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Serious Boycotting & You

Started by Her May 25th, 2019 1:27 AM
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Are there any products/people/etc that you refuse to engage with, for whatever moral or ethical reasons you may have? Furthermore, what do you consider effective boycotting?

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Used to boycott certain large corporations and products for moral reasons.

I stopped when I realised that not going to Walmart was far worse of a proposition for my life than avoiding them for whatever theoretical or political reasons I had concocted in my head. I learned that the paths to success and happiness imply a lack of concern for things you can’t change – luckily I didn’t have much delusion about collective impact or the like, so it wasn’t too painful to reform.
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I'd be more inclined to boycott unethical businesses if I could afford to be choosy probably.


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This was more of a dumb grudge than anything else, lol. I boycotted a local store because they refused to sell my fiance cigarettes, despite being of age and having ID - strictly because I was present. I was like 22 at the time so it would be perfectly legal, but I wasn't even buying them. I just didn't have my ID with me because I wasn't the one driving. He was denied service because I was in the immediate area. :/

But then we quit smoking so no reason to boycott anymore, haha.

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