This is fine.

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Details in the article!


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I'm looking forward to see people disappointed that they didn't reveal new Eeveelution.

I don't really like this "forcing to play at specific time" Niantic is trying to push into Pokémon GO. But I wonder how will the Kanto celebration looks like. Maybe another Kanto inspired outfit? Or higher spawn for some Kanto Pokémon? That would be nice.
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Honestly, I have a feeling the "new Pokemon reveal" is going to be Zeraora. It's the only Gen VII Pokemon that hasn't gotten an official reveal yet, despite the fact it's lurking in the data files and thus a lot of us already know about it. Along with this, mythicals tend to get featured in movies, and considering this is largely a M21 announcement, this is definitely lending to Zeraora being the so-called reveal.

As a result of the timing, this is going to be very similar to what happened with Marshadow last year, and if they follow the same schedule with him, Zeraora will get released this December. This'll also help plug the missing hole in the legendary event schedule.

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I think it's certain to be Zeraora, since it's the last mythical of 7th Gen and it would make sense to announce it soon. If Marshadow made its anime debut in M20, it would only make sense that Zeraora would follow it up.
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Honestly, I have a feeling the "new Pokemon reveal" is going to be Zeraora.
Me too, it's very obvious.
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