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Started by Quagsire girl August 12th, 2021 10:11 AM
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I have honestly yet to get any shiny pokemon in Sword and Shield. I spent so long trying to get one from both eggs and the trick you do by beating pokemon, but I still haven't encountered a single shiny pokemon in Sword and Shield. I guess I could say Zeraora, but it was an event pokemon and I just don't count it.

I didn't start shiny hunting till after Shiny Charm and still no luck. I've tried Noctowl, Riolu, Rookidee, and a far many other pokemon. So with so much bad luck, I just stopped shining hunting, But I am thinking about trying to get Shiny Pumpkaboo, at least till the end of October.

Edit: Actually I lied, I completely forgot about the random Shiny Comfey I got when I was looking for Alolan Digglet on Isle of Armor. So yeah, I did get that... as far as I can remember, that is the only one I've gotten and it was by complete accident.
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Holy molly, 15 years? That's dedication. Also, am I the only one who never got a shiny?! Except for Pokemon GO, they have events and what-not.
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None yet.... maybe some day :|


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A random encounter with a Pangoro. Not a bad find but not my favorite. Still, I’ll take any shiny I can get lol.

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Scorbunny bred from one I received in a wonder trade.
I've since bred 2 shiny Rookidee, several shiny Grookies (looking for a female and still haven't gotten it but moved on for now), and 2 shiny Charmanders as well.