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Article: Hisui Husband Hunters Guild Official Field Guide

Hisui Husband Hunters Guild Official Field Guide

Hisui Husband Hunters Guild Official Field Guide

The second annual official field guide and almanac from the Hisui Husband Hunters Guild has all the information you need to safely and successfully capture a husband in the Hisui region.


The Whole Constellation
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    Ahhhh! I loved this guide so much! I've read your previous guides as well as a fellow husbando hunter, but this was by far my favourite. Loved the addition of a testimonial by Yui, as well.

    Now that spoiler policies are off, I can say freely that I was initially interested in hunting for Kamado and Beni; I still kinda am, but their actions in-game left a bad taste in my mouth. Conversely... Ingo has slowly but surely made his way into my heart with his gentle nature and rare but adorable smile - and of course, the extra lines on his face and extra bulk help a lot! It's strange; I never had a full-blown Submas phase in my teenage years, but seeing him in this game awakened something. All I can say now is, I'm taking the train man back home. With me, once he's settled back in.