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US players can participate in Trading Card Game battles, and nab online codes for special TCG cards with purchases as well.

Click here to read the article!

Thanks to ddrox13 for the tip.

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Probably worth noting that the bonus cards they are giving out ARE ONLINE ONLY (i.e. you won't get a physical card) and will both NOT be legal in Standard next year with FlF (that's XY-Flashfire to you) rotating out. However, if you are still running a Zard deck or a Bronzong deck online in Expanded, go ahead and pick these up! I certainly will be grabbing them if I can.

Oh, and I plan to attend. Like 'Kip, Ill be playing with old stuff if they let me (i.e. using my TCGO Legacy deck, or LantEels)
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I should bring a couple decks when I go.

I'm just a bit glad ddrox and I were having issues setting up our TCGO match for the GT tournament and led to me seeing a lot of the promo splash screens on the TCGO client, otherwise neither of us would have known there was actually a tournament being hosted at the event. Before I found out about the tournament, I was merely planning to go to pick up the freebies and then duck out for a couple hours until the manga event later in the day started.

I'll be at my local store for this since I know all that now.


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It's a shame I'm working this weekend. And that I still don't know how to play the game now. Otherwise, I'd bring my decks and try my hand at a few games.

Might still just go to look at Card books get any free stuff and take a picture of Pikachu.
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