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You’ve only got until the 9th to download it via serial code!

Read the article here!

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This morning my best friend sent me a text message about this event, and I sprinted to my 3DS to get my hands on Hoopa! I'm so happy I got this guy, besides the fact that he's an all around awesome Legendary in both typing and stats, I think the lore they built around this guys is super amazing. Hoopa is one of those few Legendary pokemon that just seems devious to the core, plus the fact that it can warp space and time using it's dimensional hoop is just way awesome, especially with how they presented him in OR/AS.
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I was hoping Hoopa would be given out again. Thanks, Nintendo! Once I get Volcanion, later this month, my living dex will be complete.


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Nice to see Americans get another Hoopa event, not too long after Australia and NZ get a Volcanion event. Events seem to be getting handed on silver platters at the moment, especially with the wi-fi Keldeo also happening right now.
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