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The event has ended
Congratulations to everyone, who was able to finish on time.

We have a small surprise! There is a VPP reward for you!

To claim it, please contact Caite-chan or Fairy and they will walk you through everything.

If you don't know what VPP is, check its forum.
But that's not all!
In the following days, this thread will transform into regular Egglocke Challenge thread, so you can continue updating your runs here or even start whole new run. Good luck and have fun!
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well, since it'll hang around, and since I did finish almost everything in this one except Ghetsis before the 5th (to think, I might have managed to finish before midnight if only the council of our area hadn't blocked the whole bike path to widen it be a meter for some reason and the detour around taking 10-15 minutes more)

waters_echo Egglocke: White

badges: 0-4

take Tepig in Nuvema Town
~3 hours of prelude later~
catch patrat on r1

1 Nuvema Town Tepig 5 > 1-30 nidoran M (Speedy)
(oof that's a moveset...)

2 r1 Patrat 2 > 2-1 ledyba (Patter)

vs N 1
Patter lv9
bug buzz ohko on purrloin

3 r2 lillipup 4 > 3-6 tirtouga (Pubby)
(oh good moveset)

4 dreamyard pansage 10 > 4-25 dwebble (Sage)

VS Cress
lv12-13,lead: pubby
very close battle
lillipup kept getting flinches on Pubby

badges: 1
usable pokemon: 4
RIP: 0

put Cut on Speedy

5 r3 purrloin 9 > 5-1 burmy m (Pi)
(he only has Protect,,,)

6 wellspring cave roggenrola 13 > 6-6 piplup (Roge)

evolution: Speedy > nidorino
Roge > prinplup

taught Thief to Speedy, gonna steal some stuff from wild pokemon
(eventually one of these roggenrola will have a hard stone instead of an everstone)
(outcome: 13 everstones and 2 hard stones that we're giving to the rock types on the team)

evolution: Patter > Ledian

7 pinwheel forest (outside) tympole 15 > 1-6 larvitar (Thyme)

evolution: Pi > mothim
>>Hidden Power: Dragon

a level 14 timburr took out Roge in one hit... (It,,, must have et up bide on the turn I swapped him in, and then bubblebeam didn't ohko it)

Thyme is on the team

badges: 1
usable pokemon: 6
RIP: 1

vs N 2
Patter (lv25) vs pidove, psybeam ohko
tympole bug buzz ohko
timburr psybeam ohko

VS Lenora
Lead: Patter
get off a silver wind, but herdier uses leer, so we swap to Speedy
herdier hits him, and we KO it with double kick
swap to Pubby since he has the highest defence in case of Retaliate
watchoh misses with hypnosis
hit it with aqua jet, it uses leer
we hit it with rock throw, but it succeeds with hypnosis putting Pubby to sleep
swap to Sage
watchhog uses leer, then gets off hypnosis on sage
swap back to patter, watchog gets a crit crunch
bug buzz KOs watchog

badges: 2
usable pokemon: 6
RIP: 1

can we just contemplate that this team now has 3 rock types and 3 bug types

lv12 tympole nearly faints Thyme because she didn't quite KO it with her attack and it bubblebeamed her in the face

ranger's herdier got a crit take down and took out half of Speedy's hp, geez

8 r4 sandile 15 > 2-27 wynaut (Wy

VS Burgh
team: lv26-27
lead: Sage
Sage vs whirlipede, multiple turns of rock blast doing just two hits and him healing, finally get a 3-hit rock blast and KO it
leave Sage out against dwebble
Smack down + rock blast KO
swap to Pi for Leavanny
Leavanny uses protect two turns in a row and then we ohko with gust

badges: 3
usable pokemon: 7
RIP: 1

vs Cheren on rt4, Dewott Crit hit Razor Shell KO's Speedy
Speedy gets off a poison point revenge, at the least

badges: 3
usable pokemon: 6
RIP: 2

now we're stuck at five pokemon on the team because I am NOT replacing Speedy with a wynaut

9 Desert Resort darumaka 19 > 3-30 hoothoot (Hop
10 relic catle sandile 21 > 4-27 joltik (Bitey

11 r16 liepard 22 > 5-16 tropius (Flaps
12 lostlorn forest swadloon 21 > 6-17 blitzle (Zipps

putting Zipps on the team for now since if we put Bitey we'll have FOUR bug types

evolution: Zipps > zepstrika

13 r5 solosis 19 > 1-23 snivy (Rustly

evolution: Rustly > servine

VS N Ferris Wheel
he leads off with sandile and we had Thyme in the lead, so swap to Patter, bug buzz ohko
swap back to Thyme for darumaka, rock slide ohko
swap to Pi for scraggy, gust ohko
swap backto Thyme for sigilyph, get hit by psybeam, but it doesn't do much (not least because I gave her eviolite to hold), rick slide ohko

evolution: Thyme > pupitar

VS Elesa
lv: 30-31 Lead: Thyme
rock slide ohko on emolga1
rock slide ohko in emolga2
swap to Zipps for zebstrika
it managed to get Zipps down to 26 health with a crit on one of its flame charges, but she then KOd it with double kick so it's fine

badges: 4
usable pokemon: 11
RIP: 2


14 drifveil bridge ducklett 25 > 2-26 pinsir (Duckie
... *teaches Duckie strength and cut*

15 r9 deerling 22 > 3-1 dratini (Shikki

herdier+vanilite wild duo is bad and annoying I shouldn't need to swap so many times to protect my team against wild pokemon

evolution: Sage > crustle

evolution: Pubby > carracosta

VS Clay
team: lv40-41
Lead: Pubby
aqua jet ohko on krokorok
swap to Pi for palpitoad, air slash ohko
swap back to Pubby for excadrill
excadrill hone claws, brine takes it to red
hyper potion on excadrill, we use aqua jet, take it down to red again
rince and repeat the potion and aqua jet
aqua jet without Clay healing it, finally

badges: 5
usable pokemon: 13
RIP: 2

taught bulldoze to Thyme

16 chargestone cave klink 26 > 4-15 mawile (Melt

lucky egg get

the concept of Thyme, who as a pupitar doesn't have feet, using stomp, sure is a thing

Trainer's drillbur in chargestone lived Patter's Bug Buzz with 1hp and ohko'd him witha +1 attack rock slide
swapped to Pubby and KOd it
Idiot fool that I am, I forgot to consider that it might have a rock move, which is stupid considering how much I've been paying attention to that sort of thing so far

badges: 5
usable pokemon: 13
RIP: 3

chargestone cave N fight wasn't notable and I was a bit distracted so uh, didn't record it.

17 r7 zebstrika 29 > 5-29 swablu (Cheese

18 celestial tower litwick 26 > 6-23 combee F (Sugary

Swapping in Rustly to replace Patters

evolution: Rustly > serperior

VS Skyla
lv: 43-45
lead: Zipps
discharge ohko on swoobat
discharge ohko on unfezant
discharge ohko on swanna

badges: 6
usable pokemon: 16
RIP: 3

19 twist mountain gurdurr 28 > 1-9 bouffalant (Grass

20 r18 scraggy 28 > 3-5 throh (Hornk

21 icirrus city shelmet 30 > 3-2 gible (Salad

22 r8 shelmet 31 > 4-2 budew (Nibs

23 dragonspiral tower deerling 31 > 5-2 sewaddle (Big

24 moor of icirrus stunfisk 32 > 6-4 shroomish (Stumbie

VS Brycen
lv: 45-49
Lead: Zipps
flame charge doesn't quite ohko vanillish
Brycen heals it, and we get a crit with double kick, KOing it
use charge, and beartic uses swagger but misses
thunderbolt ohko
double kick ohko on cryogonal

badges: 7
usable pokemon: 21
RIP: 3

25 nacrene city tirtouga 25 > 1-10 lapras (Taurine

26 r9 garbodor 31 > 2-15 chingling (Glindle

there's an npc called Thyme in Opelucid city and it caused me to doubletake

27 r10 foongus 30 > 3-7 deino (Sandwich

a duosion used endeavor and whacked Zipps down to 6hp and about gave us a heart attack


VS Iris
lv: 60-61
lead: Sage
x-scissor ohko on fraxure
rock slide takes druddigon to red, druddigon's night slash does heck all
isir heals druddigon, x-scissor takes druddigon to red, repeat until Iris doesn't use a hyper potion
rock wrecker ohko on haxorus

badges: 8
usable pokemon: 24
RIP: 3

E4 + N & Ghetsis

28 victory road durant 37 > 4-18 castform (Poff


VS Shauntal
lead: Thyme
coffinboi ohko by dark pulse
swap to Rustly gor golurk
ohko with leaf blade
swap back to Thyme for chandelure
dark pulse ohko
swap back to Rustly, ohko jellicent with leaf blade

VS Grimsley
lead: Pi
Bug Buzz doesn't ohko scrafty, taking it down to yellow hp. Scrafty gets crit crunch, taking Pi down to 80 hp
swap to Zipps and double kick KO it
swap to Rustly for Krookodile, take it to red with leaf blade, it hits with foul play and KOs itself on Rustly's rocky helmet
swap back to Zipps for bisharp, crit double kick ohko
fake out from liepard, but then ohko it with double kick

VS Caitlin
lead: Sage
x-scissor ohko on reuniclus
swap to Thyme for sigilyph
rock slide ohko
swap back to Sage for gothitelle, x-scissor ohko
x-scissor ohko on musharna

VS Marshal
lead: Rustly
Coil, throh uses stone edge and misses
coil again, stone edge hits but does little
leaf blade takes throh to red, it hits with payback and KOs itself on the helmet
mienshao enters and promptly exits via leaf blade ohko
sawk comes out, giga drain on it takes it to yellow, then it lands a crit stone edge takes Rustly to 101 hp (still green
leaf blade takes conkeldurr to a sliver of red, hammer arm misses
Marshal heals it, leaf blade takes it to like, 1 hp, he heals it again
giga drain takes it to yellow, then kos it

29 N's Castle zekrom 50 > 5-14 azurill (Lightning

lv: 61-62
lead: Thyme
fusion flare does little, rock slide ohko
swap to Zipps for "Klingklang", hit with flame charge. Illusion breaks. zoroark misses with focus blast
double kick crit KO
actual klingklang comes out. double kick to yellow
second kos it
double kick takes vanillux to yellow. it uses hail
second kos it
thunderbolt takes carracosta to 1hp (sturdy), but hail kos it
swap to Pubby for archeops. it gets off a stone edge, then Pubby ohko's it with surf

it is now: 2 past midnight

VS Ghetsis
dark pulse ohko on coffinboi
swap Sage in for hydreigon
surf takes him to 125 hp (still green), z-scissor ohko
swap to Zipps for bisharp, double kick ohko
bouffoulant out, double kick does significant damage, but its head charge does a despectable amount in turn
swap to rustly, Ghetsis full restores it
leaf blade and head charge, big damage both, but seconf leaf blade kos it
leave Rustly in for seismitoad, giga drain ohko
swap to Thyme for eelektross
rock slide gets a flinch
second kos it

badges: 8
League Win: 1/ (Hall of Fame: 0)
usable pokemon: 26
RIP: 3

Maybe we'll go all the way to Alder at some point



Pubby the impish carracosta. Slow as all getout, but strong enough offences and very good defences

Sage the adamant crustle. Shrugs off attacks like they're nothing. Wish he'd had Shell Armor instead of sturdy, that would have been more useful. Carried his Night Slash egg move all the way

Pi the mild mothim. A bit fragile, but a very good special attacker. Came a long way from a burmy that only had Protect.

(name is pronounced like it was taken from a 'pi-pi-pi' sound, rather than like the maths 'Pi')

Thyme the rash tyranitar. Replaced Roge on the team. Carried Stomp and Dark Pulse all the way from hatching. Stomp is surprisingly handy, with its high flinch chance.

Zipps the naive zebstrika. Replaced Speedy and kind of became the leader in spirit of the team. Made excellent use of her Double Kick egg move. Sturdy in the face of a lot of elements that other party members wouldn't be able to take.

Rustly the sassy serperior. Replaced Patter on the team, and gave us some much needed type variation. Iron Tail is an okay egg move, low accuracy is a bit of a pain... which at the least is a bit mitigated by Coil.


Fell to: Failed KO via low damage roll on a pokemon using Bide

Fell to: Cheren's Dewott getting a critical Razor Shell after leaving Dewott with a sliver of HP. He still got the KO on Dewott in the end, though, because Poison Point activated

Fell to: Me being an idiot and forgetting to consider one single time that a trainer's drillbur probably had a rock move

*insert sound of me absolutely losing it*

3 shiny wild ghosts across two egglockes what is going on

What I learned from this is: a ridiculous amount of things in this region have a rock move and/or bide

Anyway, it's been fun, thanks for making this!
(I will say it was incredibly hard to get the gen4 files to function, and I needed to do different things for them and I'm still not fully sure how I got them to work in the end because it was different between platinum and soul silver (was it just like this for me? I don't know. It was really weird). I did the White run because I got it working easy as anything, a full day before the others, and I figured I'd just stick with it)

And now you know what I do when I get bored~
(read: have far too much fun with overlay layers)


fake your death.

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forgot to post after winona, but i had no losses. came dangerously close, though. prior to getting to her though, i hatched a torchic which is a huge blessing bc it's my favorite starter lol so naturally i replaced kiara with her. i just beat tate and liza last night, very easily at that. was kind of surprised, but i think i just need to have more faith in my team. evolved poliwhirl after i beat them too. :) will be streaming the seafloor cavern and stuff tonight too!

whitney lv. 40 @ silk scarf
thick fat
seismic toss / reversal / stomp / milk drink

wonka lv. 41
thunderbolt / karate chop / swift / light screen

boring lv. 40 @ soft sand
rock head
rock slide / magnitude / mega punch / rock smash

not kiwi lv. 40 @ mysticwater
water absorb
strength / dive / surf / ice beam

chictor lv. 40 @ lax incense
blaze kick / double kick / bulk up / peck

nutmeg lv. 41
rock head
rock tomb / ancientpower / fly / steel wing

staryu, cacnea, ponyta, seviper
justice? righteous? keep that muk to yourselves!
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fake your death.

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forgot to tell y'all i beat this slfkjsdl like last weekend actually. i didn't clip much from it but here's this epic shot of poliwrath being the goat - volume warning! lol anyway this was super fun! i did have one more loss, right in the steven battle with nutmeg. but i beat the challenge which means all my pokemon are magically back alive now it's the rules :))) lol i plan on doing another at some point, just want to clear out some challenges i've been neglecting for a while first.

whitney lv. 53 @ silk scarf
thick fat
shadow ball / reversal / body slam / milk drink

wonka lv. 53
thunderbolt / karate chop / swift / light screen

boring lv. 52 @ soft sand
rock head
rock slide / earthquake / mega punch / dig

not kiwi lv. 55 @ mysticwater
water absorb
return / brick break / surf / ice beam

chictor lv. 54 @ lax incense
flamethrower / double kick / bulk up / slash

nutmeg lv. 54 - RIP (but including here bc he made it to the champion battle)
rock head
earthquake / ancientpower / fly / steel wing

staryu, cacnea, ponyta, seviper, aerodactyl
justice? righteous? keep that muk to yourselves!
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