Pokémon GO’s strong start

Started by bobandbill July 14th, 2016 5:36 AM
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A little over a week on, we consider the downtime, the delayed global roll-out, and the huge popularity.

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This is just so great to see, all that hard work obviously paid off. I've been totally overwhelmed by the popularity and coverage Pokemon Go has received over these past few days. To be already catching up to the likes of Google Maps and Snapchat and named the biggest mobile game in U.S history is just spectacular considering it is still being rolled out around the world. Super happy for Nintendo! (:
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I haven't been big into the Pokemon scene since I was in middle school (~16 years ago) when it was just Pokemon R/B/Y but I've been hooked on this app! Crazy how much attention this has gotten (unfortunately, plenty of bad attention to go with the good) and it really has only been bare bones. Can't wait to see what the developers add in with later updates.
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Interestingly, the popularity of the app has caused a lot of problems for me (servers crashing constantly, lots of bugs), not to mention that I dislike the f2p model with microtransactions so I've already dropped PoGo and gone back to playing other Pokemon games lol. Mostly competitive battles on Showdown and started a new run of Pokemon Conquest.

I'm one of the biggest fans of Pokemon in my friend group yet I'm among the least interested in the app. lol.


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I believe part of the success was because mobile gaming is fast overtaking consoles as the preferred method of gaming by a lot of people, plus the inclusion of only 1st Gen Pokemon at this stage makes the app pander extremely well to people who grew up during the Poke-Mania days because the original 151 are the Pokemon that are the most well-known among people even outside of the Pokemon fanbase.

Hopefully there will be further extensions added to GO in the future, such as including Pokemon from the other generations as well.
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I hope this don't change the way Nintendo does things with their home consoles. Honestly, I am pretty disappointed in PGO because is just a carbon copy of other game by the same company, just with a Pokemon make up, plus it lacks some of the basic features from a mainline Pokemon game. Is aimed to "mobile" players, I know. But something is fishy.
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My home town has been completely swept up into the Pokemon GO craze. People all around me are constantly playing this game. Two days ago, I went to a really popular meeting spot for GO players (there is a fountain that has three pokestops directly around each other) and I set up a pokestop lure... I swear I attracted 20-30 GO players. I met a whole bunch of cool people I never knew before and when my lure ended, someone immediately set up a new one. It was like a really fun social gathering and everybody could talk with one another because we were all talking about the same thing, no awkward moments.
I've seen server crashes, I've suffered from terrible ball lag, and sometimes those 1HP Gym Leaders drive me insane (I will admit this bug has actually trained me to be very good at dodging), but the majority of my time spent playing this game has been incredibly wonderful and fun. I really want to see this game stay at it's current popularity. I really believe that this game is going to continue to do great things, and considering how well received this game has been, it practically requires them to bring more to the game if they wish to maintain their current audience.
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