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Now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop~

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Old May 13th, 2010 (9:20 PM).
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So, the question is, when do you experience "butterflies" in your stomach? (Or however else you wanna put it, y'know what I mean.) Being around certain people, etc, answer in whichever way you'd like.

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Old May 13th, 2010 (10:27 PM).
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Whenever I get nervous. Before an exam, during public speaking, and meeting strangers. D:
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Old May 14th, 2010 (5:11 AM).
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I get butterflies when I'm nervous, sometimes when I get excited too, which makes no sence at all. The only other time when I get butterflies is when I see the person I like.

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Old May 14th, 2010 (5:20 AM).
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I normally get butterflies around this guy I really like. whenever le looks at me I try so hard not to blush
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Old May 14th, 2010 (5:58 AM).
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I don't think it's ever from being around certain people anymore. :/ I haven't felt that way over someone in years.

But I often get that nervous feeling when I'm thinking too much about serious things before I fall asleep (and then I can't sleep) or else when I'm nervous about an upcoming situation. Or not necessarily nervous, but anxious. (I get them when I think about meeting all my friends again at the end of the month, and I'm not sure why. I guess because I'm so anxious to see them and start having a good time. @_@)

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Old May 14th, 2010 (6:27 AM).
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I don't know actually, because I've never felt it.

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Old May 14th, 2010 (7:44 AM).
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I feel as if I haven't had the experiance in a while. I know exactly what it is to have it though, but I guess it doesn't happen all that often anymore. Though I think wen it comes to myself, it can either happen as a result of a mundane experiance or something emotionally gripping.

Two examples I can think of would be firstly the ordinary; sometimes when I go over a hill while driving in a car I get that lightness in my stomach which could be described as having butterflies. It's hard to explain but I know lot's of people who have had the same thing happen to them. The other would be something like having feelings for someone, though it hasn't happened strongly in a while, falling in love or even a great deal of lust can give me butterflies in my stomach. In fact, anxiety may be another one, but that goes down to nerves. I've had moments where I've gone on stage or had to step up to public speaking and I've been nervous.

Other than those sort of typical examples, I can't seem to think of how often it happens. It doesn't usually happen during bad events or anything of the nature, the only other example I can think of might be a roller coaster, but again I'm being captain obvious.
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Old May 14th, 2010 (10:24 AM).
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Usually when I am nervous, like before an important test or something.
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Old May 14th, 2010 (12:06 PM).
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Originally Posted by Forever View Post

So, the question is, when do you experience "butterflies" in your stomach?
When I eat caterpillars and they undergo metamorphosis. <3

Seriously? Whenever I'm anxious or nervous or excited about something.
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Old May 14th, 2010 (2:42 PM).
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It's usually before a test or Exam - important or not (yea...not much fond of them XD)
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Old May 14th, 2010 (2:54 PM).
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Whenever I'm around certain people, for sure. That, and when I'm about to hug a girl (they get so bad then, I dunno why...).

Also whenever I have to present something... I guess that's nerves though. Oh, and an odd one is right before I get into a swimming pool. ;
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Old May 14th, 2010 (3:10 PM).
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Oh, always when I think about my girl... yeah. When you are younger it meant to me that I'm going to do something stupid if I don't get out. Now it means I better do something if it's stupid or not XP
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Old May 14th, 2010 (3:17 PM).
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This happens whenever several people are staring at me at once. I can't take it and I like freeze temporarily until they look in another direction or something. >.<;

Another thing is being around a crush, but that doesn't...happen as much anymore? I can have a handle on my emotions, so I don't think it'll be too noticeable if I have a crush on someone.
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Old May 14th, 2010 (7:13 PM).
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I never get it around certain people anymore. I'm more likely to get butterflies in my stomach before big events or when I have to do something I'm uncomfortable with. For example, whenever I go to a party I get really nervous before hand, to the point where I'll throw up. Anytime I go to social event or I have to present something in school or I have to do anything with a bunch of strangers that I've never done before I get overly nervous and and my stomach will be in tremendous pain until I eventually throw up.

I went to the doctors once because it was becoming more and more of a problem, but they said I had to just find a way to calm myself down. Out of everything I've tried listening to music seems to work the best so I keep my iPod on hand. It doesn't always work though. :(
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Old May 14th, 2010 (7:27 PM).
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I get those before tests and exams almost all the time depending on what course it is. Same goes for when I am wondering what my final grade is going to be.
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Old May 14th, 2010 (9:56 PM).
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Usually when I'm nervous about something. It also tends to happen when I'm around some girl I like. Oh and also when I'm lying Dx.
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Old May 14th, 2010 (9:58 PM).
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Usually when I'm nervous or thinking about someone I like (which has not happened this year thankfully - I need to study D=) It also happens when I get excited about things =P

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Old May 14th, 2010 (11:32 PM).
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There have been a few specific people over time that have been notorious for causing this, mostly from repeated association of the person with things like fear, nervousness, inferiority, and rejection. Only one remains, thankfully, and even so I don't always have the burst of anxious shock anymore (a feeling like all my insides vanish for an instant, and may include light-headedness, which is what 'butterflies' are to me), though I do still feel like a wary little rabbit thereafter. The rest I either have shed that reaction to over time or they've just gone away themselves.

Other things that can cause 'butterflies' like crowds and going someplace new without any familiar people to 'shield' me, though that depends a lot on the degree of crowdedness or distance out of my comfort zone, as well as my mental state at the time and whether I'm fed/rested and stuff like that.


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Old May 15th, 2010 (2:15 PM).
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My crush, speaking in crowds, and questioning if what I do is right or wrong all cause "butterflies" in my stomach.

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Old May 15th, 2010 (4:14 PM).
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When I'm nervous. It happens a few times with me :-/
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Old May 15th, 2010 (4:38 PM).
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whenever im nervious, taking tests, around certain people, and talking to certain people xD

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Old May 15th, 2010 (5:29 PM).
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I get butterflies when I see this guy Travis I like. But when I do see him now, a million things go through my head(because he said he would date me but I'm fat...). And he is really popular even though he doesn't really talk to anyone. But it seems wherever I am, he finds a reason to get over where I am. Like yesterday, I was talking to my friend Katlyn by her locker and this girl Justine's(she is part of the clique Travis is in)locker is in the same row as Katlyn's so Travis comes down the hallway talks to Justine. He leaned on the lockers and looked straight at me then left. It's like that a lot in the hallway and the cafeteria.

But people like him don't date people like me.

So, I get really bad butterflies when I'm around him...I feel like I wanna throw up sometimes...or just run up and hug him and never let go(:

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Old May 16th, 2010 (8:34 AM).
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I guess I get butterflies from a lot of 'generic' things and the feelings that go with them. I get them when I'm about to take a particularly important exam or when something makes me nervous - like when someone goes, "I need to talk to you about something". I also get them when I speak to or see someone that I have romantic feelings for, but they're usually not that bad in that situation. The only other time I get them is when I listen to Justin Bieber. (HAPPY NAO NICA?)

Having "butterflies" usually emphasises my mood/feelings and so, in some cases, they can be unwanted. That said, sometimes I am very willing to embrace them and even enjoy them. C:

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Old May 16th, 2010 (12:58 PM).
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When I'm about to present something to a crowd or speak to a crowd, is when they get the worse. I'm just not good with crowds.

Though with girls, I blush more than I get butterflies. At least, that's how it is with this one girl. Whenever I'm looking at her or she is looking at me I blush. ;;

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Old May 16th, 2010 (7:46 PM).
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Hmm, I usually get them before I see my algebra tutor, he's so freaking cute and I have a crush on him :( But once I'm there it's all good.

I'll probably have them when I go to see some friends I haven't seen in like, 9 months next week. Flying for like 6 hours before hand won't help XD But I'm sure once I get there and we all hug punch each other it'll go away haha

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