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The Pokémon Global Link will cease operations in February 2020, but its spirit lives on in features present on the Nintendo Switch's Pokémon Sword and Shield.


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Does that mean we can't use the GTS /wonder trade/Pokebank when this closes down? I need to know! PM me!

Wonder trade and GTS will likely go away. (Not 100% positive on Wonder Trade) but Pokemon Bank isn't part of Global Link. Plus, I think you still need pokemon bank to transfer pokemon between 7th to 8th gens.


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This question is related to Global Link closing down so I figured I'd ask it here.

I have seen a few places where people have been getting messages for codes to get an event Munna when they log into the Global Link website with an account that has a registered Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon game.

I've gone through the motions to get my account set up correctly. Any truth to the event Munna codes, or are there certain things (i.e. region lockdowns) that might be preventing others from getting them?


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I just checked since I was prompted by the above about getting Dream Ball Munna and apparently I never even registered my copy of Ultra Sun (just Sun) to PGL. Guess it was more forgettable than I thought. ):


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knew this would come since there would be a push to get as many people on the SwSh train as possible. ah well. u.u was nice enjoying PGL while it lasted.
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