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Welcome to the section for
Entertainment & Media!

This forum is the place to discuss anything related to the following topics:

TV shows
Youtube channels
Comics and Webcomics
Celebrities and Creators
(within the above fields)

*There are some exceptions*
The topics linked below belong in their own areas elsewhere on PC:

- Anime / Manga
- Anime Soundtracks
- Gaming Youtube Channels
- Video Game Soundtracks
- E-sports
- Fanfiction

Main Guidelines:

Chat and discussion are encouraged, but please try to stay on topic.

If a thread has been inactive for over a month, then you're welcome to create a new one if you wish.

While enjoying this section, please abide by PokéCommunity's global rules, which can be found here.

If you see somebody being offensive, or find anything inappropriate, then please make use of the report function!

If you become a regular and friendly presence in E&M, you could eventually find yourself being rewarded with the prestigous Grammy Award badge!

The current moderators for this section are:
Ash Ketchup

Please don't hesitate to contact either of us if you need any help! 😊
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