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One of the best parts and made me laugh. I just love these so much, has to be my favorite series here. As a fellow husband hunter thank you for the epic guide <3


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Ahhhh! I loved this guide so much! I've read your previous guides as well as a fellow husbando hunter, but this was by far my favourite. Loved the addition of a testimonial by Yui, as well.

Now that spoiler policies are off, I can say freely that I was initially interested in hunting for Kamado and Beni; I still kinda am, but their actions in-game left a bad taste in my mouth. Conversely... Ingo has slowly but surely made his way into my heart with his gentle nature and rare but adorable smile - and of course, the extra lines on his face and extra bulk help a lot! It's strange; I never had a full-blown Submas phase in my teenage years, but seeing him in this game awakened something. All I can say now is, I'm taking the train man back home. With me, once he's settled back in.


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I don't have PLA yet and I know next to nothing about the game, but I can guarantee you I WILL be hunting for Adaman 😳
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