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Soaring Sid


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Get ready, as Ash is all set to punch the 'strongest Pokémon in existence', this time in 3D. How do you think this remake of the classic will turn out?
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God almighty, that looks absolutely AWFUL. I'm not surprised, because CGI and anime do not mix, but...well, Netflix are welcome to it, as far as I'm concerned. Take it and bury it...although no doubt it'll come up on my recommended every time I open Netflix for about six months ._.

I suspect I'll end up watching it, because my brother loves the first Pokemon movie and this is essentially another way of keeping him quiet. But this is Pokemon's equivalent of live action Disney.


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I heard about this from work and I thought it was a fan made video recreating the infamous first couple of scenes (Intro battle) as that was all I was able to access and see at the time.

Looking at it now.... Uhm... I have mixed feelings about this. I was used to the quirky way it was animated and that forever holds a place in my heart.. Seeing with completely revamped it looks... Off. Like, it's hard to explain, but the magic felt in the original it just does not feel the same when I reviewed the trailer for it. I'm sure I will get around to seeing it to see if the revamp can make me change my mind. But it won't be something I would push over people on the sidewalk, jump through my window, kicking my door in to watch the movie.

Also.... Depending on how well it goes from a corporate point of view... We may see more old titles renewed again :|

Edit: Here's the trailer for those who don't know or are too lazy to look it up or click the article :p


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Voice acting is very well done, a lot better than I expected tbh. I haven't seen the original version yet but probably will end up watching this at some point. Even if I probably never will get used to how the trainers look hahaha. @[email protected]

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I hope Netflix wont ruin it like 4Kids ruined the original one.
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Speaking as someone who generally dislikes the anime, especially its aesthetic both pre and post SM, I actually really like how this looks instead? I haven't seen the original since I was a kid but I'll probably give this a shot.
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How do you think this remake of the classic will turn out?
Awful of course. It's just a way to make money while withering. Like a plant it's dying slowly, devouring itself. They will make a lot with that but also denigrate their classics. Old fans will not stand for that, younger will never find out. Either way nothing will change the outcome - it's always like this.


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Yeeeaaahhh.... the first movie was iconic, and frankly, good. I have no desire to watch the same movie but worse.
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You know... I'm pretty sure that PUSA did this because they knew that no one would watch it. I certainly plan on skipping it. This will be the first, and hopefully only, Pokemon movie that I will never watch and skip.

Why? Because it's literally Movie 1. Except with really bad CGI 😒
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I'm surprised by how dreadful this looks. I was initially intrigued that Mewtwo Strikes Back was getting a reboot. Though the original is fun and iconic, there are still improvements I'd be interested in. About half an hour of story content was cut out of the English release that shed light on why Mewtwo was really created. It was significant to his character arc by the end that otherwise comes almost out of nowhere in the dub. However, I don't see any suggestion from the trailer that previously omitted content like the back story with Ai has been included or any brand new content to enhance the plot or pacing. The preview contains all the same dialogue reappearing verbatim and scenes re-created digitally camera angle for angle. This would seem to defeat the purpose of remaking your movie if you are just going to copy everything you did without any new ideas. it would be better to just re-release the old movie. Now if there are some innovations on the story then I stand corrected. Unfortunately, I won't go rent it to find out because the trailer is giving me no incentive to take that next step. The only things that stand out as different are the voices and the graphics, and not for the better.

I don't know who the actor for Mewtwo is, but he is over-the-top, maniacally evil and silly-sounding. Masachika Ichimura by contrast was subtle, pensive, ironic, brilliant and enthralling in the original Japanese version. While not quite Ichimura, the English dub over for the first movie was still a competent job and sounded way better then the one going to Netflix. It was at least a mature and authoritative presence.

Aesthetically the first movie stands up well to the test of time. In the CGI remake everybody looks round and rubbery like they are made of playdough. It does not hold a candle to the original. This has none of the latter's expressivity, color or movement. In its medium of handrawn animation the first Pokemon movie looked beautiful. It still looks great as the style of animation it is. The new one by contrast does not look outstanding for what the world of computer graphics has to offer. Deeply disappointed. I will skip it.

I just hope this is not the beginning of a trend, and that this is the only old Pokemon movie this happens to. I'm worried that my favorites like The Rise of Darkra, Jirachi Wishmaker and The Spell of the Unown are slated next on the list of remakes. Please spare me that.

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I'm not fan of this remake since they revealed it and each new trailer makes me want not to see the movie more and more. It looks amateurish to be honest. Which is running theme of Pokémon lately.
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I said when this movie was first announced, they I think people would be disappointed and it seems, for the most part, I was correct. The first movie was never the greatest. And this remake, makes it worse. The entire point of the clones having markings was because they weren't perfect clones just like Mewtwo wasn't, but he thought they were.... I don't know why, but that one detail REALLY annoys me more than anything else about the movie.

I wouldn't worry about movies getting remade. I think they only reason it was remade was because it was the first movie and all the Pokemon Anime department is doing right now, as well as pokemon in general, is catering to Gen 1.

The newest movies like the Power of Us and I think CoCo are inspired by the older movies and that is what we will be getting.
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