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Travel can be very fun. If you are traveling a far distance how do you usually get there? A car road trip? Airplane? Bus? Train? Cruise ship? Helicopter? Hot air balloon? On horse back? By sleigh dog?

Do you enjoy the way you get there? How many different ways have you travelled? What is your favorite and least favorite? Is there a way that you haven't travelled yet but would like to?

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Always usually travel by plane if I'm covering a long distance just because I generally leave China if I am travelling. Even before then, since I'm from an island country flying is the default long distance transportation mode in my mind anyway. I enjoy flying very much.

What is my favourite way I've got to somewhere? Probably when Etihad upgraded me to business class free of charge from Beijing to Abu Dhabi. It's definitely not worth the money considering just how much more it is but it is a lovely experience nonetheless.

Least favourite? Definitely my 44 hour train journey from Inner Mongolia back down to Guangzhou on a hard seat ticket. 44 hours, no bed, no internet, instant noodles and tasteless biscuits for my only food. Brutal. We already booked the tickets in the sleeper carriage going to Inner Mongolia then when the date for our desired return tickets being released came about they sold out instantly so our choices were just not going at all or...the hard seat tickets. I don't recommend it, not even for the story. It was...something else. That being said the one good thing it has done for me; still to this day if I have to have a long random journey in less than satisfactory conditions I don't really care because nothing has come close to that train journey since.

What other different kind of ways have I long distance travelled?
I've done a nightbus from Kyoto to Hiroshima, that was no problem and I'd happily do it again.
Of course I've done coach journeys. The most recent long distance one being an extremely bumpy one from Kathmandu to Pokhara which was supposed to only be 5 hours that then turned into 10 hours.
I did a road trip with my friend and his cousins in Venezuela which was...interesting. (It's actually hilarious looking back on it but at the time there were a fair few 'heart in mouth' moments and that's even with disregarding the fact my friend drives like an absolute maniac).
I mainly took long distance minivans around Sri Lanka when I was there. Even if you're packed in like sardines they're dirt cheap and air well as if you use this mode of transportation you can pretty much get anywhere from anywhere else in the country.

I would quite like to sail somewhere I think in the future.
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I'll get there by any means possible... as long as it's not by plane. I'm so terrified of flying and the idea of it and ugh. I love traveling by train though because I've been a huge train fanatic since I was very little. <3
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    In an airplane. Outside of air pressure making my ears pop which is easy to prevent now, getting an undesired seat, or having a stubborn pilot it's an enjoyable experience. I like getting to see aerial clouds up close. The bird's eye view is also nice.

    Travel method list: Train (steam/electric), plane, cars, horse, trolley, umbrella, subway, slide, bodyboard, zipline, kart, a modified two wheel bike attached to a tightrope, boats (engine/paddle/pedal), wagon, hill (barrel roll), sled, skateboard, bike, and a hot air balloon.

    My favorite is a classic steam engine and my least favorite is a bike on a tightrope.
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    Airplane or car are the typical methods of transportation to me. There aren't many trains where i live so other than like, the monorail at disney and such i have never actually ridden a train to get anywhere. And buses aren't a real good way of transportation where I live either. Though the buses is for short distances hahah.

    For long distances depends on the distance and where I"m going. We've driven to Colorado from Florida and back before which isn't bad. But I think any further from Colorado we would go on a plane. Also depends on how long I have. We drove to Colorado because it was summer vacation but nowadays if I'm going to be able to go anywhere I'd be lucky to have a weekend off to do it so plane would probably be the method.

    Between the two honestly both have their upsides and downsides so I don't particularly have a favorite or least favorite.
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      last time was a few weeks ago with plane for my first time so it was pretty exciting as an experience. Would definetly do it again cause it saves more time than going by trains which I did to go to Cologne (which isnt that far from where I live compared to Poland lmao)
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