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Posted September 29th, 2019
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This hack was made by follump many years ago and hacksrepairman just made it complete. But he only added the missing maps and fixed bugs, the story ends in Ecruteak City within your first steps in Johto.

Because of this there is a huge area to explore and many badges to claim, but not a single point of story anymore. That is not hacksrepairmans fault, but the climax of the game is at the beginning and my problem was to motivate myself going on to make the rest clear. A "lost" Kanto is not the problem cause it is the same in G/S/C, but Johto without story (only legendaries to catch) does not feel comfortable.

In my opinion this game could be one of the greatest hacks of all time with the correct plot after come to Johto. The game based on ideas of Zel (creator of Shiny Gold) and to make it perfect it would be a good idea to add some of the story elements from shiny gold to the game.

You can also go to one or two cities of Hoenn, hacksrepairman said he can't add more of the Hoenn stuff but it would be awesome to see also full of Hoenn in this game to make four regions together in one game. For sure the game does not really need that but this would be the first hack with all of the three first regions in one game.

So maybe someone is able to polish this game on some points to make it perfect. For now it is finished like it is, but there is so much potential without creating a new game out of it like shiny gold sigma (with was crap imo...). But this is not what hacksrepairman does, so it will be only a dream of mine I think... :-(
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