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Article Pokémon Centers in Japan get sprite merchandise

Started by PokéCommunity Daily February 10th, 2016 5:01 AM
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Those cushions are oddly cheap. But oh my god those pencil cases?? Where were these when I was a kid and R/B/Y was the new, hip thing?!
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Damn this merchandise is so good... it's making me want to move to Japan hahahaha
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Makes me want to bust out the beads and make my own sprite art! :)
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If I could justify spending $70+ on a hat (before shipping), I'd love to have that pixel Pikachu one. But of course they're New Era, which makes them more expensive by default.

If everything was a bit cheaper and more readily available I'd love to grab a bunch of things, but I guess for now I'll just enjoy looking at pictures of them :p


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Oh my, I want to have these so badly! Kinda strange, isn't it? It's super pixel-y and hardly recognizable as a Pokémon, yet they're super adorable. If only their prizes didn't exceed the budget of a poor student like myself...


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I'd go broke just buying these.
I'm very tempted to go broke for a week just spending all my money on these.
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