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This is fine.

A cape
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Thanks to all the people who contributed!

We'll still accept new entries as well, of course - just please quote-notify me so I don't miss the post. Same goes for previous articles (like of the Starter Pokemon)!


Laverre City
Seen 4 Hours Ago
Posted 5 Hours Ago
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8.2 Years
Awesome work everyone! So happy to see so many contributions. <333


Seen 9 Hours Ago
Posted 9 Hours Ago
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Fantastic, I’m so pleased to see such talent being showcased by our community!
Minutes turn to hours, days to years then gone.
But when all else has been forgotten, still our song lives on.
We'll hear our song and know once more...
Our love lives on.


Cape Town
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Posted 8 Hours Ago
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These are all gorgeous, I’m so happy knowing we have such a strong art community here ❤️

pair family mal llsif bandori ffxiv art
sheep x bobandbill 5ever
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