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Old October 3rd, 2013 (2:00 AM). Edited October 3rd, 2013 by I've Come to Bargain.
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Most of the time, every game comes with a manual, which introduces us to the game's mechanics, controls, main characters, and so on. When you purchase a new game, what do you usually do with its manual? Do you keep it in the box and leave it untouched, or do you like to take it out and flip through the pages before putting the game into your console? Have you ever thrown out or given away any of your video game manuals before? If so, then why?

As for myself, every time I get my hands on a new game, I like to look through its manual first—even if it's only for a few seconds. By skimming through it, I'm able to gain a bit of an idea about what buttons do what, which gives me a good reason to skip the most basic in-game tutorials. When I'm done, I'll put the manual back into the box and never look at it again. xD" If I did open it up again at some point, then that'd be because I wanted to see all the artwork that were in there.
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Old October 3rd, 2013 (2:04 AM).
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    wow what did i just say. if the box wasnt open i cant get the manual and fml
    so I DO read the manual sometimes, if I'm bored or want to read while the game is loading up.
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    Old October 3rd, 2013 (2:09 AM).
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      I read the manual on the way home after picking it up unless it is a digital copy I won't download the digital manual but I like looking at all cool art inside. I loved the binding of Isaac unholy edition because it came with an art book.
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      Old October 3rd, 2013 (2:11 AM). Edited October 3rd, 2013 by Nakala Pri.
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        I leave it in the box and go crazy and start playing the game. I only read Pokemon Manuals when I want to delete my Pokemon files, haha. xD
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          The only time I would look through a manual is to find out the game's controls. Other times I don't bother looking, and just try to find out the controls myself.
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          Old October 3rd, 2013 (4:36 AM).
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            Nope, nope, nope. (Yeah, 3 Nopies is fine)
            I NEVER read the manual and just know the controls by experiencing. I think it's better this way to surprise and give excitement to players like me who doesn't read the manual.
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            I usually read the manual if I had gotten the game while we were out somewhere and I didn't have the game system (usually a console) to play the game right then and there because it was something to do and it gives me an idea of what I'll be jumping into. For some games I'll read it because of the content that are normally in them, like who the bachelors and bachelorettes are in Rune Factory so I can get an idea of who I'm able to marry and start making a decision.

            Other than that only when I want to remember/learn the controls or I'm bored will I read the manual.
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            Manuals? Are they some sort of food?

            Never looked into them, i learned to play the game while actually playing it.
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            I've rarely used manuals in my recent gaming years, if at all.
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              I do not really read the manuals unless it is a game series I have not tried before.
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              Old October 3rd, 2013 (10:00 AM).
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                I'll look at the manual if I forget something about the game's control. Other than that, it stays in the case.
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                Old October 3rd, 2013 (10:05 AM).
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                  Manuals have been made obsolete thanks to the rise of the internet and websites like gamefaqs as well as tutorials available in almost every single game.

                  I have never used them personally.
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                  I like to keep manuals, only if they're colorful and elaborate enough. Nowadays, I don't really like looking at manuals siiince the game tells us how to play the game already. xD Well, except for fighting games, where they'd usually show the character skills on there, so it's easy to look back to when I'm practicing~
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                  Old October 3rd, 2013 (12:00 PM).
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                  I used to read the manual on my way home from picking up a game but I try to avoid them now since I've had a few plot points because a manual just gave away too much information.

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                  Old October 3rd, 2013 (5:52 PM).
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                    I think some of you are confused about what he means by manual. He says most of the time games come with them, meaning the small booklet that is included with the game. It usually tells you the controls, gives you an introduction to the story/gameplay/characters, and a few common items you can pickup. Not the $20 strategy guides that have maps of every level and tell you absolutely everything you need to know to get 100% completion.

                    When I buy a game I ALWAYS read the manual because before you play a game you should at least know how to play it. The story/levels/pickups are fun to be discovered while playing, but there is no sense in guessing at the controls and possibly never ever learning how to do certain things even after multiple playthroughs like what's happened to me in the past. Whether I'm playing on easy or the hardest difficulty setting, I want to know how to play so that I can use my game character to his/her full potential. It's also cool to have a brief idea of what the game is about, the same as people usually have before watching a movie.

                    I would never throw it out! Even if you knew you'd never look at it, why would you throw out something you paid money for? And giving it to someone else would be pointless because if they don't have the game they won't need it, and if they do have the game they'll have their own. Also if you ever want to sell the game you might get less for only having the game and case.

                    Strategy guides on the other hand are only worth my money if I really like the game. I'll use them to assist me during gameplay of course, but they are more of a reading material than anything. If I really like a certain game series it's cool to have a detailed book that talks about the different characters, locations, and history of the game it's for.
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                    Old October 3rd, 2013 (6:15 PM).
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                    They're for collecting purposes only for me.. I still have my old, almost 15 year-old manuals sitting around somewhere. Just so hard to let go! Would never toss any of them no matter how unappealing they look. They're miiiine!

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                    Old October 4th, 2013 (6:55 AM). Edited October 4th, 2013 by Legobricks.
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                      I generally look at the manual during the game's installation process, then replace it, disappointed at its brevity. Ideally, I'd use a manual as an out-of-game reference, but the lack of tech trees, item lists and so forth in recent manuals has left me somewhat upset about the matter. As for controls, ironically to me the one thing manuals still consistently have sections about, I prefer to refer to the in-game control options, and indeed rebind controls to my preference and hardware configuration.
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                      Old October 4th, 2013 (11:55 AM).
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                      It depends on the complexity of the game as a whole. Games like Fable III, I would read the manual. Mass Effect too.

                      But simple games like Street Fighter, super hero games, etc. I don't bother.
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                      Old October 4th, 2013 (12:45 PM).
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                        I'll glance through the manual to see if there's anything about the story or characters, but I prefer learning the controls and important stuff like that through actual gameplay. Hell, most of the time I don't even look for character or story stuff since I'll get that by playing the game anyway. Manuals are pretty useless, but I like when games come with maps and stuff as well. I have so many video game maps.
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                        To be honest, the only time I look at the manual, usually just for fun, is when I'm sitting in the toilet (I get tired of the same magazines) or when I'm waiting for Sim City 4 to load. Aside from that, the manuals stay inside the box.

                        As with most games (not just Pokemon) I learn by messing around, and figure out what each button does.
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                        Old October 5th, 2013 (11:07 PM).
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                        I did read the manual on the first time playing the game that I just bought.
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                        Old October 5th, 2013 (11:18 PM).
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                          Sonic Rush.

                          Press keys to victory!

                          ^ Because I followed the manual, I managed to go through the levels pretty quickly. All dem secret combos...

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                          Old October 6th, 2013 (8:36 AM).
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                            Man..ual? What is this...'man-ual' you speak of?

                            To be honest, I only read manuals to learn the basics such as controls, and even then most games have a tutorial, basically rendering the controls page more or less useless.
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                            Old October 6th, 2013 (9:02 AM).
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                            I rarely read manuals anymore. Then again, there is barely anything in the manuals these days except the controls which can easily be found from in-game tutorials or menus.

                            They just don't make them like they use to where manuals were over 20 pages long.
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                            Old October 6th, 2013 (9:36 AM).
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                            Oh…maybe this is why I suck at all games.

                            …wait, nope. I just have bad reflexes. ¬.¬

                            In all seriousness though, I don't really look at the manual because I find the actual game more…engaging. And experience is better than knowledge.
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