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  1. WarDrago

    Game UI background For Bag, Pokedex, Trainer Card,& Pokemon Summery for Pokemon essentails

    various Pokemon Essentials Graphics Free to use just give me Credits I refer original Pokemon Essentials Graphics to make this Installation: backup original Graphics in case you change your mind to use originals for Bag Back grounds copy Bag Graphics to your Your game...
  2. B

    Shsw graphics

    I wanted to know where to find the bag ui of pokemon sword and shield, and if I should change something in the script
  3. The cool Treecko

    I need help with move buttons in the fight menu

    Has anyone made a cursor_fight in which the BW move buttons are adapted to single screen pokemon essentials v18.1? I really need that as i can't resize the ones in BW essentials kit to the perfect size in the cursor_fight and the edges are overlapping each other with some pixels. It would be...
  4. Zygoat

    Platinum Style Battle UI

    This Battle UI resource aims to recreate the battle UI from Platinum and format it for Essentials. Included is the databoxes for single battles, double battles, and safari mode, as well as Platinum style message windowskins modeled after the default windowskin from Platinum. The script changes I...
  5. DarrylBD99

    Missing Essentials V18 Graphics

    Recently, Pokemon Essentials V18 has released and came with many Gen 6 and 7 items and Pokemon. However, they don't have any sprites or icons. Therefore, this thread will provide missing graphics that are packed into separate zip files. The source files will be linked below. Click Here to...
  6. audinowho

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Portraits - Shiny

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/cr7mwv4hdnhxem0/pmd_portraits_shiny.zip/file This is a download to a complete collection of shiny Pokemon portraits recolored from spritesheets ripped from PMD2, including all emotes. Credits for these recolors goes to: Adrian @lunupine Angeluci Audino...
  7. T

    Pokémon Moemon Graphics Ready for Essentials

    Hey everyone. There was once an Rom-Hack of Fire Red that replaces all Pokémon with Anime Moe Girls. And I downloaded an Game made in Essentials with these Moemon Then I had the idea to share the Sprites https://drive.google.com/file/d/10LjfEA0HPc_sNyQ3ggNso6hdAshRvKIQ/view?usp=sharing It...
  8. N

    Ready Gen 8 Battler Sprites for EBS (Sword/Shield Style)

    Here a pack with the Gen 8 Mons rdy for Ebs UPDATE: I got now all Sprites link update below You have to change the numbers Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/slyc5tfupbz30zz/Pokemon_gen_8.rar/file i'm working on Icons too. have fun :)
  9. H

    Gen 1-6 animated sprited (including Mega Evolution)

    They's are some link of Gen 1-6 animated sprited (including Mega Evolution). Note: - First, they aren't made by me, so never give credit to me. - Second, they're formatted in GIF format, so they're not compatible with PE. You need to convert them to PNG by yourself. - Third, they are actually...
  10. Amras Anárion

    All Pokeball Sprites in Gen4 style

    Good day/evening to you, fellow fan-devs! I develop my fangame on the PSDK starter kit, and I quickly noticed the limited animations for the Pokéballs, in particular that it lacked 10 (whose the 7 apricorns). So I decided to improve all that and share the fruit of my work. I started from the...
  11. Zeak6464

    Pokemon Bag v16.2

    New Bag for v16.2 https://www.mediafire.com/file/6npg9mlzh4ahatz/Bag.rar/file https://pasteboard.co/I7f1Uo8.png
  12. juliorain

    Rotom Pokedex Graphics for Essentials

    EDIT: Does work in v19.1 Hi all! I was surprised that no one took the liberty to make Rotom Pokedex UI graphics, so I've decided to make my own. I based it off stock images from Serebii. Credit would be amazing. I have zipped a folder here containing: I have an expansion of the original...
  13. juliorain

    Custom and BMG Type Color Templates

    Hello! I am writing to post 2 things: 1) A list of color swatches for the types on BMG with two custom color templates: one for the Shadow type and the other for a Radioactive/Nuclear type feautred in many popular fangames. If you have a custom type you want drawn let me know. 2) Gen 3 Style...
  14. C

    All Gen I-VII 3D Model Gifs

    When I first downloaded the battler sprites for the Generation 6 Project, I noticed many of the sprites were still missing. I looked further and found PKParaiso and Smogon's Sprites in the same style. However, they were missing some Sprites as well. However, I was able to get the Generation 7...
  15. hirokimura

    HP bars, custom style

    Hey ! I was bored with HP bars so I made some. EDIT : forgot the preview ! https://prntscr.com/k32hev Those are edited rips from Danganronpa trigger happy havoc game. Ressource can be found on spriter's Juste replace your graphics with this https://imgur.com/a/B1SajKM And change this line in...
  16. hirokimura

    Bag Interface for default essentials

    Hey ! Sharing some ressources I made for my game, to customize the bag a little. This is meant to make the thing look prettier without having to change the whole code of bag you know. Outcome here : Imgur Photo Album : https://imgur.com/a/6EmuDRF This contains every picture of the bag. Just...
  17. hirokimura

    Types picture with default essentials style

    Well, I know this isn't a big one, but still. I was looking for a fairy picture that fits default essentials style, lenght, etc, so I just edited the shadow type included to input it. Since I didn't see it, maybe it can be useful for someone so I'm leaving it here https://i.imgur.com/HsKhszh.png...
  18. Yotes

    Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #168 (HUD Crafting)

    Ignore the garbled text. That is a bug for another day. Been taking my time making these menus and such, and glad to see that stage of development is finally coming to an end. Chewed hard to figure out some bugs and the most efficient way to make things flow, but I think I've got it now and...
  19. Damien.aspiring.fandev

    [EBS] ALMOST complete gen5 Apricorn ball sprites

    Good day/evening to you, fellow fan-devs!^^ I've been seeking quite a bit for the sprites of apricorn balls in Gen.5, however I never managed to find their full-sprite animations, just one frame of each on bulbapedia. The difficulty to find those sprites is probably due to the fact they were...
  20. Luka S.J.

    Pokemon Logos

    I've seen usage of the above Pokemon logo in several games. I made it for the Gen 6 project a while back, but apparently it got wonky during some....transformations (I guess), it ended up looking pretty distorted. I'm not personally a big fan of that, so I wanted to rectify the situation. Here I...