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A new TV ad aired in the UK and shows more old Pokémon that hadn't been confirmed for Galar until today! What do you guys think of the ad?

(Being in the style of every previous main series games is too good and I love it, omg.)


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I love the retro feel of the ad, although I feel it's horribly misleading considering the number of Pokemon that won't make it into these games. Acting like they are a coming together of the franchise when the reality is the opposite is pretty scummy, to be honest. That's advertising for you!

Still, it's a very well put-together ad that actually made me smile a bit until I remembered what is was for, haha. It's pretty clear they're trying to push the nostalgia worked. Where is my 3DS...


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GameFreak used Nostalgia! It's superbly effective!

Dawn-- I am pretty sure those that are in the advertisement will be in-game, considering the game size and all tbvh, we shouldn't be falling short of too many Pokemon that don't make it into the game.
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Nice ad, I liked it. Great idea having all those Pokémon come together, each with different graphics.

As for the Pokémon, I'm starting to get the feeling it will be much harder to count the ones that didn't make it into Galar than counting the ones that did.

Good to have both Seedot and Lotad, I started in Hoenn so they're intrinsically connected in my head.
Infinite Insanity
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I liked the ad cause of the old graphics and such. It's like all those gens lead up to now. Still misleading though with the dex cut in real life, but hey that's advertising. *shrugs*
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....gotta give credit where credit is due. it's a pretty good ad, tbh.

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It's nice to see more confirmed 'mons in a new ad. At times this makes me curious on how many Pokémon they exactly add in the game.


This is fine.

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I agree the ad is pretty good. I also had the thought 'shame not every Pokemon is making it in given the ad suggests that', but otherwise it does a good job. Keeping the original spirtes in their respective gen's styles was a plus.

Now for more ads showing more gameplay stuff!


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Posted 15 Minutes Ago
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So glad Bisharp and Pawniard have made it in. They are some of my favorite pokemon, but they also match the region extremely well.

I have thought from the start that, "The Pokemon Not In" were mainly legendary pokemon and starters. With Galar, there are 72 starter pokemon total, counting all evolutions and 82 Legendary/Ultra Beast pokemon. That alone is 154 pokemon, making up 1/7 of the total amount of pokemon. Something that has bothered me is them going out of their way to make something to catch more legendary pokemon.
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