Event Lets get your move on! [Week 6: Grass / Feb: 21 - 28]

Started by Sirfetch’d February 21st, 2017 9:05 AM
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Which Grass type move is the best one out of them all?


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Kicking off Pokemon General's 2017 with a BANG
This is actually a new tournament that I've thought of! If you're familiar with the Favourite Pokemon Tournament, then this works in the very same fashion! There will be a poll of a specific type (Normal, Grass, Water, etc) and you'll just pick your favourite moves from that type!

This Week's type
This week we will be voting on Grass and Poison type moves!


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I decided to only vote for Spore and Leaf blade, but I love the grass type tbh.
I miiiiight be back?
And why am I not a supporter anymore >.<


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Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade are cool.
Mewtwo X Espeon 4-ever!


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Imma say it, and will say it now, Leaf blade is simply the best move ever.

Giga drain is also really cool too. Never could have known so many Grass attacks were actually really awesome.
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Posted August 7th, 2019
Energy Ball, Giga Drain, and Leaf Blade are my favourites.


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Posted January 26th, 2021
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I voted for Energy Ball and Giga Drain! These are two of my absolute favorite moves of all time, especially Giga Drain. It was so awesome when it got buffed 8)


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Had quite a few picks this time around (even missed one in Leaf Blade), but I voted for Razor Leaf, Energy Ball, Petal Blizzard, and Sleep Powder. And though it's not on the list, Leahage would've been another choice too- love the idea of a early game Grass type Tackle equivalent.


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Voted for Bloom Doom, Cotton Guard, Energy Ball, Frenzy Plant, Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Solar Beam, and Solar Blade!

Wide range of Grass type moves this time, I guess biased because of *Erika*, but they're all pretty good in general! I wish Solar Blade had more pokemon who can learn it, though~

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