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Going by promotional images and trailers, it's pretty likely that we'll be seeing these Hoenn Pokémon in GO soon.
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I've been waiting for Skitty and Absol
So excited!!!
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I updated the list. A few have been delayed - unfortunately for me it includes the Lotad line! :( Bagon, Aron, Wingull also not in sight.

Region exclusives - Plusle and Minun possible - not confirmed if they are area or time specific.

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Don't know why they couldn't have dropped them all in one go :\

I'm kind of disappointed with this honestly. I'm livid for new Pokemon in the game, but I went out and the Pokemon were nowhere near as common as Gen II was when they dropped. I still got a few (and I LOVE the weather update), but most of them seem to be Gen I and II trash I don't need