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Looks like the first mission has failed once again, like it did in SM. It's pretty weird that we're actually capable of getting over 10 million, as was proven with the original incarnation of this mission. What are your thoughts on this?

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I figured this mission wouldn't succeed, especially because some people wanted to wait until Christmas to get the game. Game Freak and Nintendo really need to be more considerate of customers before coming up with a suitable GM.
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This is fine.

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If the PSS was still a thing I have little doubt the goal would have been reached this time. As it is, lack of ease to sign up, less people playing than SM, Bank support within a week, less need to catch all the Pokemon as it's a mid-gen game too adds up to a failed mission.


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totally forgot about participating in this mission, woops

oh well, there's always the next one they start up
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Doesn't help that people could Pokebank over their Pokemon over early for the Shiny Charm if that matters; Mine was only about 30+ because I only catch the legendaries and important ones in-game.

Oh well, free 2,000 FC.

Is this a bad time to mention Pokemon Go had a similar event except it was 3 billion Pokemon and it was reached before the weeks end...
Not a very fair comparison there, it does not help when almost everyone owns an smartphone (For Arceus's sake, even 8 years olds in Singapore have iPhones to dial to Elmo) and the application is free to download-- Whereas you need to get a console for USUM and even then like mentioned above, most people don't have the money for the game until at least Christmas and things.
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I don't bother with global missions. I mainly do missions by myself.
^Pretty much this. I don't have USUM, but in SM, I couldn't care less about them.

I feel like FC is bad prize. If they would offer Mega Stones or some exclusive Pokemon, I would be more willing to do them.
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