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Article about some newer findings on Pokemon dev stuff for GS. Some neat things there imo!

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ugh a Pinsir evolution would've been lit. so sad to see it cut :'c (but i do love Forretress tho so hmm)

Other notes:
- why the hell is Madaamu's cry so familiar which Pokemon has that cry it's bugging me rn to no end... it's something from gen 3 right?
EDIT: REMORAID it's a slightly deeper version of Remoraid's cry
- Norowara would've had a multitude of creepy pastas named after it. It and Tsuinzu also would've been good Ghost additions instead of literally just having Misdreavus and nothing else
- happy that Shuckle didn't push through with having an evo bcs it's rly cool as a gimmick mon as is
- happy that Piloswine didn't get an evo til Gen 4 bcs tbh that cry is ass compared to what we have now
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Kinda have to wonder why they scrapped the Pinsir evolution after doing all that work for it (it was practically completed), especially since they did keep Scizor
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