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Seen December 11th, 2008
Posted December 11th, 2008
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Hack Name:
Pokemon Grey
Hack Of: Pokemon Blue
Hacker: Hat
Progress: Still working on it...


I'm Hat, though I've been going by Black Phantom for a while now.
This is a hack of Pokemon Blue, called Pokemon Grey.
So far it hasn't been completed.


You are a boy (unfortunately), and you live in Shade Town, a small Town in a Region called Azula.
Azula is a Region in a Dimension called the Dark Dimension, the Dark Dimension contains similarities to the "Real World" of Pokemon, especially as Azula is the Dark Dimension's equivalent of Kanto. The people there are very different...

At first you are sleeping, someone called Professor Oak from Kanto talks to you in your dream and explains to you about Pokemon and the world around you. Once he's finished, Professor Oak shouts, telling you to wake up. Your sitting on a chair, in front of a video game system. Your adventure begins, (maybe you were partying all last night?)...


New Region (based off Kanto), set in a new Dimension
  • Tiles
  • Blocks
  • Maps (including Warps etc)
  • Text
  • Pokemon Locations
  • Generally the whole "feel". Wait and see...
Unaltered (various reasons, inability, not going "too far", doesn't fit in with the story, don't want to etc):
  • Starter Pokemon
  • Battle Pics of Pokemon/Trainers
  • Map Connections
  • ASM



I don't absolutely need any hacking help, but I might accept it.
Ideas, criticism, whatever, is good.

A Thing

(not really HTML)

Not-Very-Far patch 01
Version 0.1



Seen December 11th, 2008
Posted December 11th, 2008
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13.5 Years
Yeah, I wanted to hack Blue as a bit of a change, from the usual GBA hacks and that.

And came up with a story that was loosely based on the original (same region layout etc, though introducing a different "feel"). So somewhat way different to the famous Pokemon Brown, which pretty much everyones heard of.

Anyway thanks for the comments, especially the luck!


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Posted December 2nd, 2014
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Did you make any new scripts?
Lastly What made you want to hack Blue?

Does the gamplay actually go with the story, because the story sounds amazing!
though, I'm still trying to find out What Don Patch says is missing...

Good Luck!



Seen December 11th, 2008
Posted December 11th, 2008
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You! (@The Dude) The guitar shredder!!! Well I heard about Coolboyman and something about a particular pic, thanks for the help!

Well I started hacking Red, as I liked existing Red hacks and the old Pokemon games.
No new scripts, don't know if that would help yet, i'm developing the story over time.

As for the missingness, it's not very far completed ("short", hahaha), and other than that -- no idea!


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Posted January 2nd, 2009
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Is Scripting the same in GBA As in GBC? if so i would help you!

Good luck, Need Sprites or anything I'll gladly help seeing as no one Else Will!

Who knows me im Scizz Joking.....Or not......Jokning......Maybe not......Kidding......okokok i'll stop.
Thinking about making, Pokemon Legend of Flame [Rebirth].
It was Faded Past. Expect A Final Hack from me soon..
Pokemon Legend of Flame [Rebirth]



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Posted June 24th, 2011
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I know there's Tauwassers Scripting Doc for PKMN Gold, that's most likely different from Red n Blue Versions. But I don't know too much about scripting to be honest...
No scripting can be done in R/B, but changing the in-game text is what you can do.

Anyway.. great to see another RB hack here before mine! Hm.. I just think there is A LOT more you could do, change connections, graphics, etc. But I will watch to see how this hack progresses. In the mean time, good luck hacking.


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Posted February 29th, 2008
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Sounds pretty cool. Can't wait for it to be further along, then I'll try it. I'm a sucker for the originals, so I'll probably play this the most. Good luck!

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Posted June 11th, 2009
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Nice to see that Rom hacker are working on old games :) but still old is gold :D

Good Luck with your hack "Black_Phantom".



Seen December 11th, 2008
Posted December 11th, 2008
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13.5 Years
Thanks, cool to hear, I was playing Pearl today and found it pretty annoying lol, GBA Pokemon games is the limit for me.

So i've been working slowly but surely on Pokemon Grey, just been trying to find compromises between imagination and reality, and getting some stuff flowing, whilst learning more about the ROM itself.

Been changing some tiles/text/map layout/some other weird stuff...