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  1. LibertyTwins

    Graphics: ROM Hacking Sprites Pack: Overworlds, Trainer Sprites, Tilesets and more!

    In preparation for our ROM hack, we've compiled a complete range of ROM hacking resources. We thought we'd release these as a series of "Packs" to help other people prepare for making a ROM hack! These are available as folders on Google Drive, so you can download files individually or the...
  2. Caruban

    Script: Generation 9 Resource Pack [v21.1]

    Generation 9 Resource Pack Generation 9 resource pack formatted for Essentials v.21 This is a resource pack contains pokémons data, forms, cries, abilities, moves, sprites, icons and several items from PLA and Gen 9 up to the Indigo Disk DLC. This is an open collaboration project for Essentials...
  3. NanaelJustice

    Graphics: Asuka Momoko Player Character (FRLG Style)

    I always loved when randomizers let you play a game with characters from other IPs, this is how I got the idea to make an Ojamajo Doremi character into a playable character for World FireRed! Most of the sprites are edits from the oficial games, with the exception of the backsprite, which was...
  4. NanaelJustice

    Graphics: Anorith Tile Puzzle + Puzzle Template

    I wanted to make a custom tile puzzle for my game, but I couldn't find a template for it in the internet, so I made my own for Anorith and decided to post both my first result and the clean image without a Pokémon for whoever wants to also make their own. bgAnorith tilesAnorith...
  5. NanaelJustice

    Graphics: Gen II Betamon Revamps

    Some old revamps I made way back when Beta Pokémon did not have nearly as much resources and basically every single one of them lacked a back sprite. This resources aim to provides the so much needed (at the time) back sprites for the Betamons we had a lot of options, but for front only. It also...
  6. NanaelJustice

    Graphics: Nanael's Edit Collection

    This is a pack containing a lot of my random edits I did for my games, a couple of them were available at my DeviantArt back when I had one, but I found quite a number of other funny/interesting pieces to include. Nanael's Edit Collection's full content is: -1 Pokémon Cry -11 Chars/Overworld...
  7. NanaelJustice

    Graphics: Earthretha Fakemon Pack

    A pack containing a lot of, if not all my completely custom Fakemon sprites I did from projects that were never finished. I decided to share them alongside some of my Beta Pokémon sprites as a free to use pack so those guys can have a real chance of appearing in a game! Although most of the...
  8. SalyaDarken

    Graphics: Requesting some for Trainers sprites

    Hello there. I'm looking for some Free4use Gen 4 style Overworld and battle sprites of the following: Green (The boy aka Grey) also known as Blue but I use his original Japanese name. Ash (any anime gen cloths) Red Gold Silver
  9. astoryinpieces

    [Showcase] Pokémon Yellow Version Rosy Redux Custom GB Sprites

    Just wanted a place to share the custom sprite-work I've been doing for my Yellow Version rom-hack, Rosy Redux! Some of it is original pixel art using other Pokémon sources as reference, some of it is art that I modified for the Game Boy using designs from more modern games in the series. I'll...
  10. ChubbyBubby

    [Graphics] Does Anyone Know How To Edit Sprites For Red Rescue Team?

    You see I'm doing this whole "Rat" Themed series of pokemon streams, and I've already figured out how to make the Starters and Partners Rattata aswell as figuring out of to implement Alolan Rattata into the game (atleast in a gameplay sense). What I need now is to figure out how to edit the...
  11. UberTrainerChinaZero

    [Showcase] Pokémon North, South, East, and West: The Largest Sprite Dex ever!

    AFTER 3 MONTHS OF WORK.... WITH 1248 SPRITES TOTAL..... THIS IS.... 1248 new Pokemon to see....with NO old Pokémon or branching evolutions! Over the next few weeks and months, they will be slowly revealed in dazzling waves! WELCOME TO THE ORIVA REGION! Based off China and Japan, this region is...
  12. LibertyTwins

    Graphics: 64x64 GBC Battle Sprite Revamps for GBA

    We've prepared a collection of Revamped GBC Battle Sprites that you can bulk import into your ROM hack using Advance Series or other tools! The release contains revamped front and back sprites for all 251 Pokemon from Gens 1 & 2, along with recoloured back sprites from Ruby (which are direct...
  13. FL

    Pokémon Files by Numbers

    Makes all pokémon sprites and cries use National Pokédex number as file name instead of id, like Essentials version 18 and earlier. Link Tested on Essentials v20.1. If this script isn't working on latest Essentials version, please inform on this thread.
  14. Golisopod User

    Generation 8 Pack for Essentials v20

    Generation 8 Pack for Essentials v20.1 Compendium of Generation 8 resources formatted for Essentials v20.1 Important Update Overview: Essentials v20.1 brings PBS and scripts for mechanics all the way till Generation 8. Essentials is now in line with BDSP, in terms of game mechanics. However...
  15. viniciusan9elin

    Graphics: gold playable overworld fire red style with dive

    Hello, hello? Uh, I made an overworld of gold (gbc) in the style of fire red, but you can use it in emerald if you want I also made the frames that you only have in emerald :) I was inspired by many overworlds of hack roms that making a remake of johto in addition to being inspired by the...
  16. LibertyTwins

    Patch: Fixed Font Version of the Black & White HP Bars for Fire Red (Patch or C Injection)

    Most of you probably know about the BW HP Bars for Fire Red by PlatinumMaster & EternalCode. This isn't hard to apply, but unfortunately in the original version, a few letters are "broken" and look off, shown in Primeape and Onix's names below: Some of the lowercase letters look off such as...
  17. LibertyTwins

    Patch: GBC / Gen 1 Styled Font Patch for Fire Red

    With the DS font being so popular in ROM hacks, we decided that we wanted to have a more unique font to use in our hack. As a result, we've created the GBC Font Patch for Fire Red! The patch not only changes the font to a Game Boy / Gen 1 & 2 styled font, it also replaces the unused accent...
  18. A

    Graphics: Updated Attack Particle Sprites

    Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've been on this site, and I have to say, the progress in ROM hacking is amazing! I'm not sure if I'll get back into it - I'm a tad busy at the moment - but still very exciting nonetheless. I've had a few people PM me requesting some of my attack sprites...
  19. Yotes

    BGP DevLog #183 (Patron Palooza)

    I got an itchy twitch finger and put up the new Patreon ideas immediately. Still eager for feedback and willing to add any new ideas or mix things around, but I really felt like kicking off August with the new revamp and just having that ready to go as soon as my first couple YouTube videos go...
  20. S

    Research: Location of battle sprites in Generation 1

    I'm making a small Pokemon Yellow graphic/text hack and I can't seem to find where the Pokemon battle sprites are located. Can anyone point them out for me?