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HeartGold HGSS Golden Edition Page 9

Started by BlazingMagmar April 22nd, 2015 4:26 PM
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Hopefully I'm not asking for too much but I was just wondering if you could take a look at some of the movesets. If you want to stick to the most updated version that's fine but I just noticed that some of the pokemon get nerfed a bit because of the update to the most current movesets as oppose to sticking with the og gen4 movesets.
For example:
Heracross gets Brick Break at level 28 instead of 19 which means its not as good against Whitney (forced to use Rock smash instead) however earlier Megahorn is a valid tradeoff
Flaaffy gets discharge at level 38 instead of 31 which means it's stuck with thundershock unless something replaces electroball or you grind for Thunderbolt (easier to get though)
Quilava/Typhlosion gets lava plume at 42/43 instead of 35 which sucks when that's around the level you fight Jasmine iirc from when I played before (could grind for flamethrower) but earlier Eruption access is nice
I'm sure there's a few others but I just hope that this is something worth considering
Thanks for the work you've done however and I'm very excited to play especially because of the reusable TM's!


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A few things I wanted to point out in the hack, which by the way is totally excellent so far (I made it to Ecruteak City and it's a blast playing this with the Level Curve implemented):

First, in Ecruteak City, there's an NPC at the top right hand side inside the Poke Mart that says: "My Eevee evolved into an Eevee. But my friend's Eevee turned into an Eevee. I wonder why? We both were raising our Eevee in the same way..." Shouldn't it have been Espeon and Umbreon in the text instead? I admit I had to look at this string of text at least 5 times before I realized it had to be a booboo of some sort in the hack.

Second, some of the battle mechanics I think strayed from the Gen 6/7 format that you were wanting to be in this.

1.) The Confusion status, it seems that it's still the higher chance of hurting yourself if confused as well as the opposing Pokémon; if I'm not mistaken, I believe in Gen 6/7 that the Confusion status was 25% chance of hurting yourself instead of 50%.
2.) Thunder Wave is still at 100% accuracy, which I'm pretty sure it was reduced to either 90 or 95% in Gen 7. On Thunder Wave, it can still Paralyze Electric-type Pokémon. Was this intentional to leave it like that and forgo the Gen 7 version of Thunder Wave?
3.) The Steel type.. why isn't it neutral to Dark-type attacks like Gen 6/7 standardized?

Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to have Knock Off be a Move Tutor-learnable move? I remember that was a boon in Gen 7 to have that.
I'll post whatever else I can find that might seem off and hopefully it can be documented and taken into account.

*EDIT: I just got a phone call in the PokéGear from Kris and she says "You know, if you're headed over to Route 40000000000000000, you should ta with you and see what happens! You'll see something interesting. That's for sure! Click! ......"
It might would be smart to really double-check through the scripting the NPCs say in the game, because this is anything but normal.
*EDIT2: I was Surfing on the small pond in Ecruteak City and I had my Weepinbell at the start of my party, and I encountered a Poliwhirl. It froze the game.
*EDIT3: In the fight with Team Rocket Executive Archer, I had an Ampharos at the start in my party and Archer sent out Houndour as his first Pokemon. I was going to use Power Gem, and Houndour used Flamethrower. The instant Flamethrower finished its animation, it froze the game.

**Disregard EDIT2 and EDIT3, I think that was due to me not AP-patching the original ROM first. I had to do the AP-patch first to the clean original ROM, then re-apply the Golden Edition Level Curve patch to the AP-patched ROM, and all is well. Though I don't if it's just me, but when you beat the Elite Four, skip the end credits and get to the THE END screen, when you press Start and it fades to black, it stays that way and doesn't revert back to the sequence of turning on the game again and getting to the title screen. Was that part of original ROM, the hack, or is this a side-effect of it being AP-patched and having the Golden Edition Level Curve patch applied?

Other than that, the hack's been a major joy to play so far!
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