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I'm glad you liked The Sexy Brutale. I really have to get it myself and play it. I've seen my friend playing it, but it was almost 5 years ago, so I think I can properly experience it by myself.

I'm also taking notes and inspiration for what to play in the future from your list. Cthulhu Saves Christmas and A Little to the Left flew under my radar, but they look like a lots of fun.
I think we have similar tastes in games so I'm glad you also look at my lists the way I look at yours!

I love anything by Zeboyd games. They do really good short games and I'm always here for seasonal pursuits hehe.
It's still funny to me that you find the different parts of Three Houses don't mesh well because one of the things that I love about that game is how well it blends together its distinct elements both narratively and mechanically. I guess to each their own though!

Highly recommend getting through Scarlet. It's got some jank/general flaws for sure, but the writing of the characters and story is the best it's been.

You've done plenty of Final Fantasy, so you probably know, but I'm going to warn you in advance because I wasn't when I played FFIX. This game is grindy as psyduck and it sneaks up on you because the first disc is really easy. But by the end of the game if you haven't been grinding a lot/picking up the best spells and weapons, you're going to have a bad time. I have other things to say but I don't want to spoil it for you haha.

All in all though, it just brings me a lot of joy that you get so much out of the Game-Along. Looking forward to seeing how this years' goes for you.
I might have changed my tune if I'd played the whole game and all routes but I just don't enjoy Fire Emblem enough to commit like 300 hours into finding out. u_u I'm glad that most people who do enjoy FE really liked 3H, though, and that's good enough lol.

And yes, I def have heard that about FFIX! One of my childhood friends got completely blocked in the game by being underlevelled when they got to a part they couldn't get out from and it's always in the back of my head when I think about FFIX, so I'll go out of my way to grind extra for sure. (And if all else fails, I think the PC version has cheats but... who wants to rely on those.)

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Log Update #17

First update of the year! New year, new me, new journal design. I've updated the first post of this thread with my 2023 info and shifted the 2021post down, so go check that out if you want, though it's really just my log of games beaten and challenge games.

I'm not gonna put a whole section for it, but I built a gaming PC the other week! It was (alas) not for me, but I've never actually built one before so it was a very interesting experience. I've replaced most parts of my PCs over the years, but actually assembling one from scratch is a whole other ball game. It actually worked the first time we turned it on! It gives me hope for when I build my own PC one day, hopefully in the next couple years. :D

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Mirror's Edge

I've tried to play this game many times and never got very far. In fairness, I think each time I tried to play it was when I was playing my PC from the couch with a controller or terrible mouse/keyboard setup and the options for that in the PC version are abysmal so I'd usually just give up. I almost did for good when I remembered the bad controller settings and realized I couldn't play from my Steam Deck but gave it one last chance on my laptop and I'm glad I did. Mostly.

I feel like I would have liked this game more if I'd actually played it the first time I bought it. Or the second time. I think it hasn't aged particularly well but I'm pretty sure I remember it being really impressive and innovative for its time. I feel like the core of it has just been outshone by later games piggybacking off its genre.

The parkour concept of Mirror's Edge is really good, but it felt a little inconsistent in its execution. The game highlights most things you can interact with in red, but not always and sometimes it's really unclear what the next step is. This wouldn't be too bad if every area had a whole bunch of ways to get through it, but unless I'm just really unobservant, a lot of sections ultimately only had one route through. I was constantly losing momentum because sometimes the game just wouldn't bother to highlight the next step and I'd have to stop and look around to figure out where it wanted me to go next. Since I've played a lot of games that definitely learned from Mirror's Edge and improved on the formula, it was just kind of frustrating to know there are games out there that have much more interesting pathfinding and do a better job of showing you your possibilities even if I was playing one of the OGs.

I also thought combat was really clunky. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out devs didn't want to include it at all but were forced to by the higher ups in order to green light the project. The few times when you have to stop and fight instead of outrunning the baddies were usually so contrived and the solution was basically always to just disarm and steal a gun from one of them in order to take out the others. It never really felt like I was taking the reins when enemies showed up. Either I was supposed to run past/through a given encounter or I had to stop and fight. It was always pretty clear cut which one the game expected of me and the times when I had to fight my way through never felt very good. They felt like they were there to make sure you actually used the combat/shooting system they'd coded in, lol.

All that aside, I did enjoy it! The game was very short and I finished it in about two sittings, but I definitely liked the length. It didn't overstay its welcome and the story was simple enough without adding too much padding to force the game to be longer and more studios need to be willing to do that, I think.

I've heard the sequel is garbage so I don't think I'll pick it up. :(

FFXIV: Patch 6.3

It's not an update to this thread without a long rambly section about XIV!

I may have labelled this for the patch that came out earlier this month, but I am probably not gonna talk a lot about that. The story hasn't been terribly interesting since Endwalker (not that I dislike it, I'm just not like on the edge of my seat waiting for it each time) so there's not a ton to say. I really love the new alliance raid and enjoy it a lot more than I did Aglaia after the first week. There's still lots of death in it so it's always a good time. I also had a new experience with the new ex trial! For the first time ever I jumped into a blind party in PF and we actually cleared it in about two lockouts! I've never actually done higher level content blind before, nor have I ever done an ex trial on content unless my static decided to do it week one... and even then, generally a handful of people have already cleared it and there are guides for me to watch before we head in. So that was a first and I'm proud of myself. :')

Speaking of, I'm still playing with my static. We're finally on P8S part 2 after a lot of setbacks these past few months. I switched to Summoner for this tier because MCH was in such a bad place for so long. I really miss it but our group doesn't have another mage so I'll stick with SMN for now, even tho MCH is doing better these days. (It got! Another mitigation tool! Emphasis on tool because you just yeet a wrench at the enemy.) It's nice having a raise (and Phoenix's heals) to help out with after a year of MCH not really having much of anything to bring to the table. My parses aren't as good as they were on MCH but they also aren't that much lower so the job change feels like a win? I do wish books weren't such boring weapons tho. My wol is supposed to be a jock, how dare the game make her read.

My last update is going to be that Lozz got the new Emet-Selch minion from maps and sold him to me at a discount and I am obsessed. My XIV wallet is hurting (I'd only just cracked 50M for the first time last week and now I'm down below 40M soB) but my god he's so ugly and hates me so much, look at him:

I love him dearly. ♥

This Way Madness Lies

Steam Deck
I was soooo looking forward to this game. I do enjoy me a good Shakespeare play and I've always been quite fond of Zeboyd Games's brand of humour along with their interesting takes on turn based battle systems. Plus... magical girls? I was completely sold, of course. Who wouldn't be?

I played this on my Steam Deck and it was a great game for that, since it let me play it on the go and on the couch while watching TV for the grindy bits. It warned me the resolution might not be right when I started it, but I can't say I noticed anything off about it and it played like a dream.

The sprite work in this game was really good. They've always been great at mimicking ye olde 16-bit days, but especially coming to the game after playing the much more low-key Cthulu Saves Christmas just last month, I was blown away by the little graphical touches in this game. It was really cool having a full body view of the character I was selecting a move for, there were extra insert images for using/receiving attacks, AND TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCES!! I really wasn't expecting them even though every magical girl needs a good transformation sequence. (They are skippable, but when you go to skip them, the game does ask you if you also kick puppies. Shame on you.) The UI for the game, while not too far removed from previous Zeboyd games, just looked very updated and nice.

My one gripe with the game is partially my fault, but... I didn't really enjoy the battle system as much as I'd hoped. It's basically a slightly evolved version of the most recent one I played (Cthulu Saves Christmas) but with a lot more emphasis on status effects. I may be the kind of girl who typically doesn't bother with status effects because it's usually more effective to simply brute force my way to victory, but I actually like the implementation in Zeboyd titles! In Cthulu, I had a ton of fun my first playthrough bumping the difficulty up and giving myself a challenge, which meant really using everyone's kit to the fullest. But... I felt like that game did it way better because there were only 4 party members total, so you really got familiar with each of them in every battle. In TWML, there were like 7 characters and for the bulk of the game, you were given a set party of them. And for like 4 early stages in a row, most of those party members were really heavy on the status effect abilities. I ended up just setting the game to easy and breezing through because battles were so tedious when only one party member could reliably deal damage. The status effects didn't feel good to set up when you couldn't follow them up with a good heavy hitter. Maybe I was just bad at the game but I'd just played a game that had basically all the same sorts of abilities at my disposal and I was fine using them there. So the only thing I can point to with TWML is the number of party members and those members being poorly suited to support each other in terms of battle. I vaguely recall not really vibing with Cosmic Star Heroine's battle system too much either, but I didn't even remember that detail until I was looking for other reviews to validate how I felt about this game's system. I think it's basically the exact same as CSH's was, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, besides that the characters were cute and the plot was good enough. Another feature that was interesting was the "translation" feature, where anytime there was Shakespearean language, you could toggle between that original text and a translation for it in modern English. I admit I found myself wishing it wasn't played for jokes 90% of the time because I do like seeing how language evolves and being able to pick out exactly what part became what, but I also think that over-simplifying it with memes and sarcastic remarks is actually exactly what Shakespeare would have wanted in his magical girl adaptation so you know what? I'm fine with it. LOL.

Also, I really loved the last few lines in the game. I'd play the hell out of a sequel based on that one little hook. [ Spoiler: Anne and Diana WOULD be magical girls!! Absolutely!!! ]

I think I'll enjoy this game a lot if they ever patch it to add NG+ since I'll be able to use whatever party I want if other games are anything to go by. Maybe when that time comes, I'll even force myself to toss in some of the status effect-heavy characters instead of my endgame party of only heavy hitters. :')

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I'm not familiar with these games really - well other than FFXIV but I'm still trudging through ARR - but I felt the need to comment to say that the kicking puppies line actually made me laugh and I haven't even played the game. I don't know if the angle was "why would you skip such a genre staple," "why would you skip something we worked so hard on" or both, but it's great.

Also I like the new CSS.
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