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This is fine.

A cape
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Now that's some quality dancing.

Now, is it clickbait if we're playing along with the original joke...?


That's Deneb, Altair, and Vega.

Melbourne, Australia
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Best troll
On a day just like any other,
you suddenly stood up and said,
“Let's go stargazing tonight!”


press start to play

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I like the music. And pikachu is so fluffy, I want to hug!


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aww, look at how pikachu's belly bounces hahaha. he's really cute!! also, nice troll


Just your average Spaceball

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Now this, my friends, is how you troll do an April Fool's joke(when its not April Fools). This stunt alone = $100 million box office easy as I see it lol

Also do I get a hint that Ryan Reynolds is doing "Dancing with the Stars" if he hasn't done so already?
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Resident Spooky Detective

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This is a pretty great marketing strategy actually. By essentially posting a fake leak, box office totals can increase since people will want to buy tickets to see the real movie.
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Excellent, I don't have to go see the movie because I've watched it all on Youtube. B)

paired with erik destler, ryoutarou, disturbed, & rabinov.


Shamouti Island
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They had this playing on a loop all day in the electronics department at work today. Glad I didn't even have to go to the theatre to watch it!


asleep and awake

the dream world
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honestly I could watch this Pikachu for the whole hour and a half.
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