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[Showcase] Pokémon North, South, East, and West: The Largest Sprite Dex ever!

Which major opponent to go for first?

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  • The Rock Gym

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1248 new Pokemon to see....with NO old Pokémon or branching evolutions!
Over the next few weeks and months, they will be slowly revealed in dazzling waves!


Based off China and Japan, this region is a beautiful paradise of tranquility and peace...and of course, Pokémon battles! This region runs a Pokémon League of 10 Gyms scattered across 15 unique settlements. But word has spread of a clan called the Wushido Clan trying to awaken the ultimate doom of the region across ten bases....and their efforts have drawn 10 Pokémon berserk into unstoppable Titan Pokémon!

This region contains 12 new Pokémon types in addition to the 18 existing ones: Now there are 30 types in total! These types are, from left to right:
Light: Pokémon with this type beckon towards the light itself, using luminous attacks to brighten up the opposition!
Magic: These Pokémon use their magic tricks to bring forth a grand show of arcane mystery!
Mythical: These Pokémon are based off myths and legends across history, fighting back with ancient moves lost to time!
Sound: Pokémon with this type can stand the music and use it to their advantage! They specialize in playing with each other.
Time: These Pokémon have control over time, or are based off historical artifacts lost to the ages of history!
Shadow: It appears that the Shadow energy that Cipher once used is dominant in this region, having a specialty on Pokémon based off weaponry!
Wierd: These Pokémon are just plain wierd! They use crazy attacks and artistic styles to toy with their opponents.
Job: These Pokémon have adapted to the jobs that the people of this region take, fighting with pink slips and market crashes!
Beast: These Pokémon have fallen to their feral roots of a savage beast! They can be easily identified by their wavy coat.
Athlete: Sports is the game for these Pokémon! They have great speed to conquer the opposing team with style!
Hero: These Pokémon are the protectors of justice itself, using their superpowers to fight against crime!
Villain: More than just henchmen, these villainous Pokémon scheme up devastating plots against their rivals!
In addition, this region contains a Pokémon for every type combination possible! Which teams you make is up to your imagination!
These sprites are of free use, (though I would recommend asking for permission first) and you may contribute your own improvements too! (Though not here) This includes:
Resized versions of the sprites: These ones don't follow the traditional Pokémon sprite size
Artwork or fanart of the sprites
And backsprites: Only the front sprites will be shown here!
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At the start of your Pokémon journey, you will be offered a Starter Pokémon from Professor Blossom, who is investigating the mysterious phenomenon this region has known as the "Ancient Moves". This time, you can choose from 12 different starters, divided into 4 sets, each one based off an animal from the Chinese Zodiac! All these Pokémon have their starter abilities: Grass gets Overgrow, Fire gets Blaze, and Water gets Torrent.

Grass --> Grass/Hero --> Grass/Hero
A normally serene Pokémon, Ratree scavenges across the trees in search for food. It normally watches over other Grass Pokémon, protecting them from harm with it's powerful grass moves. Ratree has a calm heart, only fighting when it really has to. When it evolves into Plalsei, it becomes a mentor for other Grass Pokémon, teaching them the ways of a hero. A normally calm Pokémon that spends it's days meditating, when Plalsei senses danger, it springs into action, knocking it's opponent out by striking their weak points with a flurry of blows. Once it fully evolves into Splinbhira, it's techniques will be perfected. Splinbhira uses it's sharpened senses to teach anyone it sees, especially it's former students, how to defend themselves, and it's said that seeing a Splinbhira is a sign that no harm will befall your body as long as you live. It can use its Wushido arts to combat anything that dares threaten it's students, with every strike growing a lethal garden on the target's body!
SIGNATURE MOVE: Wooden Splinter: Power 70 Physical Grass move with the ability to break through Light Screen and Reflect, using Disable if it does!

Fire --> Fire/Fighting --> Fire/Fighting
Yes, we're really doing this. A bully Pokémon that never gets along with anyone, it's horns can heat themselves up with the power of flame to melt anything that doesn't go it's way. It never makes any friends, always preferring to fight alone. Bullang evolves into Oxei-Shan, which is armed with a pair of twin blades that can also heat up to a million degrees flareinheit. It often challenges Pokémon far stronger than itself, and it usually chooses to fight Dark or Villain Pokémon, in an effort to become the ruler of all the Demon Pokémon around it. Upon fully evolving into Vajiroxx, it switches to a powerful axe that is said to cleave open a portal to the Underworld itself. It commands Fire Pokémon with it's sheer brutality, executing anyone that dares to disobey it's own orders with a single swing of the axe, which can tear apart a volcano in a single strike.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Black Axe: Power 100 Physical Fighting move that may cause flinching, but lowers Vajiroxx's Speed by 1 level.

Water --> Water/Beast --> Water/Beast
With legs and a tail made of water, Tisagato and it's evolutions will bravely protect its own trainer from harm, though as it evolves, it gets more and more brutal in doing so, allowing the savage beast to take them over. First, there is Tisagato itself, a calm Water Tiger Pokémon that can often be seen near temples and water sources. It generates an endless amount of water with it's front paws, before striking the opponent's weak spots with it. It's evolved form is known as Wivigris, and this is where the savagery starts to kick in. It slows down the opponent's movements by restraining their legs in a stream of water, before brutally tearing them apart until they're nothing more than a pile of water. It's presence alone has made some villages even fear water itself. Upon fully evolving, Mihidal can use its paws to summon geysers that can tear apart a building in one shot. A very vicious Pokémon, no source in the world can calm Mihidal down once it starts hunting down it's prey, it's own water being filled with a formula that degrades the brain to a savage mess, causing the victim to rampage themselves until Mihidal goes for the kill!
SIGNATURE MOVE: Tiger Wave: Power 30 Physical Water move that hits additional times if the target's Defence is lowered: If it is at -6, Tiger Wave will hit 7 times!

Grass --> Grass/Athlete --> Grass/Athlete
Rabbitu is a Rabbit Pokémon that loves nothing more than to hop around the little grass fields all day long. You'll often find it inside baskets of fruits and vegetables, chomping on them: the jaw marks it leaves behind then grow beautiful flowers from them that can serve as an energy boost. When it evolves, Tulituu can be seen jumping from cliff to cliff to hone its acrobatic skills. It never runs out of energy, and it can run around even while it's sleeping. However, it's a bit shy, and will often flee at the slightest trace of violence. That changes, however, when it fully evolves into Antylista. This Pokémon enlists a unique fighting style where it uses it's own acrobatics to dodge the opponent's moves! A very popular Pokémon among girls, it inspires other Pokémon to take on an athletic lifestyle, and it's said that where Antylista lives, laziness never exists.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Millionth Star: Power 30 Physical Athlete move that hits five times. No Special Effects.

Fire --> Fire/Electric --> Fire/Electric
Able to run by combusting it's own fire source, Maorss can run faster than most minor Pokémon through sheer will alone. Able to stand not long after birth, this Horse Pokémon can reach it's top speed even while it's very young, creating fire by eating the grass that grows on only the roughest of mountains. When it evolves into Chargoss, it gains a secondary power source in the form of electricity, allowing it to go like a bolt. The generator that makes up it's body serves as a lighting rod, converting lightning bolts into trails of fire which it leaves behind as it runs. Chargoss then evolves again into Indakuzou, which can generate superhot rays of electricity from the beakers on it's back. No-one has ever seen this form run, as it does so so fast with the power conductors on it's back, that it looks like a lightning bolt to most people. It's said that if you give a message to Indakuzou, it will always reach it's intended destination no matter what the current situation is.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Equestrian Bolt: Spends the first turn charging, setting up a 1-turn Safeguard, then releases a Power 150 Special Electric move the next turn that always goes first and may cause Paralysis. This charge is skipped if the user is at +3 Speed or higher.

Water --> Water/Dragon --> Water/Dragon
A calm and protected Pokémon, Hylon will never give up in a battle until the very end, and is very expandable in most sources of water. It's prized weapon is it's powerful bite, which has enough force to crush an iron beam in two. However, it cannot easily control it's affinity over water yet. It's evolved form, which is called Chenlong, loses it's legs, but in return can control it's energy to form powerful torrents of water. It appears in stormy weather and judges the souls of those who are riding the boats near it, capsizing them if it sees even one of it's crew to be unworthy to sail any longer. Majiryu, it's final evolved form, can be seen protecting ancient sunken cities from all harm with it's Dragon moves. It's said to be the descendant of a Legendary Water Pokémon, and people referred it as "The Lord Of The Ocean", building temples in the far corners of the world dedicated to it. The powerful whirlpools that Majiryu can create have enough force to tear an entire cruise ship to shreds in seconds.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Tidal Devastation: A Water Status move. If the user is hurt during the turn it's used, it will retaliate with a Power 100 Special Water move on the attacker. It's chances of failing rise if used in succession.

Grass --> Grass/Ghost --> Grass/Ghost
Goatewe is an innocent sheep Pokémon those fluffy grass coat is used for cultivation. It's made of the same formula as most hedges, and it can easily regrow it's coat if it is ever to be shaved. The flowers that grow on it can be used as a makeshift bandage, helping the wound heal. When Goatewe evolves into Ewacreep, it becomes possessed by a strange matter that causes this coat to fade away. In this state, it stares out into gardens without a clue. It's main weapon is the tufts of wool that have detached from it's coat, and they are filled with a spirit that will cause it's victims to suffer nightmares for weeks. When it fully evolves, Pajiranda is said to emerge from TVs to scare the watcher to death a few days later, but it still stares out from time to time. Armed with a pair of powerful claws that always targets the heart, Pajiranda's slick body can help it go through even the most barricaded of strongholds. It's six eyes allow it to see through walls, and with the strength to smash diamond in a single blow, there is no hiding from this mutant Sheep Pokémon! Supposedly, Pajiranda originated from a children's video tape that got corrupted by the teacher who made it, jealous that no-one was watching them.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Let's Learn: Power 60 Physical Ghost move that hits twice, with a chance to inflict Curse, Taunt, Torment, or very rarely, Perish Song, on the target on each hit.

Fire --> Fire/Poison --> Fire Poison
Glooster uses it's flames to melt sand down into glass, which it then eats. As such, it's a favourite Pokémon choice of glassworkers, being able to substitute for a kiln. This Rooster Pokémon's favourite pastime is crowing into the night, to let other people know that the glass sculpture it is working on is complete. When it evolves into Fowcelian, it can meld this glass into unique porcelain figurines and vases, making it a favorite among the art community. However, it's glass is now also infused with a toxin that causes both burning and poisoning on the touch, and only Fowcelian can make it safe to touch, usually only to the people that it trusts. Upon evolving into Sindestival, it's enhanced fire power can create entire galleries this way. These sculptures are popular among the Oriva Region's festivals, and brining a Sindestival to a festival will help it thrive for as long as it lives. The glass sculptures it creates are said to depend on both it's mood and the people that it sees, and it's said that if it ever makes a sculpture of a human doing an action, that action will soon occur in reality. When it gets fired up, it changes into it's Glazed Form, where it melts it's opponents into glass sculptures themselves.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Glazer: Power 70 Special Fire move that may inflict a burn: After using this, Sindestival becomes its Glazed Form, which boosts it's Special Attack, Attack, and Speed, while lowering Defense and Special Defense: it's ability also becomes Flame Body. Using Glazer in this form traps the target in searing glass that gradually damages it at the end of each of it's turns. Sindestival returns to normal upon leaving the battle.

Water --> Water/Rock --> Water/Rock
Taking residence in a single rock, Snakuz is infused with a unique kind of venom that hardens anything it touches, making it a form of stone repair unit. It's often used to fix houses that are about to collapse, whether it be by a big battle, or by a natural disaster. Despite being a Snake Pokémon, Snakuz is actually very calm, and will happily work for anyone it trusts. When it evolves into Slithasplash, however, it's venom now petrifies anything it touches into solid rock, which Slithasplash can break apart with it's water moves. It's lost it's trust for it's former friends, thinking that they are using it for their own gain, and it viciously hunts them down out of pure vengeance. It can swallow any rock sculpture whole, and sometimes it's even seen trying to eat a small hill. Upon evolving into Sandibai, it can outright bite it's opponents to petrify them to the core. There is no known cure to Sandibai's petrification, and it's territory can be noted by the presence of a gallery of statues around it, each one being aligned perfectly by Sandibai to mark it. It's said to be the spirit of a vengeful emperor whose heart became stone, given life once more to make sure it isn't the only one with such a heart.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Fear The Viper: Power 80 Physical Rock move that may encase the target in stone. This will cause their next Physical move to fail unless they are hit beforehand. If it is raining, or if Torrent is activated, the chances of this are guaranteed.

Grass --> Grass/Ground --> Grass/Ground
Foinker is a curious Pokémon who loves nothing more than to explore the world, cultivating anything in it's way. It gathers a crop from every farm it visits to serve as a memento, but sometimes Foinker will eat these crops out of gluttony, usually while no-one is watching. It's arms become hoes when it evolves into Bajlonkerr, allowing it to help other farmers grow their crops, but yet their dream remains: the desire to have the entire world be cultivated with crops. It does not take lightly towards those that harm the farmland, especially if something is being built on it, taking revenge by slicing it's opponents to shreds. It's also very caring, always sharing it's food supply with farmers who need it. It's final evolved form is known as Vikarlarzhu, and it can use the energy within it's cane to inspire other people to cultivate the land. This energy can also help crops grow instantly, and even revive dead ones back to life. It's said to have helped a legendary hero achieve enlightenment in the past, by cultivating their mind with a special aura that recycled bad thoughts into good ones.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Trusted Swine: Power 60 Special Grass move that always goes first and sets a energy field across the battlefield for three turns, allowing allies to steal any healing effects that an opponent might use for their own. It also poisons the target if used in Grassy Terrain.

Fire --> Fire/Villain --> Fire/Villain
An artificial dog Pokémon created in honour of a dog who waited for his owner his whole life after the owner mysteriously disappeared, Futog is a clever companion to any trainer, able to obey almost any command possible. It defends it's owner by surrounding it's enemies in a sea of flames generated from it's tail that can cause burning for days on end. When it evolves into Zhuvanced, it's own programming gets the better of it, causing it to get a bit too rough on these commands. It does not care about the world around it anymore, destroying entire towns just to complete it's commands, but it believes that it is still saving the world until it is too late, and it realizes what kind of damage it has done. It can keep itself floating with waves of cybernetic energy that are lukewarm to the touch. It splits from these commands when it fully evolves into Cactolord, aiming to use this programming to instead find out what happened to the owner...no matter the cost. Able to fire giant lasers from it's hands, it will brutally tear down everything to the ground just to find clues on it's former owner. It's sensors can scan any clue within the area, and it never fails in identifying what it sees. Cactolord can also breathe fire from the dog head on it's chest, which is said to be designed off the owner's favourite mythological creature. Some sources claim that Cactolord isn't seeing our world, but rather the world that the dog that it was based off lived in the past.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Wait Laser: Power 50 Special Villain move that targets all enemies in a Double Battle. When selected, you can select a number from 0 to 9, and spend that many turns charging up first, healing Cactolord for a bit each turn. Each turn spent charging adds 50 to it's power, and at 150 power or more, it pierces through Protect and never misses!

Water --> Water/Psychic --> Water/Psychic
Brinkey is a unique Pokémon based off a sea monkey, who normally just sits there focusing it's mental powers which it gains when it evolves into Mediun. It gets very distressed if it is ever distracted, often getting back into position right away. Some Brinkeys can even remember where their favorite spots are, even if it's miles away from them. Once Brinkey does evolve into Mediun, it concentrates all it's mental powers into it's brain. In this form, Mediun normally does nothing but meditate, using it's own mind as nutrition, but it will fight back if provoked with devastating water illusions. However, this rarely happens outside of combat, as no attempt to get Mediun out of it's meditating pose has ever succeeded. This mind is unlocked when it fully evolves into the active Wukura, who searches the land for enlightenment itself. It's staff is infused with it's own mind, which can make anyone hit by it see illusions for months. Supposedly, these illusions are based off the stories that people wrote after they saw a Wukura travelling across a stormy sea. Some people even claim that Wukura is still meditating, it's own movements solely being it's own psychic powers.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Monkey Staff: Power 10 Physical Psychic move that hits 9 times, or 12 if used in Psychic Terrain or the Rain, and 15 if both are out at once! No special effects.
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Majiryu is genuinely very cool looking!! It looks like it could be official. ;3;


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As you leave your hometown of Kaishi, having battled your Rival and his/her starter, your first stop is the bustling city of Xiwang. On your way there, you pass through Kaishi Grove, which is where you can catch your first Pokémon of this region and battle your first trainers!

Normal/Flying --> Magic/Flying --> Magic/Flying
Based off the Scarlet Iblis, Ibling is this region's classic bird line. It nests on the water's edge and hunts on small Pokémon for prey. When it evolves into Creston, it's crest gains the power of magic, allowing it to fly with impossible angles, and it's final evolved form, Threskarlet, can infuse magic into it's wings to create a whirlwind of arcane power!

Normal --> Normal/Ice
A normally common sight in this region, Binterrid is based off the Binterong and is this region's classic rodent line. It climbs up trees and feeds on the fruit that grows on them, though it also has a liking for meat. Upon evolving into Arktasli, it gains a set of icy scales that allow it to adapt to more frigid environments. Groups of Arktasli often work together to build their nests or to hunt for prey.

Bug --> Bug --> Bug/Ghost
Serving as this region's classic bug line, Chorli crawls along tree branches but only seems to feed on dead leaves. If it encounters a living one, it will make it wither with it's Bug moves first. Uniquely among the cocoons, Coonscar, it's evolved form, can fight with shadowy energy, but it takes so much strain on it's shell that it avoids fighting whenever possible. Once it evolves into Crickorever, it gain leap great heights to hunt for prey. It is said that this Pokémon can live forever, yet if you encounter it with it's razor sharp scythe horns pointing at you, it has judged your life too unworthy to continue any further.

Normal --> Normal --> Normal/Grass
Pandoo is a panda Pokémon that spends most of it's time eating bamboo and falling asleep, rarely obeying any orders it's Trainer gives to them. It's evolved form, Shaanda, is a lot more active, yet also a caring one, carrying bamboo on it's back to feed to Pandoos, cutting the stalks off with it's razor sharp fangs. This diet makes it's final evolved form, Mogoda, become overgrown with vegetation, growing a structure that looks like a pagoda on it's back which you can even live in if Mogoda trusts you far enough. However, in this form, Mogoda returns to a laid back style, walking across the bamboo forests to make sure this pagoda stays stable.

Fire/Normal --> Fire/Normal --> Fire/Magic
A normally active Pokémon, Reddens is easy to raise and will happily trust you, using it's heated fur to warm up it's Trainer. In the wild, Reddens has aggressive competition with Pandoo, as they share a similar food source. Upon evolving into Studgar, it can concentrate it's flames into a special kind of martial arts that specialize in heating up the enemy's vital organs to the point they melt. It also become a lot more trustworthy in it's form, able to valiantly protect it's Trainer. It's final evolved form is Srhutan, which will make sure it's Trainer is calm and safe at all moments. Wild ones specialize in teaching Studgars how to fight, and sometimes they fight the Studgars to see how well they're doing!


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Entering the city of Xiwang, you are ordered to meet the Emperor of the region at once. There, he tells you about a prophecy about how an evil Pokémon once destroyed this region clean of life once before, and is not willing to let it happen again. He says that in the past, a Pokémon once defended this region from the forces of evil, but then it mysteriously vanished one day, and he hopes that bringing this Pokémon back would stop this evil from destroying the region again....if it has been raised by then. The Emperor tells you of a clan called the Wushu that once had a hand in reviving the Pokémon, and he assigns you to disband them today by defeating their 10 bases, the first of which, the Poison base, is over by the swamp near Xiwang.

To do this, he lends you a steed called Chuan, who functions like an all terrain bike. You can call upon Chuan at any time to run along faster, and jump up cliffs. However, the rest of Chuan's information is shrouded in mystery. You also do not get to keep this one in your party, only as a mount, but don't worry, you'll be able to get another Chuan later in your journey...at a cost.
Exiting the palace, you come across Chuan's original trainer, Kayven, who tells you that Chuan once had great potential in the past, but it had to be depowered, and it's memories drained, to prevent this power from being misused. He believes that this power got split among 10 Pokémon, who were unable to control this power and went wild, becoming Titan Pokémon in the progress, and that the Wushu Clan was involved in this. He assigns you to defeat these 10 Titan Pokémon to regain Chuan to his full strength! The first one, the Raging Bug Titan, was said to be located in the nearby Bamboo Forest.
Finally, you come across your Rival again, who witnesses Chuan and is amazed by it, saying that you should be ready to take on the Gym Challenge now...but to prove it, he fights you! In addition to a Ibling and his/her starter, he/she uses an additional Pokémon depending on your gender.

Sound/Fairy --> Sound/Fairy --> Sound/Fairy
If your character was male, your female rival will use a Lasori! These musical note Pokémon happily hop along melody sheets creating harminous music with every bounce, and it's also quite a cheerful Pokémon too. They can also sing beautiful tunes that can lull any Pokémon to sleep. It's evolved form, Clebble, commands other Lasoris to form a beautiful orchestra, and it's singing ability improves too, even more when it evolves into Hayumi, whose singing voice is comparable to most performers! Their singing is so harmonic, that it drains other Pokémon of their will to fight.

Mythical --> Mythical/Electric --> Mythical/Electric
Meanwhile, if your character was female, your male rival's third Pokémon will be a Yoni. This little rascal pranks other Pokémon by toying with their moves, driving them to rage which it feeds on! It's evolved form Rolkai can command storms by beating the drum on it's chest with it's club filled with the lies it once told as a Yoni. Upon fully evolving into Rajinorr, it gains a set of additional drums that can reshape thunderstorms to their will, generating enough electricity to power an entire city for weeks!
Having defeated your Rival, he/she tells you that the first Gym, a Rock-type Gym, is located in the bustling mining city of Diqiu, which you can reach by going through the nearby Yanshi Cave, but he/she also tells you that there's been sightings of a mysterious man in that cave....after wishing you good luck, he/she leaves. Now...who to go for first?
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Commonly found across the Oriva region are the elemental sprites, a set of Pokémon that represent the elemental energy emitting from this region. It is said that these Pokémon were born from the surge of power that came from these elements, and can most often be seen near Pokémon of the same type...alongside each other.

Fire --> Fire --> Fire
Flaspii represents the blazing flames that run across this region, whether it be in lanterns, campfires, or furnaces. It feeds on fire itself to survive, and can boost the firepower of nearby Fire Pokémon. It's evolved form, Elemfla, is said to be as hot as the surface of the sun, and is often employed by factory workers to provide fuel, as it can burn over a million liters of fuel from a single log. With a Fire Stone, Elemfla evolves into Crimshuo, whose flames are hot enough to melt even a large oil tanker into goo in seconds.

Water --> Water --> Water
A common sight near oceans, ponds, and lakes, Wasspii loves nothing more than to frolic near the water's edge, soothing itself as it drinks the water. If it's left without a water source, it gets very stressed. Elemwas, it's evolved form, can control the flow of water to create tides, which it uses to help redirect floods. Elemwas then evolves into Azhui with a Water Stone, gaining a bubble wand that can create water from pure air. It also enjoys relaxing in the water's edge with a calm happy go lucky attitude.

Grass --> Grass --> Grass
Grospii serves as the Grass elemental sprite, and wherever it appears, the plants in there are ensured to grow into thriving gardens. However, it has quite a rash attitude, and will attack anyone that it doesn't trust, a quality that increases further when it evolves into Elemgro, which will violently attack anyone that dares to lay a finger on the nearby plants. It's final evolution, Verdcao, which requires a Leaf Stone to reach, is armed with razor sharp spikes that can puncture through solid brick. It will turn anyone that it doesn't trust into a wall of ivy leaves.

Electric --> Electric --> Electric
A really feisty Pokémon, Volspiis can be found in many different places across the Oriva Region, but it moves so fast that all reported sightings of it have been when it is feeding on a source of electricity. It evolves into Elemvol, which can generate over a million volts of electricity by powering itself with natural lightning, but it moves so fast in this form, no-one has ever seen a wild one do anything but this. It's final evolved form uses a Thunder Stone in order to become Vermilldian, those movements have been compared to real life lightning bolts!

Flying --> Flying --> Flying
Despite being the elemental sprite of air, Clospiis can only be found in certain breezes, where they are the most comfortable in. It has a very lax personality, spending most it's time staring out into the bright blue sky, rarely moving, except among the breeze. It's evolved form, Elemclo, has been mistaken as an actual cloud by many people, as it is so relaxed, it very rarely does anything but sleep. Fittingly, it uses a Moon Stone to evolve into Chalkongqi, supposedly the only one of the three to be active, though even then it is a very slow Pokémon, breathing out clouds as it goes wherever the breeze takes it to.


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Regardless of your first choice, it's going to take more than just your starter, the first route Pokémon, and some elemental sprites to triumph over your first major opponent. Luckily, the areas near Xiwang start to contain a bit more variety of Pokémon, ones that can be commonly found across the region as well!

Grass/Fairy --> Grass/Fairy --> Grass/Fairy
Akin to a cherry blossom tree, Cherishama is a happy go lucky Pokémon that just enjoys spreading itself across the pinkish flower petals. It's said that seeing one is a sign that your love will prosper. It evolves into Kanzishama, which has quite an all knowing personality, able to control nearby petals to inflict it's predators with horrid rashes. But regardless of this, it still remains a cheerful Pokémon. It's final evolved form is Yuyankura, which can instantly regenerate fallen trees with the might of petals. It's quite a popular Pokémon among females, especially for those who want to arrange flowers together.

Grass/Sound --> Grass/Sound --> Grass/Sound
A Pokémon resembling a bamboo shoot, Bampoa elegantly plays music from it's bamboo like body as if it was a wind pipe, adding atmosphere to the surrounding bamboo forests. However, it can also use this music for combat, as shown against it's main predator, Pandoo. Evolving into Willicela splits it's shoots into three, each one specializing in playing a different kind of pitch. In addition, it can easily disguise itself as a bamboo shoot to avoid predators like Shaanda. It's final form, Gokemboo, is like a wandering forest swordsman. It plays a harmonic tune with it's two bamboo swords to lure in travellers, before playing a tune to judge their alignment. If they are judged unworthy, Gokemboo slices them with the swords, infused with the power of music!

Fighting --> Fighting --> Fighting
This karate Pokémon trains itself all day to maximize it's fighting spirit, which in turn feeds it's soul. Mukar specializes in kicking it's opponents with it's oversized foot, which during combat sprouts razor sharp nails that can easily puncture through most kinds of armor. When it evolves into Gorukar, it maintains a balance of punches and kicks that can easily confuse an opponent, who won't know which move Gorukar will use next. It also gains a red belt and a headband, both of which store the fighting energy that Gorukar uses when it's not in use. It fully evolves into Joikarazo, those belt has now turned black, a sign that it has achieved it's full potential. Using the blades on it's arms and legs, Joikarazo can easily overwhelm any kind of opponent through quick thinking and prediction, and it always trains for every battle it faces beforehand, with every possible scenario being considered.

Dark/Poison --> Dark/Poison --> Dark/Poison
Ninza is a ninja Pokémon that spends most of it's time in the shadows. They team up to outnumber their opponents, spreading their remains evenly among the other Ninzas. Some also exhibit the ability to vanish, leaving behind logs in the process. They evolve into Ghonibi, which command Ninzas to infiltrate enemy bases. Their sack can hold just about anything it can smuggle, and it's knife is dipped with a toxin that can cause numbing for weeks. However, it's final form, Jizgoku, is more a solitary Pokémon, pursuing it's own missions to infiltrate it's enemies. Alongside it's two shurikens that have toxins that have never been cured, it can also throw the huge shuriken on it's back, which can tear through a huge tree instantly. Should it be outnumbered, Jizgoku escapes with a smoke bomb laced with a poisonous gas that can disrupt minds for days on end.

Steel/Shadow --> Steel/Shadow --> Steel/Shadow
A Pokémon that resembles a shuriken, Shuriyushi partners itself with Ninza to serve as the latter's throwing star, though it can also throw itself in the process, with it's blades sharp enough to cut through wood. So much, that it's evolved form Bohirayushi is a bit of a show off, flying through the air in amazing and sometimes wierd patterns, just like what Pokémon do at a Pokémon Contest, an event that does not occur in the Oriva Region. This can also get it into danger, as it's stunts aren't often planned ahead, but that changes when it evolves again into Oskrayushi, a huge shuriken Pokémon that just loves the heir of being famous. It can perform deadly stunts to the roaring cheers of it's personal audience of other Steel and Shadow type Pokémon, and it does so even in battle, completely befuddling the opponent. Of course, it has become razor sharp as well, able to chop through an entire battleship. Supposedly, the only time this Pokémon is seen without it's new sunglasses on is when it's not doing a stunt nor a battle.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Shuriken Toss: A power 40 Physical Steel Move that gains 20 Power with every Shuriyushi in the party, 40 power for every Bohirayushi in the party, and 60 power for every Oskarayushi in the party. This move can be learnt by many different ninja Pokémon, such as the Ninza and Shuriyushi families.

Dragon --> Dragon --> Dragon
Carlong is a dragon Pokémon that eagerly protects the first thing it sees, and it will keep on protecting it until it is destroyed, at which point it will look for another thing to protect. Serzlong on the other hand chooses what it protects, from statues to it's own trainer, choosing a different item if the one it's protecting is too unworthy to protect any longer. As such, Serzlong only serves the good hearted people, and assigning one to protect a temple will ensure that it will stay upright for years. It's final evolved form is Yinghuci, a guardian dragon Pokémon that makes sure that no evil will ever lay a finger on the item it protects, destroying them with it's powerful Dragon Breath! It's said that a Yinghuci protecting a mountain will live on for the rest of that Yinghuci's life.

Mythical --> Mythical/Fighting --> Mythical/Fighting
Fanuki is a kind of Tanuki Pokémon that constantly stuffs itself with food every day, yet never seems to suffer any heart attacks. They can be considered a nuisance to most Pokémon as it often steals the food they were going to eat. It's evolved form, Nycbese, serves as an energy storage, being able to provide energy to other Pokémon by giving it the food it ate as a Fanuki. It is also armed with a deadly rolling attack that can decimate whole fields in seconds. However, when it fully evolves into Danewster, it's reason for eating is revealed: it becomes a powerful brewmaster that uses it's own fat as a brawling tactic, bouncing off enemy shots, absorbing them with it's fat skin, and then rolling over them with the might of the raccoon dog. The barrel on it's back holds a special brew that allows it to stagger enemy attacks, taking the damage over time instead of all at once, supposedly made from the food it had eaten in it's past two evolutionary states: The more tastier the food was, the better the brew will be.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Stagger: A Mythical Status move that only fat Pokémon like Danewster can learn, which always goes first. It absorbs an enemy attack and takes it's damage across multiple turns instead of all at once. However, it's chances of failing rise if used in succession.

Mythical/Flying --> Mythical/Flying --> Mythical/Flying
Based off the kite bird and the Tengu, Titey uses it's long nose to pierce out fruits and berries from the nearby trees. It's a brave Pokémon that never gives up in a battle no matter how difficult it is, and it's also very hardy too, able to thrive even in polluted enviroments. It evolves into Hanritty, a flying Pokémon that can use it's wings to create windstorms of over a million ounces of force, capable of blowing a whole house away. However, it only does this to objects that it thinks will bring forth Armageddon. It's final evolved form is Tengurada, a cunning Pokémon that always protects it's trainer from all evil that dares oppose it. In addition to being able to detach it's wings to form a giant fan, it can also extend it's nose and use it like a talented katana!

Beast/Mythical --> Beast/Mythical --> Beast/Mythical
Like Carlong, Shision is a guardian Pokémon based off the Shisa, often sitting in the outskirts of temples keeping a watchful eye upon all that approaches, biting objects that it thinks are a threat to the temple. Once the temple is destroyed, Shision migrates to another temple, but if it can't find one, it is unable to easily rest. Shisulunge is more trustworthy of the temple it protects, determined to make it stay up for as long as possible, to the point that it attacks anyone that it thinks will destroy the temple with a deadly lunge infused with Mythical energy. Shisyukyuan, it's final form, more of wandering Pokémon than it's previous two evolutions. It is still determined to protect it's temple, but once it feels that it is completely safe, it will migrate to another building to protect, passing the torch to it's young Shisions in the progress. It's also a very well honored companion, with most people feeling completley safe when they're around a Shisyukyuan.

Beast/Rock --> Beast/Rock --> Beast/Rock
Fumainu is based off the Komainu, and is a type of guardian lion Pokémon just like Shision. Unlike Shision, though, Fumainu often masquerades as a lifeless statue, only lunging towards it's opponent when they least expect it. To further enhance this cover, it only feeds on nothing but the rain that falls on it. Mingainu is what Fumainu evolves into, and it's cover as a statue is further improved, to the point that many people mistake them as actual statues. Resting it's paw on top of a stone sphere, seeing a Mingainu come to life is said to bring good luck upon the seer. It's final evolved form is Singhainu, which is more lively and fierce, protecting it's trainer and the surrounding Rock and Beast Pokémon with it's stone hard paws that hit as hard as a professional boxer! It's said that having at least two of these Pokémon protecting a temple will draw away any invaders as long as they're well fed, which it can easily manage by feeding on the stones of nearby mountains when no-one's looking.
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See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Those are the words of the three wise monkeys, who are represented in the Oriva Region as three distinct monkey Pokémon, each being able to complement your starter's typing! In addition, there are also some rare Pokémon in this region that are worth hunting down!

Water/Fire --> Water/Fire
See no evil. Based off the Japanese Macaque, Macaring is completely blind, using it's excellent sense of smell to smell out hidden hot springs high in the mountains of the Oriva Region, before relaxing in them and absorbing their steam, which they then use for combat. They follow their evolved form, Mizseeque, a Pokémon that valiantly defends hot springs from predators by smelling out the enemy's weak points and then attacking with a torrent of hot water that can cause burns as hot as the surface of the sun for weeks. It's not to common to see a hot spring occupied by a group of Mizeeque, and they will allow other people to rest within them.

Fire/Grass --> Fire/Grass
Hear no evil. Kikheargutan is a deaf Horseradish Orangutan Pokémon that watches over it's pre-evolved form, Oradish, for years on end. Oradishes love nothing more than to climb from branch to branch in search for food, leaving behind bits of fur that can be used as a spicy cooking ingredient, and making lots of noise since it can't hear anything. The plant on their head not just serves as a cooling unit, but also a herb that can be grinded down into medicene. Once Oradish evolves into Kikheargutan, it becomes a more laid back Pokémon. When they're not busy looking after the Oradishes, this Pokémon spends it's days meditating, concentrating it's firepower into thoughts said to rival most intelligent professors, but it never learns anything but it's own lessons, as it is deaf.

Grass/Water --> Grass/Water
Speak no evil. Based off the crested gibbon, Libbon is a common sight in swamps and lakes. It has no mouth whatsoever: Instead, it absorbs clean water through the lily pad on it's head for nutrients, using it's sharpened eyesight to seek out the cleanest sources of water. As such, Libbon can be used as a kind of clean water detector, and if it shows up to a town, the water supply here is thriving, but it can also be a nuisance, as packs of Libbons can easily make an entire lake tasteless, to the point that the water's nutrients is equivalent to someone's spit. When threatened, Libbon hides underneath the water's surface, disguising itself as a lily pad. Libbon evolves into Iwaspealily, who now maintains the lakes it once absorbed from. The beautiful water lilies that raises attracts Pokémon from miles away, and it will brutally attack anyone that dares to pollute the lake it protects with it's large tendrils that can smash through a solid diamond wall. Rather than feeding on water at this stage, Iwaspealily lacks a stomach: It never has to cope with hunger at all, allowing it to stay in one spot for weeks on end.

In the festivals of the Oriva Region, people often send red envelopes to each other with gifts and money inside. It is said that those that bring great fortune become Giengbao, a Pokémon that uses the red envelope as if it was a genie's lamp. Those who see a Giengbao are granted great fortune by the Pokémon through a single wish, which it grants by showing the person it's scroll, which always seems to contain the wish that the person asked. However, Giengbao has been known to attack people who wish for power or for personal gain, so people have been warned to be careful what they wish to a Giengbao: for example, wishing for money to pay for someone else's care is allowed by a Giengbao, but if that money is spent on something else, Giengbao will find the person who made the wish and attack them viciously. Defeating a Giengbao will grant you lots of experience points, but they are very hard to come across in the wild.

A Pokémon that resembles a Torii, Xiyquorii may look like it's depressed all day due to it's wierd body shape, it's actually a very talented fighter, specializing in the art of Xing Yi. In battle, it uses it's two fists to imitate the movement of a thrown spear, throwing several aggressive palms and punches in a short range, attacking and defending at the same time. Against aerial targets, Xiyquorii puts all it's energy into it's legs to release a flurry of kicks that aim for the wings, grounding the targets in time for Xiyquorii to finish them off. Supposedly, it hates having people and Pokémon go under it as if it was an actual archway, even if it's someone it trusts the most, and they will never forget anyone that dares to go under it.

In the past, the Oriva Region used a unique writing style that resembled Japanese Kanji. It is rumoured that Hikatanji evolved into the shape it is today to preserve that writing when it was dropped in favour of English, even though it is still used today, though not as often as it was in the past. They use the separated parts of their writing as weapons that can hit as hard as an iron battle axe, and each one represents a unique kind of Kanji, affecting a move that they learn. Strangely enough, Hikatanjis can often be seen near the object that their kanji represents: For example, the Fire Hikatanjis can be found near fire sources.
火: Fire: Flamethrower
水: Water: Liquidation
剣: Sword: Sword Slash: A Power 70 Physical Mythical Attack with a high critical hit ratio. Most Pokémon with a sword can learn this attack.
愛: Love: Attract
地: Earth: Earth Power
空: Air: Air Slash
草: Grass: Energy Ball
心: Mind: Psych Up
電: Electric: Thunderbolt
お: Ghost: Shadow Ball
光: Light: Shine Burst: A Power 80 Special Light Attack that may lower Accuracy by 1. Most Light-type Pokémon can learn this attack.
暗: Dark: Dark Pulse
ド: Dragon: Dragon Pulse
寝: Sleep: Hypnosis
氷: Ice: Ice Beam
癒: Heal: Recover
爆: Bomb: Explosion
希: Hope: Safeguard
単: Simple: Simple Beam
金: Gold: Thousand Arrows (This variant is RARE!)
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GenAI? Never heard of it. Moving on to....
The grasslands surrounding Xiwang hold more kinds of Pokémon than the ones you just saw earlier in wave 6, and these next few ones are more suited to the plains of the Oriva region!

Normal --> Normal --> Normal/Ghost
A common sight in Oriva's grasslands, Holstows are domesticated for their thriving milk, which can help bones become strong and durable. While they are normally a peaceful Pokémon, there is a saying that you should never disturb a Holstow looking after it's pre-evolution, Moolk, which spends all day eating grass, which in turn helps it phase out any sicknesses it has. It's quite playful compared to Holstow, and their cries can be heard by a herd from miles away. However, many people do not know that Holstow can evolve again into Kudahashi, a Pokémon that draws inspiration from the Kudan. Now piloting a giant float, it is said that taking a photo of one and posting it in an area can help ward off evil spirits from it. The float's mouth can open at will to release ghostly energy, and it is said to lead directly to the afterlife.

Beast/Normal --> Beast/Normal --> Beast/Normal
Dreaming to be the king of the beasts one day, Liotics spend their working hours trying to roar at the rising sun, though most of the time this just results in an adorable meow. As expected for a lion Pokémon, it is quite a brave fighter that is afraid of almost nothing at all. It evolves into Simroar, a Pokémon that hunts together in prides of five to ten. One Simroar roars it's prey into fleeing, while the other Simroars chase after the prey and maul it down with their razor sharp fangs, and their roars itself, which can shatter glass. These prides are led by it's final evolution, Narasikator, a prideful Pokémon with a mane that many other living beings want. When it roars, all the other Beast Pokémon bow down to it, and it is said to provide everlasting courage to those who hear it.

Time/Wierd --> Time/Wierd
A Pokémon that resembles a Daruma doll, Zarumas can often be seen meditating with a heart of zen, acting motionless as if they were actual Daruma dolls. No-one has ever seen a Zaruma move, and it is said that seeing one actually do something outside of battle can provide great fortune to the seer. It evolves into Zodzidarma, which is a far more active fighter than Zaruma. In battle, it focuses it's senses to seek out the enemy's weak points, before it strikes them down with it's fan arm without even seeing what it's striking. In fact, some people believe that Zodzidarma treats every battle it sees as a meditation session, incorporating the flow of battle into meditating with the heart of the zen pilgrimage itself.

Poison/Villain --> Poison/Villain --> Poison/Villain
Based off the gourd and the Shuten Doji, Gourdax normally just stands here with a blank, empty look, not doing that much outside of battle, where it sprays out a torrent of lethal acid that can cause confusion for weeks. This acid is useful as a form of pollutant removal, which is quite ironic for a Poison-type Pokémon. However, when evolution draws near, Gourdax will suddenly seek out the nearest mask and put it on. However, this evolves it into Gouritoff, which turns the mask into one of a demon that was slain milleniums ago. Realizing it's mistake, Gouritoff gains a pair of arms to try to get it off with no avail, which it does every possible second, even while sleeping or in battle, as it slowly gets taken over by the mask. Eventually, the mask fully takes over Gouritoff, evolving it into Gourtoji. In this final form, Gourtoji now commands over the various Villain-type Pokémon that appear in this region, sharing a special brew with each of them that gives them new ideas for world domination. A very dangerous Pokémon, approaching a wild Gourtoji is a lethal risk, as it's claws can cause minds to dissolve into insane wrecks in a single slash. Sometimes, however, you'll spot Gourtoji staring out into the moonlight, missing the glory days it had as a Gourdax.


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The Wushido Clan, often commonly known as the Wusho Clan or Team Wushido, is Oriva's villainous team. Their leader had experienced a calamity in the past that changed their view of the world, and they believe that only by reviving the Pokémon who once terrorized the region in the past can help them regain that reality, unaware of the amount of lives they'll claim doing so. Their grunts and commanders are both federal samurais who, unlike other villainous teams, still take good care of their Pokémon, rather than viewing them as tools, though they still perform nefarious acts in an effort to get the materials necessary to revive this evil Pokémon. For the final day of August, you can now see the Pokémon that most of the grunts use, regardless of their specialty to one of the 10 temples.

Time/Fighting --> Time/Fighting --> Time/Fighting
Armed with a code of honor, Sogol is a samurai Pokémon that always tries it's best against anything it faces, even if it's opponent is far tougher than it. Normally a friendly face, if you ever do a bad deed in front of a Sogol, it will never forget it. It evolves into Koflade, those blade is now sharp enough to slice through solid titanium. It never challenges anything weaker than itself in most cases, instead allowing them to train for a future fight. In the wild, it has been observed guarding pieces of history to make sure they are never damaged, and it can also be seen escorting young Pokémon out of danger. It's final evolved form is Samukura, an honorable Pokémon that knows all the teachings of it's past generations. Now a neutral samurai, a Samukara's personality depends on how it is raised, being chilvarous if raised by a good spirit, or a feudal warlord if it is raised by an evil spirit. It follows it's code of honor with a greater extent, carefully inflicting damage with it's twin swords that can cut through mountains, and it will even give it's own life to protect it's trainer, as if it was a personal bodyguard.

Shadow/Poison --> Shadow/Poison --> Shadow/Poison
A common sight in Oriva's caves, based off the Japanese House Bat, Saibats use their razor sharp sai to stab out Bug Pokémon from deep within it's habitat for food. Since it lacks feet, it's wings have become powerful enough to allow it to fly 24/7, and it can stand in one spot for days, looking for the perfect moment to strike it's target. It evolves into Monoustrelle, a Pokémon with sais for wings, which it uses to stab multiple targets at once, even while it's flying. In addition, each sai is tipped with a poison that can cause disorientation, making the target easier to finish off. However, it can get a bit clumsy sometimes with it's new legs, sometimes getting itself stuck in the ground with it's sais. Monoustrelle evolves into Kihonzhou, a warlord Pokémon that commands other Saibats to tear apart it's enemies. It's own sais are now sharp enough to puncture through most kinds of armor, and each of it's five gems can infuse these sais with a different kind of poison. The red one causes burning, the yellow one causes numbs, the blue one causes the target to have a cold, the green one is acidic, and the purple one makes the poison worse. However, all of them are lethal!

Shadow --> Shadow --> Shadow
A Pokémon who is basically a living katana, Katadai sharpens itself every day, infusing it's blade with Shadow energy to cut through anything. It allows only the most worthy of trainers to wield it as if it was an actual katana, with anyone else trying to wield it being drained of their souls. Supposedly, it was born when a katana was forgotten for long periods of time. When it evolves into Nihkana, it's blade becomes an independent arm that can aim for the target's weak points every time. In this form, Nihkana wanders across plains, looking for a worthy opponent that can taste the malice of their razor sharp blade. Anyone it deems unworthy will be cut apart in seconds before they even realize it. It's final evolved form is Kunboku, which is now armed with two katana blades, called Zuobian and Zhengque by some historians because it uses them one after another to chop it's foes into tiny bits. It views every Pokémon as an opponent that can improve it's skills, and it can intelligently decide which order to challenge them in, according to how their skills will be improved. There have even been some rumors that the spirit of an ancient warlord is infused within these two katanas.

Bug/Poison --> Bug/Poison
Based off the Jorogumo and bird spiders, Cyrigumos spin elegant webs to capture their prey, which then becomes victim to it's venomous jaws. This silk can be used to create clothing and other leather items, but caution must be taken when weaving them, as Cyrigumo often leaves it's venom on the string to make sure the prey cannot escape. Although a hunter at heart, Cyrigumo's personality completely changes when it evolves into Taraguisa, a self sophisticated spider queen. It uses the weaver on it's back to weave entire castles of silk, before luring other Pokémon into it with the carcasses of the Pokémon it previously hunted. Once they are inside, Taraguisa wraps them up in a cocoon of silk before playing with them childishly and giggling hysterically, all while it's poisonous string makes quick work of the prey. However, a Taraguisa partnered with a human will gleefully allow it's own string to be used for crafting, and this string is even stronger than a Cyrigumo's string, though Taraguisa must be watched at all times, as it often likes to cover the room in silk in effort to feel just like home.

Steel/Fighting --> Steel/Fighting --> Steel/Fighting
Rolone is a ronin Pokémon that always prefers to fight alone. It hates having to work as a team, as it interferes with it's unique fighting style, where it strikes all the target's weak points at once without the target noticing. So much, that it walks away from double battles, refusing to fight at all. However, Inderonent, it's evolved form, is a bit more comfortable in in these kinds of battles, though it still gets stressed in them. It wanders across the golden plains alone, saving any Pokémon it sees from danger with it's long staff, without the Pokémon even noticing that it was Inderonent that saved them. It fully evolves into Ukikura, a lone samurai that can tolerate working with others. However, in the wild, it wanders by itself, looking for why it had even started training in the first place. It's staff is now a pair of sharp blades that can slice through anything, and it's said that seeing a wandering Ukikura will prompt it to protect you for all eternity.
SPECIAL HOLD ITEM: LONE EARRING: No longer is it simply a piece of junk that Partner Pikachu or Eevee collects, in this region the Lone Earring boosts the stats of a Pokémon holding it if it is the only one in your party.
As thanks for saving him from the Wushido soldiers, the old man in the nearby cave, a sage who currently refuses to give out his identity, gives you an Ancient Band, allowing you to use the Oriva region's phenomenon, the Ancient moves! The ancient move is a FIFTH move that Pokémon can learn, and any move that it can learn can be assigned to the ancient move slot. As the Pokémon uses it's other moves, it's ancient gauge charges up. Once it is full, the size of the gauge varying with every move assigned to an ancient move, the move can be used at any time, emptying the gauge afterwards. For example, Ember has a faster gauge refill than Flamethrower, and Protect has a faster gauge refill than Swords Dance.
In addition, there are various dens scattered across the Oriva region that can be used to access Ancient Raid Battles. These battles have four players fighting against a Pokémon knowing a special move that can only exist in the Ancient Move slot. These are the original 90 Ancient moves that were brought upon the region, with there being three for each type: One physical, one special, and one status. Like Max Raid Battles and Tera Raid Battles, these battles come in star ratings from one to five stars, each being tougher than the previous star.
Finally, there has been rumors of a third, unique kind of ancient move, one unique for each fully evolved Pokémon in the Oriva region, but it is currently shrouded in mystery....
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In addition to the four normal weather types, Rain, Sun, Sandstorm, and Snow, the Oriva Region brings back a long forgotten weather, alongside two new weather conditions that can easily shake up the tide of a battle. These seven fully evolved Pokémon are the only Pokémon in the region with access to the weather generating abilities, making them a must have if your team wishes to focus on one of these weather conditions! In addition, a Pokémon who synergizes with the weather will also be shown!

Sound/Water --> Sound/Water --> Sound/Water
Feroferos are typical frog Pokémon that hop around the Oriva Region's swamps, making distinct croaks that can be heard from miles away, adding to the atmosphere. It's long tounge can easily catch up Bug Pokémon for food, but rumor has it that this Pokémon, as gross as it may seem, may sometimes ask for a passerby to kiss it, though this is rarely effective in any means other than calming the Ferofero down after a rough day of catching prey. When it evolves into Kerxue, it's personality completely changes to one side. Now it hops around puddles, splashing them everywhere to where the plants need them the most. It has a cheerful personality, and it's raincoat can absorb any source of water, making it very upbeat even during the rain, which it finds refreshing. It's final evolved form is Yuwiani, a Pokémon that just loves walking around in the rain, refreshing it's vital organs through it's supposedly alive raincoat. It uses it's new umbrella to call down a storm of rain, which makes a beautiful melody as it platters down it. While some people see this cheerful Pokémon as a harbringer of rain, it is sometimes despised by people who wanted bright sunny days, as it is always raining as Yuwiani hops, skips, and jumps across the puddles made by the rain. Yuwiani is the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with access to Drizzle!

Fire/Rock --> Fire/Rock --> Fire/Rock
Based off the Amano-Iwato, Erumano's descendants was once believed to be a deity of the sun. However, the people of the Oriva Region despised it for draining them of it's sleep, and so Erumano became the shy cave Pokémon it is today. It takes a bit of getting used to for it to fully trust you, but it enjoys resting during the scorching daytime hours, absorbing the energy of the sun to power it's white hot fire attacks. This Pokémon evolves into Outhongu, who has overcome it's shyness through the training that it's trainer provides. Now it uses the cave it once hid it as both a rock solid shell and a portable volcano, launching out hot lava said to be as hot as the surface of the sun. Because it only has two legs, though, Outhongus don't tend to move that much, often picking a spot and basking in the sunlight hidden in it's volcano shell: the sunlight seeps in through the crater on the top. When it fully evolves into Volcaterasu, this Pokémon is a full aspect of the rising sun. It's shell generates a bright UV ray equivilant to the sun's rays, lighting up even the night sky. In addition, it can generate solar flares that can melt almost anything, and the flames made in the process can never be put out, except at this Pokémon's command. Supposedly, this was what Erumano's descedants looked like in the past. Volcaterasu is the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with access to Drought!

Ground/Ghost --> Ground/Ghost --> Ground/Ghost
A kind of buffalo Pokémon that's almost entirely made of sand, Bubuffles keep themselves together by manipulating the sand it's body through ghostly energies. Because of this, it thrives the most in the raging sandstorms of the Oriva Region's deserts, where it can get enough sand to keep itself alive for years on end. The rest of it's body is made from condensed sand, and it is said that laying a finger on a Bubuffle that doesn't trust you will blind you for life. Bubuffle evolves into Suffalo, a Pokémon with sand seeping from it's entire body. It slowly trudges across the desert landscape, feeding on it's own sand for nutrition, which provides all the vitamins it needs to survive. When faced with danger, Suffalo creates a violent sandstorm that no-one can see in, allowing Suffalo to easily find the target's weakpoints, as it's eyesight can see through even immovable sand pillars. Since it always melts down into sand when it sleeps, Suffalo is best found during the day. However, the main highlight here is it's final evolution, Wujiustra. It's always surrounded by a violent sandstorm that will pick off your vital organs one by one, and such sandstorms can be seen for miles. However, if you keep going to Wujiustra and hold it's hand, it will trust you no matter how damaged you are. Supposedly, the sand it creates is infused with the souls of the Pokémon those lives were taken by this sandstorm, and if you listen carefully, you might hear the screams of these souls. Wujiustra is the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with access to Sand Stream!

Ice/Fairy --> Ice/Fairy --> Ice/Fairy
Sometimes when you walk across a blizzard, you might find a Yunesa, a Pokémon based off the Yuki Onna. These violent Pokémon plead for mercy in an effort for people to take them in, and if they are not caught quickly in a Poké Ball, they will freeze them solid with their frigid breath and steal their souls. Supposedly, this is a similiar personality to Froslass's, leading researchers to believe that Snorunts once lived in the Oriva Region millions of years ago, their descendants having become Yunesas to better lure their prey in. Despite this, Yunesa is sometimes shy and will run deeper into the blizzard, which is just as deadly as people without cold protection will freeze to death trying to chase them. Yunesa evolves into Yukonnba, a much more primed Pokémon with better hunting tactics to draw trainers in. It often creates a frozen statue of a person it once hunted to cry over them with tears of snow, and when another person draws close, Yukonnba freezes them by calling down a violent snowstorm. It has been reported doing this even when it's under trainer ownership, so trainers are advised to keep a close eye on Yukonnba at all times. It fully evolves into Yukatsura, a ice maiden Pokémon that is always surrounded by a blizzard so violent, oxygen packs are often required to breathe within it. However, it can lower this blizzard for trainers it trusts, and even make it colder to protect them. Some Yukatsuras have even been seen falling in love with their trainers, clinging on them affectionatley even if it meant freezing them to death. However, Yukatsura is still a hunter in heart, and it's nest is littered with the frozen statues of it's victims. Yukatsura is the only Pokémon in the Oriva Region with access to Snow Warning! Note that it summons Snow in the Oriva Region and not Hail: In this region, Snowscape additionally grants all Ice-type attacks a slightly increased critical hit ratio for it's duration.

Shadow/Flying --> Shadow/Flying --> Shadow/Flying
Based off the Yata Garasu, despite it's name, Typicrow is anything but a typical crow that feasts on crops and rests on graveyards. It is rumored that seeing one will mean that your demise is soon drawing near, and often this is caused by it's evolved forms, which the Typicrow warns. It's caws in the night inspire the other Shadow-type Pokémon to carry on into the darkest of depths. The first of these evolved forms is Sengarow, which lead a murder of Typicrows. While the Typicrows make short work of the crops, the Sengarow destroys anything that would scare the Typicrows away, such as scarecrows, by slicing them with it's cursed blade, the Muramasa, which is infused with the souls of those it sees. It is said that the Muramasa never dulls or breaks, and that every soul it destroys makes the blade sharper. However, Sengarow often restrains from taking over lives, as it does not want the Muramasa to take over it's own soul from destroying too many of them, turning it into a mindless killing machine. It's final evolved form is Yaturamasa, those wings are lined with lethal Muramasas. When it flies, these Muramasas, each one infused with a different soul, cut open a hole in the sky that rains down radiant beams of shadow energy that take the souls of anything they touch, turning a radiant garden into a dead wasteland in seconds. It can also launch these Muramasas from it's own wings, and they serve as Typicrow magnets, luring a murder of them to finish off a soul unlucky enough to be near them. In short note: Yaturamasa is a dangerous Pokémon, and those not planning to catch one are advised to seek shelter when it spreads it's wings of despair across the night sky.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Shadow Sky: First seen in the Orre Region, Shadow Sky covers the arena in a shadow sky for five turns. Like it's first appearance, it powers up Shadow moves by 50% and strikes all non-Shadow Pokémon at the end of each turn, damaging them. Weather Ball now becomes a Shadow move in this weather.
SPECIAL ITEM: Oblivion Rock: While a Pokémon is holding this, Shadow Sky's duration lasts 8 turns instead of 5.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Sky Cleaner: When Yaturamasa enters the battlefield, the weather becomes Shadow Sky!

Dark --> Dark/Electric --> Dark/Electric
Based off the Maneki-neko, Mooneko spends all night waving it's arm back and forth while being able to stay in one spot by feeding on the essence of the moon. Keeping a Mooneko with you is said to bring good fortune during the night, but during the day, Mooneko slips away into dark places and hides under them until night arrives, and even ones owned by trainers will do this unless they have been trained properly. This fortune is said to originate from the coin it holds, which distresses it if it is ever to be lost. It's evolved form is Kobscent, a benevolent trickster with a crescent moon in one arm, and the coin it held as a Mooneko in the other. When it throws it's coin high up in the air, the area is surrounded in a realm of darkness that resembles the night, which allows it's newly acquired Electric attacks to be energized. In this darkness, or at night, Kobscent slips into people's houses while they are sleeping and eats all the money inside to keep it's darkness energy going, always being able to see where they're hidden due to it's excellent night vision. As such, a Kobscent can always be trusted despite it's deeds, because no-one has ever seen a Kobscent do it, instead putting the blame on other thieves. It's personality changes drastically again when it fully evolves into Bsukuyomi, a self entitled harbinger of the night. Now a heartless machine powered by the essence of the night itself, it keeps itself fueled by using the moon ring on it's back to magically turn day into night, which can mess up both clocks and calendars, making some people see it as a god of destruction. In battle, it weakens it's opponents with a flurry of night powered punches that can level a building in seconds, before finishing them off with a punch which absorbs all the light in the area, turning it into darkness. The coin it once had as a Mooneko is now on it's right leg, but it doesn't make use of it anymore, instead using it's powers of the night to bring fortune to those who see it.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Nighttime: A Dark Status move that brings the battlefield into a black abyss that resembles the night for five turns. In Nighttime, all Dark moves gain 50% power, and all Light moves lose 50% power. In addition, all Dark-type Pokémon gain immunity to all priority moves, not just status moves used by Pokémon with the Prankster ability. Weather Ball becomes a Dark move under this weather.
SPECIAL ITEM: Black Rock: While a Pokémon is holding this, Nighttimes's duration lasts 8 turns instead of 5.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Blackout: When Bsukuyomi enters the battlefield, the weather becomes Nighttime!

Grass/Poison --> Grass/Poison --> Grass/Poison
Bonose is a Bonsai Pokémon that can't stop sneezing, even while it's asleep, but instead of snot, Bonose sneezes out pollen that make other Pokémon sneeze as well. However, it is this pollen that keeps not just itself alive, but other plants too, as it is a form of nutrient that repairs damage to plant matter. Supposedly, this sneezing comes from the cells in it's body having an allergic reaction with itself, and caution must be taken when approaching a Bonose, as the sneezing it causes can last for weeks. It's evolved form is Cypreeze, which while now having legs to walk around on, also possesses a bigger nose. While it still sneezes out pollen most of the time, which other Bug Pokémon can now feast on, since Bonose's pollen was tasteless, when threatened Cypreeze switches to sneezing out toxic green sludge that can dissolve almost anything. Scientists have found that this sludge is actually made out of the chloroplasts that Cypreeze no longer needs, having been made poisonous by it's own immune system. The cypress bush on it's head is also a deadly weapon, infused with it's special pollen as well. Cypreeze fully evolves into Nostjing, a rarely moving Pokémon that is now surrounded by a field of pollen that can causing sneezing for months. This pollen helps other Grass-type Pokémon near it to thrive to perfection, and they can even infuse it into their attacks. A pair of gleaming red eyes reside within Nostjing's nostrils: Some people say this is the true face of Nostjing, with it's beard of leaves serving as it's actual mouth, and not it's pot, which normally feeds on seeds and it's own pollen. This is further confirmed by the fact that it's normal eyes are not made of the same materials of similar eyes, leading some to believe that they are fake!
SPECIAL ATTACK: Pollen Season: A Grass Status move that surrounds the area in a storm of pollen for five turns. In addition to powering up all Grass-type attacks by 50%, the pollen serves as a Serene Grace for both sides, doubling all chances of additional effects applying. Weather Ball becomes a Grass move under this weather.
SPECIAL ITEM: Mossy Rock: While a Pokémon is holding this, Pollen Season's duration lasts 8 turns instead of 5.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Gesundheit: When Nostjing enters the battlefield, the weather becomes Pollen Season!

Flying/Job --> Flying/Job
While not a weather summoner unlike the previous Pokémon, this Pokémon based off the Teru Teru Bozu does synergize the best with Rain, Sun, and Nighttime, though it can also fit into any weather condition. Tozus tend to make their nests near buildings, where they hang from the roofs serving as a form of weather telling unit. If it's red stripe glows, the weather will be nice and sunny, and if it's blue stripe glows, people will know that it is a rainy day. In nightime, the yellow stripe glows accordingly to how cold the night is. However, Tozu is not always accurate in it's weather predicting, and sometimes all of the stripes may glow just for fun. It evolves into Wethayamai, a talented weather forecaster which is now accompied by three weather elementals which scientists are still figuring if they're actual Pokémon, or just a part of the Wethayamai. People can tell what weather it is simply by looking at which one exhibits their emotion the most outside of battle. The sun being happy is a sign of a bright sunny day, and fights with solar flares that can turn a tree to ash in seconds, the raincloud being sad is a sign of a rainy day, and fights by raining a heavy torrent of water down it's opponents, and the moon being sleepy shows that the following night will be one where everyone can rest easily, and fights with a wave of darkness. Wethayamai treats these elementals as if they were their own soulmates, even feeding each one with sources of that weather to keep them alive: Flames for the sun, water for the raincloud, and sources of darkness for the moon.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Messiah Of Weather: This ability makes Wethayamai the master of weather! It grants the following benefits:
👆All Weathers are postponed by three turns as if Wethayamai was holding a weather rock: This stacks with the rocks themselves!
👆Wethayamai only gets the benefits of weathers and not the disadvantages: For example, it is protected from Sandstorm damage, and Solarbeam isn't weakened in the rain.
👆In weathers, Wethayamai is treated as having all types for the purpose of the weather's effects: For example, it's Special Defence increases during a Sandstorm, it's Defence increases during Snow, and it gets the priority protection that Nighttime grants.
👆In addition, once per battle, it renders an activation of Cloud Nine or Air Lock ineffective.


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At last...it is time to reveal the box mascots.
Legend tells of four Pokémon who protected the four directions of the Oriva Region. They possessed the most power of any Pokémon in the region, and everyone looked up to them as if they were their hero. These four Pokémon once worked together to bring peace and prosperity to the land, but eventually their own differing ideals got the better of them. They could not simply agree on a plan with their differing personalities, and the land shook with every shout they made. Ultimatley, they clashed in a thousand year war that ended with all four of the Pokémon disappearing, leaving the people to realize that they shouldn't just be relying on Pokémon to seek peace, and ended up working together to bring the same level of prosperity with the Pokémon's teachings, lest another war would break out.
Today, depending on the version of the game, all but one of the four Pokémon have been forgotten to the sands of time. The people of the Oriva Region hold great festivals and traditions dedicated to the remaining Pokémon in an effort to bring them back to the region, and your Pokémon journey will eventually, after collecting many badges, have you enter the Pokémon's personal domain to prove that it is not just a myth!

The Black Tortoise of the North, Kitorr inspired the people of the Oriva region to be steady, to not rush to a conclusion and instead work it out. In return, Kitorr shaped the land of the Oriva region to allow crops to grow and harvests to flourish. No force is strong enough to even put a dent in it's shell, and one slam of it's front legs can turn a canyon into a flourishing grassland. It's three heads channel the might of the earth through them, and it's said to be a wise Pokémon that knows any fact imaginable. Today, Kitorr resides in the Black Canyon, a quarry of rocks that no climber has ever managed to reach the top of. People hold samurai matches in the festivals of the Oriva region to replicate Kitorr's defensive manuvers, with the armor being used getting tougher every festival in an effort to replicate the sturdyness of Kitorr's shell. People also trade advice to each other, and learn to be slow and steady through various tests.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Mugen: A Power 140 Special Rock move that sprays a gust of illusionary mist at the target. This mist changes the target's ability to Shell Armor and, the first time it hits the target, replaces one of their moves with Withdraw. This move's power boosts by 20 for each other North exclusive Pokémon in the party. However, it only has 80% Accuracy.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Shell Of The North: Grants all Pokémon in your party 2% increased Defence and Special Defence for each North exclusive Pokémon in your party. This ability applies even while this Pokémon is not in battle.

The Vermillion Bird of the South, Minillion is the emperor of flames, and it is said that when the world was born, the first flame gave birth to Minillion. It taught others when to play with fire, and doing so, no-one ever created an artificial citywide fire again. The flames also show the heart of bravery, and that you should never give up, always carrying on! As Minillion flew across the Oriva Region, it's radiant feathers rained down to those who needed it's warmth to survive, but only the worthy are allowed to wield them forever. When their job is done, the feathers get carried away into the winds back to Minillion. Today, Minillion lives in the Vermillion Volcano, the region's only active volcano. Any burns that you aquire in there will last for all eternity, and Minillion makes sure that no fire in there ever goes out. The festivals of the Oriva region in Pokémon South's timeline are all about fireworks, with people lighting a huge bonfire and throwing the items that represent their woes into it, in an effort to replace them the spirits of determination.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Kouen: A Power 110 Special Fire move that launches a giant fireball comparable to the sun at the target. This inflicts them with Solar Burn, the ultimate form of the burn status condition. It not only acts like Bad Poison, but it also cannot be cured until the end of the battle, and it damages the target even while it's in it's Poké Ball. This move's power boosts by 20 for each other South exclusive Pokémon in the party. However, it only has 80% Accuracy.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Wings Of The South: Grants all Pokémon in your party 2% increased Speed for each South exclusive Pokémon in your party. This ability applies even while this Pokémon is not in battle.

The Azure Dragon of the East, despite it's looks, Azwryu is not actually a Dragon type at all, having got it's Fairy typing from it's own guardian lifestyle. It inspired all the creatures in the Oriva Region about values, about what is more valuable to them than anything else, like their lives or their loved ones. Those who follow Azwryu's teachings will be infused with it's spirit, granting eternal kindness, but those who don't will be destroyed on the spot by the forces of water itself. It's claws can reshape currents and direct rivers to empty banks, turning them into lakes, and it is said to seed the water of life on even the most polluted of oceans, adapting them according to it's own spirit. Today, Azwyru's home is the Azure Dragon Palace, a giant lake the size of an ocean with an undersea palace where no-one has ever gone to before, due to the violent whirlpools that surround the place. The festivals of the Oriva region involve people giving their valuable possessions to the people who need them the most, as they all value their own life more than anything else. This in turn teaches people how to be kind to others, and be respectable to other people's actions. The festival also involves a lot of games related to water, in an effort to get people to show more respect to the world's oceans.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Sourai: A Power 120 Special Fairy move that breathes a massive torrent of enchanted water towards the target, plunging them towards a whirlpool of value for five turns. In this whirlpool, any stat boost that the target would gain is instead granted to the user, and when the whirlpool ends, the target is damaged for each time they tried to gain a stat. In addition, it also applies Torment on the target. This move's power boosts by 20 for each other East exclusive Pokémon in the party. However, it only has 70% Accuracy.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Honesty of the East: Grants all Pokémon in your party a 10% chance to send a status condition or stat reduction that it would recieve back to the opponent for each East exclusive Pokémon in your party. This ability applies even while this Pokémon is not in battle.

The White Tiger of the West, Nisiga was thought to be born from the very first blizzard that struck the Pokémon world. In the past, it taught people about the importance of planning ahead for a situation, and how to form a strategy for a problem. With this, the people of the Oriva region rarely made any mistakes at all. Nisiga's fangs are cold enough to freeze even a volcano into a glacier in one bite, and it runs so fast that most people just see Nisiga as a raging blizzard. In battle, Nisiga reads the target's mind to find their weaknesses, then exploits them in a way that other people are inspired to do the same. However, it's also a very violent Pokémon, and if Nisiga deems a person or Pokémon unworthy, it will tear them down to their hearts. Due to this, many people showed good behavior during the time where the four guardians were still active, in an effort to avoid the wrath of Nisiga. In the present day, Nisiga resides in the White Glacier, which supposedly the coldest location in not just the Oriva region, but the whole planet. Explorers who have tried to navigate the surface of this glacier have never been seen again, supposedly a victim of Nisiga, who had wrongly blamed it's own followers for making it fight the other three guardians into obscurity. The festivals in the timeline of Pokémon West consist of many strategic games that allow people to learn how important it is to lay out a set of plans. These festivals are an effort to get people to try being as good as they were during Nisiga's dominant era.
SIGNATURE MOVE: Kongou: A Power 130 Physical Ice move that bites the target hard with frozen fangs as hard as diamond, with a chance to either make them flinch or freeze them. The first time this move hits is so violent, that the target's trainer will be rendered too terrified to switch out or use items for the rest of the battle. This move's power boosts by 20 for each other West exclusive Pokémon in the party. However, it only has 75% Accuracy.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Fangs Of The West: Grants all Pokémon in your party 2% increased Attack and Special Attack for each West exclusive Pokémon in your party. This ability applies even while this Pokémon is not in battle.

The Yellow Dragon of the Center. Zhonon was once believed to have led the four guardians, making sure that they always got along with each other, and looking over the region as a whole. Legends told of it's ancient breath that could bring life into even the most deserted of areas, alongside it's aura of inspiration that taught everyone their destiny. After the four guardians got into the fateful war, surrounded by grief, Zhonon slipped away into the core of the Oriva region, and all existing pieces of evidence of it were soon forgotten by the airs of history themselves. After you have completed your Pokémon journey in the Oriva region, you'll be able to find clues scattered across the region that will eventually lead to this Pokémon's rediscovery!
SIGNATURE MOVE: Taikyoku: A Power 150 Special Dragon move that blasts the target with the might of the entire universe. This always goes first, targets all enemies in a Double Battle, pierces through Protect, breaks screens, and has a high critical hit ratio, but Zhonon must spend a turn recharging afterwards.
SIGNATURE ABILITY: Center Of The Cosmos: This reverses the effects of Shell Of The North, Wings Of The South, Honesty Of The East, and Fangs Of The West, turning their benefits into reductions. It also grants Zhonon the effects of Clear Body and Mold Breaker.


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The Four Guardians are not the only version exclusive Pokémon in the Oriva Region. In each game, there is a three stage evolutionary line which you can only get in that version, a Pokémon who bares loyality to their guardian. And if you proceed far enough in your journey, you might find the truth behind the Titan Pokémon's existance....but what is it?

Light/Dark --> Light/Dark --> Light/Dark
A sign of true balance, this Yin-Yang Pokémon spends it's days keeping it's light and dark sides balanced. A Yiya loves to keep things balanced in itself, and it gets uncomfortable if it ever sees one side lean slightly over the other, like an odd number of colored pots. Trainers are thus advised to make sure that everything is just right when raising a Yiya so that it can think correctly. It evolves into Nguicii, a two headed Pokémon on the verge of splitting into two, but not because the two minds it has are fighting. Rather, it is a transitional stage, keeping it's balance of light and darkness intact to prepare for it's final evolution. However, it can still fight like a tag team duo, with one head finding the target's weak points while the other destroys them, and they can switch minds in a nanosecond of a time frame. Supposedly, one head shows truth, while the other shows ideals. Eventually, the two minds split and they fully evolve into Balanlongg, which is actually a pair of serpents, one being a truthful light dragon, while the other is a idealized darkness dragon. The two swirl around each other as a sign of perfect balance, and they have never been seen fighting with each other. They combine their light and darkness powers into a single force that can topple a skyscraper in one shot, and they always stick together. It is also believed that each Balanlongg is infused with the spirit of Azwryu itself, granting them infinite honesty. If you find one half of a Balanlongg without it's other half, they will likely have lost it to an accident, not because of a fight, and if this is the case, it spends it's last hours spreading it's teachings to other Yiyas, ready to start the cycle of balance again.

Ice/Psychic --> Ice/Psychic --> Ice/Psychic
Based off the Qilin, Qilan is very rarely seen by most mortals, as it spends most of the time invisible, only becoming visible to those it trusts. Even then, it's presence can be felt by the sudden boost in morale that the people that it sees experiences. Supposedly, seeing a visible Qilan will grant you endless morale until the Qilan disappears again. After it has conquered it's own shyness, it evolves into Qigilen, a Pokémon that likes peace and quiet, and only appears in areas where it is apparent. It calms down the surrounding area with it's own aura made of Ice and Psychic powers, and if this aura ever fades, it is a sign that a quarrel or a war will soon occur in the area where the aura was. Being honest to others will bring the aura back, and Qigilen will then trust it's people more and more. On the other hand, an area full of violence that sees a Qigilen will eventually calm down. Finally, it evolves into Qiraurora, a Pokémon that is only seen by people who have trusted it throughout it's past two evolution stages. Once it appears to them, they are filled with an aura that inspires them to keep on going even when it's tough for the rest of their life. It is said that the auroras that appear in the cold areas of the Oriva region are the spiritual forms of Qiraurora that it shows to people that it does not trust, and believing in them will make Qiraurora appear to the seer to grant them true morale. Research has shown that the coldness of Qiraurora's ice moves are similar to Nisiga's, showing an evolutionary similarity.

Fire/Flying --> Fire/Flying --> Fire/Flying
Based off the Fenghuang, Feningo can be best described as the feathers of Minillion being granted life. It is a sign of virtue and grace, and seeing a Feningo and doing a good deed to it, such as feeding it, will promise that you will grow to be a kind and graceful person. This is despite the fact that it sometimes burns down the houses of people that it thinks are being a disgrace to the way of virtue. It evolves into Huafowl, a Pokémon that does better running on land with it's burning feet, leaving trails of flames behind them, than with it's wings of embers. It has a graceful personality, and it's said if a Huafowl trusts you, it will forever show you how to be graceful as well. Touching it's flames and being charred by them grants the toucher a heir of mercy, allowing them to trust even their own foes, and decide their fate according to their morales. However, it is a very rare sight to see, and people believe that this represented the time where Minillion was almost forgotten. It's finale evolve form is Fengphuang, a Pokémon that spreads it's feathers of virtue across the rising sun as it flies beyond the golden skies. Like a phoenix, it never truly dies, always rising from the ashes if it were to ever perish. Some people even believe that it is a reincarnation of Minillion. In battle, it places the perch on it's back down to the ground and rests on it, allowing it to further concentrate it's firepower towards it's enemies.

Rock/Ghost --> Rock/Ghost --> Rock/Ghost
It was once believed that every time one of Kitorr's scales fell off it's shell, Kitorr itself would grant it's life force to that scale and turn it into a Sposhi, granting it the powers of a Ghost. Sposhi itself is a very playful and childish turtle Pokémon, rolling around in the fresh rivers of the Oriva region. It's an easy choice for trainers to raise, as it bonds with it's trainer very quickly and can deflect Normal attacks with it's shell, the equivalent of how a Ghost Pokémon is immune to Normal attacks because they pass right through their spectral bodies. However, if it becomes extremely stressed, it releases it's hidden ghostly powers which can absorb any soul in the vicinity. The less playful Sposhi becomes, the closer it is to it's evolution into Guiroshi. In this form, it becomes a laid back Pokémon with a hard shell those durability matches titanium itself. It absorbs ghostly energy into this shell to spread out it's hidden elemental talents, and it also likes to study a lot, reading through books and chomping out the page it likes the most. Supposedly, no-one has ever seen it's back two legs, but the symbol on it's shell is a leftover from when the four guardians were still getting along, as it contains the hidden powers of all four of them at once. This power is further exemplified when it reaches it's final evolution in the form of Linggaroshi. Now a wise elderly turtle, it uses the powers of Rock, Fairy, Ice, and Fire to conquer any enemy it senses, it's eyes now closed due to it's sage-like personality. It teaches other Pokémon and people alike the importance of tranquility and enlightenment, hoping that they would become one with their own spirits. It is said that that a Linggaroshi that has lived for a million years can know anything imaginable, and that they once sealed the Oriva region's first darkness into a realm in which they will never escaped: This evil was supposedly the ancestor to the evil that the Wushido Clan is trying to raise today.


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And if you wanted to see how each type works, look no further! Behold, the 30-type type chart, made in the Cave of the Dragonflies!


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To get to the Raging Bug Titan or the Poison Wushido Base, you'll need to go through the sticky swamps of the Oriva region, like the Mangrove Forest. These swamps hold new Pokémon for you to grab a hold of!

Beast/Poison --> Beast/Poison --> Beast/Poison
Sinoc is a crocodile Pokémon that hides itself in the muddy waters of the Oriva region's swamps. Although it has quite a goofy personality and loves to laugh at other Pokémon's misfortunes, it's also a very talented hunter, with it's main prey being Feroferos. It also possesses a powerful set of milk teeth that can puncture through a tree stump. The more of these teeth that fall off, the closer it is to it's evolution into Yangzadile. This crocodile Pokémon can camoflage itself among the swamp better, and possesses tougher jaws that, once it bites on a target, will not let go until their life signals fade, which is made faster by the poison within them. This Pokémon is a talented taste artist, able to figure out which Pokémon taste the best under it's jaws, and since it's poison is tasteless, it always succeeds every time. Yangzadile fully evolves into Xioamalliz, a devestating hunter that brutally chases after anything it sees. Once it bites on a target, the prey will be left unable to escape for the rest of their lives: In fact, you might see an Xioamalliz with the decomposing body of a Pokémon it couldn't devour in it's jaws. These jaws possess a PSI power of over a million tons of force, allowing it to break apart almost anything in two. It's claws also have this same force, acting like a second set of jaws.

Bug --> Bug/Dragon --> Bug/Dragon
A common sight in the Oriva Region's swamps, Tanishas are dragonfly Pokémon that fly across the swampwaters. It spends nearly all day flying, only stopping to rest itself on a pond reed, where a Ferofero could easily devour it. A photo of a Tanisha resting can earn lots of money, especially if the Tanisha's wings are clean from the morning dew that falls on it from the mangroves above. It evolves into Toterasha, which is shaped like a totem pole. Now channeling ancient spirits across it's body, each stripe on it is said to contain a different ancient power within it. It watches over the Bug Pokémon nearby and makes sure that none of them face any kind of conflict with it's shaman powers. Supposedly, Toteshra can summon rain, call down ghostly wolves, and show visions of the future. Totatotera is it's final evolution, a shamanistic Pokémon that has mastered it's control over the ancient spirits. With it's two totem powers, it casts down jinxes and curses down it's enemies, while blessing it's allies with prosperity and the spirit's protection. It's wings allow it to fly at Mach 7, and it can see the future with it's enhanced eyes, allowing it to easily prevent any bad futures it sees. If a Totatotera is feeling uneasy, then it has predicted a bad future that it cannot prevent, and it will allow it's own trainer to prepare for the inevitable.

Water/Bug --> Water/Bug --> Water/Bug
Skooters are Pond Skater Pokémon who love nothing more than to skate around on the water's edge all day with it's super light feet. It feeds on the bubbles that appear in the water's surface, and it is a very quick escape artist, able to escape opponents far faster than it. It's found not just in ponds, but also the ocean floor, where they help regulate the pressure by feeding on the bubbles there. When Skooter evolves into Halloreeta, it becomes a lot faster and a lot more caring for the environment. It can now climb waves with ease with it's improved feet, able to reduce their destructive potential by reshaping the molecules of the water to reduce the pressure. Since they are faster than Skooters, the Skooters often follow the Halloreeta to get themselves faster than ever before. However, it's personality completely changes when Halloreeta evolves again into Geryscholtz. Now a calm and relaxed humanoid pond skater, it surfs around on not just the water's edge, but on the ground as well, able to generate tidal waves with it's twin water cannons. These cannons not only increase the pressure of water around them, but also decreases them with enough power to turn even a huge tsunami into a mild wave. They can also toggle the freshness of these water cannons to allow the water they shoot to be drunk from!

Bug/Flying --> Bug/Flying --> Bug/Flying
Apisees are basically the Oriva region's answer to the common honeybee. They fly around and pollinate flowers, feeding off anything that would make these flowers sick, such as dead parts of it. Apisee is a very friendly Pokémon and will befriend anyone it sees very quickly, making it an easy choice for beginning trainers to raise, especially with it's sharp stinger that can puncture metal, though it spends a lot of time trying to get out. They evolve into Ceranoney, a hard working Pokémon that can create honey through it's soft fur, which it then provides to other trainers that it trusts. It can pollinate entire flower gardens in just under an hour, and it is very protective of nearby Apisees, making sure that none of them get hurt at all. It now possess two stinger arms which not just extract honey from one hive to another, but also inject this honey into it's enemies, making them confused. A hive of Apisees and Ceranonenys is led by it's final evolution, Kunapisia, which Ceranoney can only become if it reaches level 35 while holding a jar of Honey. These super friendly Pokémon give commands to the other Apisees and Ceranoneys, but it never goes hard on them, allowing them to take rests if they want. A hive of these Pokémon can reach up to 30 feet high, and it's presence can make sure that the forest around it will prosper for enternity. Kunapisia is also extremely friendly to it's trainer, protecting them from harm with it's huge stinger that can puncture a battleship plate with relative ease.

Bug/Fire --> Bug/Fire --> Bug/Fire
In the night sky, you'll see the swamps of the Oriva region become illuminated by flying balls of crimson light. These come from Lirefly, a firefly Pokémon that uses it's own fire power to light up the huge bulb on the back of it's body to provide light. This bulb not only lights up even the darkest of areas, but also provides warmth for anyone nearby, and most travellers take a Lirefly with them to provide heat during the cold nights of the Oriva Region, especially in the more colder environments. It evolves into Illumifly, those light is now it's entire body. They command other Lireflys which haven't evolved yet into different formations to light up different parts of the swamps that haven't been illuminated. This light can also be used as a form of flashbang, as it concentrates all of it's firepower to create a searing blaze equivalent to the surface of the sun, which can cause both burning and blindess. These flashbangs can turn even the night sky bright red. Once Illumifly has left it's Lirefly swarm, it reaches it's final evolution as Jiyukafly. It wanders across the night sky, looking for it's own destiny, always looking forwards to it's virtues, and never looking back at it's own sins. As it flies, it makes people believe that they are seeing the sun in the night sky, as Jiyukafly burns bright enough to light up even the darkest of areas. The flames in Jiyukafly never die out, and they are said to be like miniature suns, drawing energy from it's yukata that provides over a million degress of heat per second.

Mythical/Poison --> Mythical/Poison --> Mythical/Poison
Based off the Mogwai and the Gremlin, Rogwais love nothing more than to play with other Pokémon. They are a crafty bunch, capable of knocking over fine china just because it entertains it, and it also loves to cause mischief. Trainers raising one are advised to regularly buy cheap china to keep it entertained. However, the Rogwai dislikes bright lights and water, going into hiding at even a glimpse of it. But most importantly, trainers are advised to never give a Rogwai food after midnight, as, after it has acquired enough experience after doing so, it evolves into Momora, which is a cocoon between Rogwai and it's final form. The actual Pokémon is the Rogwai inside it those cells are being redeveloped, but Momora can also fight just as well, entangling it's foes with it's twin tendrils before slamming them into the ground and filling them with toxins. However, since Momora can't move easily without it's trainer's help, it spends most of the time sleeping, preparing for it's final evolution, keeping it's energy high by feeding off the traits that the Rogwai doesn't need. Momora can still fight without the Rogwai inside it, but it won't be able to evolve any further this way, and it has a very short lifespan. Once the Rogwai inside Momora has developed enough, the Momora bursts open to reveal Gloss, the final evolved form of Rogwai. Gloss is a very brutal trickster Pokémon that loves nothing more than destroying everything in sight just for fun. They are very intelligent Pokémon, able to use tools just like humans would, and even trying to negate it's weakness to bright lights and water. Glosses have even been seen watching films and reading books. If a shop suddenly appears deserted and is forced to close down, chances are that a Gloss has broken into the shop and stolen all of it's items for it's own good. It's own deviousness even inspires other Rogwais to eat food after midnight so that they can evolve into Momoras as well.

Poison --> Poison --> Poison
Toamy is a huge slime toad that is made of a special kind of slime that tastes like jelly, but it is laced with a lethal poison that can cause fevers in microseconds. Like Ferofero, it uses it's huge sticky tongue to catch prey, mainly other Poison Pokémon that helps stimulate it's own skin. It is a gluttonous Pokémon that only aims to get itself fat enough so that nothing can ever hunt it down, allowing it to easily rest in swamps. It evolves into Convume, which is more gluttonous than Toamy. It hops around and drains the area of it's poison, even from other Poison Pokémon, before combining them with it's own poison to make a very deadly toxin that can cause heart failure in seconds. While it is praised by other people for draining away any sicknesses they had, it comes with risk: Sometimes, Convume may trade the poison in a source for it's poison. It's final evolved form is Nankiboett, and at this stage it stops eating poison. Instead, it uses it's massive tongue to spread it's own slime across the swamps of the Oriva region for many purposes, such as a message for other Nankiboetts and Toamys to follow, or to mark it's own territory to prevent other Pokémon from getting. It's skin is now so soft, that many items can get enveloped in it, where the toxins in them dissolve them almost instantly. However, it doesn't mean to cause death at all, being a neutral Pokémon that only fights back in defense, but this deadly toxin has called it "The Walking Gelatin of Death".

Poison/Psychic --> Poison/Psychic --> Poison/Psychic
A Pokémon based off the Nuppeppō and slimes, Slasic is a common sight across the Oriva region's early routes. A normally friendly Pokémon, Slasic's genetic composture allows it to flow through grates easily, and it's soft body means it can easily be stepped on or blown by the wind. Anyone who comes in contact with it's slimy texture will find that it is very sticky, and it can take days to get a Slasic off your body. In battle, Slasic uses it's psychic powers to flow it's own slime in any way it wishes. It evolves into Glompeppō, a rather passive Pokémon that always smells of rotten flesh. It commands other Slasics into battle, and it's slime is no longer sticky, instead being a sort of liquid than can serve as a cure to many medical conditions, but that's only if the Glompeppō is not in battle. In battle, it's golden crown makes this slime toxic to anything it touches, dissolving them easily. Supposedly, drinking the slime of a Glompeppō in battle while having protection to it's toxins will grant eternal youth. Eventually, Glompeppō absorbs it's golden crown and evolves into Emakia, it's fully evolved form. In this form, Emakia becomes a friendly Pokémon once more, slathering anyone it sees in it's slime, which removes wrinkles and supposedly cures many conditions on the body, such as back pain. Thus, trainers with an Emakia can potentially live for much longer than trainers without them, though they still feel the age on their body. It's also a very clingy Pokémon, sticking to other trainers and refusing to go back into it's Poké Ball because it wants to play with them longer. It's DNA composure allows it to reshape itself into any shape it wants, and some Emakias have even been sighted starting to look like the trainers they trust.

Wierd/Flying --> Wierd/Flying --> Wierd/Flying
Flegmingo is a flamingo Pokémon that only has one leg, and it stands on it all day, constantly preening itself of any dirt that it might have gotten as it migrated from region to region, able to fly across mountains with ease. It's huge beak can catch up a massive scoop of freshwater in a single swipe, feeding on all the Bug Pokémon it can catch. While said to be native to many regions, so far the Oriva Region is the only region where wild Flegmingos have been seen. It evolves into Prosstandus, who becomes a far more aggressive Pokémon, kicking anything that does'nt share it's beauty with it's amplified leg. No-one can figure out why Prosstandus has this violent demeanor, but some sources claim it has something to do with the hole in it's stomach, which now controls it's own mind. However, Prosstandus still migrates from time to time, though less often thatn Flegmingo. Once a Prosstandus has calmed down from this angry state, it fully evolves into Yazaipinkado, those actual face is the small cylopic tounge in it's body. This tongue can reach long enough to taste anything it wants, which it's twin beaks then make mincemeat out of. Supposedly, each of it's two beaks likes and dislikes different things, and it can keep watch for hours on end by standing itself on it's huge leg, which is tough enough to grasp on even the slipperiest of surfaces.

Wierd/Villain --> Wierd/Villain
Blastdit is considered a Wierd Pokémon simply for it's unusual personality. When it sees an enemy, it runs up to them and lights the fuse on the bomb it's carrying, using dangerous moves like Selfdestruct and Explosion in the process. Afterwards, it pulls out a new bomb from it's own cells, which make the bomb out of excess nitrogen it's body. If it can't make a bomb, it will try and steal the nearest bomb it can find. However, a Blastdit that trusts it's trainer will allow them to use it's own bombs for demolition work, but most trainers are advised not to use them for fun or for villainy, and a Blastdit under the care of a trainer is carefully watched by the International Police. It evolves into Bomboozle, which is a far less crazy Pokémon and only uses the bombs for defence. These bombs are now made with the food that it eats, and different kinds of bombs can be made depending on what it has recently eaten. It's most common bomb is a smart smoke bomb that blows up enemies and protects it's allies, while allowing it to slip away from it's enemy's sights at the same time. These bombs are strong enough to blow apart a huge cruise ship into rubble in seconds, and thus it is advised that you catch any Bomboozle you see in a Poké Ball, lest one accidentally detonates it's bomb, such as going too close to a fire source.


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Meanwhile, to get to Diqiu, the city where the Rock Gym is located, you'll have to go through the Yanshi Cave, where you met the sage who gave you the Ancient Band. Beyond him, there lies several new options to improve your team, in addition to the wild Saibats that fly across.....

Rock/Psychic --> Rock/Psychic --> Rock/Psychic
Said to be based off a long distant mountain called Fuji, Jujis serve the biological role that Geodudes and Roggenrolas have in other regions. They travel across caves and mountains looking for rocks to feed on, using it's hidden psychic powers to figure out which ones will provide the most nutrients. It is a Pokémon that likes to aim high and true, always aiming for the best possible results even if it means giving itself a migraine with it's psychic powers, which it hasn't mastered yet. It's evolved form, Hataku, fares much better with these powers, but it is also a lot more aggressive. It claims an entire mountain as it's own territory and only lets those it trusts live in it, usually other Hatakus. Everyone else will be thrown out with the psychic powers from it's three eyes, though it's mostly a physical attacker otherwise, infusing it's three eyes with powerful psychic energy. Supposedly, a mountain that has been claimed to be magical will mostly be one inhabited by a Hataku, who has let people in on the account that their future is a bright one. It fully evolves into Fujitong, a huge Pokémon that is often mistaken as a real mountain. It slams into rocks with enough force to crumple them to dust in order to flatten them out, as this Pokémon likes to make it's nest in large empty areas where it's deception can be further improved. The painting on it's front end is said to show the future of anyone it sees, and this future often always becomes true. As such, passerby are advised to avoid watching into Fujitong's painting: This tradition started after an emperor saw his own empire's demise when he saw a Fujitong, and foolishly fled the Oriva region in an attempt to prevent it.

Ground/Rock --> Ground/Rock
A rather odd mole Pokémon with a Shoshinsha mark on it's head, Molshinshas are rather shy Pokémon that only ever show their heads above the ground: While they can be pulled out of their holes, they retaliate with such ferocity that no-one has ever been able to get a live Molshinsha above the ground and live in the process. They are only just starting to learn how to dig holes in the ground, and will happily cover the whole area in molehills just to make itself a better digger. The mark on it's head serves as defense, deflecting attacks that would disturb it. Once Molshinsha's happiness is maxed out, it will evolve into Wakadigz, considered by many trainers to be the first roadblock in their journey due to it serving as the ace Pokémon of the first gym leader...and boy, it is one! It commands other Ground Pokémon to dig out entire tunnels to get the Wakadigz gems to feed on. If it notices even one Pokémon slacking on the job, it immiedietly replaces that Pokémon with a new one, and it will even recruit Pokémon that are'nt that good at digging, and this is where Wakadigz's other job comes in: It forces the Pokémon to dig by making it copy it's digging manuver, digging into a hard surface with it's sharp claws that can cut through diamond. Pokémon that find this work too stressful tend to flee by distracting the Wakadigz and removing it's sunglasses, which serve as goggles to protect it's eyes from falling dirt, but if that happens, Wakadigz will find the traitor and force it into even harder work. Wakadigz is the first ace Pokémon you'll find in your journey if you do the Rock gym first: Bring a Water or a Grass Pokémon to win the Rock Badge easily, but watch out for it's Aerial Ace and the Juji that precedes it, who knows Charge Beam!

Rock/Magic --> Rock/Magic --> Rock/Magic
Based off the Haniwa, Dowina is an earthen figure supposedly given life by the Magic used by the person who crafted the first ever existence of it millions of years ago. It was originally designed to help people remember their lost ones, so that they can cherish them for all eternity. After the inventor's death, the first Dowinas escaped and now roam the caves and wastelands of the Oriva region. In the present day, Dowinas swing their arms to generate magical energy, before performing in strange dances that supposedly represent the person that it was crafted after. If you go near these dances, you'll sometimes hear the final words of the deceased person it represented. Kantwina is it's evolved form, and it represents the houses lost to wars and natural disasters. No longer able to easily move in this form without it's trainer's help, Kantwina instead uses it's improved arms to shape what appears to be a rough recreation of the house that the person it represented lived in. It feeds on it's own magical energy, generating more of it by absorbing the clay in it's area. Kantwinas have sometimes have observed letting people inside it, and instead of insides, you'll see rough clay recreations of the furniture the house it represented once had. Once it has run out of clay to absorb, it immidietly starts preparing for it's final evolution, which unlike it's previous two forms, has only been sighted in the present day. This form is called Nihoshowina, an earthen clay horse that runs with the might of the magical energy that it's ancestors once used to thrive. It runs around in tight circles, a remnant of it's former dancing behavior, creating storms of vibrant clay in the process, which it then uses to create rough recreations of the cities that the people it represented once resided in. Because of this, Nihoshowina has been called "The Walking Museum" by some people. In battle, it runs around it's enemies and consumes them in a storm of clay dust that petrifies them rock solid, and it then uses the newly petrified statues to decorate it's city. It only lets the most trusted people into these cities, and they are great tourist attractions in the Oriva Region, though sometimes they set them up in undesirable places, such as forests, covering the place in clay in the process.

Hero/Water --> Hero/Water --> Hero/Water
Based off the Cavefish, Phreaves can only be found in the underground lakes of the Oriva Region, where they thrive due to the lack of predators there. Despite this, Phreaves dream of defending the entire ocean from harm one day, practising every day by protecting it's lake from Pokémon that would drink or contaminate it. Once they have defended their lake long enough, they leap out of it and head for the ocean, giving all it's strength into moving itself on land. It does this out of sight to make sure that no-one throws it back into it's lake, which it dearly misses, often finding hidden passages to the ocean. Once it has landed in the ocean, Phreave evolves into Typhaqua, the proclaimed prince of the sea. It commands other Water Pokémon with it's sonar waves to attack it's enemies, and takes good care of them all. It fights against those who pollute the ocean and threaten to destroy the environment it lives in, fighting back with powerful torrents of water that are sharpened with the rocks of the cave it once lived in. It also protects coral reefs from predators, making sure that no-one that it doesn't trust ever lays even a finger on them. Finally, Typhaqua evolves again into Brolantis, which rules upon the seas like if it was the king of the ocean. It protects ancient ruins and allows them to be populated by Water Pokémon, which then preserve the ruins for all eternity. Some people claim that Brolantis is the descendant of a long extinct Water Legendary Pokémon that once commanded upon the world's seas, and it sometimes builds palaces as a remnant of it's behavior. However, you'll sometimes see Brolantis at the lake it once lived in as a Phreave: It often does this to regain it's resolve after it's previous job ends in failure, or to raise it's own Phreaves.

Rock --> Rock --> Rock
Jyalock is a huge Pokémon the size of an elephant, that feeds on giant rocks like they were rock candy. It is a geode of brilliant crystals that shine like jade, and they can be used for jewelery and for decoration. It's greatest rival is Juji, which they often fight with over the tastiest rocks, and it has a brash personality, butting into any situation just so it can beat up everyone it sees. It's evolved form, Jystal, is even more aggressive, destroying entire towns just for the jewels they own, which Jystal then converts into the jade crystals that power it's attacks. It's now the size of a house, and if you look closely, you'll find little specks of jade growing across it's body. This is how Jystal handles any sicknesses it has, by replacing them with these jade specks. In battle, it raises jade crystals from the ground to surprise the opponent's weak points. It's final evolved form is known as Jyushanor, and it is a huge jade golem that is the size of a small mountain. Compared to it's previous two forms, Jyushanor is mostly a neutral Pokémon, only fighting back if someone tries to steal the jades on it's body, wiping them out with it's sweeping fists that can reduce an entire city to rubble. These jades are said to be worth millions, and successfully finding one will ensure a long prosperous life. Jyushanor has such a massive metabolism rate, feeding on entire mountains, that it rarely moves from it's home, instead reshaping the area around it into a quarry of jade crystals that serve as it's territory. However, it's said that this Pokémon once helped reshape the world by turning mountains into flat plains by eating them.

Ground/Light --> Ground/Light --> Ground/Light
It's said that an ancient emperor once raised a whole army of terracotta soldiers to protect his kingdom against an ongoing war. Once the war was over, the emperor sealed the soldiers away, but now they have been rediscovered across the Oriva Region. First up, there is Terrxian, the emperor's first design of the soldiers. This Pokémon resembles an ancient sort of teacup, and tea poured into it always seems to taste like clay. It normally doesn't move around that much, acting like if it was a real teacup, but in battle, it sidelines it's opponents by tripping them up with blobs of terracotta, before infusing it's handle with the energy of Light and destroying it's opponents. Of course, no-one has ever known why Terrxian does this, as it's body composure is actually quite hollow: In fact, not even a brain can be seen. Next, there is Huacotta, Terrxian's evolved form and and the supposed prototype of the soldiers. Like it's pre-evolved form, Huacotta normally only moves when it's fighting by rearranging the fault lines around it, but there have been some sightings of it moving normally, a potential leftover from it's original purpose, moving towards what it thinks is the soldiers of the rival emperor that the emperor built them for. But most people who see Huacotta move this way will simply be dismissed as insane conspirators. Finally, there is the terracotta soldiers themselves, and Huacotta's final evolved form: Shaanxqin. In the past, they decimated their opponents by beating them with their stone staff infused with the might of the emperor itself, and this might still remains in Shaanxqin today, who now fights against enemies that resemble those of the rival emperor's soldiers. It is the only one of the three to activley move, though when most locals look at a Shaanxqin, it immidietly stops moving and resembles a statue, running for the nearest pedestal if it can. Supposedly, these Pokémon once came in a variety of colors representing their ranks, and you can still see flakes of these colors scattered across their hard baked armor.


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In past regions, your Pokémon's stats were slightly mismatched, gaining EVs not just from wild Pokémon, but other trainers as well, forcing the feeding of EV lowering berries to make them more specialized in a single stat. While this method remains in the Oriva Region, figuring out which Pokémon gives which stat has never been much easier: These six Pokémon all specialize in a single stat so you can know which one to train in...or to become your deadliest team members yet!

Electric/Steel --> Electric/Steel --> Electric/Steel
The master of HP, Rhinunn is an Indian Rhinoceros Pokémon that spends all day taking part in healthcare programs, including eating healthy food. This in turn powers it's electrical horn, allowing it to ram into anything at high speeds, and it never dents due to it's high vitamin count always repairing it. It only eats the most healthy of food, and thus is common in plains that are rich in nutrionial grass and fruit. It evolves into Nanzhu, a fercious rhino Pokémon that charges across the plains of the Oriva region. It's brain is only kept together by it feeding on healthy food and electiricty, and if it ever stops for even a moment, it becomes dim witted, ramming at anything it thinks is a threat alongside it's Rhinunn calves. It stores the electricity which it has madce within it's thick hide and shares it with other Pokémon, and this electricity has a healing factor which is what keeps the Nanzhu's vital organs constantly active: A Nanzhu with enough electricity can last for years on end. It's final evolved form is Wudsiceros, a Pokémon that serves as the general of all the ungulate Pokémon around it, commanding them to battle with a unique electrical field that shows the Pokémon where to strike. In addition to it's now fully charged horn, it gains a hammer that can short circuit an entire city in one strike when fully charged, and it never seems to suffer any injuries at all, as it's healthy diet plan has granted it tons of health. However, Wudsiceros is a brash Pokémon that tends to pick on other General Pokémon such as Shaanxqin.

Beast/Time --> Beast/Time --> Beast/Time
The master of Attack, Tigbens are basically the Pokémon equivalent to tiger cubs. They love nothing more than to play with other Pokémon by biting on them hard and scratching marks on them which are different with every Tigben, sharpening them in the process. This way, the Tigbens can know what has happened to it's other packmates, and can run over to them to save from them danger. In battle, it goes for a purely offensive approach, constantly wearing the target down with huge attacks. It's evolved form is Tigaplus, a dangerous predator that prowls across the jungles of the Oriva region. It spends all the time when it is not hunting either sleeping or preparing for it's next hunt, marking out the target's weakpoints by clawing messages in tree bark that only other Tigapluses can figure out. Once it has seen it's target, it will lunge towards them and pull out it's claws, which can tear through solid armor, and bites on the target hard until their lifeforce fades away, draining their strength in the progress, which the Tigaplus then aquires. It can also increase the strength of other Pokémon it trusts, as if it was a walking X-Attack. Only the most talented of Tigaplus fully evolve into Guan Tigris, a well owned tiger general Pokémon that based it's appearance off the statue of a general who claimed to have thought in a thousand wars, now corroded by the sands of time. Every day, it challenges Pokémon far stronger than it to improve it's skills, so that one day it will become the strongest Pokémon in the continent: Often, they end it by either facing off against another Guan Tigris as a show of strength, or a Tigben to show the moves that it can learn. It's prized weapon is it's giant spear that it infuses with it's attack power in combat, allowing it to pierce through nearly anything it touches. Guan Tigris will protect it's trainer for all eternity, teaching them to fight in the ways of the wars that the general once fought in.

Athlete/Ground --> Athlete/Ground --> Athlete/Ground
The master of Defence, Goalox is an Ox Pokémon just like Bullang those extremities serve as a natural goalkeeping stature. It uses these extremities to block any attack that goes towards it, before converting it into it's own fighting spirit. They are common across fields of rice, and people often use Goalox's extremities to protect the crops within from pests such as Typicrows. These extremities are of extremley high durability, and when they start showing signs of cracking, it also a sign that Goaloax is ready to evolve into Locfender. Locfender is a defensive Pokémon that shields other Pokémon with it's new pair of horns and protects them from all harm. What appears to be hooves on it's feet are actually a set of wheels that it uses to go through rough terrain, and because they are made of the same material that it's horns are made off, they never dent at all. People had used Locfenders in the past not just for defense, but also for carrying carts and wagons full of supplies and crops, and Locfender made sure that they were protected from all harm, using it's horns like a goalkeeper would use his hands to block anything that comes in it's way. In it's final form, known as Nluitair, it's defensive capability is maxed out to the strongest level. It's horns can now never be dented, and they can extend to block any shot that comes in it's way. It wears down it's opponent by tiring them out, before rolling them over with it's huge wheel that spreads pieces of it as it rolls, ensuring that the crops that grow from the contaminated soul grow to be hardy and tough, but only for the objects that it doesn't trust. The bar on it's back can also hold carts much better, filled with an energy that ensures that the cart will never break, even in the midst of a mild storm. It is said that Nluitair is the descendant of a Pokémon in a faraway region that resembled a huge shield, that taught the people the importance of defence.

Psychic/Fire --> Psychic/Fire --> Psychic/Fire
The master of Special Attack, Skongmings are sky lantern Pokémon that are released by trainers in festivals that celebrate special occasions, like anniversaries and victories over wars. They keep themselves aloft with a flame within them, and they serve as beacons of hope to those who see them. It's said that Skongming is a lantern that was given life by a flame that refused to be extinguished, and when this flame dies out, another flame contuines to bring life to Skongming. They are carefree Pokémon that only care about illuminating the night sky, a trait that is amplified once Skongming evolves into Lanspecia. In this stage, Lanspecia flies above the night skies in a hot air balloon that resembles a Chinese Lantern, bringing hope and determination to those who see it. When it sees someone that they trust, or needs their light, they land down to their house and stay there for weeks, providing atmosphere to the surrounding festivals. Aftewards, they fly out again, looking for another house to bring hope to. If Lanspecia ever falls out of it's balloon, it will lose all hope, and will perish in mere minutes. Eventually, Lanspecia will fully evolve into Zeppboku, those actual body is the figure dangling from the zeppelin like body, not the zeppelin itself. It flies above the night sky with it's own flames, and is said to illuminate the night sky when it falls under it's darkest hour. These flames possess enough energy to power an entire power plant for weeks on end, but since Zeppboku rarely lands, and it uses Explosion in it's weakest moments, getting a hold of this flame is like experiencing a miracle. As Zeppboku flies above the night sky, Skongmings and Lanspecias follow behind it, aiming for the road of hope.

Magic/Fairy --> Magic/Fairy --> Magic/Fairy
The master of Special Defence, Texmoji was said to have been created when a programmer made special faces to post upon the internet, known to other regions as Emoji. They are a type of cyberspace Pokémon like Porygon, mostly making it's habitat near areas with computers in them, surfing the world wide web and popping up in text messages. Their faces vary according to the situation at hand, and it's said to be these very same faces that the programmer made. Despite this, Texmoji is mostly an emotionless Pokémon, acting very normal in most situations, and believing that only it's own faces cheer it up. Things do change when it evolves into Emoguarr, though. It's personality is now dependent on the faces it makes, and it is armed with anti virus program, also originating from the special faces, that can deflect most Special Attacks. It often makes faces that are similiar to the mood of it's trainer, though sometimes they may cycle through them all, either as a test or if it's feeling really stressed. Although it's not a type of computer virus, Emoguarr feeds on words in messages, mostly ones that make it relaxed. It has notably been seen eating emoticons in other message boards, as if it was destroying anyone that would dare copy the special faces that the programmer has made. Once it has fully embraced all of it's emotions and can fully control them, Emoguarr reaches it's final evolution, Kuraiba. A bringer of emotion and trust, it's normally rainbow colored wings change colors according to the moods of the people around it, letting them know any mistakes that they might have made that were causing this emotion, and thus change it. The three faces on it's shoulder pads and it's tail also do the same, and sometimes they show the right thing to do to fix any problem. It is powered by the friendship of other people, and it can help even the most distressed of people stand up for themselves and make friends with other people. In battle, Kuraiba overwhelms it's target with a flurry of emotions, causing them to exhibit them against their own will. Once the target is fully tired, Kuraiba goes for the kill by crushing them with the rainbow shields it conjures, normally used as a set of Light Screens. On a further note, the programmer has not been seen since she made the faces: In fact, word has it that the faces had rewritten her code and turned her into a Kuraiba herself!

Flying/Fighting --> Flying/Fighting --> Flying/Fighting
The master of Speed, Crankane is a Crane Pokémon that looks like it spends all day sitting in one spot, looking at the surroundings atop it's tall legs in the water's surface. In reality, however, Crankane is feeding itself at such fast speeds that they look like blurs to most people, and it does the same to it's enemies, wiping them out before they know it with a flurry of raging kicks that it has dubbed "The Soaring Crane Technique". Despite this, it's actually a serene Pokémon, spending these days breathing in and out and achieving true pilgrimage. They evolve into Anespeeder, a common sight in the wetlands of the Oriva Region. They protect their nest with a rush of blinding speed, and they run every day to constantly improve their agility. Their own diet changes according to the season, adapting to it's new prey through it's quick thinking, allowing them to see the target's weak spots easily. You'll often find them in large flocks of over 100 Anespeeders, each one having it's role in keeping the others alive. It's final evolved form, however, is quite solidary. Lucrong is a calm but feisty Pokémon that lives forever...literally! They do not feel the pain of aging due to their connection with the might of speed itself, and most Lucrongs are actually ones that have been around since prehistoric times, though very few of them actually remember their past. In fact, the only permanent memory Lucrong has is it's mastery over the Soaring Crane Technique, aiming for the target's weakpoints and blowing them apart with a flurry of punches and kicks before the target can even figure out what's going on. However, the memories of it's trainer can be kept for billions of years. They move so fast, that they can go anywhere as long as they can think about it, and it can move across the entire Oriva Region in microseconds, though most people can only see Lucrong this way if they surprise it, as it can easily adapt it's route around any obstacle. Supposedly, Lucrong actually ages a million years in a single second, yet does not feel any pain at all.
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So far, we have mostly shown you the wildlife of the Oriva region, and not so much on the Pokémon based off real life inanimate objects. Today, that changes, with Pokémon based off lights and food being shown to the world for the first time! These Pokémon can be found early into your adventure.

Light/Fire --> Light/Fire --> Light/Fire
Based off the Chōchin'obake, Choper is a lantern Pokémon that spends most of the time hanging off walls and lampposts, disguising itself as an ordinary lantern. When someone gets close to it, it will reveal it's true face and cackle at the target maniacally, but it does not mean to pose any harm outside of battle. Inside Choper's body is a flame that keeps it illuminated all night, and in desperate cases, it can even self-destruct. It evolves into Minasuri, who becomes more of a talented pyromaniac. People have dubbed it "The Walking Grenade", as when it sees someone it does'nt trust, it explodes in a wild firestorm that can light up in the night sky for days, though it always repairs itself otherwise. People often use them as firestarters, usually to start huge ceremonial fires that people can burn their worries in, though their use is closely monitored by the police. Finally, Minasuri evolves into Obakanternoz, who becomes a wandering lantern detonator. It walks across streets carrying it's own lantern, which it uses to make other lanterns shine brighter than ever before, though this also makes the lantern explode in the process. As it walks, it leaves behind little flames that can be used to refuel lanterns. In battle, Obakanternoz uses it's own lantern as a weapon, hitting the target with enough force to cause explosions at will!

Light/Dragon --> Light/Dragon --> Light/Dragon
Upwork is a firework dragon Pokémon that flies into the night sky to create dazzling fireworks. These fireworks can serve many purposes, such as giving messages to the other Upworks, distracting enemies so the other Upworks in it's pack can finish them off, or to calm it down after a rough day of eating coal. People often use Upworks in lieu of actual fireworks, with each Upwork providing a different kind of firework, which is decided at birht just like genetics. When Upwork evolves into Dysong, it loses the ability to become a firework, instead being able to launch several fireworks out of the tubes in it's body. These fireworks are made from the food that Upwork eats, and different food can lead to different kinds of fireworks being made. Bringing one to a festival will provide atmosphere and celebration, as it can launch ten fireworks from it's cannons within a single second, both towards the night sky and it's own enemies. It fully evolves into Baodhu, who some people call "The Bringer of Celebration". By flying across the night sky in a dazzling manner, it can replicate any kind of firework imaginable, and it always knows which ones to use for the right festival. If you see Baodhu at the first day of a festival you have invented, it is a sign that the festival will last for millenniums on end. In battle, it launches it's own arms at it's opponents like a storm of fireworks, and it can do this faster than the enemy can even think of.

Steel/Sound --> Steel/Sound --> Steel/Sound
Chauong is basically a living gong! Every time it is rung, everyone around it is filled with either a sense of serenity and peace, or an unbreakable fighting spirit, depending on where and when Chauong is rung. It only allows the most trusted of people to ring it, and it will attack anyone else by rendering them deaf with a single strike of it's gong, creating a sound wave that can shatter all glass in the principality. It's evolved form is Kwonong, which can now strike itself far easier with it's new tail, always doing so to signify the start of a brand new day. Kwonongs are often rung at festivals to provide excitement in all the participants, filling them the spirit to keep it going for weeks on end. Caution must be taken when ringing one, though, as the strike of a Kwonong can level a building with it's sound waves. It's final evolved form is known as Gamelong, which gains two drumsticks that can ring it's three gongs at will, both as a form of entertainment, and as it's main fighting tactic, leveling it's enemies with a wave of sound that can destroy a mountain in one sweep. Each gong provides a different sound wave and a different kind of energy to those who hear it, and Gamelong balances all of these waves so that everyone can get the energy they want. The gong that serves as it's body is more noteworthy, as it can be heard and felt for miles, filling entire cities with an endless fighting spirit.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Sonar Smash: A power 70 Special Sound move that never misses. It can be learnt by most Sound-type Pokémon, mainly ones that are Special Attackers.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Drumroll: A power 30 Physical Sound move that hits three time. It's mainly learnt by Pokémon that can play themselves like a drum or a similar instrument, like Gamelong.

Time/Magic --> Time/Magic --> Time/Magic
Based off the Maikubi and the Omamori, Luckamoris are wearable lucky charms that provide good luck and protection from the spirits to those who wear them around their neck. As such, they are often handed out at festivals to ward off evil spirits, and people often donate them to other people who need them, or to temples as a prayer of good luck. It's normally a very friendly Pokémon, but when Luckamori starts refusing to be worn, it is a sign that it is close to it's evolution into Splikubi. Now a floating spirit of luck, it's two heads never get along well with each other, resulting in it constantly spinning around for supremacy. They keep fighting even when battle, using time magic to control the foe without them even noticing: the green head can slow down time, while the red head speeds it up. Allegedly, the only time the heads do manage to get along is when they are sleeping, channeling luck across the entire bodies. Their final evolved form is Oonkeizami, which gains a third head which, like the other two, never get along, accelerating time's flow uncontrollably as the three heads fight. Oonkeizami is said to be the reincarnation of three samurai who chopped their heads off in a massive argument, cursed to be this way until they make up. Strangely, the three heads appear to represent the three wise monkeys: The left head represents Macaring, the middle head represents Oradish, and the right head represents Libbon.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Chrono Burst: A power 80 Special Time Attack that may lower speed by 1. This move can be learnt by most Time-type Pokémon, and is often their best available Special STAB move.

Shadow/Fairy --> Shadow/Fairy --> Shadow/Fairy
Sensuchi is a handheld fan Pokémon that allows those it trusts to fan off the heat by using it as an actual paper fan. It has a snobbish personality and likes to be pampered with royality at all times, even in poor towns. They also serve as a form of archery target, though this puts the Sensuchi in a lot of stress, and they often scream at the archers afterwards for treating them so poorly. Their fan is sharp enough to cut through wood, and it becomes depressed if even a slight dent appears in it. Sensuchi evolves into Fawtashata, a Pokémon who thinks it's a spoiled emperor. They spend all day pampering their fans, cleaning them of dirt and repairing them using leather from other Pokémon. These fans are now so sharp, they can cut through solid titanium, and Fawtashata uses every last one of them in battle, confusing it's enemies with a dazzling display of martial arts that resemble ones used by emperors and nobility. Supposedly, how open these fans are represent it's mood, with them being wide open meaning it's happy, and closed meaning it's said. After Fawtashata has gained enough experience from battle, it reaches it's final evolution in the form of Hanfyusha, known to some as "The Crimson Fan Fighter". It fights in such an elegant way with it's fans, that most of it's enemies believe it is an actual student of a long lost emperor, and Hanfyusha treates these fans with more care than ever, even closing them out of battle to prevent them from being damaged. It has a royal personality, and all other Pokémon near it look up to it as if it was their lord. It is also a very prime Pokémon, refusing all but the most royal forms of treatment.

Magic/Ghost --> Magic/Ghost --> Magic/Ghost
A Pokémon based off the Hitodama, Hinowillas are said to be the lost souls of those who have perished given life once more. They wander aimlessly across the Oriva Region, meaning no harm to anyone when it is not in combat, and are invisible to most people, requiring special tools like the Silph Scope or the Devon Scope to see. However, they tend to wander the homes that their original body once lived in, alongside the valuables they once had. Although it is mostly harmless in this form, Hinowilla can be felt by the slight sense of Magical energy in your body. It's evolved form is Ookyoshu, which only Hinowillas that have forgotten their former self can become. Now consumed by it's own magical flames, Ookyoshus starts wildfires against their own will, and people will not know why they begun, as it is also an invisible Pokémon. It has a brutal personality, but it only seems to attack Pokémon and objects that were a bane to it's past life, such as Cyrigumos if the person had Arachnophobia. Any soul that is eaten by Ookyoshu will become a Hinowilla in itself, unable to be revived once more. It fully evolves into Gazokonemeon, a savage Pokémon that only aims to complete the dreams and ideals that it's former life had, obvious to the amount of lives they'll claim in the process with it's flames that leave burns that will never heal. Gazokonemeon's presence can be noted by the trail of magical flames it leaves behind, which burn both the body and the soul, but it never seems to attack anything that was a virtue to it in it's past life, and it often becomes the partners of it's former loved ones. It's said that the first Hinowilla that managed to fully evolve into Gazokonemeon was a general who had lost everything in a single day.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Wispy Flames: A power 80 Special Magic Attack that may cause a burn. Most Magic Pokémon that are also related to fire, or the other way round, can learn this move. Most Fire/Magic type Pokémon always learn it.

Water/Athlete --> Water/Athlete --> Water/Athlete
Cappa is a Kappa Pokémon that loves nothing more than to relax in hot springs, lakes, rivers, and even the ocean. You'll often find it practicing the backstroke, which allows it to use it's arms for other activities while it's still swimming at a fast speed, such as stealing a fruit from a nearby Pokémon and eating it for itself. Inside it's rain dish is a gas that can cause drowsiness to those who smell it. However, Cappa becomes a lot more energetic when it evolves into Sarasube, though it still uses the backstroke while swimming. It's newly toughened shell can deflect enemy attacks right back them, and it can propel it's legs with enough speed to outrun a jet ski. They keep themselves refreshed by letting their rain dish collect the rain, and this rain can then be converted into talented medicine, which becomes more apparent when it reaches it's final evolution of Backaró. Now fully refreshed in itself, Backaró uses it's staff to clean sick people of their injuries, and covert it into a special formula that relaxes the body and soul, providing great sleep in the process. It wanders around ponds and lakes looking for people that require it's aid, and it can always get to any situation very quickly, as it's backstrokes allow it to swim as fast as a shooting star. Every ounce of water that enters it is converted into the medicine that the staff uses, which can also cause bursts of adrenaline to those who drink it.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Training: An Athlete Status move that increases the user's highest stat by 2. This move is learned not just by Athlete-type Pokémon, but also by Pokémon that constantly train themselves, such as Fighting Pokémon.

Water/Fighting --> Water/Fighting --> Water/Fighting
Based off the Amberjack, Ambunos are a class of Sumo wrestlers that eat every second to make sure it is fat enough to smash it's enemies with powerful sumo tackles. It's skin composure is very similar to most sushi dishes, and Ambuno will shed off it's own fat to make sure it stays healthy, allowing chefs to use this fat in cooking. Supposedly, all Ambuno cares about when it isn't fighting is to eat as much as possible, not even paying attention to anything else but it's own opponents that they are going to fight. Once it stops doing this and has gained enough weight, it evolves into Hameshi, who weighs as much as an aircraft carrier. Now a talented sumo wrestler, Hameshi fights with a code of honor, defeating it's opponent with a flurry of water infused tackles before helping them back up and training them under their own fins. On it's side are several Ambuno eggs, though no-one has ever seen them hatch or even move. Instead, Hameshi uses them as a form of ration, giving them to other people, mainly it's own opponents or itself, to regain their fighting spirit after a battle. Despite being a Water type, it can't swim very well, sinking to the bottom of the sea. It's final evolved form is Yokosura, a sumo wrestler who is comparable to most Yokozunas. It is now so heavy, that when it slams down on it's target, it causes earthquakes that reshape the rivers around it: Maps have to be redrawn afterwards. It has an unbreakable fighting spirit, never giving up against any opponent it faces, even if it is far stronger than them. Yokosura also regains it's appetite in this form: It feeds off a diet of the equivalent of a million Ambuno eggs per day!

Poison/Fairy --> Poison/Fairy
Fooshi is a Sushi Pokémon that lives up to it's name. While it may look like a piece of sushi, it is in fact inedible laced with toxins that can cause heart failure for weeks, and Fooshi tricks it's opponents into eating them by wafting out an aroma that resembles the smell of fish. To allow itself to use this technique more than once, Fooshi can regenerate it's own body from just it's heart, though it takes weeks in order to do this. Once Fooshi's happiness is maxed out, it evolves into Nirezushi, who instead of acting as inedible food, now serves as a minature shinobi. It runs across water like it was the ground, and it's small size allows it to go into surfaces that most other people would'nt go into, allowing it to infiltrate it's enemies when they least expect it. It's aroma drains it's enemies of their will to fight, before Nirezushi itself goes for the kill by punching them a thousand times per second, each punch being laced with a deadly toxin that can cause death. In all words: Don't be fooled by Nirezushi's innocent looks!

Fairy/Job --> Fairy/Job --> Fairy/Job
Noodels is a Pokémon that resembles a bowl of noodles which never seem to run out. These noodles are in fact a part of it's body, made of a special kind of wheat that never seems to dry out. They help other chefs make noodles by scooping them up with it's two apandeges that resemble a pair of chopsticks, and they can cover them in a scent that always makes them tasty. Supposedly, the first noodles of the Pokémon world originated from this Pokémon. Noodels evolves into Suoghetti, which is no longer bound to it's bowl. While it may appear that the eyes are the face of this Pokémon, they are nothing more than discolored meatballs made from the prey it eats: It's actual head is the small one to the side, which is made from a special kind of noodles that is said to bring life to those who can eat it. It restrains it's prey in it's own noodles before slamming them to the ground, and they are infused with a scent that prevents escape. However, it still loves to help other people, creating enough noodles to feed a town in a single strike. But trainers are advised to keep good care of their Suoghetti when it reaches it's final evolved stage in the form of Pythudon. This is because that most wild Pythudons lose control of themselves when they evolve, basically serving as a living noodle house. It catches innocent people and Pokémon in it's tendrils before feeding them to the eye in it's body, which breaks down every last nutrient in their body into a string of delicious noodles, which they then feed to other Pokémon and people. Pythudons that have only just evolved will only serve themselves and other Suoghettis, but as time goes on, they will eventually serve other hungry Pokémon as well, making sure that every last noodle is made according to the customer's needs and allergies.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Pink Slip: A Power 90 Physical Job move that throws a pink slip at the target so hard, it may cause flinching. Most Job-type Pokémon can learn this attack at high levels, and it is one of the most powerful Physical Job moves to exist.

Wierd/Fire --> Wierd/Fire
Very wierd indeed! Slusabi is basically a huge monster made of wasabi, which makes it extremely spicy. It's only purpose in life is to eat everything it sees, like a swarm of invasive nanobots, covering them in guacamole in the process. However, Slusabi is quite picky with it's food, and will spit it's target out if it finds it inedible. It's body composure is so hot, that it can cause fires without it even noticing. That being said, applying Slusabi's skin to food is said to make it far tastier than ever. It's evolved form is Horacamole, a huge guacamole monster that does'nt mind if the things it eats are inedible. It can consume entire houses and leave towns uninhabitable by covering them in spicy wasabi that is said to be as hot as the surface of the sun, and is impossible to remove. It even tries to eat other Pokémon, and thus trainers are advised to always have a steady supply of Poké Balls to catch Horacamole whenever it is seen. Once it is caught, Horacamole stops eating and can be employed by it's trainer as a form of garbage disposal, as it thinks that anything is a five star meal for it.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Melt: A power 100 Special Wierd move that melts the target's legs, preventing them from using contact moves on their next turn. However, it only has 80% Accuracy.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Optical Illusion: A power 80 Special Wierd move that overloads the target's mind with abstract art and illusions, which may cause paralysis. Most Wierd Pokémon can learn this attack.

Water/Poison --> Water/Poison
Puffugu is a Pufferfish Pokémon that possesses very toxic spikes, able to cause heart failure for weeks. When a predator approaches it, it will puff itself up to show these spikes, a warning that the predator should back away. It travels across the ocean, feeding on seaweed without the slightest worry of being attacked. Despite this, Puffugu is a very delicious Pokémon, with even a single bite of it able to fulfill the need for hunger for several days on end. It evolves into Takizuka, those toxic spikes are now deadly enough to turn it's opponent into a bomb of poison, spreading it to other opponents when they explode. They can puff themselves in such a way that when they deflate, their spikes launch themselves in every angle possible. They make sure that no deceased fish Pokémon goes to waste, using it's toxic spikes to cook the Pokémon into a fine fish dish, when it then leaves on the shore for other people to eat. Amazingly, none of this Pokémon's toxins remain in the dish afterwards, and people believe that they are gifts from Legendary Pokémon associated with water, such as Azryu.
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The Oriva Region is known for being filled with many spirits of those who have perished in the long war that occurred in the past. These spectres still roam the region today, and while some can be seen normally, others require the Silph Scope, which is made in this region as well as in Kanto, to be seen.

Ghost/Mythical --> Ghost/Mythical --> Ghost/Mythical
Based off the Jiangshi, Goegools are spectres that hunt for the life force of other mortals. They fly across the night sky looking for souls to consume, and when they find one, they lunge towards it at speeds of over 100 miles per hours. Supposedly, if no special requirements are used to raise a spirit from the dead, they will eventually become a Goegool. It evolves into Pohunor, a Pokémon who acts like a long lost monk. They viciously attack anyone they see with a flurry of spectral fists, before consuming their life force whole, body and all. They move around by hopping with their arms forwards, and the tag that makes up their head is said to be laced with a thousand curses. Attempting to remove the tag from a Pohunor has always resulted in the remover's death, their demise being a fate that no-one has ever seen. Finally, Pohunor evolves into Viangshi, a hopping vampire Pokémon that never fails in catching up with it's prey. It's not just a master of vamparism, but also at kung fu, able to read the target's weak points and strike them with enough force to kick the soul out of the body. The tag on it's head contains a sealing spell which disables the target's abilities, rendering them helpless against Viangshi's powerful fangs. If one sees a Viangshi, their only defence is to use a mirror, which repels the Viangshi as it does not have a reflection.

Ghost/Beast --> Ghost/Beast --> Ghost/Beast
Based off the Kyubi, Kiyus are calm, easygoing fox Pokémon that normally spends all day standing still, yipping at anyone that comes past it. Supposedly, these yips provide great wisdom, but no-one has been able to prove it. Each of it's tails contains a spirit flame that never goes out, and if you ever try to lay a finger on even one of them, Kiyu will never forget it, and some Kiyus even steal the soul of anyone they touch. It evolves into Yakunne, which was reverred as a messenger in the past. It runs to wherever there is danger, and summons a small flame that represents the danger that will soon occur. However, since it is not always accurate, many people ignore Yakunne's warnings, seeing it as a bringer of destruction instead. It's spirit flames are now so hot, that any burns they inflict will never be removed for all eternity. It's front legs have also become flames in themselves, using them to mark it's territory or remember it's loved ones. It's final evolved form is known as Okamyubi, a very wise Pokémon that can predict any disaster simply by hearing for it. It now possesses seven beautiful tails, each laced with a different kind of curse, and collectors favor Okamyubi for these tails, though it only allows the most trusted of people to groom them. It can summon the spirit flames at the end of it's tail as little sprites, which then fly towards the target and guarantee their demise. Supposedly, Okamyubi is a solidary Pokémon that lives by itself due to the poor treatment it received as a Yakunne.

Ghost/Poison --> Ghost/Poison --> Ghost/Poison
Based off the Mazoku, Scroo is said to be a lost spirit possessing an ordinary bed sheet. It's very common in many haunted areas, and many companies specializing in Halloween use Scroo as their logo due to it's simplicity. It hides within ordinary beds, and when someone gets close, Scroo will emit a poisonous scream that drains the soul almost instantly. However, if you pull Scroo's sheet, it's spirit will possess a different bed sheet, and the original one will fall to the ground: due to this, no-one has seen it's real body under the sheet. Scroo's evolved form is known as Scrozuku, a Pokémon who commands other small ghost Pokémon, mainly other Scroos. In this form, it no longer scares people on a regular basis, instead commanding other ghosts to feed it the souls of mortals, training them in all the skills they need in the process. That being said, Scrozuku is'nt entirely helpless: It will rush to the need of it's ghostly comrades and protect them with a force comparable to the darkest nights. In a pitch, they can even absorb the souls of the other ghosts to heal itself or to make it's own ghost moves stronger. It's final evolved form is Scrobunaga, who is known to some as "The King of the Ghosts". All the other Ghost Pokémon bow down to Scrobunaga, who possess shadowy powers strong enough to clean an entire city of their souls. It can control the minds of these Ghost Pokémon and use them as living weapons, not caring in the slightest if they get injured. Possessing a serious personality, Scrobunaga is focused in getting the job done and will viciously absorb the souls of anyone that dares to betray it. It's said that Scrobunaga is the reincarnation of a long lost emperor that died fighting an army of ghosts.

Ghost --> Ghost --> Ghost
Based off the Kūko, Phantaris, despite their looks, are actually good spirits. They help other spirits move on to the afterlife, and make sure that they are not revived for evil. However, being a ghost itself, many people fear Phantari, unaware of it's true purpose, and because of this, it is always frowning, wondering when it's true purpose will ever be known. They even try to possess other objects in a vain attempt to tell the truth. However, this does not last long: Once Phantari evolves into Losunne, it's far more friendly appearance allows people to know it's a spirit guide. They are clairvoyant ghosts that know the future, and it is said to appear before people who it thinks will perish, either making the rest of their lives the best they can, or, if it thinks it can prevent that death, do so. However, this often results in the person dying earlier, as it's tactics of preventing death aren't always that accurate. They can also help people perform good deeds and help them stand up for their own personality. Finally, once Losunne has done enough good deeds, it fully evolves into Kukodeed, a bringer of good fortune. It brings prosperity to temples it visits, and help improve the lives of other people, removing diseases from them and helping them make choices in life. They will even possess people to help them out: Fortunately, Kukodeed knows the ideals of the person, and will help them make the right choice, before teaching them to do it again when they stop possessing the person. It's a very dangerous Pokémon for villainous teams, as the evil team before the Wushido Clan, Team Shinobi, learnt the hard way thousands of years ago. A Kukodeed possessed their leader, who then proceeded to destroy their bases and turn themselves to the police. As such, if you see a Kukodeed being used for evil, it is doing so with extreme reluctance.

Ghost/Fairy --> Ghost/Fairy --> Ghost/Fairy
Based off the Yurei, Yumi is a very playful ghost Pokémon that is said to be reincarnation of a little girl whose death would have been prevented if her father was not careless: due to this, they are a female only species. They love to play with toys in a house, and if a bedroom appears to be all destroyed, chances are that a Yumi has enjoyed the time of it's life playing with the toys inside it, taking away the ones it loves the most. If it cannot find a toy to play with, it becomes very distressed, even in battle. Yulspook, it's evolved form, starts playing with other Pokémon, inviting them to tea parties and fun games. However, if a Pokémon ever refuses Yulspook's offer, they will lose their soul instantly: Some say that the soul that becomes a Yumi that plays with the Yulspook with no memories of their past life. They are invisible to most forms of sight outside of the Silph Scope, but their presence can be noted by bits of cultery and ceramics floating without a reason. It's final evolved form is known as Yuilpawimi, an extremely childish Pokémon for such an evolution stage. Sometimes, when you walk across hallways, you may hear adorable squeaking coming from one of the rooms: This is a Yuilpawimi trying to play with you, and the only form of survival is to enter the room that Yuilpawimi is and play with it. However, since it's always invisible to all but the most trusted of people, other people think that it is a sign of insanity, especially on repeat visits. Refusing the Yuilpawimi's offer will have your soul be sucked into it's teddy bear, which is supposedly the favorite toy of the girl that Yuilpawimi used to be. It becomes very distressed if it were to ever lose it, and will happily steal another toy to replace it!

Ghost/Dark --> Ghost/Dark --> Ghost/Dark
Based off the Kasa-obake, Kasabbs are said to be a long forgotten umbrella given life by a lost spirit. They appear during dark stormy nights, and hop around on one foot for seemingly no reason. They're often found near Chopers, indicating that the two were once related in the past. Their tongue is laced with enough darkness to drain the soul almost instantly, but it only licks enemies in defence. Kasabb's evolved form is known as Kozoshoot, which serves as a commander of other Kasabbs. Now with a much tougher and lighter skin, Kozoshoot can spin around with enough speed to generate a tornado of darkness that can tear apart most settlements with ease. It's very laid back, only fighting if it has to, and thus it's considered mostly harmless to most people who don't touch it on purpose. It's final evolved form is known as Obakubora, and in this form it's personality changes drastically. Now a self oriented kabuki, it uses it's umbrella to steal the souls of all evil that approaches it, before releasing them to the rainclouds above, causing them to rain sorrow down everyone. It's mask is said to be possessed with all the abandoned umbrellas in the world, and it has a great rivalry with Obakanternoz, trying to steal their lanterns to illuminate their umbrellas. Most of the time, though, Obakubora just wanders around the area, walking in an elegant manner.

Ghost/Light --> Ghost/Light --> Ghost/Light
Based off the Baigujing, Separts are what the lost souls that are guided by Phantari become. All but lost in their chances to return to life, their hopes glimmer on as a shining orb on it's head, which provides a light that only goes out when the hopes does. Having a limited lifespan, trainers who catch a Separt are advised to take very good care of it so it can evolve as soon as possible before it perishes. This is because it's evolved form, Selanter, has managed to regain it's hope, now in a body it is calm with. It carries a lantern into the night that illuminates lost souls and inspires them to carry on, especially with other Separts whose light is about to go out. This lantern is the source of it's hope, and if Selanter ever loses it and can't find it in time, it once again becomes as depressed as a Separt. It can ward off evil spirits and attract friendly ghost Pokémon to them, such as Phantaris who cannot find a lost spirit. It's final evolved form Sebaigujii, a shape-shifting demon that lights up even the night sky. The lantern on it's chest can light up even the darkest of despair, but despite this, Sebaigujii is actually a very nefarious Pokémon, with wild ones tearing down towns and eating the flesh of the survivors. Supposedly, it does this out of woe: Because it has become a monster which can't return to it's former life. Ones that are raised by trainers, on the other hand, will protect their soul from other ghost Pokémon by lighting up their hearts with their lantern core.

Ghost/Steel --> Ghost/Steel --> Ghost/Steel
Based off the Taotie, Dingoar is a rusted Ding that has been given life by the spirit of a lost farm animal. It's a very peaceful Pokémon, preferring to spend it's days eating grass than actually fighting, and it's ding shell protects it from most blows. Strangley enough, it only seems to have three legs, but it can balance on them with perfect precision, sometimes wandering into houses and disguising themselves as actual dings. Dingoar evolves into Taotoar, a vicious Pokémon that feeds on all metal it sees. It's powerful horns are strong enough to cut through solid titanium, and it never seems to dislike anything at all, it's stomach cleaning it's food of all toxins, making them almost tasteless. In this form, Taotoar ravages farms to get the food from them, but rather than eat it, it instead deposits it into other dings, supposedly an offering to it's final stage of evolution. This stage is known as Zhoushakie, also known as "The Metal Peril". It appears before cities and reduces them to dust with powerful Steel attacks, and the only way to ward it off is to carve an image of it on each cauldron and ding in the city. Zoushakie inspects these dings, and if it sees that even a single part of it is missing from the carvings, Zhoushakie will reduce the entire city to a burning crater. Supposedly, it does this to clean the cities of honor, which it believes is it's poison.

Ghost/Shadow --> Ghost/Shadow --> Ghost/Shadow
Based off the heads of the Namahage, Chakrask is a possessed Chakram that houses itself inside a mask that was once used to represent the lost ones during a festival. Wearing Chakrask or it's evolutions will wipe your soul completely and replace it with the Pokémon's spirit, granting complete control over the body. It can often be found in houses disguised as an ordinary mask, and in battle, it flies towards it's enemies with enough power to chop down a large tree. Chamahage evolves from Chakrask, and it is far more aggressive, flying towards it's enemies the instant it sees them, slicing them in two instantly. It then feeds on their soul, sharpening the chakram in the process. But despite this, it's actually a very friendly Pokémon....to the good people. They fly towards doors and carve out "Are the bad kids here?" on them. If it's victim does not reply honestly, or if they have been lying, Chamahage will fly into the house and claim the souls of everyone in it. Chogakita is it's final form, now sharp enough to cut through even the Earth's Crust. They have supposedly been sent by legendary Pokémon as messengers to the wicked, eliminating them before they can even carry out their plans. On their way, they slice through all evil in their path, and if you come across the ruins of a once nefarious town, chances are that Chogakita has sliced through the entire population.

Ghost/Fighting --> Ghost/Fighting --> Ghost/Fighting
When soldiers fell in battle in the past, their forgotten equipment gained souls of their own out of pure guilt. First, their stirrups became Abubáfa,
a Pokémon based off the Abumiguchi that waits for it's master to return to no avail, always standing still like a loyal hound. They fight by biting on their enemies and draining them of their life force, and can wait by their master's corpses for years. Then, their quivers become Furuubáfa, Abubáfa's evolved form who is based off the Furuutsubo. This wandering Pokémon specializes in the art of Liuhebafa, striking down it's opponents with a flurry of fists that are said to be the fighting techniques of the warrior that used the quiver in the past. It never leaves the battlefield it was born in, and can easily know a return route to it in seconds. Finally, the saddles of the soldier's steeds become Furuubáfa's final evolved form, Kurayarbáfa. This Pokémon is based off the Kura yarō, and it fights the same enemies that it's former master once fought, basically serving as the warrior's ghost. It is still loyal to it's master, pracitising the fighting styles that they once used every day, to serve as the next generation of that soldier. Supposedly, the horse that the saddle was on had disappeared without a trace, it's soul apparently powering Kurayarbáfa's body.

While not a ghost in itself like the previous 10 families revealed, Bruhperial is said to be the ancient brush of a long lost emperor, possessed by the emperor itself. It paints warding seals on pieces of paper, supposedly the same ones that the emperor once used to ward off evil in the past, and it puts all of it's focus into every last stroke, making sure that it matches the writing it desires. While most Bruhperials write the language used by the emperor that possessed them, mainly the same writing style that Hikatanjii is based off, with enough training, Bruhperial can write many different languages with it's powerful brush, and soldiers used it in the past to send messages or warnings to other people. In battle, like Smeargle, a similar artistic Pokémon, Bruhperial's specialty is using Sketch, a move that can permanently copy the last move used by the opponent. Because of this, Bruhperial can learn almost any move imaginable, making it unpredictable for it's opponents. Supposedly, it uses these Sketched moves to add detail to it's own writing, or to warn people of their fate.

Like Brupherial, Same is a possessed Pokémon, supposedly by a person who lost it's identity. Like Ditto, Same can alter it's molecular structure to become an exact copy of the opponent, which it then uses to outplay them. Unlike Ditto, who uses the move Transform to do this, Same uses it's Imposter Ability to transform, and thus it is never in a helpless state where a faster Pokémon can knock it out. Furthermore, Same does not have the face and memory issues that Ditto had, always able to copy the target's shape perfectly every time, and it can learn far more moves than just Transform, in case it encounters an opponent it cannot transform into, such as another Same. Despite this, scientists have found out that Same is a completely different species from Ditto, though early researchers once mistook Same as an evolution of Ditto. Outside of battle, Same is constantly changing it's body, mainly to it's own face, supposedly in a vain attempt to regain the identity that the person supposedly lost.