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Total Revamp of Old Pokemon Stats?

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Old January 9th, 2013 (5:08 AM).
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I'm sure Gamefreak don't see power creep as any kind of a problem. There have only been 6 generations of Pokémon, and they're supposed to be pushing the new ones so they need to be attractive to use. Things would just get really stale if you could stick with the same team for 4 generations. Their view on the metagame will be: "we make a mix of Pokémon and the metagame sorts itself out".

There will not be an attempt to rebalance or revamp any stats. There's enough else to worry about already.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (5:14 AM).
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A power creep? No, that's just Pokemon being used for whatever stat they're good for in the right way.

TL;DR GF will not bring aboard a balance. :|

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Old January 9th, 2013 (5:53 AM).
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I would be assuming they would indeed be revamping the Pokémon stats in a way like they did in Generation 4, and then Generation 5. Everything is bound change... and some change can be good.

I'm assuming they'd increase some of the stats to match the newer Pokémon and make things more even to the Pokémon of old, placing them at a fair advantage. ;)
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Old January 9th, 2013 (6:31 AM).
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I never saw a problem with the stats and always saw them as balanced. I don't think they should change any of the older Pokemon's stats or nerf any of the newer Pokemon's. As long as no base stat total goes over 720 (Arceus BST), I'm perfectly okay with everything as it is.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (12:37 PM).
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Half the original Pokemon suck based on their stats alone. Marrowak and Pikachu needed items to DOUBLE their Attack power just to make them useable. (Pikachu didn't NEED anything, it's not even fully evolved.)

Arbock, Sandslash, Nidoking, Nidoqueen would all greatly benefit from 5-10 points being added as needed.

Pokemon like Hypno and Ninetails got screwed in Gen2 when their 120 Special Attack was changed to Defense. A Little number crunching would help them be relevant again. (Ninetails does have a great secret ability, but good luck getting that without cheating!)

Mightyenna and Perloin suck because they are weak. A real shame because they are the most common Dark-Type Pokemon. The need like 10 or so points in attack to really make them shine.

Luvdisc!!! You can not tell me Luvdisc is good for anything. If it evolved into Amomla, the whole problem would be solved. Sadly, Luvdisc has no reason to exist. Making Luvdisc into the next OU threat would make the game funny!

Revamping the numbers on some Neverused Pokemon could make the game better.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (1:42 PM).
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Hopefully the roster of competitive pokemon will increase overall. I would like for the weakest pokemon to get some revamping so they are actually usable, at least in their own leagues.

Yes it would take some re-learning of stats but I think over time it will be worth it. Also I would like more held items to be competitive friendly, maybe as to help weaker pokemon too.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (2:15 PM).
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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Conkeldurr still probably would be used, given that it can use Guts and stuff, and Bulk Up while all Machamp is really known for is Dynamic Punch ;( Weakening generation five Pokemon would just change up competitive too much. I think it's good how it is, nothing is really overpowered and the strongest stuff are in Ubers.
By definition, scaling 4 generations of Pokemon up would weaken Gen 5 Pokemon. Relatively speaking, it'd be the same thing. The only difference would be the size of the stat overhaul. Cutting Gen 5 back down to normal levels is a lot less work than bringing 4 generations up to speed.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (7:05 PM). Edited January 9th, 2013 by InMooseWeTrust.
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I don't know why people are so worried about migration. If Nintendo wants migration, they will invent a way of doing so no matter how much stats get overhauled. I mean, just look at how you can find every type of conversion software you need for anything. You really think that's not going to be possible with Pokémon? Give me a break. And if they won't do a migration, just play the new game anyway. It's sickening to me how people got so upset at 3rd gen games for not having migration that they didn't realize any of the cool new stuff they got to work with until the next generation. You would still be able to play 4th and 5th gen WiFi matches if you prefer the old rules.

The stats system right now is extremely messy and complicated, not to mention broken in favor of certain Pokémon in certain metagames over all others. Whatever happened to the first two generations (when I got my link cable and actively battled everyone I can find)? The way I see it, everything's just so complicated and power creep, ability creep, feature creep, and every other creep gets in the way of enjoying your Pokémon. It's just not fun anymore unless you're doing something like random battles with random teams, or Balanced Hackmons, or something to that effect. I just want to grab my game and have fun, not spend the next 3 years breeding for movesets, IV's and Natures to battle online against everyone else who spends all their time doing the exact same thing. What's the point?

Competitive Battling
To the people who will be upset that competitive battling won't be possible the same way again, let me ask you this. Would you rather just spam a certain entry hazard that makes a large number of very good Pokémon unusable? Or do you want to use Choiced attacks to OHKO your enemy before they OHKO you? Or how about wall for ages with Blissey? I could go on and on but you get the idea. And if you prefer the old system, why not play Black/White 2 on WiFi battles? I mean, people still play 4th gen WiFi matches, and everyone will continue have their precious Smogon and whatever else remains. I don't know about you, but I would welcome something different than the usual GlisBliss, DrizzleToad, Balloon Heatran, Toxic Orb Breloom, and the like.

I liked how there were new tools in 2nd and 3rd gen that expanded on ways you can raise your Pokémon. But right now, it's way overdone. You have to find way too many obscure, mostly useless items and hold them on the right Pokémon and trade them away to complete someone else's Pokédex. This also makes a lot of gameplay entirely pointless and tedious. Why can't we just have simpler evolutions for all Pokémon? I also wouldn't mind certain "corrections" to older Pokémon in this way. For example, female Kirlia into Gardevoir and male into Gallade. Miltank's eggs should be able to hatch into either Tauros or Miltak. Male Cacnea into Cacturne and female into Maractus. Luvdisc evolves into what is CLEARLY a Luvdisc evolution. You get the idea. And get rid of baby forms and let them just be the first stage. What kind of moronic idea was that, anyway?

The elemental types are broken. Some have way too many weaknesses and others just make most other types completely useless against them (*COUGH*DRAGON*COUGH*STEEL*COUGH*). In second generation Gamefreak released Dark and Steel types, and they were only there to make Psychic and Dragon types not too powerful. Of course, back then there weren't too many attacks to attack Psychics (Signal Beam) and Dragons (Icicle Crash) that could have been made, but whatever. Developers never really rebalanced the types, and never added any new ones either. That needs to change. Sound, Data (Porygon) and Light could be new types, and I'm sure a lot of people have other good ideas.

National Dex
How about an evolution family based National Dex? And no, I don't mean the Johto Dex. I mean something that actually fixes 440 Happiny evolving into 113 Chansey into 242 Blissey.

This was a good idea in R/S but most Pokémon had really ****** abilities. In 4th gen some of these Pokémon got slightly better secondary abilities. In 5th gen many Pokémon got significantly better abilities, but still, for the most part, the vast majority of abilities are useless.

Some moves are in every competitive set while the vast majority of moves don't get any attention. I'd like to see more varied moves (like different type entry hazards and more hazard-clearing moves).

I guess they can make breeding for natures easier.

See above. 1/8192 is too low a chance and they can make getting these Pokémon easier also. Not too easy, but even a 1/256 chance would be reasonable. The way they organize the game data, they have separate normal and shiny sprite data and separate palettes for every single sprite. They could easily be more efficient reducing this to one sprite and a flag for normal/shiny that would pick the respective palette.

Gender Differences
This was a great idea when D/P came out. So why not do this with more Pokémon? Everything has a male and a female sprite and normal and shiny stored separately along with palettes. Why not make good use of that?

Prices, availability, restorative ability, etc. can be reformed. You spend ¥700 on Super Potion to heal 50 HP, and ¥200 for the same thing? Multiple items that only heal one thing? Evolution stones can't be found?

Completely useless gimmick since Generation II. Get rid of 'em!

It could be a separate attribute so Pokémon can be dual typed and still be immune to some attacks like Earthquake. And even airborne Pokémon shouldn't be immune from some Ground attacks like Mud Bomb.

Ghost being immune to Normal might have made sense in 1st Gen, but now it doesn't as much. It's also immune to Fighting, but I don't see why Aura Sphere and Hyper Beam can't hit a Gengar for damage, especially when ghosts should be susceptible to energy bursts. Meanwhile, Metal Claw does hurt Gengar. Something needs to remedy this.
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Old January 9th, 2013 (7:24 PM).
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I really don't see this happening either. Yeah, power creep is rampant in Gen V pokemon, but there's still plenty of older ones that are still plenty powerful and were blessed with new abilities and moves in Gen V. VI will probably be the same way, but I don't see any Pokemon getting a boost to a Base Stat without a forme change.
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Old January 20th, 2013 (9:12 PM).
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I think the more Pokemon will have cooler new abilities, but I don't thin kthat hte older pokemon will have revamped stats. I still use gen 1 pokemon in competitive battling. Alakazam, venusaur,vaporeon, dragonite, dugtrio, cloyster, gengar, gyarados, jolteon, ninetales, starmie and tentacruel, machamp are considered popular OU pokemon and they're gen. 1. Gen 1 also still has a consdierable amount of pokes, such as Poliwrath and seadra in UU as well.
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Old January 20th, 2013 (11:26 PM).
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A part of me would like to see this, because certain Pokemon in the last couple of generations can only be described as "broken" and I'd like to see some of the older Pokemon be improved so that they're at least useable. I'd like competetive battling to be a little more varied and even, and this would be one way of bringing that about.

For cross-compatability purposes I can't see this happening, now or maybe even ever, but it'd be nice to see the broken Pokemon get brought down a peg or two.
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Old January 21st, 2013 (9:40 AM).
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This is an interesting idea, and one I've given a lot of thought to in the past. Alakazam could use a bit of bulking up and the likes of Arbok/Golem need a LOT of help if they're ever to be usable. I've never considered it something likely to happen, though, and for the most part unless something is the third poké in its evolutionary line, the problem can be solved with an evolution (see: Arbok).

There has obviously been power creep, and it's never been more obvious than in Gen V, but it is natural. That doesn't make it any less sad that popular pokémon are now unusable due to new pokémon taking their place, but I guess it even makes sense on a real world level. If a new, stronger species invades an area, it's going to wipe out any similar but inferior species that came before it.
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Old January 21st, 2013 (11:19 AM).
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Am I at fault for saying that I hope things at least stay the same for the older Pokemon?

I wouldn't mind if there were some buffs here and there, and maybe that's just my fault for not participating too much in competitive and whatnot,, how should I word this...actually nevermind, I wouldn't really care as much, anymore. XD

It's because that, whilst it'll take me a while to be accustomed to the new stats(if changes in stats are implemented), I think(and hope, for that matter), that any changes would only be beneficial to the Pokemon that actually need them. I don't mind change and and adapting to change, and I'd like to see how this would play out in the new generation's competitive metagame, so yeah. :3
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