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Posted December 30th, 2020
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Hello everybody, I made a new rom hack with animals instead of pokemon. The name "pokemal" might be changed in the future.
This mod is complete although more species and elements will be added later.

Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lspybdmfnsnzuac/pokemal_beta.ips/file
Apply the patch on pokémon Fire Red US 1.0. ! Make sure it's 1.0.

Adjust the save options before starting the party !
*On Visualboyadvance: Go to "options" ; "emulator" ; "save type" and choose Automatic and Flash 128K. Then, put the files (emulator and rom) in the same folder.
There must not be a save file (".sav") in the folder before opening the rom.
*On Myboy Free(or Myboy): go to "Settings", "advanced", "cartridge save type" and choose "flash 128k". A video tutorial on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV-KmED_XR8

Big changes
*80 species, including some legendaries and evolutions of course
*New intro animation and title screen
*New maps
*New battle backgrounds
*New story
*IV/EV rater added (you can check EVs and IVs of your party pokémal)
*Higher difficulty (mainly because starters are weaker)


The boss of Team Scale, Valdo, wants to capture the legendary beast: the dragon. He settles his headquarters in Jade Town and he starts a research through the country.
You still fight against gym leaders and the league of course.

Follow these steps if you can't progress in the game. From the 1st town to the 3rd town, you shouldn't have big difficulties to progress though.
When you get past gold tunnel, go to the south of route 17 to reach Zircon City. After beating the gym leader, go to the east on route 15 and continue until you meet a bear blocking the road. Catch it or defeat it and go to Iodine City to the west.
Now you can't go further unless you beat the gym leader. But you need the HM Cut to get to the gym. So, you need first to go to Lane's house (in Iodine), he gives you a ticket for the SS Anne (ferry). Get on the ferry and find the captain to have the HM cut.

After beating Iodine's gym leader, you can surf. Catch a beaver on route 12 if you want to use the HM, but you will have an item that lets you surf without the HM later in the story anyway.
Once you're at Marble City, beat Team Scale in Silph Co. to continue your journey. Then you can reach Crystal City to the north. After beating Crystal City's leader, an event will happen, lane asks you to go to sevii islands to capture the dragon (to prevent team scale from capturing it). Make sure to get many hyper balls and a good party before going there.
After that event, you can dive in route 19 to get past the guards of Jade Town.

The fossils can be revived after beating the league only, I thought it would be too easy to revive them before the league, but tell me what you think about it, I can reconsider it.
The guard in the house of Route 4 is gone after beating the league too.

Pokedex (pokemal list) :
  1. Monkey -> chimpanzee (lvl.16)
  2. Chimpanzee -> gorilla (lvl.36)
  3. Gorilla
  4. Cat -> lynx (lvl.16)
  5. Lynx -> tiger (lvl.36)
  6. Tiger
  7. Goldfish -> barracuda (lvl.16)
  8. Barracuda -> shark (lvl.36)
  9. Shark
  10. Ant
  11. Butterfly
  12. Wasp
  13. Bird -> eagle (lvl.23)
  14. Eagle -> phoenix (fire stone)
  15. Phoenix
  16. Rat
  17. Rabbit
  18. Bat
  19. Crow
  20. Owl
  21. Boar
  22. Spider
  23. Scorpion
  24. Beaver
  25. Puppy -> dog (lvl.18)
  26. Dog
  27. Fox -> coyote (lvl.22)
  28. Coyote
  29. Wolf -> werewolf (moon stone)
  30. Werewolf
  31. Deer
  32. Horse
  33. Camel
  34. Hen
  35. Rooster
  36. Pig
  37. Ibex
  38. Bull
  39. Bear cub -> bear (lvl.30)
  40. Bear
  41. Polar bear cub -> polar bear (lvl.30)
  42. Polar bear
  43. Panther
  44. Cheetah
  45. Lion
  46. Hippopotamus
  47. Rhinoceros
  48. Elephant
  49. Giraffe
  50. Zebra
  51. Kangaroo
  52. Crab
  53. Jellyfish
  54. Octopus
  55. Dolphin
  56. Orca
  57. Whale
  58. Piranha
  59. Frog
  60. Turtle
  61. Lizard
  62. Crocodile
  63. Snake -> anaconda (lvl.16)
  64. Anaconda -> titanoboa (lvl.50)
  65. Titanoboa
  66. Penguin
  67. Walrus
  68. Yeti
  69. Mammoth
  70. Blob -> water/spark/lava blob (water/thunder/fire stone)
  71. Water blob
  72. Spark blob
  73. Lava blob
  74. Stegosaurs
  75. Diplodocus
  76. Pterosaur
  77. Triceratops
  78. Raptor
  79. T-rex
  80. Dragon

Bad points

I have tested the game and there is no bug, but I may have missed some of them. By the way I'm looking for a beta tester to check many specific things.
I will add more information about pokemal, items, stuff... it's just a matter of time. I'm waiting for your feedback about the difficulty and the eventual bugs or mistakes, it's necessary for the development of the game.
This version works fine and the game ends after the league, there is a kind of post-league mission.
You can really have a good game experience playing this version, despite the missing elements and problems:
-Some places are not used due to a lack of legendaries (Seafoam Islands for example)
-No roamers at the end of the game. They will be added in the next update.
-No ultimate move (from the move tutor in cape brink), I couldn't figure out how to edit the moves...
-Some cries are missing (I just used original pokemon cries for the missing ones).
-Some back sprites are ugly, that's why I really need a good sprite artist. The drawing style is not the same between all the animal sprites, and sometimes their size is not proportional to the size they should have.
-Some gym leader and character sprites are not changed (OWs and in-battle sprite), gyms are not really different either. And the trainers in the 7th gym don't react when they see the player.
-Type advantages are not changed but the strategy can be improved. There are no psychic-type animals for example, most pokemal are normal-type.
-The difficulty is pretty high at the beginning.
-TMs are not all available.
-The position of the player's head is incorrect on the world map when he's in Copper Town and Gold City. Besides, some blue blocks show up on the world map at the bottom right corner...
-A bug with the character appearing suddenly on route 21, a tree on route 16...
-Some items don't work correctly or don't work at all: banana, raspberry, tomato, apple, watermelon and pineapple.
-Some color bugs: the photo of the printer (game corner) and some other ones.
-Some grass tiles (savanna and snow areas) are not animated.

Future projects

*The 1st thing to update is the sprites, I will need a good artist to have a "mature" style, like a realistic style. For example the rabbit (front sprite) is not cartoonish, he really looks like a rabbit, unlike the turtle for instance.
Many back sprites have to be changed anyway, and some icons too.

*OWs and in-battle sprites of characters/gym leaders need to be changed/added.

*Adding more species, more evolutions: mythological monsters, mega-evolutions maybe... adding the 3 roamers first and foremost.

*Adding animal cries: if somebody's good at making sound effects, it would be interesting to make the missing cries.

*Changing the gyms and fixing the little bugs.

The credits go to Emad'art (Valdo sprites), Innermobius (bear and rooster backsprite), Pixelmind (dragon front and back sprite), Manveru89 (yeti), SovanJedi (stegosaurus front sprite), Alundra (phoenix sprite), Heroes of Might and Magic (boar, lizard and some others), Ragnarok Online (crab backsprite), Vixendra (backsprite of turtle), Trickster Online (backsprite of fish and scorpion), Rhapsody (backsprite of eagle), Whimsicality and Hobo Joe (gym leader sprites), Amanda A. (titanoboa) and Animal Crossing Wild World (item sprites, fish, bugs[.]).
I may have forgotten some people though !

Inner Rhymes

Hip Hop and Pokemon are all I need.

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Oh wow. I'm surprised I never came across this before. I really dig the concept. I've always wondered what the Pokémon world would have been like with actual real world animals.


Currently open for rom hack beta testing.

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how the heck did i not come across this?! this is a great concept. good luck with the rest of the development.
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Currently a Beta Tester for:
Pokémon saffron
Pokémon Sors

IMPORTANT: i'm currently OPEN to ANY rom hacks that need beta testing. PM me on pokecommunity, thanks!


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Nice hack and I hope you will change battle theme for a new version because for me, changing songs , give me fun to play your game ! If not I get bored to listen same musics in every rom hacks
Thanks and I totally agree with you, the battle music ends up being irritating when you heard it thousands of times. I will see what I can do.


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Hiya! I've moved this into Progressing Hacks for you, since I wasn't sure how far along it is. You mentioned a League, is it complete up to that point? If so I can move it into the Studio for you if you'd like :)


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Posted December 30th, 2020
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Hiya! I've moved this into Progressing Hacks for you, since I wasn't sure how far along it is. You mentioned a League, is it complete up to that point? If so I can move it into the Studio for you if you'd like :)
Yes it is complete, it continues even after the league. I would appreciate if you move it into the Studio, thanks !
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Hi dear author, I am so happy to see your work here, and I finish the game today
May I ask if some of the pkmals are not catch-able at this point? like the other 2 starters and the Mammoth, and also can we have more than 1 blob?

the instructions are quite clear, and your guide is useful at the critical points too, thanks for that