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  • You know, since you're going away for a while and the OP in this thread hasn't been updated for Jirachi's pic you wouldn't mind if I asked the mods that I can take over? I can easily keep the thread up-to-date.
    Hey! I used to see you everywhere and it seems like it's been a while since I haven't see you!
    So, Hi!
    Apparently, that seems to be a trend in the direct-sequel seasons, haha. :P In Hunters, the DigiXros mechanic from Xros Wars was completely watered down, which caused the returning characters from XW to become a lot less powerful.
    Sorry for the late response!

    Yeah, I guess you're right about that. I think I might not have to actually go to school after we move house until the end of the school year, so after next week I might have a 6 month long break, actually. I''ll still have to do my exams of course, but I'll be able to just study from home.

    Yeah, I played FFIX on an HDTV and it looked pretty good. The Steam version's gonna have updated graphics though, I'm not sure if the mobile version's getting it too but I imagine it will.

    Well I don't mind lots of dialogue, I'm a big fan of Ace Attorney after all, so that doesn't bother me. Maybe I'll try it out if I ever get interested in Digimon, but I just don't really care for that, I don't really know why.
    Whoops, I somehow missed your message! Sorry about that! >.<

    You probably know this by now, but you can pretty much watch the other series in any order as long as Zero Two is after Adventure, and Hunters is after Xros Wars! The rest of them don't connect to any other continuity. :D
    I think there might be something wrong with PC, did you not get my last message or have you just not responded yet?
    Your signature is great. Every time I see it I wonder if there is a movie about that character. If not, there should be. It somehow looks like a cocktail between Invader Zim and a Scraggy.
    Yeah, right now I'm just trying to deal with the stress. I only have to be at college for an hour and a half tomorrow and then I'll be free to go so that's good, but on the other hand said hour and a half is spent on doing Statistics, and that's not fun even if I am good at it.

    Wow, really? I don't have a mobile device to play it on, but that's cool. Final Fantasy IX IS my favourite Final Fantasy game, so I can't wait until it comes out on Steam either. I'm probably mostly just gonna gift it to all my friends who don't play Final Fantasy and force them to play it though X3. I might still get it myself but I already own the game on the PS3 and I can always emulate it if I want to play it, so I don't really need to get it on Steam myself.
    Hey, that's great that you're doing well. I actually have a break from school next week, and I'm gonna try to relax because I've been stressed out over it. I'm doing okay right now, but I was really stressed last week and it just wasn't fun.

    I'm not really interested in Digimon that much, but if it's videogames you're talking about I recently got into playing Final Fantasy XII. It's a great game from what I've played so far. I'm also going through the Black and White series of the Pokémon anime, but I haven't really watched much of it.
    Nah, I just ended up going to sleep. I really want to watch Dimension W though, it's a new anime this season and I've heard it's really good. I'll probably try to catch up on it later in the week if I have time.

    On Saturday though, I went wit ha big group of friends and we watched Hillbillies wrestle. It was insane and funny. It was the first time I went and I didn't think I would like it, but I actually really enjoyed it a lot. Did you have a good weekend? :)
    Hey, glad to hear. Life is great here as well, and I'm truly thankful for everything. Just got back playing Poker with some friends, and had a fun time. I have so much adrenaline right now, it was sooo fun. Now I'm nto sure what to do, maybe go to bed or watch some anime haha I don't know. :)
    Heheh, I see. XD (I'm sadly slow with VMs... *sobbing*) Out of curiosity, have you started on Digimon Xros Wars as well? I would totally recommend it! :D

    And heck yeah! I'm perfectly confident that you'll be able to reach Secret Rank!

    But hahaha, thanks! I've started re-watching it recently too! :D
    GUESS WHAT? GUESS WHAT? GUESS WHAT? You've finally ranked up to Master Rank on WTP! I knew you could pull it off, and I'm super happy for you! :D

    Congratulations! You're an incredibly amazing participant, and I'm sooo glad to have had you on board with us! Thank you for everything. <3

    (Your Gold Emblem should be popping up any minute now!) ^^
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