - Joining a criminal organization
        - Joining a task force to stop the criminal organization
        Positions recruited for:
        - U.I./HUD Designer - Helps come up with the UI/HUD for the game.
        - Overworld Designer - Helps come up with the world the player explores outside of battle
        - Concept Artists
        - Spriters / Tileset Designers
        - Secondary Project lead - This is the highest position in the project. As lead you will the power to make big decisions when it comes to many aspects of the game. For this position, I'm really looking for a solid partner. Someone who could possibly split the cost for developing this game and preferably someone who has some experience developing these style of games. In return for helping to finance the game, you will receive a share of the profit (will negotiate) upon the game's release.
        I guess this kind of goes without saying, but anyone working on the development team will get the game completely free at release.
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        Destryer's Avatar
        Destryer Destryer is offline
          Join Date: Oct 2016
          Gender: Male
          Posts: 40
          Team name: TBD
          Team Leader: me
          Team members: me and xUMG
          Game title: Pokemon Looker
          Looking for: Spriters that can make 4th gen sprites and trainer battlebacks.

          Method of contact:
          Discord, PM or email me at [email protected]
          ( discord is "Destryer#5695" )
          For more info you can check the thread and if you have any other questions just write a reply on the thread, PM or discord.
          Belgium time.
          Current BETA:
          2.5, third will come soon.
          Things that have been done:
          First region maps and some maps of the second region, events go up to the 6th city (including all the routes, caves and forests that need to be passed to arrive to the 6th town).
          NOTE: not everything that has been done has been released.
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          Bentoxx Bentoxx is offline
            Join Date: Aug 2016
            Location: France
            Gender: Male
            Posts: 8
            Recruiting a Team Member
            Team name: Pokémon Arkhe
            Team Leader : Bentoxx
            Current Members : Me and Charenel (Artwork Fakemon)
            Current Game title : Pokémon Arkhe
            Current progress made : No release. (see the presentation)

            Positions recruited for :
            - Spriters from Artwork (pixel over)
            - Overworld of Fakemon
            - Sprites trainers (fusion or scratch)
            - Few help on tiles (optionnal)

            Preferred Method of contact : PM / Discord : Bentoxx#7383 / Deviantart (link in the topic)
            Link to your PC thread :

            Additional Info: If you need any details about recruitement you can contact me.
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            xUMG xUMG is offline
              Join Date: Jan 2018
              Gender: Male
              Nature: Adamant
              Posts: 12
              Hello, we are looking to recruit the following, for a game we are currently working on.

              • Mapping, mostly complicated mapping shown in the YouTube series.
              • Sprite Artists, Tilset artist (Will be working with the mapper.), Object spriting (Example: The car shown in Cycling Road), Character Overworld spriting (Example: Peanut Butter)
              • Someone who can edit Luka S.J.'s Ultimate Title Screen resource, the gen 1 style, so instead of the electricity moving in the background, it'll be the fire animation (We are using the offline UPS).
              • And someone who's familiar with the PItem_ItemEffects script section to define an item that can be used from the bag.
              • If you do want to help on the project by doing stuff other than that, don't hesitate to contact me!

              Team Members:
              SuzuiXIi (support)
              Ampharos 2.0 (scripting)
              Haunted Ditto (spriting)

              Game Title: Pokémon Rusty

              Current progress made: We are currently on the episode "HM Madness".

              Screenshots: While there is a thread for the game it isn't in PokéCommunity.

              Preferred method of contact:
              Either PM me on discord (xUMG#4982), or give me a PM here, tell me at what thing you could do help in, then I'll send you a discord link.

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