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This is fine.

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A pity - it looked cool to me!


That's Deneb, Altair, and Vega.

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Self-plagiarism is a pretty harsh rule.

Oh well, maybe an update will roll in some of the competition shirts.
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since one word replies might still not be okay? i will also say, damn, that's harsh.
however, it makes sense that it has to be a new design and not just throwing in a design that hasn't been made for the game itself.

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That's a shame! The shirt looked p cool. Well, oh well, maybe they can just choose the second place design instead.
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It was definitely not one of my favorites so I'm personally not too upset, but it does suck for the artist since they just "self" plagiarized. I understand why Uniqlo did that though, if they wanted designs dedicated to their contest and brand. I think they could have bumped second place to first etc and selected a new third place in that case, or something like that so there's still a winner.

I'm still super excited for this collection though! I did not buy any shirts the first time they did Uniqlo x Pokemon (or it might have just been the Nintendo x Uniqlo line) since I walked by the shirts in the mall and felt like the quality was not that great, but since then I've purchased a few shirts from Uniqlo x Snoopy and Uniqlo x Sanrio, and the other day I looked at some of their Marvel shirts as well, and noted the quality and printing has improved vastly since, so I am really excited for these shirts. The designs are great, too, there are quite a few I have my eye on.
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