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Digimon: Digital Monsters... once created as simple digital creatures whose primary function was to entertain a couple of computer engineers, eventually evolved into an entire world of monsters who gained knowledge comparable to their human creators and counterparts. As time carried on and the humans forgot about the Digital Monsters, the creatures continued to prosper and create their own world opposite the "Real World" known as the Digital World. Hundreds of digital years later (which served a few decades in Earth years), the Digital World called for a group of virtuous children, dubbed the Digidestined, to help both worlds from the threat of the almighty Dark Masters and their leader, Apocalymon. Though the forces of darkness were defeated, about two and a half years later, darkness rose again in the form of MaloMyotismon. With the help of the Digidestined across the entire world, the darkness of the Digital World and the Real World was purified, bringing peace and tranquility to both worlds.

That was decades ago in the Real World and centuries in the Digital World. During this time of evolution and transformation, several things changed. It was assumed that Digimon and humans were capable of coexisting with one another as many of the Digimon lived with their human partners in the Real World. This proved to be problematic as many Digimon began to abandon their home in the Digital World to live among the humans. As you could imagine, evil Digimon manifested which caused chaos between the two worlds, leading the patriarch of the Digital World, ClavisAngemon, to close and lock the Digital Portal with his Celestial Key and delete the humans' memories of Digimon as well as the Digimons' memories of humans. He assumed that this loss of memory would be for the betterment of both worlds.

What ClavisAngemon did not expect was for rebellion to ensue in the Digital World. With the Digimon returning to the Digital World and no knowledge of their relationship with the humans, several Digimon began attacking one another for the sake of territory. When Digimon lost their territory, they went elsewhere to claim territory from other Digimon. This cycle continued repeatedly until constant war came about in the Digital World. ClavisAngemon, in over his head, decided that perhaps it probably would be best to open the Digital Port once more and expose the Digimon to the humans yet again. Would this opening of the gate save the Digital World from implosion?


The city of Los Angeles is known distinctly as the city of angels. Youth is a driving force for California's largest city in more ways than one could imagine. What's the average day for a young adult in the city of Los Angeles? Well, surely it varies. There are many young adults who attend the University of California - Los Angeles; others are in search of making their entertainment career a successful one; and there are those who are just enjoying the Califronian lifestyle at their basic full-time job. Your lifestyle just depends on how hard you work or perhaps who you know around the city.

Your public life may seem pretty normal, but your private life is anything but normal. For some strange reason, ever since you could remember, you've been followed around and partnered with a certain creature that talks to and understands you. For some, it's a furry ball of joy for others it's scaly but lovable creature. Nonetheless, this little guy or girl monster has been with you through thick and thin. As you grew older, you though you were crazy and now that you're of a mature age, you're all but sure that you are, indeed, crazy. You don't tell your human friends about your little bundle fire, but sometimes you can't help but to wish that someone else understood what you were going through. Little do you know, that day would surely come: the day where you figure out that you're not the only crazy one in this world.


The entirety of the Real World portion of this roleplay will take place in the city of Los Angeles unless otherwise noted. Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the United States of America and is also known for its endless possibilities of adventure, excitement, and unpredictability. The surrounding areas consist of Hollywood, the University of California at Los Angeles, the beach, Disney World theme park, and many other enjoyable attractions that one could entertain themselves with. There are also several places where a person can stay, but keep in mind that the cost of living is considerably high. It is perhaps in your best interest if you choose a boarding area that is suitable to your expenses. Most people in the late teens to early twenties find safe haven in apartments and often times share suites with their friends.


Home to the entire species of Digimon, the Digital World is divided into multiples areas where separate species of Digimon with similar qualities coexist with one another. After the Digimon returned to their home world, a fight and struggle for power in these territories ensued, causing not only the destruction of other Digimon, but their respective areas as well. With little to no leadership overseeing these separate areas and ClavisAngemon struggling to maintain a patriarchal grasp over the entire Digital World, many of the areas are in a state of complete and utter chaos. The Digital World is certainly experiencing dark times. Below are a list of the multiple areas that are accessible through Digital Ports within the Digital World. Some areas will not accessible immediately. These areas also house several quests.

Access Glacier
Chip Forest
Dark Area
Limit Valley
Login Mountain
Loop Swamp
Macro Sea
Magnet Mine
Palette Amazon
Primary Village
Process Factory
Proxy Island
Resistor Jungle
Server Volcano
Sunken Tunnel
Task Canyon
Thriller Ruins


This roleplay will be separated and organized into story arcs. Each arc has a significant event that moves to plot. Some arcs stand alone and other arcs can be done together in unison depending on what characters participate in the plots. For example, some plots may include all 8 main characters while others may have just two. It all depends on the plot!

New Year's Evolution Arc


As a Digidestined, there will be a series of quests that need to be accomplished in order to push the plot forward. There will also be random quests that have no bearing on the plot, but serve a purpose of keeping you occupied. These quests can vary between defeating a major Digimon to spending time with another character and getting to know them. Battles will never be between players unless, of course, there is an in-game conflict that is discussed with the GMs or with everyone else in the OOC thread. Below are a list of quests. Digidestined are only allowed one quest at a time. Completed quests will be posted below as well.

There are no quests available at this time! Check back later!


*All PC Rules apply when posting in all threads pertaining to digiMEMORY.

*This game will be administrated by me and Fuyu. Respect your GMs as we respect you.

*This RP is rated 18+ or M due to potential of violence, suggestive themes, etc. Just don't go crazy with it so much that you break the first rule.

*Godmodding is not allowed and bunnying is only allowed at the discretion of the character in question.

*Keep all OOC comments in the OOC and vice versa for the IC thread.

*Activity is a must in this RP. Because of this, I am requiring all members to post at least one per week. Twice a week is ideal.

*When creating your character, keep in mind the guidelines provided. Also keep in mind that you do NOT select your Digimon partner.

*This RP is NOT first come-first serve. The best bios will be selected for one of the eight spots in this RP. Deadlines for bios will be posted in the OOC.

*Have fun and let's make this a great roleplay!


Fuyu - Annie Helm & Plotmon
Colony - Tyler Owens & Impmon
Red's Hawt Chibi Pellippers - Summer Ashcroft & Coronamon
Subsonic - Don Nguyen & Renamon
Retro Bug - Giselle Mank & Lunamon
TurtleKing - Marco Raines & Veemon
Discordant Harmony - Wesley Rosen & FanBeemon
heretostay123 - Ludwig Raynes & Lalamon
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Old December 31st, 2013 (8:23 AM). Edited January 10th, 2014 by TurtleKing.
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Arc I
New Year's Evolution
Description: 2014 is slowly approaching for the entire world and everyone's making New Year's resolutions, preparing to celebrate with friends and family, and enjoying the festivities downtown. Tonight's all about getting out with your friends and counting down the time for a new beginning!

Digidestined: You first met your Digimon (in it's In-Training form at the moment and has never digivolved) exactly a year ago on New Year's Eve. At first things were awkward, but now your Digimon is your closest companion. The Digimon are excited about the New Year, but have a funny feeling that something will happen at midnight on January 1st, 2014. They aren't sure whether it's bad or good, but they definitely are excited!

Setting: It's about 10:30 PM at night in Los Angeles and your character should find their way downtown (whether they want to go downtown or not). Maybe your character has plans to go to the downtown party, the Digimon somehow tells him or her that they should go downtown, or maybe their working downtown. Find some way there!

Objective: Something really is going to happen on New Year's Eve! Digimon are about to burst onto the scene downtown at exactly midnight and will start attacking the civilians. Your Digimon, without your guidance, decides to spring into battle to help out. Help your Digimon out by clearing the area of the low-leveled Digimon that appear. After defeating a few Digimon, your partner will then Digivolve into it's Rookie form! You are free to interact with the other players during this time period whether if you know each other or not! Also feel free to include non-playable characters as well.

Main Characters: Everyone!

Notes: Interaction should happen between the characters. It's perfectly fine to know other characters beforehand or perhaps your character is just a naturally friendly person! (:


The Northwood Auto Repair Shop finally closed it's doors at 9:00 PM when Marco took care of his last customer. A simple oil change was needed by this elderly man who had intentions of driving downtown to the New Year's celebration. Marco remember going to the celebration as a child, but didn't bother going in recent years simply because he preferred sitting at home and watching it or meeting up with friends for a small party. Most of his friends, around the ages of 20 and 21, went to college after high school and were slowly drifting away from Marco's life. Marco, himself, was enrolled in college on a part-time basis, but he enjoyed working at he auto repair shop more than anything.

After turning off the lights, Marco hopped into his all black Mustang and headed home. Traffic in the opposing direction was already starting to build up and Marco simply shook his head with a smile saying, "Really? There's no point in even attempting to go downtown. Especially on a night like this!" Marco had the fortune of an empty street as he quickly made his way to his apartment complex and parked in front of his building. He knew he shouldn't have left his little sister alone at his home, but she was getting to age where she had good enough sense of not letting strangers in and things of that nature. Besides, Marco had a nice security blanket that watched over the house when he was gone.

"DemiVeemon! Give me the remote!" said a young, female voice as Marco opened the door. He walked in and closed the door behind him.

"No, Malina!" said another voice. "We've been watching cartoons for the past six hours! It's past your bed time and it's time for me to watch the UFC fight that Marco recorded!"

Marco sighed as he looked on the living room couch and saw his little sister tugging at the television remote and a little baby dragon with blue scales pulling it in his direction. "Home sweet home..."

He made his way past them and into the kitchen as they continued to argue. It was as if they didn't realize that Marco just walked in. A chuckled escaped Marco's mouth as he set his bag on the kitchen table and began to ponder whether or not DemiVeemon was suitable to be a security guard of the house if he wasn't realizing that a person just walked into their home. After about five minutes of the two bickering, Marco walked into the living room and snatched the remote away from both of them. Of course, the two pouted and folded their arms as they looked away from each other.

"Good evening to you two, too!" Marco said in a witty fashion as he ended up tuning the television to the news as it showcased downtown Los Angeles and the New Year's festivities that were going on. Marco sat down in between Malina and DemiVeemon as he listened.

"For the first time in three years, the city of Los Angeles has approved of the fireworks showcase upon the arrival of the New Year. The show is going to be one of the biggest celebrations in a long time as we try to compete with New York City in terms of audience attendance. If you're not down here, we suggest you get here now because it's going to be a blast! No pun intended!"

Marco turned the volume down as he took off his shirt and tossed it on the floor, rubbing the tattoo on his right arm.

"Big brother, can we go to the show downtown! Pleeeease!"

DemiVeemon nodded at Marco and said, "Anything to get out of the house! Besides, I wanna see the blast!"

Marco rubbed his head as he stood up and pondered it. As he went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. Malina was getting to the age where she should go see things that she would never forget. And it had been a while since DemiVeemon was out of the house... since he attack the neighbor's dog for 'marking his territory' on the old Welcome Home mat. DemiVeemon hadn't caught a fight with any other pets in the complex since then. Marco assumed that one night out on tonight, of all nights, wouldn't do any harm.

"Sure, why not..." Marco said with a smirk as Malina and DemiVeemon cheered. "Malina, when we get down there, stay with me and hold onto my hand at all times. DemiVeemon, no talking or doing anything... out of the ordinary."

DemiVeemon smiled and said, "I'm a Digimon! I'm always out of the ordinary!"
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Wesley Rosen

Apartment 43 was an uninspired, unremarkable, three room apartment in a complex resting firmly in the middle of Los Angeles. It contained a modest bedroom, a small bathroom, and a larger main room that served as both kitchen and living room, the two divided only by the abrupt change from carpet to tile flooring. Sparsely furnished, the living room contained a small couch, a television on a stand, and a few bookshelves full of a variety of novels. One of these novels was out of its place and lying open on the couch, where a tiny insect-like creature was eagerly scanning through the words - The Hobbit, having been dug out from the back of a bookshelf when the film was released. Idle buzzing from the creature's wings was drowned out by the voice of the news anchor, who rambled on about the excitement of the new year and the celebrations downtown. The bright yellow of the creature's body stood out starkly against the dull beige of the furnishings, the unassuming white-brown permeating the rest of the room.

Across the divide, a man sat at the kitchen table, looking over some files from work and paying only vague attention aside to the news. Wesley Rosen was a quiet and unassuming man, as reflected in the apartment where he lived. Behind him a pot of homemade soup was bubbling on the oven, nearly ready to be served. The soup would be enough to keep Wesley fed for the next few days, saving him time in his schedule once he returned to work after the holidays.

"For the first time in three years, the city of Los Angeles has approved of the fireworks showcase upon the arrival of the New Year. The show is going to be one of the biggest celebrations in a long time as we try to compete with New York City in terms of audience attendance. If you're not down here, we suggest you get here now because it's going to be a blast! No pun intended!"

Crowds and loud noises were never among Wesley's interests, but the bug on the couch was instantly perked up at the announcement. Setting a bookmark in The Hobbit, Puroromon peeked its large head over the back of the couch. "Mr. Rosen! We should go see the fireworks!" It had taken some time to grow accustomed to his presence, but Wesley since resigned to the fact that Puroromon existed and was not a hallucination. There was simply too much physical evidence to the contrary; the food eaten, the books moved around, holes in the couch where Puroromon's stinger had punctured it by accident, all proof. Wesley didn't mind the company, but had to take careful measures to keep the little creature hidden from anyone else.

"We could always just watch them from here, you know," Wesley set aside his files and checked on the soup as he spoke. It was ready now, so he cut the heat and began pouring himself a bowl.

"It's not the same on the TV," the little bee's head slumped dejectedly into the cushioning of the couch's back, "You're worried about people seeing me again, aren't you?"

Wesley sat back down at the table, stirring the soup and taking a taste test. Could use a bit more salt, but a problem easily solved. Taking the shaker, he added a couple shakes to the bowl, "Of course. We wouldn't want some government special agent breaking down our door, now would we?" Another taste, this time it was satisfactory. Far from gourmet cuisine, but Wesley had simple tastes. Good enough was good enough. A tiny side dish was filled with soup for Puroromon, who flew over to the table. "Careful now, or you'll burn yourself like last time. Let it cool a bit." Taking a bottle of honey from the cupboard, Wesley squeezed a bit into the little bee's soup. He couldn't get enough of the stuff it seemed, no matter what it was on.

"What if we got up on one of the buildings?" the Digimon asked, impatiently waiting for the food to cool off. He'd been abnormally energetic all day. "Then we could watch the fireworks and we wouldn't get spotted so easy." The idea had merit. Wesley's father was friend with a man who worked at a hotel near the downtown area, so Wesley could call in a favor to get up to the roof access. It was the New Year, and most people were still in a good mood after Christmas. He thought it over quietly as he took a few careful spoonfuls of the hot soup, Puroromon subconsciously buzzing his wings in anticipation.

"I suppose I can afford to live wild for one night of the year. I'll see if I can arrange something," Wesley had barely finished talking and Puroromon was already excitedly cheering. The Digimon attempted to slurp up some of the soup, but squeaked and spit it out when the hot liquid burned his mouth. Wesley didn't bother saying 'I told you so', and wiped up the bit of spilled soup. Hopefully the fireworks weren't too loud.
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Summer & Sunmon

New Year's Eve. It was special to Summer. Many people saw this day as the end of an old era and the beginning of a new. A new start, a new chance. A new life. Summer thought that was stupid, but she couldn't help feeling the same.

They lived near the city centre, as appropriate for a man with Robert Ashcroft's wealth and flair. As such, it was only a short walk to reach the party downtown that would take place around midnight. They always attended that. First, Summer and her father and grandmother would have a private dinner at home, family night as Robert liked to call it. Then he and his mother would get a bit tipsy, which Summer was used to even though she never touched the liquor herself, and they would make their way downtown to celebrate midnight with all Robert's friends and acquaintances. Summer's schoolmates were usually not there. She didn't mind. She enjoyed keeping the feelings New Year's Eve brought to herself. And it wasn't like it was ever going to be the same now.

Last year, she had lost sight of her dad and grandma at one point. The crowd grew around her and she had felt panic at first. But then she realized that Los Angeles wasn't dangerous to her there and then. Everyone was in the same mood and she could be one of them, melding with the crowd easily. Calmly. And by the time she had calmed down and stepped aside a bit onto a street, was when she first saw him.

As if a fireworks had gone wrong and shot down upon her, something glowing had suddenly fallen down from the sky and landed in Summer's arms. Her reaction hadn't been to cover and scream. Instead she had held her hands out. A feeling had made her done it, some intuition. And when she dared to look at the warm thing that now sat still in her arms, she met Sunmon for the first time. Smiling up towards her, saying hello and promising that he would be there with her when no one else was.

She had kept him.

Grandma knew as much as Summer did, which was only as little as Sunmon had told them. He was a digimon, he came from a digital world. Not much more really. He was a kid, she was sure. Or cub or puppy or whatever word was appropriate to assign a baby digimon. Either he kept most information about himself from them, or he actually didn't know any more. As naive as the kid was, Summer could actually believe that. Grandma was still not sure what to believe, but she made every effort to keep the digimon hidden from other people. Summer wasn't as secretive about it and had ventured downtown with Sunmon a few times in the beginning, to which Grandma had completely freaked out. Nowadays, Sunmon was grounded daytime and could only follow Summer out when it was dark. Summer had argued against that logic sometimes, since Sunmon was clearly more visible in the night than in daytime. But she knew Grandma cared about both of them and eventually went along with her rules.

As for Robert Ashcroft, they had managed to keep Sunmon hidden from him for a few weeks but when he found the digimon one day he didn't react all as badly as Summer and her grandma had feared. It might have had something to do with Robert being not a little tipsy at the time, but he and Sunmon instantly became the silliest of friends. Robert was incredibly fascinated with Sunmon's tale about a digital world, even though there were no details or anything substantial to build a theory of. He tried several times to incorporate some kind of digimon-like creatures into his new books, but grandma Ashcroft always caught the references and forbid him to keep them.

Tonight, another new year would begin. And Summer's intuition had already gone haywire again.

"You will stay here all night. Understood? Don't go anywhere on your own!"

Summer emerged from her room, dressed in Converse, dark jeans, a cyan blouse and her brown leather jacket, and saw grandma talking seriously to Sunmon in the living room. The digimon nodded eagerly.

"I promise!" he said solemnly with his childish voice. "I won't go anywhere on my own when you are downtown!"

Grandma sighed, but patted Sunmon lightly before she went to fetch her purse. Summer walked up to the digimon and received a playful wink from him.

"Ah, this will be a great night, I can feel it!" Robert said, entering the large living room from his study. He was wearing a smoking for the occasion and had that excited glint in his eyes that he always got when he was going somewhere fun... Or had had a few drinks already.

"I'm sure it will, dad," Summer said with a smile when he waltzed up to her and gave her a peck on the forehead.

"And a happy new year to you, kiddo," Robert then said and tried to give Sunmon a peck too, but the digimon started giggling uncontrollably and hid in the air behind Summer's back. Robert pretended to get upset and sighed before he turned to his mother who just came back into the hall.

"Let's go already, we don't want to miss the fireworks do we? You'll see them fine from the windows in Robert's study," the elder lady added to the digimon. He was still giggling, until Summer nabbed him with her elbow.

As the grown-ups went out the door and Summer took up her keys as if to lock and close, she called out: "Wait, I forgot my bag," and went back inside. She took the backpack she had put next to the door, and hurriedly motioned for Sunmon to come. He knew exactly what he had to do. Put out his flame, which he could only do for shorter amounts of time but it would have to do now, and jump into the bag before Summer zipped it almost the whole way up and went outside, finally locking the door behind her.


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Ludwig Raynes and Budmon
The Beginning of New Years...And Other Stuff

"Should old acquaintances be forgotten, and never brought to mind! Should old acquaintances be forgotten, and days of long ago!"

"Budmon, please!" Ludwig groaned and began to rub the bridge of his nose. "You've been singing that song for the last two hours! I have to study! The finals for the semester are coming soon!"

"But Ludee!" The nickname had been around for half a year, but Ludwig still wasn't used to it. "It's New Years! This is when normal people go out and go to parties and stuff!" The flying bud floated through the air and landed on the paper-covered desk next to Ludwig's textbook. "Just think about it," Her eyes began to shine with hope, "The performances! The music!" She hopped onto Ludwig's head, making sure not to jab him with her thorns. "Please! Let us go!"

Ludwig groaned yet again and slammed his textbook shut, making sure to keep his place, and stood up. "Budmon, those people are brainless hooligans who do nothing but live day-to-day and drink alcohol, which has terrible effects on the body, mind you." He strode over to the small kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He scanned the cooling device for a healthy snack. Baby carrots maybe? Celery? "I, you see, am a contributing member of society. I will become a doctor and change many lives!" Moments later he decided on a plastic container of lasagna left over from a dinner at his parents. Mother's lasagna was always the best... Ludwig retrieved a fork from his silverware drawer and moved to his modest table and took a seat, only to realize that he had forgotten to heat the lasagna up. "Curses!"

Budmon simply giggled. "I got it!" She carefully wrapped her leaf around the small container and floated over to the microwave. She set down the box and opened the door, quickly sliding the box inside. "How long should I heat it up, Ludee?" She giggled and looked back.

Ludwig was still amazed at how advanced her motor skills were without the presence of hands, even after an entire year. "Thank you, Budmon. Two minutes and thirty seconds."

"Okie dokie." She managed to press the buttons with her thorns carefully, amazing Ludwig yet again. "So..." She floated back over to her human partner. "Can we please go?"

Ludwig stared into her eyes in an attempt to resist, but she was simply too adorable. He sighed and face-palmed himself. "Only for you..." Throughout the year, he had grown a special spot in his heart for the Digimon. He couldn't be mad at her anymore. "But just this once! You have to be careful! We don't want anyone finding out about you!"

Budmon began to puff up into the air, "Yayayayayayayayay! We're going outside!" She giggled loudly, causing Ludwig "I'll be superduper careful! Just watch!" She floated back to the microwave and removed the lasagna from the microwave, and proceeded to bring it back. "Eat fast, Ludee! We have adventures to go on!"

Ludwig sighed and lifted the lid. He plunged his fork into his mother's cooking. "You know, Budmon, that eating to quickly can cause several health problems."

"Oh hush and eat!"

Surprised by the snappy response, Ludwig began to shovel down his food.
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Annie Helm

"I can't reach it, I can't reach it!"

"Annie, tell your furry ball of annoying to shut up!"

Annie pulled off a headphone and stuck out her tongue, looking at Nyaromon's hapless attempts at trying to grab the handle of the refrigerator door with his teeth and pull it. Unfortunately, his bouncing tended to fail or slam him into the door... case in point, right now, where the little guy was rubbing his long tail against his... forehead? Did eared blobs have foreheads? Annie wrote it down, to keep in mind to ask Nyaromon when he could focus on her and not food. Not that that happened very often, but it was the thought that counted.

She went to pick up the little yellow creature, who was of course, back up, and brushing the pain off like nothing happened. Annie grinned. "You cool?"

The cat head proceeded to snap his fangs at her, munching at air. "I will be if you can get me the chicken." Annie nodded with a laugh. At least if she got it, they could be sure the container would be drool free and it would smell like leftovers for three hours.

"I'm going to eat that," grumbled the voice of her brother, taking Nyaromon from her hands and tossing him to land on the couch. Annie gaped at him, not because he had done that. Louis did that a lot, particularly when the weird Digimon started shouting in his sleep. No, the problem was.

"There's shaving cream on your nose," Annie informed him, opening the fridge and pulling out the chicken. He batted her hand from the lid and she sunk her lips into a smiling pout. "We can share, Louis, can't we?"

Louis rolled his eyes and snatched the container. "Aren't you going out today? For New Year's or something?"

"Nyaromon wants to," she said, looking back at her book. Nyaromon always wanted to do things, had been trying to do things ever since Annie had found him trying to climb a tree without hands about a year ago. Annie normally would have laughed at him for the attempt, but she was a bit too busy gushing at the time.

"You want to too Annie," Nyaromon said, grinning. "Don't lie, don't lie! We're gonna go see the light show and hear lots of things go BOOM!"

Annie giggled and nodded her head, opening her arms for the fluffy creature again. "We should go out a little early, before we don't have a seat." She did want to go, probably not quite as much as Nyaromon, but she wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Besides, there was a chance for good, cheap food. She could never pass up on that.

"But then we have to wait," Nyaromon muttered. "That means I'm stuck in the bag."

"You're lucky you get to go at all," Louis muttered, flicking the Digimon in between the eyes. "Make trouble and I'm getting the scissors."

Nyaromon yelped and curled his tail protectively against Annie's chest. "I like my fur!" he squeaked, glaring red eyes at Louis' gleaming smirk. Annie laughed again and went to the door.

"I'm going to stop at the bookstore," she said cheerily. "Spend some pocket money. Want anything?"

"For you to get a job!"

She stuck out her tongue at him, tying her shoes. "Then find one where Nyaromon won't eat the materials!"

"Hey! I stopped eating pens!"

Annie only shook her head, and left the house, Nyaromon bouncing on the inside of her super-mysterious jacket. She'd put him in the bag later.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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Tyler Owens
Part 1, Chapter 1

The sound of violins rang through the room, a familiar start to one of Tyler’s favorite albums. He was lying on his bed, listening intently for all of the nuances of the songs. A few feet away from him, the little purple and brown critter known as Yaamon, was sitting on a computer chair. Tyler made a deal with the little creature that he’d take him out on the town for the night if he’d let Tyler listen to his music for a bit.

“Come on Ty, can’t we go soon? This is the third CD you’ve listened to already. I don’t want to miss the magic lightshow.”

For some reason, Yaamon had it in his head that fireworks were actually magic, crafted by wizards, even though Tyler often reminded him otherwise.

“Don’t worry; we’ll leave after I get that text from Thomas. You just need to be patient. Besides, the fireworks don’t start ‘till midnight.”

The only reason Tyler even made the deal with Yaamon was because Thomas was getting the band to meet up to celebrate the New Year. By now Yaamon had become a mascot of sorts for them, even though none of them quite understood what he was or where he came from. He remembered that when they first met Yaamon said he was from the digital world and the he was a Digimon. Afterwards, Tyler proceeded to zone out, remembering last year when he met Yaamon.

At first it was just like any other New Years Eve. Big gatherings at various locations across L.A. Parties in more place than a normal person could count. Thomas had managed to get involved in an “underground” show in one of the various warehouses that dotted downtown. He promised that it’d be a good way to get some publicity, but unbeknownst to him it was being held illegally by some crook that had been holding raves in the area. As luck would have it, the police caught wind of it and were ready to crack down on the show before it even begun.

While Tyler and the rest of his band were in the back getting ready, the police had broken into the main floor and already arresting people for breaking and entering. The noise coming from the main floor created suspicion in more than a few people, but when one of the equipment people came running from to the back yelling “Get out, the police are here!” everyone made a mad dash for the exits. In all of the chaos, Tyler had gotten separated from his friends. He knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to stay in the building so he did his best to get out. People were pushing and shoving trying to get out. After fighting his way through the thrashing crowd he managed to find a side alley to hide in.

At first he waited for a few minutes, but then took refuge to avoid all the chaos. He hoped for the whole incident to calm down a bit before searching for his friends. It took what seemed to be hours for the incident to dissipate. A couple of times a cop looked down his little alley, but Tyler had lodged himself in between some wooden pallets just incase. Once everything had gone quite he surfaced from his hiding place. While leaving the alley, a shuffling noise caught his attention. When he went to go investigate the shuffling slowly started making words. “I swear, the digital world wasn’t this dark. Wait… was it?” Tyler had no idea what the digital world was, but if it was a person he knew he should at least help them. The noise was coming from a rather large box, but once he looked in it he found something very not-person like. A weird purple and brown blob stared back at him as he hovered over the little creature. “What the-?!” the creature yelled. The discovery shocked Tyler, and truth be told he was surprised, but he wasn’t the type to freak out. He could’ve sworn he had seen it all, but now he knew he had seen it all. While trying to figure out what the creature was it began to talk again. “Hey, pal! Can you help me out of this prison of darkness?”

“Sure.” Tyler replied as he lifted the small thing out of the box. “So, what are you?”

“What? You ain’t ever seen a Digimon before?” The purple blob looked at him with true astonishment, as if Tyler was the weird one in the situation.

“No, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Digimon.” He replied, half sarcastically.

“Well, taadaa, now you have! People call me Yaamon, by the way.”

A buzzing and ringing brought Tyler back to reality. Thomas had finally texted him the location of their exact destination. Yaamon was watching attentively to see what Tyler would say.

“Well, you ready Yaamon?”

The Digimon put on its most devilish grin and said: “What do you think?”

“Then let’s go.”

Tyler got up from the bed and grabbed Yaamon along with one of his messenger bags. The little Digimon slid into the bag just enough so he could barely see out either side of the bag.


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December 31st, 2013 - Arc 1
Any restaurant that was opened on New Year’s Eve was bound to be busy and to be expected the turn out was huge this year. Well, Elle knew that it was because of the deal they were having, buy two get one free. The pages of the notebook located in her hand were full of scribbles, which were technically Elle’s handwriting, though she doubted anyone else knew that but her. Sweat dripped from her brow, as running from each table and carrying pizza and drinks led to a bit of exhaustion. Slipping passed another server who had just arrived to take her shift Elle swiped the wooden basket she kept under the counter. Yes, that was risky, but there Elle usually worked all her shifts alone.

“The crowd in here is crazy, you got everything?” The girl gave a wink at Elle before she spoke, her name was Marie Hernandez and her and Elle had become fast friends.

If there was one thing Marie did well it was reminders, one time Elle had accidentally left her wooden basket on top of the refrigerator and she received frantic phone call from Marie. Needless to say Elle had to swear her to secrecy, Elle wasn’t exactly sure why, but she didn’t want Moonmon, an almost unexplainable being, taken from her by some weird scientists. “Yes, Marie. We’ll, I mean, I’ll be going now,” Elle wrapped her arms around Marie's neck before heading out the door.

“Elle, fireworks! Bang boom!” Anyone would think they were crazy if they saw the thing that was speaking to Elle right now, who weirdly enough went by the name of Moonmon. A small, blue-colored creature shaped like a teardrop with frills coming up a few inches from its eyes that were near the base of it. She was a timid digital creature who rested comfortably in the basket, a smile graced her face (Elle always wondered if that was what you would call it…)

A laugh escaped Elle’s lips, as she tucked a lone strand of hair behind her ear, “Yes, Moonmon we’re going to go see them, I keep my promises, okay?”

A promise to Moonmon was one thing, but the one she made to her mother was another matter in itself. How long had it been since she saw them, one month? Two? Losing track of time was a specialty of Elle and it wasn't something her mother was very fond of and constantly told Elle this when she saw her.

"What are fireworks, Elle?" Moonmon asked, Elle had propped open one side of the basket so Moonmon had the freedom to be heard and some extra wiggle room.

Trying not to look down at her basket she rushed through her words, "They're bursts of lights that go bang and boom, remember? I showed you a video!"

If there was one thing Elle had learned it was that Moonmon was incredibly shy and it had taken forever for Elle to get her to speak freely. So, it was never a hassle for Elle to further explain things even if she had to do it more than once, because the friendship they had acquired was well worth it. A distraction from the real world was what Moonmon also provided, I-must-take-care-of-my-odd-yet-intriguing-pet-that's-not-from-this-world was always a good excuse to put off doing anything of importance.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

The Meta Journey
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1. Don Nguyen

I smiled once I heard my boyfriend, Jay, snoring on my lap. We were watching a movie together, a movie he picked out by the way, and we were both immensely bored. The only one that found the movie somewhat interesting was Viximon. She was on my head and she was humming, so it wasn’t hard to tell that she was enjoying the movie.

As you can probably tell from the name, Viximon was not human. She was a digimon.

From a young age, I would always hear this voice inside my head. As a child, I always thought it was my imaginary friend, so many people could find me sitting by myself in the park while talking outloud to myself. Most children grew out of them, but I never did. I couldn’t abandon her so easily. She was the one I went to when I needed someone to cry to. Someone who was there whenever I felt so inferior compared to my sisters.

To sum it up, she was and still is my best friend.

“You got that right, I’m your best friend, so don’t you forget it.” Viximon interrupted.

How she even did that was beyond me.

“Honey,” Viximon began, “after all these years you still don’t get it? Don, I’m just fabulous. Don’t you forget that either.”

“Yes, yes, we won’t,” A voice interrupted. I looked down to see Jay’s blue eyes staring into mine. He smiled once our eyes connected, “Hey wifey.”

I blushed, “You’re awake I see.”

“Mhmm,” He hummed, “Next time, why don’t you pick a different movie? That one bored me to tears.”

“You picked it,” I corrected with a chuckle.

He pouted, “Dang it.”

He then extended his arms and grabbed my cheeks with his fingers and began to stretch. Viximon was laughing on top of my head as she could hear the distress in my voice, “You guys really need to get married.”

Jay grinned, “We will Viximon.You’ve heard this already, I am going to make Don my bride!”

I blushed and moved his hands off of my cheeks. Jay and Viximon laughed at my reddening face, knowing that I hated being referred to as a bride.

Completely Viximon’s fault.

Jay removed himself from my lap and stood up. He looked down at me and smiled, “Well it’s about time we left. Don’t want to be late for those fireworks!”

Viximon jumped off from my head and bounded towards the door, “OOOO fireworks are just fabulous!”

“You’re driving,” Jay stated.

“I drove last time,” I replied, poking his arm.

He pouted, “Dang it. Why are you my boyfriend again?”

“I love you,” I laughed.
This will be fix by Sunday!

Credits: Deviantart & Watteblume (also from Deviantart.)
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As he made his way through the crowd, Marco made sure to hold on tightly to Malina's hand as she held on tightly to DemiVeemon. Although he had initially advised against it, Marco was convinced by Malina into allowing her to hold DemiVeemon in her arms. She said that it would probably look less obvious that she was holding a digital monster, but Marco had firmly told DemiVeemon to act like a plush doll. Easier said than done. Once they found a decent spot in the middle central area, Marco let go of Malina's hand since she was in plain sight.

"I'll hold on to DemiVee-- I mean, I'll hold on to your doll, Malina," Marco said as he reached down and grabbed DemiVeemon from her and held him in his arms. It had to be weird seeing a 20-year-old holding a 'stuffed animal' but he felt a bit more comfortable since he was in the presence of his younger sister.

Time seem to elapse quickly as they stood there and soon, without Marco realizing that he had started daydreaming, the patrons standing in the downtown center began counting down out of no where. "10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3.. 2... 1.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Boom! Boom! Bang! Bang! Pow! Pow!

DemiVeemon jumped a bit in Marco's grasp, but Marco managed to hold onto the Digimon tightly with a bit of laughter as everyone began to cheer and shout. Couples were kissing each other for the first time this year and family members were hugging each other. Marco, smile still painted on his face, looked down to hug his sister but was awestruck when she wasn't by his side.


Soon after, the cheers and applause was replace by screams and explosions.

Appearing from the sky were several purple creatures with a single red eye-ball and claws. As they descended to the ground, they latched onto people, children, buildings, and cars, and proceeded to attack anything in their path. Soon people began to immediately run in clear out the area, but Marco was still looking around for his sister.


DemiVeemon hopped out of Marco's grasped and said to Marco, "Go find Malina! I'll take care of these ugly faces!" He turned his attention to a group of the creatures. "Pop Attack!" DemIVeemon sprang forward and rammed his head into the head of the creature.

Marco didn't waste anytime agree with DemiVeemon as he began to run around in search of Malina. He felt a vibration in his pocket and grabbed his phone, but it somehow had changed. No longer was it a regular phone, but now it appeared to be a sky blue color and had a pixelated picture of DemiVeemon. There also appeared to be...a health bar? Marco wasn't sure but he knew he had to find Malina. The sudden transformation of his phone would have to wait.
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Wesley Rosen

Wesley's trip downtown was made on foot, after he and Puroromon finished their soup. The little Digimon was following from the air, where people were less likely to note its presence. They would be too focused on where they were going. The streets were too crowded with cars, and trying to make it by the roads would just end with being late for the fireworks. The closer they got to the center of the event, the more crowded with both people and vehicles the streets became. The hotel Wesley was looking for was up ahead, visible as it rose high above the crowd. Entering through the front door, he saw the lobby empty of staff or guests, except for a single clerk at the desk who was likely finishing up so he could leave. The clerk was a middle-aged man with a receding hairline, dressed in a simple uniform shared by the rest of the hotel staff; Wesley recognized him as Stewart Castor, an friend of his father's. As Wesley approached the front desk, Stewart looked up from his frantic typing, "Ah, hello, sir. Can it wait until after the countdown? Everyone's heading up to the roof to see the fireworks display, and I'm going to be late if I don't finish this soon."

"Actually, I was hoping I could get up there to watch the event. The streets are far too crowded for my liking," Wesley held out a hand, "Wesley Rosen, my father is Albert Rosen. Last time we met I was still quite young, but I recognize your face."

The man looked thoughtful for a moment, then smiled. "Aha! Yes, I remember now. Albert's boy." Stewart and Albert had been friends since elementary school. "I don't see why not, the staff and other guests are already up there. Just let me finish this real quick and I'll show you the way up."

After Stewart finished his online paperwork, the two of them climbed up the main stairwell of the hotel. The stairs led all the way to the roof access, and above they could hear the footsteps of other people making their way up to the gathering. Soon enough they exited onto the rooftop. Around the edge of the roof was a guardrail, and several tables with chairs and umbrellas were set atop the building, likely a regular fixture for guests who preferred to dine outside. The place had an excellent bird's eye view of the center of the celebration. "The wife's around here somewhere, I should go find her before she thinks I got lost! Enjoy the show!" Stewart ventured into the crowd gathered atop the roof. People were conversing and shouting over one another, making it difficult to hear much. Things slowly began to hush, as people eyed their watches with anticipation.

Once Wesley had moved off to the side where nobody would notice him, Puroromon landed on his back, peeking over his shoulder to watch. Puroroman had made its own way up to the rooftop by air and had been waiting. "We made it in time! I wonder if they have shaped fireworks? What kind do you think they're gonna be?" Wesley hushed the excitedly buzzing and chattering Digimon. "The countdown is about to start."

"10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3.. 2... 1.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

The lights in the streets and buildings dimmed, and waves of fireworks shot into the sky, exploding in brilliant displays of multicolored light. Among them was a massive '2014' formed of glowing white spheres, like exploding stars. Unfortunately for the partygoers, sparks weren't the only things falling from the sky.

Within the next few seconds, chaos exploded all around. Strange creatures had airdropped onto the roof and were gouging and mauling people with their vicious claws, before anyone could even process what was going on. Wesley could barely react enough to consciously move away from the guardrails to avoid falling. He felt a slight weight lift from his shoulder. Puroromon was charging one of the creatures, rear-first, as it approached a little girl clinging to her mother. The sting sent the strange claw monster reeling, but it just hissed and tackled the little bee back as the minor poison blurred its vision.

A man stumbled and fell to the ground near Wesley, clearly in a great deal of pain. There was a huge gash in the man's forearm, where one of the creatures had slashed it open. The sight of the blood made Wesley nauseous, and at first he could only step back and stare in shock. Getting a hold of himself, however, he swallowed down the awful taste in his mouth. Something needed to be done. These were... Digimon, attacking Los Angeles? What could that mean?

Kneeling down, Wesley grabbed the injured man's arm. "Hey! I need you to focus, okay? I need to slow the bleeding, you're losing way too much blood." Keeping a facade of calm despite the rapid pounding in his chest, Wesley tried to focus. He took off his tie, a tacky New Years novelty item full of fireworks and colorful patterns, and began to tie it around the man's arm. Wesley was pretty sure he read somewhere that you needed to apply something like that if a major artery was cut. As he pulled the garment tight, he looked up to see Puroromon go flying past onto the floor, knocked away by a hostile Digimon. There was a buzzing in Wesley's pocket, and he pulled out his phone. Was someone trying to contact him? Was his family in trouble?

This wasn't his phone. It was a strange, grey device with an image of Puroromon on the screen, along with a green bar with a bit of red at the end. Wesley hadn't played many video games before, so he had no clear idea what a health bar was, but he at least figured out that red was bad and green was good. "K-k... keep pressure on it. Just.. I have to go." He stuttered out to the injured man, who couldn't even focus enough to nod. Standing, Wesley went over to help Puroromon up, but the little bee was already charging past at the opponent it had been fighting. Wesley hesitantly followed. Receiving another sting, the evil creature looked thoroughly furious, but the weak poison was starting to tire it out. In a burst of adrenaline, Wesley grabbed a plastic chair from near one of the tables and brought it down on the creature, knocking it flat and stunning it. A guest ran by and knocked Wesley aside in her panicked charge for the roof access door, and he fell to the ground. Things weren't looking good here. He and Puroromon needed to get off the roof. Grabbing the bee Digimon and holding it to his chest, he rolled out of the way of another fleeing guest and stood, following the crowd back into the hotel. The kitchen, his racing mind thought. Maybe if he could find the kitchen, there would be something to defend himself with.
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Summer & Sunmon

Summer and her family were right in the middle of the grand city street where a countdown was shown on a giant screen on the wall of a skyscraper. The air was thick with smells and noise. Summer had gently made sure that her father and grandma were holding each other and chatting merrily in the midst of the crowd before the countdown began. As for herself, she had moved away a bit. This year, on purpose.

She sat down on some stairs in front of a large hotel or something. The screen was still visible to her over the heads of the cheering crowd. Nobody would be looking at her now. She let Sunmon out of the bag.

He spun around in the air excitedly when he finally got to move around again, but then saw the screen and was like paralyzed. Summer chuckled a little. She knew he liked big, shining things. The kid could stare up into the sun for minutes without getting a sunburn in his eyes.

"Ten! Nine! Eight!..."

"It's time," Summer said, poking Sunmon to get his attention. He giggled and settled in her lap. Together, they counted the last digits and watched fireworks ascend and the people rejoice.

And then something else happened just like last year. Something came down towards them from the sky... But it didn't glow like a firework gone wrong, and it didn't look like another Sunmon. Without knowing what to say, Summer and Sunmon both just watched the thing come down and land on the ground in front of them. It was blue, looking like a furry slipper for a child. Had someone dropped it from the hotel above?

But then it opened one single, big red eye and flexed two thin antennas up over itself. Before anyone could say anything about it, screams cut through the cheering of the crowd and, within a few minutes, replaced it. Summer got to her feet quickly to try and see what was happening. More blue, furry one-eyes were in the crowd, latching onto people and running after those who tried to flee.

"... Monsters?"

"Digimon!" Sunmon suddenly called out, and Summer looked down just in time to see the blue monster jump her digimon friend. Both creatures hit the ground and rolled around trying to get the upper hand.

"Sunmon!" she shouted, running after them as they rolled in among the feet of the fleeing crowd. She lost sight of them and stopped, trying not to let shock get to her. She knew there were digimon. This wasn't impossible. There had to be a logical explanation for this, just as Sunmon had to have one. What was important now was...


The street was rapidly emptying as people tried to run in any direction they could to escape it. Summer ran in circles, trying to find her family, but they weren't seen. What she did see in the corner of her eye was a sudden burst of fire. Spinning around, she saw Sunmon flying a few meters up into the air. Completely visible for anyone who looked his way.

No, that didn't matter now. There were monsters everywhere.

"STARLIGHT!" the sun-shaped pokémon shouted with its childish voice, and the fire on its head lit up brighter until Summer had to shield her eyes from the glare. A burst of light was released, which knocked several monsters on the ground off their feet.

"You're... fighting them," Summer breathed where she still stood in the middle of the street. Sunmon could fight!

"Summer! Duck!" he suddenly called out and lit up his fire brighter again.

In blind trust, Summer dove forward. A second afterwards, the burst of starlight beamed over her head, hitting a couple of monsters who had been about to jump her from behind.

Sunmon soared down to him. "You've got to get out of this place!" he said urgently and pushed her with his little body.

"But... What about you?" Summer said, feeling disoriented by all this.

"I have to fight. These are wrongdoing digimon and I have to bring justice upon them!"

It could have been the line of a superhero in a fancy movie, but coming from his tiny mouth the words were hardly convincing, despite his determined eyes. Summer realized that she really appreciated this kid.

"Not going anywhere without you, kid," she said. "If you fight, so do I."

"But..." Sunmon paused to beam another approaching monster away. "You don't have any digipowers!"

"No. But I have humanpowers," Summer said with a wink and karatekicked another monster out of the way. It seemed to hurt even more than the lightblasts of 'digipowers' did.

Sunmon's eyes widened. "I forgot! Haha, you are so great, Summer! Hold your ground then, because..." He turned his gaze, the large building with the giant screen behind them and the length of the now deserted and trashed street in front of them, "they are many."

They truly were many, still falling from the sky and attacking anything they could see. Summer raised her fists at an oncoming group of about a dozen blue monsters with red eyes. Time to stand up for someone who stood up for you. But she really had no idea how she planned for this to end.

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2. Don Nguyen
Pretty Theme Song

Just like any big and bustling city, traffic is a nightmare. Then there are the big and well known cities home to some of the best attractions and holds a gigantic population of people within it’s borders. Los Angeles was no different. The city is probably the busiest city in California, even those that never lived in the city knew that.

After living in Los Angeles for two years, Jay and Don thought they were completely use to the traffic. They were proven wrong. The couple were inside of Jay’s old Honda Accord, still on the road trying to find a decent place to park in order to see the fireworks display. The couple would have gotten decent parking if Jay wasn’t so distracted when he saw one of his old his friends while driving his car. Anyways, Jay banged his head lightly against the leather wheel.

“I give up,” Jay sighed. He then spun the wheel of the car and parked into the first space he could find. He turned the key, but didn’t get it out of the ignition. He really wasn’t willing to walk and Don seemed to share that sentiment since he didn’t attempt to open the door.

“I’m sorry,” Jay apologized, “I ended up getting distracted by an old friend, so much so that we can’t even find a decent place to park.”

Don shook his head while petting the annoyed Viximon on his lap, “No it’s fine. You haven’t seen him in years, so I get why you were distracted. It’s just gunpowder being shot into the air, so it’s all fine.”

Jay sighed and grabbed his partner’s hand, “You don’t have to keep everything tucked inside you know. Not everything you’ll say will hurt those around you.”

Don tensed under Jay’s words. He knew him too well. Don was always careful of what he said around others in fear of hurting them. This fear grew from his constant jealousy towards his sisters. They seemed to outclass him at almost everything and no matter how much Don wished he could scream at them, he couldn’t. He loved them too much to hurt them with the feelings he had, so he kept them locked away deep inside his heart.

“Stop it,” Don whispered, “You know me too well.”

“I have to,” Jay laughed, “I’m going to make you my husband after all.”

Don sputtered and blushed. Viximon laughed at her best friend’s expense, probably feeling a little better about not getting a good place to watch the fireworks. Jay laughed and pinched his boyfriend’s cheeks. He smiled a little and began to move his head towards Don’s in hopes for a kiss, but instead of his lips landing on Don’s, his back met the side of his car by Viximon.

“Viximon!” Don shouted in shock.

“What was that for?!” Jay asked, angrily. He glared at the yellow furball that sent him flying to the car door.

“I love you and all,” Viximon began, she then scraped her paw across her yellow fur, “But I’d rather not see you guys start to do things that aren’t rated PG if you know what I mean. Don’t want a repeat of when I first met you guys right?”

If Don had water in his mouth, he would have done a spit take. Of course he remembered the time they met. Thinking about it now, he realized that it was a year ago from today. Don felt his face heat up as he remembered the events that transpired that night. Jay and Don were having one of their more…intimate moments, when Viximon literally fell on top of them.

It was probably safe to say that they scared the poor digimon for life.

“And yes Don, you and Jay scarred me for life,” Viximon stated, while whipping her tail around.

“We weren’t going to have that kind of moment in the car Viximon!” Jay screamed.

“Tell that to my scarred eyes,” The digimon sighed, “It was so -”

“Stop exagerating!”

And while they were bickering, Don could hear the people counting down from ten.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Gunpowder was shot into the sky and illuminated the night. The sounds and the flashes of color seemed to be enough to stop the argument between the fox digimon and the driver of the car. Don felt his phone vibrate and fished it out of his pocket. His eyes went wide as he grabbed a device that was obviously not his phone. The white case that was on his android was no longer white…. Nor did he seem to have a phone case at all. The smart phone he fished out of his pocket was green and on the screen was a picture of Viximon.

Don didn’t have time to contemplate or even freak out over the phone that was obviously because right after he took it out of his pocket, blobs fell from the sky. These blobs ended up being red eyeballs with claws. Once they landed, the trio could hear the screams of many L.A. residences. These screams were soon accompanied by their own as some fell on top of their car. They scrambled as fast as they could out of the car, but once they did the eyeballs then set their sights on them.

“Killing Stone!”

Viximon hurled herself into a some of the eyeballs that were flying towards them and changed into a stone. Purple gas flew out of the pores that seemed to cause they digimon in proximity to fall to the ground. Jay was punching and kicking those that he could. Don had found those standing containers that had newspapers inside and rolled them up to use as a weapon in defense against the digital eyeballs that seemed to like hurling themselves towards him.

“This is your fault Jay! I bet these digimon that fell from the sky because we were late!” Viximon shouted, blaming the catastrophe on him.


Credits: Deviantart & Watteblume (also from Deviantart.)
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Summer & Sunmon

Before the wall of blue monsters reached them, Sunmon suddenly perked up and looked in another direction. "There is... another digimon here!" he said eagerly.

"There are digimonsters everywhere!" Summer said, starting to run instead of facing their enemies, since Sunmon was distracted.

"No, this way!" the red digimon said and suddenly flew to the left.

"Waait!" Summer said and ran as fast as she could after him. The monsters didn't seem to be fully set on them, but rather just kept running forward, latching onto any lamp pole or car they encountered. Phew.

The duo turned around a corner of a building and came to a street where a lot of cars were parked. Next to one of them, two human guys and a tiny yellow plushie were fighting back against more blue monsters who had fallen from the sky. No, wait... that wasn't a plushie. It was alive and retaliating.

"Is that-" Summer began.

"It is!" Sunmon said, smiling happily. "Starlight!" he shouted and beamed away a couple of eyeball monsters who were just about to jump one of the guys. Then he hurried up to the yellow digimon, excited to meet someone of his own kind who didn't want to attack him. Or so he assumed, at least.

"Sunmon! Uh..." Summer began, but then some blue monsters fell from above and landed right on top of her. They started biting and clawing immediately and Summer didn't know what to do. Her karate skills weren't much good for something this small, latching onto her body this tightly.


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Joint post with Colony

"Annie! Annie, lemme out!" 

Annie bopped the bag unceremoniously on the zipper top, grinning towards nothing in particular. She drew her eyes towards the sky, blinking at breezes in her eyes. She sat back on a bench. Then, looking around to make sure no one was watching, she unzipped her bag. Beneath her fingers, Nyaromon wriggled and stabbed his tail at her. She picked him up, really not wanting to risk him falling out and being grabbed by a wayward five-year-old.

Hey, stranger things had happened! Like this guy!

"Is it going to boom soon?" he asked, turning his big eyes away from the sky to look at her  with impatience. Because according to him, since cooking for her meant setting things on fire, she could make fireworks poof into existence. She merely giggled and shook her head. 

Annie paused a moment before answering, watching the sky darken even further. In her arms, Nyaromon was practically vibrating his excitement."Sorry, Nini," she giggled, using that playful little pet name to tick him off. "I don't control this fire."

"Why not?" 

It was funny. Nyaromon was about five times more active during the night. This was weird considering Annie preferred to sleep over everything else. "I dunno, ask Louis when we get back."

"But Louis is grumpy, not smart."

Annie laughed, and waited for the sound of the countdown.


The streets of downtown were as cramped and crowded as ever. Tyler couldn't make heads nor tails of where Thomas was going to be. All he said was to meet him somewhere near Tyler's current location. He should've known better than to have Thomas be the one to decide where to meet, but he couldn't help getting caught up in the pace of events. It's the same thing that got him into trouble last new years. Then again, Tyler couldn't be too upset at what transpired a year ago, seeing how it led him to befriend Yaamon.

Tyler glanced down at his bag. It shuffled continuously, drawing several eyes towards it. Yaamon was wriggling about uncontrollably. This was exactly the kind of attention he wanted to avoid. He struggled with an idea to get away from the current situation, ultimately deciding to flea the direct area. He smacked his bag a bit, a bit of warning to Yaamon.

"Hey! What's that for?"

"That's for not listening. I told you to be quiet and to move as little as possible. Instead, you flail about like a cat in a pillowcase."

"It's not my fault that this bag is so stuffy."

A sigh was paired with a quick shake of Tyler's head. He ended his conversation and slid through the crowd, bobbing and weaving in between tourists and locals alike. All he wanted was a quick reprive, just a moment to catch his bearings and find Thomas. It was really starting to bother him how bad Thomas worded the meet up spot, but he shrugged it off and continued. For a brief moment, Tyler took in the lights of downtown. It had been quite a long time since he had been in the area so late. Normally, he was either doing a show or he was back at the dorm studying. It was refreshing. In the midst of his distraction, he collided with someone. He wasn't sure what had just happened, all he did was say:

"Ugh, s... sorry. Are you okay?"

When the bump had happened, it took all of Annie's concentration (not that she had much) to remember to clamp a hand over  Nyaromon's mouth so he didn't scream like a talking doll. Because that would be obvious. Barring that, she barely stumbled. She did have a little flipping grace... sometimes.

Ooh, look, a man. Or a boy. Or a young person. Hard to tell, it was really dark. She grinned. "Course I am! Thanks though!"

"What, did he think you were a dandelion?" Nyaromon muttered near her ear.

Beneath her coat, Annie twisted his ear, causing the little Digimon to curse, eyes watering. "Stop it," she muttered, barely moving her lips. "Countdown is about to start." He went still, but then went right back to vibrating against her chest a few moments later. Annie stepped back to give the other person more room. It was short, unlikely she would be able to see it anyway.

Knowing that the person he had bumped in to, a girl from the sound of the voice, was okay Tyler continued on his path of finding Thomas. It was getting extremely close to the countdown, so much so that he decided to give up on looking for him and just call him. Even though there was a lot of background noise he figured it would be better than just blindly searching. He pulled out his phone and dialed Thomas' number. It rang for quite a while. Finally, Thomas picked up. Thomas was the first to speak.

"Dude, where are you?" his voice echoing a tone of frustration.

"Don't even go there, Thomas. I need you to give me a better description of where you are. Do you think you can do that?"

A sigh could barely be heard on the other end. "I told you, it's like this diner-ish place."

"Don't you at least know the name?"

"Oh, yeah, I think it's called the Bear's Claw."

"What the... I swear, you can be clueless sometimes. I know the place, and I'm pretty close. See you in a few. Later."

In an instant Tyler closed his phone and slipped it back into his pocket. By now the countdown was starting. The location was about a block away, but there was no way he could get there before the clock struck midnight. "5... 4... 3... 2... 1! Happy New Year!" echoed across downtown.

The noise from the rest of the world's explosive cheer was almost unbearable, particularly with Nyaromon screeching in a decidedly unmanly voice near her ears. However, Annie quickly sat back down and remained there, cupping her hands over her ears. Nyaromon quieted at the sight, but just enough to start vibrating. Had he eaten her cell phone again? Really...

The cheering and joy suddenly turned to screams and the sounds of things exploding. Annie frowned. The fireworks were supposed to be over...

"Annie, move!"

Nyaromon didn't have to finish the sentence before she did, bolting into the sea of people and following to reach a place that people were not fleeing from Nyaromon bounced away and she squeaked.

"Get back here!"

"Nope, nope!" he replied with... was he grinning? "I gotta fight! You gotta fight! We gotta win!"

Well that was clear as mud. She smiled to herself, not sure why, and went after the fluffball. 

"You know how much I love things exploding..."

What had started off as a celebration was now devolving into a catastrophe. Claw-like creatures were falling from the sky, attacking everything in sight. Panic gripped downtown, as people were giving their all to flee. Tyler stood there, slightly dazed from what was happening. After a few moments he snapped himself out of his confusion, quickly noticing that Yaamon was growing extremely restless. The digimon wriggled his way out of the bag. Yaamon glanced up towards Tyler with a sense of urgency.

"Hey, Ty! We have to go help those people before they pull a Houdini and disappear!"

It was one of those moments. Tyler didn't need to say anything. All he needed to do was nod and follow after his magic obsessed furball. They ran straight into the thick of things. There were four creatures in front of them with just as many victims to their attacks. Their attention was drawn to Yaamon as soon as he and Tyler approached.

"Yaamon, do you know these things?"

"Nope. All I know is that they're digimon."

At that moment, Tyler's phone buzzed with the force of a hornet's nest. He grabbed it out of his pocket, mildly startled that it had transformed. The new device had a picture of Yaamon on it and several apps listed towards the bottom of the screen. 


"Not manly at all Annie!"

"Nyaromon, I'm not sure it's the time for that!"

Nyaromon snickered and bounced on, smashing his tail down. Annie made to follow but her phone buzzed. “Louis, I'm in the middle of a problem here!” she shouted at the phone as she picked it up. Following that, however, she let out a painful yelp. It was buzzing much too hard to be her brother blowing up her phone. “Hey, what the heck?” She pulled it out to see the cheap phone now looked like something technical and more powerful. Nyaromon bounced in screen, grinning like he was grinning right now during this fight. Well... that was weird. She pocketed it, deciding worrying about it right now was probably a bad, bad idea.

People were shouting and Nyaromon was laughing. Oh, he would laugh wouldn't he? She heard someone yelling for help, buried beneath the blue monsters. “Hey! Get off that person!” Okay, that was probably ineffectual but... “Nyaromon!”

The cat head yelped a delighted affirmative. “I got 'em, Ian! YEAAAH! Fox Tail!” He leaped and swung his tail down at one of the monsters on Summer. Annie winced and ran towards another, trying to tug it off.

“You don't bite people, you little jerks!” she said, grinning herself. Aw yeah, she and Nyaromon were a match. “You all right?” she asked Summer. “Except for, you know, these guys on you. Hang on, I'll help!”
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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"YEAAAH! Fox Tail!” a high pitched voice came and suddenly one of the blue monsters were knocked off Summer's body forcefully. It was another digimon! It had to be. So many monsters everywhere now.

A girl ran up and grabbed another one of the blue monsters, who were chomping down on Summer's arm. “You don't bite people, you little jerks! You all right?” she asked Summer. “Except for, you know, these guys on you. Hang on, I'll help!”

Summer didn't reply before the two of them collectively, with Nyaromon's help, managed to free Summer from the monsters. For a moment, they were in the clear, and could breathe.

"Yeah, I'm alright," Summer panted. "Thank you. You have a digimon too... Where did all these monsters come from? What's happening? And why are there several people with digimon here? I always thought me and Sunmon were the only ones..." She gasped, realizing that she had a digimon of her own. "Sunmon!" she cried and spun around to try and spot him.

Last she saw, before she had been buried in the blue monsters before the arrival of Nyaromon and Annie, Sunmon had been hovering over to the first digimon they had seen, and the guys who seemed to be partners with it.

Roleplays . Meet and Greet . Discord
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Don, Viximon, and Jay.

Jay dodged another eyeball that flew at him and swung his jacket, he finally had the sense to use something that wasn’t his hands, as a weapon to hit a few that were surrounding him. These things just didn’t die and as more and more fell from the sky, Jay was getting more and more annoyed. He was annoyed at the fact that these demon eyeballs were ruining his night with Don, but what made it even worse as that Viximon, a yellow fuzzball, seemed to be doing more damage on them than he and Don were.

Well it was understandable, since she was a digimon, but still……

Meanwhile, Viximon was propelling herself against the eyeball digimon that were in her way. She was like a stone pinball and it seemed to be effective so far.


Suddenly she saw a red flash attempt to glomp her, and she did what any sane living thing would do. She rammed her body against her “attacker.” The red flash, which ended up being a digmon that looked like those tomato berries from pokemon, cried as it was sent flying away, but then Viximon ended up crying herself. The eyeball had managed to hit get a claw on her.

“Viximon!” Don cried. He slapped a few more away and was about to run to her, but felt something latch onto his arm. A sharp pain rang throughout his whole body as an eyeball had managed to secure itself onto him with its claws.

“Don!” Jay and Vixi cried simultaneously. Don then rammed his left arm onto a side of the nearest building, hoping to get the thing off, but it seemed to be completely ineffective. Viximon gathered her strength and propelled herself at her best friend.

“Killing Stone!”

Viximon once again became a stone oozing with purple air and flew at the eyeball on Don’s arm. This seemed enough to get it off and it soon poofed into dark blue particles.

“Thanks,” Don smiled.

“No problem girl,” Viximon said haughtily.

Credits: Deviantart & Watteblume (also from Deviantart.)
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Di-Di-Di--Di-Digivolving time!

It's time!

Time for the weirdo phone screens to start glowing! Take a few more hits, you guys, then your partners will evolve to the Rookie level! Then all there is to do is get rid of these punks and head on home, hopefully with all limbs intact! If you actually met somebody during this little escapade, you may want to get their phone number and keep in contact. You may want to figure out just what the heck is going on after this is all over! Or you just want to get back to your normal life with your crazy monster thingy... who you just might find is eating more of your fridge than usual. Ah well, such is the life.

Let's go!
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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