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I like Ponyta's Shiny form!

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I love the Ponyta shiny as well! Cubone's is kinda boring but I find it to be a rather boring Pokemon in general :c I am definitely hoping to get them both though!


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Soooooo want a shiny Ponyta because I love that blue.
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That Shiny Ponyta / Rapidash is gorgeous. I need.

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I'm so salty bc I havent found a Shiny Ponyta OR Cubone yet. ;_;

I've caught plenty of regular tho.


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I hope I get those 2 as well, but is it true about the shiny moltres? Saw a video that show some guy getting a moltres, but was expecting a shedinja, was just wonding?
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None yet. :'< and i've clicked so many today. Would love either one of these, Ponyta especially!