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Article: How several Pokémon changed during Pokémon Gold and Silver development

How several Pokémon changed during Pokémon Gold and Silver development

How several Pokémon changed during Pokémon Gold and Silver development

We’ve learnt about stat and typing changes made to various Pokémon in development of Pokémon Gold and Silver, including those that were cut… and sometimes brought back into the game.
ugh a Pinsir evolution would've been lit. so sad to see it cut :'c (but i do love Forretress tho so hmm)

Other notes:
- why the hell is Madaamu's cry so familiar which Pokemon has that cry it's bugging me rn to no end... it's something from gen 3 right?
EDIT: REMORAID it's a slightly deeper version of Remoraid's cry
- Norowara would've had a multitude of creepy pastas named after it. It and Tsuinzu also would've been good Ghost additions instead of literally just having Misdreavus and nothing else
- happy that Shuckle didn't push through with having an evo bcs it's rly cool as a gimmick mon as is
- happy that Piloswine didn't get an evo til Gen 4 bcs tbh that cry is ass compared to what we have now
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Kinda have to wonder why they scrapped the Pinsir evolution after doing all that work for it (it was practically completed), especially since they did keep Scizor


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I still really wish the round electric tiger boys, the bell kitties, and the voodoo doll panda thing were kept on. I also really loved the Hoppip lines original look, with all of them being adorable cat heads with tails, but i can see why they wanted those to be more unique.
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Completely agree with you on the black cats. The design is so good. Better then Purrloin and Purrloin goes to Jaguar route with evolution.

Kind of glad the Ditto evolution was cut. But sad the baby Meowth was cut.